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Posted by Spencer McIlvaine

Put on your Wii gloves…

Filling the hole in Wiiware’s library of card games is Gameloft’s Sexy Poker, the self-proclaimed “first sexy poker game on the Wii.” It certainly is unique, but has Gameloft dealt their latest offering a winning hand?

The first thing that must be said about Sexy Poker is that this is an M-rated game. For many of us this means we’ll finally get a chance to put those parental controls to work. For those who have children and have no idea how parental controls or their VCR clock works, the good news is that Gameloft has sabotaged the ‘sexy’ aspect of the game from the get go.

In all of the promotional materials released by Gameloft so far, Sexy Poker promised a photorealistic version of their cell phone game. In one mock-up, a game screen is shown overlaying a digital photo of one potential opponent in the game. We now know that this was all a ruse: instead of delivering a ‘sexy poker’ game as promised, Gameloft has given us ‘unrealistic anime cartoon characters who hint at sexual themes poker’. Yes, the whole ‘strip poker’ game mechanic is in play here and yes, Gameloft said that they would not be completely nude, but if we wanted to see anime women in various states of undress we would have stuck with Silver Star Chess.

The game play here is like regular Texas Hold ‘Em Poker, but when the woman you are playing against runs low on cash she can trade in a predetermined clothing item for additional money. When she is down to her underwear you win automatically, regardless of how much money she has left. Although the woman can lose no more clothing at this point, the game for some reason allows you to continue playing to try for a high, but this review is not concerned with trivialities.

The game is as barebones as they come and features no optional rules. Although the game mostly survives translation into video game form, it is missing its most iconic move: there is no way to go ‘All-in’ unless you bet more money than you have. This may sound correct at first, except the highest amount you can bet is $100. This may sound like a lot but it is not much compared to the average pot size, and for some reason you are allowed to bet more money than you have, but the game never prompts you to trade in some of your own clothes.

Blackjack fares even worse: first, bidding is handicapped in that you are only given three betting options and are never given the option to let it ride. Worse, although you can double down, the option to split is non-existent. When we were dealt a pair of aces, we were forced to simply hit: in a real game of Blackjack a player would jump for joy at such a winning hand. Here, it meant nothing and we were forced to play it without splitting and went on to lose that hand.

An even worse aspect of the Blackjack game is the pace of play. Everything from dealing a card to discussing the results of a hand happens maddeningly slowly. Mercifully, you can press the A button to move things along faster, but this means you will have to click the A button almost constantly to force the game to progress at a decent pace. We checked the options menu for a fix but sadly found only sound dials and the option to turn ‘rumble’ on, which we were too frightened to try.

Although there are two classic card games included here, there is no multiplayer. The lack of online play is probably for the best, but it means that these games, social by their nature, have little or no replay value once you’ve seen all of the cartoon women remove their clothing (which should take you maybe an hour or two at most).

In fact, as to replay value, it’s worth noting that the operations manual seems to advise against it. So concerned was Gameloft that its customers might actually feel they have to play the game more than once that they included a Gallery that, “allows you to remove the outer clothing from any of the girls who have been unlocked and stripped to their underwear in the game and thereby enjoy a sexy experience without having to play the game”. Ouch.


Sexy Poker is something of a letdown for fans of both poker and sexiness. Lacking in both qualities, the game is not even sufficient as a teaching tool to learn Texas Hold ‘Em poker, as the instructions on how to play are skimpier than the costumes. In fact, the operations manual devotes more attention to fleshing out the girls than it does to teaching you how to play cards. WiiWare players are advised to take a cold shower and spend their time more wisely playing Texas Hold’em Tournament.

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Knux said:

How ironic, my review on my blog is almost up. I'm going to give it a 1.



Philip_J_Reed said:

"We checked the options menu for a fix but sadly found only sound dials and the option to turn ‘rumble’ on, which we were too frightened to try."

