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Tue 22nd Jan 2008

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jones2929 commented on The Seller:

As a bankruptcy attorney, I think I have a duty to download this game and check it out.



jones2929 commented on Intellivision to Be Reborn on DS:

Can't wait for this one. I remember Christmas Day, sometime in the early 80s, when my friends across the street got an Intellivision system. My Atari 2600 seemed so outdated and uncool. I spent the next few days playing baseball and NASL Soccer.



jones2929 commented on Elemental Masters:

I like it a lot. Initially, I thought it was too easy, as I was winning all of my matches. But then I got cocky, and marched into a battle with an Ogre and was crushed. The Ogre got to take four of my cards, which really set me back - but I was glad that the game became challenging. For me, it is easily worth 800 points. If you like this type of genre, I think you will like the game. It doesn't have the polish of other games, but it is a lot of fun.



jones2929 commented on Nintendo Download: Spaceballs, Shopping Carts,...:

Crash 'n the Boys is hilarious. Yes, it is a button masher, but the fact that you can break a hurdle on the 400 meter race and use the shards of the hurdle as a weapon against your opponent means instant download for me.



jones2929 commented on Review: Sexy Poker (WiiWare):

Being a fan of both poker and sexiness, I'm bummed about the review.

Please try the rumble option - maybe the score should be higher.



jones2929 commented on Review: Knights in the Nightmare (DS):

This game is great. You have to go through the demos and even then, you feel, after the fact, that you wasted your first few hours of gameplay. But that's part of the addictive nature of it. Altus has been affiliated with some nice games lately (this and Dark Spire and the Super Robot game).



jones2929 commented on Excitebots Crashes Out At Retail:

I can see where, upon first glance, somebody would group this game into the shovelware cart racer game. Nintendo should have made clearer that they made the game. Overall, it's a shame, because it is a really fun game - I've been playing the poker nonstop for a week.



jones2929 commented on No Madden NFL On DS This Year:

Tecmo is a lot of fun, a great throwback to the old game. And you can it at Best Buy now for $9.99, which is totally worth it.

I thought Madden for DS was only so-so.



jones2929 commented on Oh my, LEGO Rock Band!:

Wow, this seems so behind the times. Might have been funny to do it last year, but there are too many music games on the market. And how can this compete with the Beatles release? They should just stick to what they do well - make a Lego Harry Potter game that the kids will love.

Of course, maybe I'll be completely wrong...



jones2929 commented on Review: Game & Watch Collection (DS):

I am close to 800 points, so I'll be ordering this pretty soon. However, I think that these three games would be great downloadable DSiWare. I'd buy DK itself for 500 points...



jones2929 commented on Review: Trivial Pursuit (Wii):

Well-written review. I agree - this is not a quick cash-in of a popular board game, like so many other Wii titles. I got this game as soon as it came out, as my non-gamer wife is a big fan of Trivial Pursuit. I was surprised at how good it was, and I was also surprised that the multiple choice element worked so well. One of my main complaints with the board game is that it can take too long. With multiple choice, the games tend to be of a good time length.



jones2929 commented on Uncharted Waters: New Horizons:

This game looks awesome. Never heard of it. To me, that's the beauty of the virtual console - you hopefully get (1) games that are full of nostalgia, or (2) games that you overlooked back in the day. A quick Google search on the game shows that it has an intense following. I'll be downloading this when I get home.



jones2929 commented on Review: Tecmo Bowl (NES):

Thanks for giving this a 7. I thought it was underrated on the 5 star review system. If you had the NFL license (along with accompanying player names) with this version, it would be a 9 or 10.



jones2929 commented on USA VC Update: Boogerman:

I'd like to think Nintendo for thinking broadly about how the global financial crisis has hit the US. With the crap they've given us recently (MM3 notwithstanding), we've been able to save money that normally goes to VC games. Well done.



jones2929 commented on World of Goo:

I was skeptical about this game, but I bought it based on the amazing reviews. And, I must say, this is the best WiiWare game I've played, by far. My kids love it, too. People should just buy this game to encourage developers to stop making trash like Beer Pong and make innovative games like World of Goo.



jones2929 commented on Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars:

This game is such a blast. My son and I completed Paper Mario last year, and we've been waiting for something similar to come out on the VC. This is perfect. Great to see that it is number one on the sale list----hopefully, that will encourage Square Enix to release more games.



jones2929 commented on Mega Man Finally Out On Monday In USA:

Damn Nintendo. Come on, where's SMRPG?

Just kidding. This is the best week since I bought a Wii last November. I'm trying to limit my purchases to one a week (assuming that there is a game worth downloading---that hasn't happened for three weeks)--but I don't think I can with both Ys and Mega Man coming. You know it's a great week when I'm not going to be getting a game as good as Samauri Shodown 2.



jones2929 commented on Tecmo Bowl:

Despite the fact that the players' names have been removed, this is the best possible type of nostalgia. Played this one (and Super Tecmo Bowl) constantly while in high school and college. It's a classic that really was the first great video football game.



jones2929 commented on Ninja Commando:

Just got home and downloaded this one. Really fun to play. The bad translation is also a plus!



jones2929 commented on The Sega Master System Rap:

Almost as bad as those Mario & Luigi cartoons that were on in the late 80s/early 90s. "Hangin' with the plumbers, you'll be hooked on the brothers!"

Seriously, stuff like this is fantastic nostalgia.