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United Kingdom

Tue 7th Apr 2009

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gameaddict247 commented on DS and Wii "Year's Worst Platforms":

I dont know why people give Metacritc so much credit - to take all the reviews of a game and get an average from that is an interesting idea but far from the true measuring stick of success.



gameaddict247 commented on Electronic Arts Less Than Happy With Wii Sales:

@ WaltzElf

no "proper" game is going to sell as well on the Wii as the other two consoles because, simply put, the install base of Wii gamers (ie people who choose a Wii for the same reason that they would an Xbox or PS3) is comparitively tiny

What PS360 fanboy esq stereo typing comment - it IS about advertising and quality, when EA make good Wii games (unlike DS: E imo) they do sell quite well.



gameaddict247 commented on Review: 1080° Avalanche (GameCube):

I Love this game n still play it now n again to this day, its the only snow boarding game I have (but may get SSX Blur in time) but that does not matter as it is THAT good .