Ha hahaha hahahahahahaahahaha hahaha haha



jones2929 said:

Being a fan of both poker and sexiness, I'm bummed about the review.

Please try the rumble option - maybe the score should be higher.



Chunky_Droid said:

hahaha good review! currently working on my Overturn one now, will post it to Daz later today (fingers crossed).

Can you just save us all money by uploading screens of all the girls?



Bahamut_ZERO said:

....Wait, there's anime chicks in underwear in SIlver Star Chess? That's the first I've heard of this.

Anyways, you can find naughtier images with Google Images with the safe search on!



M00se said:

if i really wanted to see hot naked anime chicks i could just look it up on the web1 the score should have been a 1!




Stupid idea for a Wiiware game ffs...the anime ladies are "cute" but this is taking things a tad too far when it comes to video gaming IMHO....

Anyway, I'm eagerly awaiting for the Overturn review!



Cheezy said:

Oh Gameloft, once a staple in the WiiWare library, please don't change on us



evilralfwiggum said:

"We understand your concern about the lack of service on the VC as of late. Due to sales numbers being far greater recently on WiiWare than on Virtual Console, we have decided to steer in the direction of WiiWare."

Earthbound, Donkey Kong (arcade), etc? No. lol.. Let's keep releasing Wiiware games instead... like Sexy Poker!, that should sell well!
Sexy poker for everyone.
_ lol
I just thought it was funny... if that quote is true... that if they are actually steering more towards Wiiware.. yeah.. Sexy Poker.



KDR_11k said:

Wow, a game review that recommends you to get Texas Hold'em Tournament instead?



Bahamut_ZERO said:

What was with the picture changes?

And why show pictures of the ugliest people possible? Show the one of the girl on the race car stripped down, at least she's kinda-sorta-maybe hot.....



Betagam7 said:

Instead of this review crying that there's no nudity in the game like an adolescent boy perhaps it would be more productive to condemn garbage like this for even being suggested as a release in the first place.
As evilralfwiggum points out in his post we are being passed over for the likes of Donkey Kong Arcade and Earthbound so that utter drivel like this can be pumped out and sold to 13 year old boys who havn't discovered how to do a google search.
I know why I bought a Wii and it wasn't to download softcore hentai/ hardcore porn or anything else of that kind, it was to play a great library of videogames...remember them?
I'm all for Nintendo and indeed the games industry growing up. This however is more like a regression into infancy.



Gabbo said:

So far as I am aware, Gameloft does not have publiation rights to either Donkey Kong or Earthbound. So such a 'review' would not be as 'productive' as you think. And when was a review ever supposed to be 'productive' anyway?

@everyone complaining this isn't a 1
When historians comb over the remains of Wiiware someday and piece together the worst moments in the console's history, they'll find this game and say, "Oh, strip poker! That should be worth a laugh or two." Ergo it is not completely unplayable as a 1 would indicate.

Just sarcasm. We did try the rumble feature and it's just force feedback when you 'mouse-over' a selection. It doesn't really help and it's defaulted to off.



evilralfwiggum said:

"This video has been removed due to terms of use violation." that youtube review video just got yanked. o_O



Philip_J_Reed said:

"When historians comb over the remains of Wiiware someday and piece together the worst moments in the console's history..."

We should do that here as a New Year's treat...



Ristar42 said:

I say, this game looks rather awful - but... I'll wager they will sell a few copies with people buying it 'for a laugh'. There will be always be some cheapo exploitation stuff but really, I think the Wii could live without it. I just want to play Shinobi arcade!



evilralfwiggum said:

I think after enough complaints Nintendo will pull this title. Looking at how the Xbox 360 Community games.. one game that was pulled hours after release was "Break One Out" a breakout clone that involved a woman with censor bars, and such. After complaints they yanked it. I say.. download this now because you might not get a chance to download it after they yank it! lol.. if you ever want to have this as a virtual collector's item that is. They totally could yank it. Just watch it happen.



