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Thu 24th Jan 2008

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nintendoduffin commented on Review: Tennis (Game Boy):

I had read elsewhere that this was a single player only affair, it's good to find out 3DS Virtual Console games emulate the link cable function, not that I'm particularly bothered about this game but more for the inevitable release of Tetris. I'm guessing you need two copies of the game rather than it supporting some kind download play.



nintendoduffin commented on Mothers Against Violence: Violent Games Aren't...:

I can recall when the original Grand Theft Auto was released and there were people trying to get it banned and not only had I not heard of the game before the controversy but I actually bought it (I was only thirteen at the time so I had to get my older sister to buy it for me) purely on the basis that it was so controversial.



nintendoduffin commented on Metroid: Other M Denied Set Release Date in Eu...:

While it's not exactly an ideal situation that we have to wait a few months longer than our friends across the pond, I think this needs to be put in some perspective. Super Mario World was released in America before we even had our hands on Mario Bros 3 so it's pretty safe to say that regional delays have become shorter and we even get some games first these days, Europe had Minish Cap before America or even Japan.



nintendoduffin commented on Netflix Lean Towards Wii For Success:

I guess we'll just have to agree to disagree, I don't mind people using the singular case to refer to a company but for some reason it really annoys me when people use it for bands i.e. if someone were to say "Radiohead is my favourite band".



nintendoduffin commented on Netflix Lean Towards Wii For Success:

If only the service was available in the UK.
As for the grammar point, Netflix as a company are more than one person so it is correct to use it as a plural. Similarly, one would say "Radiohead are an English band" rather than using is. Later is the article, Netflix refers to the service rather than the company so using the singular case is correct there.



nintendoduffin commented on New Super Mario Bros. Wii Twenty Years In The ...:

The reason it couldn't be done on the SNES is because to have two players on the same screen the game either needs to be able to zoom out when the players are separated (which requires a higher resolution that was available then) or force them to stay close to each other which would have been detrimental to the game play.



nintendoduffin commented on Feature: Retro Duo Console Review:

This is tempting as I have American, Japanese and European SNES games and it would be nice to have one console that plays them all. The best I've got at the moment is a modified PAL SNES that plays European and Japanese games with a 50/60hz switch on the side.



nintendoduffin commented on Braben: Many Wii Owners Don't Realise They Can...:

I honestly don't get how people can own the console yet be so oblivious, I can understand not being able to configure a wifi network because to the laymen it is confusing but to not even know it can be done. Don't they wonder what the shop, weather and news channels are?
I guess I've just got a curious mind so that's why I can't understand it, it's like at work when the lottery terminal received a firmware upgrade and buttons with LD1 through LD4 appeared on the screen to make it quicker to print off lucky dips (random number combinations), so many people still do it the old and time consuming way because they don't know what these buttons do but the very first thing I did when I saw them was I pressed them to see what they did.



nintendoduffin commented on Nintendo Download: Mr. Driller W, Texas Hold'e...:

I was under the impression that Probotector Rebirth was coming in Europe in August but this is the last update of the month and no sign of it.
I guess I'll just have to wait a bit longer but I am disappointed as I'd allowed my hopes to be raised by talk of an August release.



nintendoduffin commented on Review: Sexy Poker (WiiWare):

I've bought two games from Gameloft (one for WiiWare and one for the Android mobile phone platform) and both have been pretty poor. In my eyes they are a bit of a joke of a game developer.



nintendoduffin commented on Man Sentenced Over Pirated DS Games:

Was he actually making money from this? If so then the sentence is justified but otherwise I feel it's a bit harsh and while I cannot condone piracy to call it evil is a bit over the top.
Also, in what way has piracy killed music? Since the advent of peer to peer file transfers people have been exposed to music that they wouldn't have heard otherwise and studies have shown music downloaders on average buy more albums. Plus artists make most of their money from touring and merchandising rather than record sales as the main chunk of that money goes to record labels who (indie labels excluded) don't care about music at all but just about making money. I'm not using the music example to condone what this guy has done in any way, I'm just saying that it annoys me both as a music fan and a musician when people say piracy harms music.



nintendoduffin commented on Review: No More Heroes (Wii):

@ MatTheCat
I bought the game today and have been experiencing the same issue as you, however I don't feel that it detracts from how enjoyable the game is.



nintendoduffin commented on WiiWare Threshold Is Really About Quality Control:

@ Adam
The seal of quality was never a mark of the merits of a game but rather that it was coded well enough to not crash your system and didn't contain any objectionable material (hence the original Mortal Kombat being released minus the blood). I've played far too many truly appalling SNES games (Pitfighter is the one that springs to mind immediately) to believe that the Nintendo seal of "quality" is worth very much at all.



nintendoduffin commented on Top 10 C64 games wanted on the Virtual Console:

I've played Boulder Dash on Acorn back in the day but had no idea what it was called. On Acorn you could edit the sprites to design your own characters as well as levels but I guess it was probably a later version that the one mentioned here.