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Wed 16th Dec 2009

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NoSeriously commented on Australia Gets Black Wii & New Remote Colours:

Got my pink wiimote a couple of days after I found out they were available. Wish the Motion Plus attachment was the same color. Nintendo took the easy way out with that one. I wouldn't mind a pink Wii, either, if I didn't already have one (a Wii, that is; not a pink Wii).



NoSeriously commented on Review: Muscle March (WiiWare):

If I lost my mind and decided to eat a Twinkie and someone stole it, they'd deserve what they'd gotten--a Twinkie. The outside is not bad. The inside of those things frightens me.
I'd be chasing anyone who stole my guitar.



NoSeriously commented on Review: 5 in 1 Solitaire (WiiWare):

Heh. First thing I thought when I saw this title was "why would I wanna play solitaire on my TV?" I've got a 15-in-1 freeware solitaire game on my extremely outdated Palm IIIxe. Probably stick with that and the versions on this computer.



NoSeriously commented on Review: Shootanto: Evolutionary Mayhem (WiiWare):

I'm fairly new to this site (and to the Wii) so maybe I'm missing something here. Why do I want to shoot these critters? I just watched some gameplay on Youtube and it doesn't seem like any of the targets with wings or legs (even the shrooms, for that matter) are threatening yer little guy in the game. I love shooting games, but I kinda need a reason to be shooting at "living" targets--like, they're trying to do me or someone else harm. Or, like the crows in Wild West Guns, they make a really annoying sound. It's weird that I've carried my real-world ethics into my gameplay, but there it is.



NoSeriously commented on Review: Wii Sports: Resort (Wii):

Just got this today after seeing some gameplay videos on youtube last night and then spotting it while I was at Target this afternoon (went to the Wii section to get a nunchuk and there was Sports Resort). No sure what other people's issues with cycling are. Controls seem fairly responsive to me and in order to turn while pedaling, I just lean my body to one side or the other (it is a Wii, after all) so I don't have to coordinate pedaling and tilting the controllers at the same time.

I can feel it in my arms and shoulders when I'm canoeing and cycling. Not sure if that says more about the games or me.



NoSeriously commented on Nintendo Trademarks "WiiRelax":

Hmm. Someone hacked a finger pulse oximeter and plugged it into a Wii Remote. Never thought medical equipment would be made into game console accesories (not counting the balance board even though it can act as a scale).



NoSeriously commented on Golden Wii An Exercise In Excess:

My first comment on this website and it's about a golden Wii. Don't drop it. It'd probably go right through the floor.
6 months to make that thing. I wonder if he has/ever would consider spending that much time doing something to make the world a better place.



NoSeriously commented on DS and Wii "Year's Worst Platforms":

Home video game consoles have a long history of cheesy or just plain bad games, going all the way back to the Atari 2600 (yep, had one when I was a kid). There was Custer's Revenge, for example. I've never played it myself, but I've never read anything good about it. And there was a fairly large catalog of games for the 2600, of which I owned a small fraction. There's no way they could all be gems. I can't even say all the games I owned were brilliant.