Dazza said:

Haha Youtube pulled the official ESRB rated trailer for Sexy Poker! Too sexy for them it seems



Philip_J_Reed said:

I am appalled that Spencer had the audacity to review this game after spending one measly day with it.

I think he should have played it for a week, or--even better--a month, so that we could trust his opinion to be suitably informed.

I demand a do-over.



RadioShadow said:

I can't stop playing! SOMEONE HELP ME!

Oh, and how the heck do you play Texas Hold Them Poker? A tutorial might have been nice. Playing Black Jack is fun (although I swear the AI cheats) and wasted half hour of my life.



Ren said:

sad but 500 points and a little skin will have this in probably the top 10 in no time. If gameloft would just put this kind of element into their other cheesy games it might make some of them worthwhile, but poker? Obviously we all have the internet already so we don't need nudies or video poker for our Nintendos.



KnucklesSonic8 said:

Sad, really, that the game stooped to "meh"-quality as far as gameplay is concerned. It seems like it's fooling potential buyers who may seriously be interested in getting a poker game but the gameplay seems to not stack up as well as Texas Hold'em Tournament (which, BTW, is certainly worth 500 Points) so I wasn't surprised to see a recommendation towards that instead. That being said, I won't be surprised to see this high up in the charts... Also, the lack of multiplayer or replay value is a big oversight here.

Great review as usual.



Betagam7 said:

Gabbo, how about you actually read what I said instead of putting your own interpretation of it in 'oh so clever' inverted commas. The fact that gameloft does not have the rights to Donkey Kong or Earthbound or even Super Mario Kart does not change the fact that Nintendo DOES and could possibly be releasing them now if space in the release schedule wasn't being taken up by unadulterated purile guff like this "game".
What I was suggesting was that instead of crying into its soup that the game doesn't have nudity the review might be better served lamenting that Nintendo ever passed this rubbish fit for release ahead of some of the great titles its sitting on in the first place.
While a review might be important/necessary to tell people how bad a "game" this is. The fact that over 200 words of it are spent bemoaning the fact that it doesn't have real women in and/or nudity in it is a sad reflection of what score the reviewer might have given it had it contained such elements.
Those two hundred words might have better been spent reflecting on how garbage like this is filling up the Nintendo download release schedule ahead of the things most of us actually got the Wii for: Video-games.



JayArr said:

Do you think Nintendo would leave this off the Top 20 regardless of high sales?

You know, because of what comment 44 wrote.



nintendoduffin said:

I've bought two games from Gameloft (one for WiiWare and one for the Android mobile phone platform) and both have been pretty poor. In my eyes they are a bit of a joke of a game developer.



warioswoods said:

Finally get to read this review -- I had to avoid the site for the latter half of work today due to this being at the top. Not sure why I'm so paranoid, as I have my own damn office, door and all, but still... too many people coming by to meet with me, last thing I need is to accidentally switch to my NintendoLife tab when showing something (which would be embarrassing enough) and then have Sexy Poker at the top.



Gabbo said:

Sorry, but I take issue with the 'space' theory of video game development. Video games are developed by 'people' and do not 'spontaneously' appear out of nowhere. As such I merely pointed out that 'Gameloft' has control only over their own 'IP' and not anyone else's. As such they can only release 'their' games. It is their fault that 'Sexy' Poker 'sucks', but it's not their fault 'that' Earthbound has not been released yet. So are we 'cool'?

@Chicken Brutus
What can I say, I finished quickly.



Corbs said:

I'm still shocked Nintendo let this one through anyway. Who thinks it will be #1 on the Top 20 next week?



Airola said:

Let's face the facts. Seeing women naked or in their underwear is a nice thing. It is aesthetically satisfactory even if those women are drawn cartoon characters. And it doesn't have anything to do with sexism or making women as objects. It's just beautiful. And I appreciate those women who have enough self-confidence to show that beauty. And I appreciate those who can draw beautiful images of women. Yes, it might arouse people but what's wrong with that? That's biology and as long as people still appreciate themselves and other people things are fine.

