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Wed 10th Jun 2009

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Quint commented on E3 2010: First Impressions: Kirby's Epic Yarn:

1st off, can't wait for this, but think I am more hyped about DKCR... but am I the only one that sees all these textures and this visual style as being heavily inspired by Sony's Little Big Planet?



Quint commented on Nintendo Download 1st March 2010 (North America):

I'm going to wait for the PS3 release of Mega Man 10 for trophy support... not that I'll get 90 percent of those insane achievements anyways... since getting a PS3 the Wii has turned into a Mario Kart/16-bit shump/Mario-game-player... still have gotten some stuff and played it (mad world, no more heroes 2, House Of Dead) but, for the most part only the Mario has the replayability... if only we'd get some Nintendo owned Virtual Arcade games, or Devil World... then I'd be back on my white box for a while....



Quint commented on Talking Point: Nintendo Arcade Games on Virtua...:

Have spent a ton on Virtual Console.... held off on the crummy arcade ports (ie: no galaga, no Donkey Kong, Mario Bros., etc.). But would I buy all 5 of these if the arcade versions came out? yes. immediately... it's great to have gaplus, and solomon's key and some other slightly more rare arcade games on the service, but a majority can easily be found on compilations for the other systems... original arcade ports of classic Nintendo arcade games would be a first for these games... we need them....



Quint commented on Sonic Playable in Super Mario Galaxy 2?:

If you told me Donkey Kong in Punch-Out! I'd have called you nuts too... but no, I don't think this is good for Nintendo... Probably wouldn't sell copies because of Sonic's inclusion... infact, might cost them sales.... PLUS... there's never been a good 3-d Sonic game... why would they start now?



Quint commented on DS and Wii "Year's Worst Platforms":

I thought you were going to tell me what the worst platformer game was... (cid the dummy on wii)... I was getting hyped up for you to review some trash...



Quint commented on Nintendo Download: Rayman, Notebooks, Stress B...:

now that I bought a PS3 8 bucks for the SNES version of something I can get a better version of (PSone) for 6 bucks doesn't seem like that good of a deal to me... don't get me wrong, I got void and Mario Kart last week.... but anything not exclusive the Wii isn't cutting it any longer... but it's ok (Getting the rest of the coins in mario wii and online Uncharted 2/Modern Warfare 2 is keeping me plenty busy.)



Quint commented on Review: Stunt Race FX (Super Nintendo):

First off... instant buy if it hits VC... second off the super fx chip probably makes it too hard to emulate on wii, meaning it never will hit VC... too bad for you. But I still have it in its physical form...



Quint commented on Competitions: Twitter Joke Winner:

Lame... the point of twitter is 140 characters... so linking to comic strips about 20 year old jokes makes the point of using Twitter rather pointless..



Quint commented on Sony Expects Wii Owners To Upgrade To PS3:

I've had the Wii for 2 years, spent 400 on VC and WiiWare stuff... not going to get a PS3 to supplement the Wii... if anything I'd get a 360. 360 exclusively has Banjo Kazooie series, Conker's, Pac Man Championship, geometry wars w/leaderboards, Perfect Dark...all the retro stuff Wii "hardcore" gamers like... PS3 has Blu-ray and Little Big Planet... I'd love to get some LBP, but I'd go for the 360...