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Sat 21st Feb 2009

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Dawnclaude commented on Rage of the Gladiator - Master Yee Trailer:

Hey ghostfire. 1 question about the 40 mb space limit. Do you have problems with it or was it ok for you in the development?
How big is the texture resolution for a character? 512x512 or 256x256?
I wish you best luck, nice quality!



Dawnclaude commented on Grotesque Tactics: Evil Heroes Announced:

Uhm okaaay before you appear with torches and forks... We only play with typical RPG clichees. Maybe the sarcasm of those sentence is lost by our fast translation , we will fix it next time.
I saw you had some questions.
Grotesque Tatics has his focus on the RPG elements. More than Fire Emblem for example. Most of the party members will have a strong personality, sure also the women. They all evil on their own way and you must manage their special obsessions in combat.



Dawnclaude commented on Top 20 WiiWare Games in USA (10th June):

What a disappointment for Square with Crystal Defenders , ok they have After Years now
Also a bit dissapointment with Swords & Soldiers in USA mabye because of After Years? Hope that will be better next week.



Dawnclaude commented on Review: Final Fantasy IV: The After Years (Wii...:

You should not say the game cost so much...37 etc. The Main Game is long enough, all other things are additional content. They can create 100 hours content or they can create 5 hours more content. You can chose what you want and how long you want to play.



Dawnclaude commented on Review: Crystal Defenders R2 (WiiWare):

Maybe the split is because of the 40 mb size limit. Both Titles have above 30MB. But i realy dont know why they are so big.
Anyway I love the game (part 1), its a lot of fun. One of the best wiiware games so far.



Dawnclaude commented on Check Out Some Final Fantasy IV: The After Yea...:

DLC should be the better variant, yes.
Square will get a review for every episode , that should be a push for the main game. 9 x great game wow and discussions!
And you MUST start with Episode 1, so it seems to be the only way to go.
@crazed we are another RPG company that going to look at this game. But personaly I think its more effective to do a shorter , but stand alone game and create a sequel after 6 month or a year. (Like the My Life as a... series) Maybe Im wrong...we'll see.



Dawnclaude commented on Top 20 WiiWare Games in USA (6th May):

Damn it seems soo hard for games that fall out of the top20 popularity list to get a come back.
@ Djungelurban
Swedish people love the good old atari2600 times , eh?
Is there a popular local swedish webside for WiiWare news?



Dawnclaude commented on Controversial Super Meat Boy Advertisement:

As a developer you must send every marketing files to Nintendo to let them prove. Now you know why Nintendo watch over it. ^^
But im surprised that Nintendo has no problem with it. Hmm i must think about our own marketing.



Dawnclaude commented on WiiWare Threshold Is Really About Quality Control:

Yeah Xgen you right. A review system in the Shop channel would help. Bigger screenshots and 3D covers would also help. Do you talk about improvements with Nintendo?

Someone know if good games like Lit and Toki Tori passed the treshold??
I dont know if Vgchartz has the correct sales numbers. When we can trust them, normally both titles have reached them. I hope so, Toki Tori is a very good title and I hope I can play Lit soon.



Dawnclaude commented on 2D Boy's Ron Carmel Talks About Indie Game Dev...:

That WiiWare was the best income is nice to hear. Age Rating costs are high. You must pay PEGY, ESRB, USK and Australia. They take money between 1000 and 2000 Dollar each.
I think for indie developers you dont pay freelancers for localisation or only less. You can find students / friends to do the job for you.
Hmm preordering a game is a nice strategy....



Dawnclaude commented on WiiWare to Support Flash Soon:

I think Nintendo want more games for WiiWare to get it more popular.
its ok when they sell the games for 500. So 3D Games can rise their points, to get Low Budget and midprice games
I only fear a situation when they copy ideas from "bigger" WiiWare projects. But Nintendo will watch about the quality... I hope.



Dawnclaude commented on Review: LIT (WiiWare):

Its strange that Lit had so bad sells. Normaly i would thought that this game will be in Charts 5-10 for a longer time. Perhaps the puzzle lovers fear the dark and buy something sweeter!
I hope it will have more luck in Europe!