So, it's not an awful thing that a game which is as bad as this has sexy images of women. The awful thing is that they really haven't done enough thinking to make the game itself a good one. Bare-bones poker and blackjack just isn't fun enough. It's not fun enough even if playing the game lets us to see those women. They really should've made the game something that makes the player really feel rewarded from winning the opponent.

At first I thought that the game would've contained pictures of real women. I also thought that they would be completely naked at the end. Then they revealed that they wouldn't get naked. It was fine. It might still be fun. Then I found out that the pictures would be cartoon pictures. It was a disappointment but I still thought that it would be okay for the 500 points it will cost. But now it's revealed that the game itself isn't good and that finally made me thinking that I don't want to buy it.

But then again, I still might find myself buying it the day it's released in Europe. I'm that easy

PS. Game makers really could do really good and entertaining adult games if they wanted. For example True Love for PC is a really good and addicting game even without all the hentai stuff (but of course the hentai makes it better) and it really has depth in it and great replay value.



jangonov said:

this is sad. I agree with what someone said before. If nintendo is focusing on wiiware instead of VC how was this released? But Im sure this'll be on the top 20 soon enough.



warioswoods said:

While I'm not downloading this either way, I'd certainly take coy anime girls stripping to their underwear any day over real images of cheap women going nude. But, in eroticism even more than in gaming, each to his own.



The_Cow said:

Such a shame! I thought for at least by some reason th reviews would praise it for having the sort of nice half naked anime women! Still no way I'm giving up my precious Wii Points for this anyway!

And I think anyone can enjoy the actual game in real life; if they dare say had a sexy girlfriend proud enough to strip to her unmentables! LOL!



Bahamut_ZERO said:

You know, why don't you just post all the pics of them in their underwear Corbie, this way nobody will actually buy the game



accc said:

LOL IGN actually gave this a 5.2. Although it sounded like their reviewer didn't even know how to play cards and was oblivious to the games' shortcomings, i.e. not being.able to split in blackjack or go all-in in hold 'em.



jbrodack said:

I think it would sell better if they had real images of girls but I do think the anime style girls look really cute and better than the real girl they initially showed.
@Betagam7 this review has nothing to do with the VC. Also since the game has "sexy" in the title obviously people would want and expect nudity from it so it makes sense that lack of nudity is mentioned in the review.
I doubt this would be pulled or anything considering there is no nudity and just cute girls in skimpy outfits. I doubt parents would get all up in arms about that considering there is much worse out there.



Adam said:

I was really looking forward to this. Now what am I supposed to do when my internet connection is down?



theberrage said:


It's difficult to wack it in strip poker when you have a bad hand!
Plus, go all the way or don't go at all




Adam said:

Could you elaborate on the "Pros" section, theberrage? I'm confused.



Objection said:

Pros: To date, it (Sexy Poker) hasn't killed anyone via vehicular homicide. No promises to the future.

Maybe this release will open up the doors to a good M-rated WW game. Then again, that didn't happen with Splatterhouse II on VC, so...



MetalMario said:

I sincerely hope nobody bought this here. Who wants to waste 5 bucks? Do yourself a favor and buy Wario's Woods or Kid Icarus or almost ANY other game.

I feel sorry for the reviewer. He actually had to play this.



theblackdragon said:

@MetalMario: more like 'do yourself a favor and just consult the internet for your anime-girls-in-skimpy-costumes needs'. you're already paying for internets in order to download Sexy Poker; they may as well be used to find you way more than the handful of pics in this game (if you're that desperate in the first place, lol).



theblackdragon said:

@MetalMario: ... you mean there's a reason to buy this game other than for the pictures of skimpily-clad girls? if so, i'm not seeing it... i'm just sayin' people would be better served by searching the internet for those kinds of pics instead of paying for this game. ::



SmaMan said:

Yep folks, enjoy this till the soccer moms get here and make Gameloft/Nintendo change the title to "Girl Poker."

