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Sun 6th Mar 2011

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BrickRockwell commented on Review: Ninja Gaiden (Virtual Console / Virtua...:

@warioswoods "Looks" and "plays" are too entirely different things, my friend. The NES 'Ninja Gaiden' trilogy is one of the most masochistic yet completely satifsyfng side-scrolling adventure series ever. This arcade beat-em-up pales in comparison; and is not the reason the series has persisted through the console generations. BTW, 'Wario's Woods' is an awesome game; one of the best NES puzzle games, as well as the last NES cartridge ever released. (500 pts VC)



BrickRockwell commented on Review: Super Mario 64 (N64):

Oh yes. Christmas 1996. Played the heck out of this after unwrapping the N64. Now THIS game should have been called Super Mario World. Still the greatest 3D Mario game out there. Sure, Super Mario Galaxy and its sequel are awesome, but Super Mario 64 not only introduced 3D gaming to a whole generation of people, but it was the near perfect representation of 3D game mechanics. From the hub system, to the camera control, to the analog sensitivity, to flying in 3D (never bettered until Pilotwings 64)... this game ROCKS
10/10 , 5/5. It's-a-me, Mario! BUY ME!!!!



BrickRockwell commented on Review: Super Mario Bros. (NES):

My favorite Mario title of all time. I hated it when I was younger; because this game came out the year I was born so my earliest gaming memories centered on Super Mario Bros. 3. But the older I get, this is the Mario game that I find myself playing over and over again. It's just... timeless. Everything about this game fits together so perfectly. 10/10, 5/5, this game ROCKS



BrickRockwell commented on Review: Super Mario Bros. 3 (Virtual Console /...:

@Nintendork All a matter of perspective. I remember being astounded at all the content in SMB3, and I remember very well when it first came out. But Super Mario World just seemed like a showcase for the SNES graphics and audio, with very little extra. If anything, the adventure is much smaller than that in SMB3, and not nearly as memorable. My opinion? Get both. But if you only get one, make it this game. SMB3 has never been equaled in side-scrolling Mario games.



BrickRockwell commented on Review: Super Mario World (Wii Virtual Console...:

I don't understand the massive love thrombosis people get with this game. Face it: Yoshi kind of sucked, and the only real cool power-up was the cape, although the raccoon tail looked a lot cooler from SMB3. SMB3 was more challenging, had more levels, and just seemed to feel more expansive than the supposed "world" we're given in this game. I felt like I was only getting to about the halfway mark in the game when suddenly I'm at Bowser's Castle. To me, a let-down from the glorious heights of SMB3. But whatever: this game rocks. Great graphics, good music, the haunted houses were a cool addition: but everything else was just 'been there, done that'.
7/10 or 3/5, worth your collection; but a let-down from the games on the console that Mario built, the NES.



BrickRockwell commented on Review: Super Mario Bros. 2 (Wii Virtual Conso...:

This game rocks. Awesome music, bizarre themes, a feeling of otherworldiness that nothing else in the mario universe has ever come close to... the ability to play through as four different characters who actually have their different perks and detriments... good, clean visuals and interesting level progression (grabbing the key from the top and bringing it back down past the entrance to the bottom of one level, going inside vases, going vertically up screens as well as horizontally {which was missing from SMB1}, etc.) A rockin' good time.
Not as timeless as the first Super Mario Bros., or as packed to the gills with quality as Super Mario Bros. 3, Super Mario Bros. 2 is the classic Nintendo franchise middle-child: different from the rest and feeling a little dispossessed.

Call it an 8 out of 10,or a 4 out of 5; but whatever you do, make it feel at home : )



BrickRockwell commented on Mario Bros.:

Just spend 500 pts on Super Mario Bros. 3. This game is in that game, which is F---ING SUPER MARIO BROS. 3



BrickRockwell commented on Karnov's Revenge:

Watch the video above at 1:42 HAHA Zazie kicks Ray in the dong, and classic SFX hilarity ensues. Unfortunately, not enough to make me want to get it



BrickRockwell commented on Ninja Combat:

I already have Nnja Commando, so despite all the advice against I'll probably spend 9 dollars to add this s--t taco to my collection, thus completing the bad ninja-arcade-style-gaming duo for the Neo Geo. I love the fact that the developer ripped off characters from Ninja Gaiden and Shinobi, the broken Engrish, the laughable "story", the difficulty. Basically, most of the reasons not to buy this in the review are qualities of some of the games I enjoy playing the most. Maybe I'm a masochist : )



BrickRockwell commented on Review: Excitebike: World Rally (WiiWare):

Y E S. I was a huge fan of the original Excitebike, so much so (and such an obsessive completist) that I thought about downloading it until I heard about this update/remake. And boy, am I glad I laid it down on this. The minute the title screen popped up, that same awesome music kicked on, and I was elated. This game IS the original, with so much more added that it truly makes the original obsolete. I couldn't say that about the New Super Mario Bros. game, or Gradius/Castlevania Rebirth, but this game IS ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW about the Nintendo Excitebike series.



BrickRockwell commented on Dead Moon:

This review is crap. Yeah, it's not as good as some of the others mentioned, but at least you can get through without wanting to KILL SOMETHING OUT OF PURE FRUSTRATION. I beat it in fifteen minutes, enjoyed the nice parallax scrolling (esp. level 1 & 3) and the utter lack of walls that you may run into (like in every other schmup). Powerup the red cannon, get the satellites, and enjoy, if you can't stand most schmups.



BrickRockwell commented on Review: Sexy Poker (WiiWare):

Yeah, baby...ooooh...w-wait...what's..wrong.. with-your-EYES?!? YYYYYYYYYYYYYAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!



BrickRockwell commented on Review: Cosy Fire (WiiWare):

All that's missing is a half-naked girl on a bear skin rug with a bottle of bubbly, who then critiques everything about the way you build the fire until you give up in frustration. We can't have it TOO realistic



BrickRockwell commented on Riot Zone:

Tony's walking animation is hilarious. Other than that, stick to Final- aaah, what everyone else said. Only consider it if you haven't played other beat-em-ups or if they give you trouble, because you are rewarded with multiple powerups that seriously cuts down on the difficulty in this one. The only thing not bland about it is the rockin' soundtrack



BrickRockwell commented on Review: Reel Fishing Challenge II (WiiWare):

Yeah, I plunked down $5 one day as a spur of the moment thing b/c my brother was over and he's an outdoorsman (and not so much a gamer), so I figured, "Hey, this isn't going to be great or anything, but at least it'll be a simple little game I can enjoy with him." After struggling with the terrible controls to land even the smallest fish, he said I was an idiot for buying it and took me fishing for real, where catching fish was smooth, realistic AND fun : )



BrickRockwell commented on Fireplacing:

OMG, THIS IS THE BEST GAME EVER MADE. Do yourselves a favor and download this IMMEDIATELY. Better yet, send it to all your friends and loved ones as a gift and listen out for their gratitude. I'm sure they'll thank you for vindicating their purchase of a Wii with the best game of the past decade



BrickRockwell commented on Excitebike: World Rally:

Totally agree with No. 21 - this game rocks. I'm such a die-hard NES fanboy and a sucker for getting all versions in a series, yet when I downloaded this, I knew I would never feel the urge to download the o.g., even on a nostalgiac level. This is how a classic game update should be handled. It perfectly conveys everything that made the original great, and serves about 4 times the amount of it. It's an excellent homage/celebration of the original, and an excellent expansion in its own right. DOWNLOAD IT, and don't worry about the NES version



BrickRockwell commented on Review: Natsume Championship Wrestling (Virtua...:

@Portista (.1): Of course they're full games; that's all that's available for vc; no trials or teasers likes PS3 or XBOX360, and once downloaded you don't have to be online or signed into an account to play these classics (unlike the competition, but like them in that you can only play them on the console you purchased them on). For me, the VC was the main reason I bought a Wii in the first place, because I went through a patch when I thought I was over gaming and got rid of all my classic systems and games (: o Only now that I have these classics on next-gen consoles do I realize how lacking most new games truly are beneath the spitshine and polish.



BrickRockwell commented on Review: Arcade Essentials (WiiWare):

Awesome; I love those early, endless arcade-style classics and the idea of revamped graphics with more responsive controls on 5 games for five bucks is a deal for a gamer like me. Personally, I never cared if a game was a knock-off as long as its well-done and fun; especially if its just based on early arcade games