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Get your pulse racing with a game of strip poker against a selection of six lovely manga-style women who may wind up in nothing but swimsuits or underwear when the final hand is dealt.

Choose the classic Texas Hold’em Poker to be thrilled as the bets increase, or try the Black Jack game for a mix of chance and strategy. Discover the girls’ personalities: they'll bluff you! Enter the photo gallery to see the pictures you’ve unlocked by playing and winning. If you’re good enough, Emi, Sakura and their seductive girlfriends will bet their clothes to stay in the game.

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Posted by Spencer McIlvaine

Put on your Wii gloves…

Filling the hole in Wiiware’s library of card games is Gameloft’s Sexy Poker, the self-proclaimed “first sexy poker game on the Wii.” It certainly is unique, but has Gameloft dealt their latest offering a winning hand?The first thing that must be...

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plankton88 said:

There is no way Nintendo will allow this to come out in the US. This has to be a joke.They made them take the word beer out of the pong game, there is no way they will put this out.



MickEiA said:

Sexy Poker folds in Australia
WiiWare strip poker game banned down under for reward-based nudity.

Australia's tough classification regime for games has struck again, although this time the victim isn't as high profile as last year's big name casualties (such as Fallout 3 or F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin). Sexy Poker--an upcoming WiiWare title developed by Gameloft--has been refused classification by the Board, effectively banning the strip poker game from sale down under.

As its title implies, Sexy Poker pits a player against six different female opponents who wear stereotypical costumes such as nurses outfits, sports uniforms, police clothing, and business wear. According to the Board, the game was refused classification because nudity was used as an incentive--in this case, winning a game of poker.

"In the Board’s view Sexy Poker offers depictions of nudity as an incentive or reward to interactive game play. In the Board’s view, the general rule in the Guidelines for the Classification of Films and Computer Games prohibiting depictions of nudity as an incentive or reward, applies to the game play described above, as the player is shown increasingly detailed amounts of nudity following successful game-play," the statement said.

"In the view of the Board, the impact of the game exceeds strong as except in material restricted to adults, nudity and sexual activity must not be related to incentives or rewards. As such the game cannot be accommodated in a MA15+ classification." With no R18+ rating for games in Australia, the highest classification level for a game is MA15+.

With Sexy Poker, 2009 has now seen two games banned in Australia, although Necrovision--which was banned in April--has since been reclassified as M rated after the developer made changes to the game.



StarDust4Ever said:

I'm calling your bluff - on PS3 maybe, but I can't see Nintendo approving this at all - if this is a real game, it will probably end up like beer pong - this has been done before - even though it's uber crap, Peek-a-boo poker was an actual NES game, as were hot slots and Bubble bath babes...



StarDust4Ever said:

"Press A to remove Girls' clothes"

kinda reminds me of those strippers they used to have years ago that you could download onto your Windows 98 desktop. Virtua-[something]... Leftclick here for striptease. Only those don't stop with the underwear, and it don't cost 500 pts???

Great job, Nintendo!!! Now all of the 13-14 yrs old males will want to download it before it gets banned forever from Wiiware. Some hacker will release a patch to the game, and it will be like the "Hot Coffee Mod" scandal all over again, only this time it's on a kid-friendly console, and the right-wing protesters will hold Wii-burning parties, resulting in world domination by Microsoft and the 360s, leading to WWIII and the ultimate downfall of humankind!!!

...must download now before it's gone...



plankton88 said:

I am surprised they released this, but now I see they are jsust cartoons, a little risk-ay, but just cartoons.



CanisWolfred said:

Oh, it's just ugly cartoon chicks? Well that's rubbish. Guess I will stick with real strip poker.



Jockolantern said:

This may be the most useless piece of garbage on WiiWare at the moment... and I'm throwing in even the worst of the shovelware into that equation. Seriously. Give me Cave Story or give me death! But don't give me this hilariously bad, faux M-rated Sexy Poker crap. Ugh.



Bensei said:

And I thought they would be real girls. Got a lot more interesting for me now. Just kidding.



Gabbo said:

Ack, spoiler alert! Some of those screenshots reveal too much, if you know what I mean.

Anyway, now that we have screenshots the review should go live shortly.



Kurachi said:

whats wrong with some sexy manga pics? its no porn, its just sexy
lots of people will buy this, and mostly those who say its not good
guess this world is full of shy people eh
if i were into card games, i'd probably buy this one, but i'm not
i'm more of rpg's when gaming, but prolly if i were into card games, i think i'd buy this

looking at manga pics like these is same as looking at reallife girls, but in reallife you have a chance of getting a girlfriend
gamers could have nice pics at their wii and play poker at same time

sure, some people use these pics for so,mething else than just watching em, but that dont mean everyone does, or has to do

its like people play rpg cuz of the genre (level up and such), or cuz of good storyline (most rpg's have one)
same with this, but guess not much people would look at it that way, oh well, not my problem

also remember: its just a game




I don't mind the cute looking anime ladies but I dislike the whole premise of the game and it being on wiiware. Cheap and nasty.



Kurachi said:

now a sexy patience game and we're complete
would be funny to have patience in nintendo style, with nintendo chars or with sexy nintendo girls, lol

and this is sexy, its just that not much people i know, dont know that sexy means nice looking with short clothing, and porn is basically naked or dirty
so this being sexy? yes
this being dirty? no way, and also far from porn
dont take me wrong, i dont watch porn or such, i just know the differences



Kurachi said:

@Big A2: to explain what the differences are, cuz i seen lots of people who dont know, talking about internet in general, dont take it as any offense



JusticeColde said:

wait a second hold up.
i was looking at the [color=blue] wii shop channel wiiware [/color] catalogue and it said no nudity was in the game



Raylax said:

"now a sexy patience game and we're complete
would be funny to have patience in nintendo style, with nintendo chars"

You should warn me before you give me mental images like this ;_;



Kurachi said:

you that sensitive? mario is THE logo of nintendo, and that idea would be funny
i dont get it, lots of people here overreact or say it IS bad, instead of telling us they just dont like it

also, if you dont like it, dont buy it, that simple

anyway, i have no idea how to poker, and after seen all the girls on youtube, its not as fun as it would be if i'd like poker... and know how to play it, and bought the game of course
but i wouldnt buy any poker anyways

and this game is kinda fun, i mean, whats wrong with people looking at non-porn but sexy pics of girls (either cartoon or real ones) ?

this for kids? nah, its also for adults, who like to watch em



Punny said:

Now I see why this continues to be a "Hot Game." It has the word "Sexy" in it. Other than that, goodbye, nurses (and other professions that the ladies in this lame game have)!



JohnWalrus said:

Oh no, call the Political Correctness Police, this game is sexist! Just kidding. I'm a little surprised this is the first WiiWare game Nintendo released that has such strong sexual themes. Couldn't they have made something less... FAIL? I dunno. It hasn't been taken down, so I guess not too many people are that concerned.

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