I don't really see what all the hubub about Gameloft is. They're an American cellphone company that decided to go to the consoles... but that never works. (I'm looking at you Hysteria Hospital!) The only thing I'm proud to say I own from them is UNO on the iPhone. (Hmm, Sexy Uno anyone?)



Omega said:

The game comes only with pictures of girls. So I guess this is the version for boys. Will there ever be a version for girls?



MarkyVigoroth said:

When I discovered that Chicken Brutus-san did not get to rate this game, I felt bad.
Now that I discovered that this game is 2 out of 10, I take that back. I consider Chicken Brutus-san fortunate!

Meh, I think this game will be #1 in the Top 20 for a LONG time (and stay on the Top 20 for almost forever). (Then again, maybe that explains why Beer Toss refused to leave the Top 20...
If that fictional heroin South Park game that I read in GamePro or a WiiWare version of MadWorld ever reached WiiWare, I bet these games will also refuse to let go of the Top 20...)

"'We understand your concern about the lack of service on the VC as of late. Due to sales numbers being far greater recently on WiiWare than on Virtual Console, we have decided to steer in the direction of WiiWare.'


Earthbound, Donkey Kong (arcade), etc? No. lol.. Let's keep releasing Wiiware games instead... like ____ Poker!, that should sell well!

__ poker for everyone.

_ lol
I just thought it was funny... if that quote is true... that if they are actually steering more towards Wiiware.. yeah.. ____ Poker."
You just gave me an idea of a picture of Paula and Pauline throwing towels at the ____ Poker girls.



Omega said:

It would not surprise me if the muscle-march-game only includes muscular bodybuilding women.



Omega said:

Or what about sexy Minesweeper? Everytime the player clicks on a square with a mine, a part of the clothing is burned away.



Betagam7 said:

I think many people here are missing the point of my argument (Airola & jbrodack) in particular.
I am not in the slightest bit bothered about people who want to pleasure themselves over pictures of naked and or semi naked girls nor do I feel such material should be outlawed. The point, as I see it is that their is plenty of this type of material freely available over the internet or to purchase in other mediums. It's not therefore necessary for a developer to try to sell it over the Wii's gaming portal by tacking a joke of a card game onto it.
I would prefer it if Nintendo were to encourage developers to shy away from disguising soft porn as videogames as soft porn is readily available in other forms that don't eat up the Wii's release schedule.
For those who think this doesn't have an impact on the VC, sorry but it does. The "Nintendo Download" as it is these days is made up of releases for all three formats: Wiiware, DSiware and VC. When garbage like this is released it eats up a space that might have been taken by a proper game either on vc or Wiiware that was is scheduled for release (like SMK for example).
People can find plenty of hentai on the internet for free. also freely available on the internet are many potential VC releases. Nintendo might want to start concentrating on those growing impatient to legally purchase the latter instead of giving them the former.

The fact that this "game" has been rated M is also a sad indictment on an industry that's still being viewed with kid gloves. Until it grows up and stops tittering and obsessing over breasts its hard to see how it will ever be taken seriously when nudity is required for genuine artistic reasons.



Sean_Aaron said:

How disappointing. The anime girls look nice; if the card game is rubbish then there's no incentive is there? Still looking forward to seeing sexy mahjong!



Bensei said:

I think 2/10 is justified. The girls don't look to bad, so there are surely some 13 year olds who never played a card game before who will enjoy this



Mike1 said:

Sexy Poker. Man, that title is such a joke. A bad poker game with a gimmick. The only people that will buy that stupid title are the people who are teenagers who think that is porn.



Airola said:

I can't see why couldn't there be something that is already available on the internet. Yes, there are free poker games for us to play and there are a pictures of women on the internet. But then again there isn't anything exactly like this Sexy Poker. So it's still something that you really can't get for free.

To say that if you can get something from the internet there isn't point to have it on the Wii is basically the same if you said that you can play a chess game on the internet so you don't need any chess games for the Wii. Or if the game has violent pictures, there isn't a need for that kind of game because you can get violent images for free from the internet.

But, yeah, that's still not an excuse to make a game as dull as Sexy Poker seems to be. They really should've put more thought on this game. So yeah, you are right about that.

Well, at least the idea of the game is still way more entertaining than in Beer Pong, Karate Phants or Hockey All Star Shootout for example



Betagam7 said:

Airola, you need to look harder. There have been Strip Poker games since the days of the ZX Spectrum. It's not a new concept but just like it ws on the ZX Spectrum it remains a pointless one.

You're right to say that other games are equally unworthy of their release but even if they are bad game at least they are trying to be games. Nobody is seriously buying "games" like this for the "game", hence the optinon of free galleries to "look at".



warioswoods said:

The real barrier is that you'd never be able to get the game off your Shop Channel list of downloads! Even if you deleted it before company / family came over, it'd still be waiting on that Shop Channel list for someone to discover while innocently looking for your VC downloads.



proffrink1986 said:

@Bahamut: Yes, as a matter of fact, it is different. Not to be snide or anything, but I think you could use a refresher on NOA's history of censorship; this article is as good as any: http://www.gamesradar.com/f/nintendo-banned-in-the-usa/a-20090722105344976067. Don't get me wrong, I love Nintendo, they're the greatest videogame company of all time, and I have spent countless hours in front of a Nintendo machine. But...that still doesn't change the fact that they are the Disney of the videogame world, especially NOA. NOJ, and even NOE, seem to be a bit more lax in terms of what they allow.



evilralfwiggum said:

So... I bought this. I found a good deal on some Wii points. xD So I downloaded this and Secret of Mana.. I mean this game is better than Peek-a-boo poker that was for the NES. Hahahahah. It's not hard to make a better strip poker game than that one.. that one is blanddd. xD
I downloaded this for the novelty value, and because it's a simple poker/blackjack game with nice visuals (and anime girls removing clothing, then putting it back on if you start to lose, then taking it back off if you start too win, it's rather humorous actually xD). It's more tasteful than say... BMX XXX.. or.. uhh.. The Guy Game shudders And the controls work great (not that there is much control, other than point and click cards and buttons).. Yeahhhh.. Stockings! Boobies! Yay! XDD



Airola said:

I've enjoyed playing those old Strip Poker games on the Commodore 64 so I don't think those games are totally pointless (after all, a strip poker game is always a bit more interesting than a regular poker with some imaginary money in it). And it's not like this Sexy Poker would be totally rubbish. The simple poker and blackjack games seem to play ok. It's just that they seem to be very "lite" versions of the real games. But even then it seems to be more complex than those old C64 and even Spectrum pokers.

And what comes to the galleries in this game... Of course there should be a gallery where you can view the images you've "won." Not doing so would be just like if a game like Super Smash Bros. Brawl gave you those trophies as rewards but you could only look at those them after you've won them but when you'd reset the game they would be gone and you would have to try to win the trophy again.

And yes, people do buy this kind of games for the game also. Or at least to me it's way more interesting to play a game and win to reveal more pictures. Now, if it really was just an image slideshow without any kind of a game with it, that would be pointless. But now there really is a poker game AND a blackjack game, albeit somewhat simple versions.



Kurachi said:

lol, come on, i bet alot who say its bad, buy it and play it
weird is, guys say its bad, but its made for guys
to anyone still liking this : dont be ashamed, its just a game, and most guys, like myself, like nice looking pics, that is, if you like to watch girls
its not always about sex if you watch nice sexy pics
sexy isnt always sex, unlike lots of people think
i bet it looks nice, but i am not really fan of card games
so if you like to look at some sexy pics and play poker at same time, this is nice

so dont try and hide your true opinion, just play and enjoy

to tell the truth, if i'd like card games, i probably would buy, and maybe i would try and play it in the future, but my mind is set to rpg atm, so i use VC more than WW

ps. i never expected this from nintendo, lol, nice to see something like it from them



Darel18 said:

The volleyball girl (last pick) is pretty cute =)

btw, I won't buy this is... I loved the pics but I don't like to play cards lol

I know it got 2 'cuz of the girls



mjc0961 said:

@#92: "But then again there isn't anything exactly like this Sexy Poker. So it's still something that you really can't get for free."

Yes there is. Go to Newgrounds or any other flash collection site. There are plenty of free anime based strip poker games, which I'm sure probably go all the way to full nudity as they don't have to worry about making it past the ESRB. Paying any amount of money for this is quite frankly a stupid move.



thaneds said:

anime is short for Animation (Moving)!!! this game seems to lack too much, besides, we seen sexier in the dragonball anime. not too mention, people should not pay for otherwise free. who does not already own poker cards? rest my case



Kadaj said:

Oh dear lord. What a stupid idea for a game. Trying to cater to the 13 year old horny boys as a sales audience is just...well, disturbing. I love Texas Hold 'Em, but not on a game. I'll take RL version, kthx. But to actually try and sell a game with semi naked anime girls as their actual selling point just makes it a sad day for gaming.



Airola said:

No there isn't. I know it's nitpicking but as I said, there really isn't anything exactly like this title. Yes, there are strip poker games. There might be some strip blackjack games too. Maybe there even is a game that has both the poker and the blackjack in it (and if there isn't then that's already one difference to other games).

My point is that although there are games of this genre available for free, this exact game isn't. The graphics are different, the women are different, the gameplay is slightly different. So, I someone wants to play a game of strip poker against those certain women and with using a Wii remote, you really can't get that for free from anywhere.

Yeah, I'm stretching the need for this game a bit (or even quite a lot ) but what I said still remains a solid fact that no argument can't prove wrong (until this exact game becomes available for free, that is).



StarDust4Ever said:

It's time for me to confess, I bought it last week Also, today I played it a while and got to see the Nurse in her underwear They could have at least taken some artistic license and changed the pose between photo shots, but no, somehow the ladies manage to strip without twitching a muscle



moomoo said:

Total list of mistakes in the game (in no particular order) :
1.) The girls are anime, not real pictures
2.) When they speak, they don't sound like they should
3.) Gameplay is terrible
4.) Boring
5.) No animation
6.) Barely any gameplay whatsoever, only blackjack and poker
7.) Same voice actress (or actor)
8.) Predictable AI
9.) Costs money
10.) No multiplayer
I'll leave it at there.



Sylverstone said:

The fact that it was a Mature game interested me.
The fact that this even made it to the Wii Shop was just baffling.
A 1/10 in my book.



Gamefreak137 said:

@JumpMad The people who like the game are probably lonely perverts who don't jump on cool internet forums and blogs to brag about their "alone time" XD



BrickRockwell said:

Yeah, baby...ooooh...w-wait...what's..wrong.. with-your-EYES?!? YYYYYYYYYYYYYAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!



Schprocket said:

I thought this was some kind of Borat-inspired spin on poker, and maybe there'd bea bear in the game for some obtuse reason but I can see from the review that I was expecting too much from a WiiWare title.

Besides, I'm not into card-games. How about Sexy Battlefield 1942?



Fashion_Ninja10 said:

I'm utterly disgusted and angry. They make woman like this?!?! HAY NO!! !@#$%^&* !!!!
They should have given this game a 0 star if possible...i'm disgusted, angry, upset...i can think of many more things to call Gameloft people, but I would no longer be on Nintendo Life if i typed it.
you should be ashamed of yourself.



Fashion_Ninja10 said:

I am disgusted. angry. upset. This should get 0 stars in my book. Really? REALLY? They're making girls like this?! WTF?!?!

This is utterly despicable.

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