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Bit Boy!! Review

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Posted by Adam

Will you want to join Kubi on this totally crazy pixellated retro journey?

There has been a fair amount of hype surrounding the release of Bplus’ Bit Boy!! which is understandable as it taps into our love of retro gaming in much the same way as Mega Man 9 and Bit.Trip Beat did. Bit Boy!! offers a puzzling experience not unlike Pac-Man and adds a great deal of originality to the formula by taking the game over six different generations of video gaming, offering different visual styles representative of these generations.

As soon as the player starts up the game it is immediately obvious as to the intended feel of the game and indeed the intended audience – those with a special place in their hearts for retro gaming goodness. Bplus successfully achieves the feel of a retro classic with the simple 4-bit title screen and pleasant sounding background music. Each “gaming era” has a different feeling and successive eras are unlocked upon completion of the proceeding era. The first iteration of Bit Boy!! is in the 4-bit era. The game describes the 4-bit generation as having only a handful of colours, a low frame rate, no background music and as utilizing joystick control. The joystick control works really quite well and it does feel like one is playing with a joystick, although at times it can be a bit hard to control Kubi, the in-game “character,” if the surface you are playing on isn’t completely flat or stable.

One thing immediately noticeable right from the very first level of the 4-bit era is the level of difficulty in the game. There's no gentle introductory level, and while this isn’t always a bad thing, Bit Boy!! really is quite a tough game, especially in the earlier levels, which may seem a bit strange. The 4-bit generation features no special attacks for Kubi to use and therefore avoiding enemies in these dead-end filled levels is pretty much impossible; sometimes there really is no way to get past an enemy and the player is forced to use lives and continues to progress to the next level.

Upon completion of the 4-bit era the 8-bit era is unlocked which features the actual colour palette used for the NES, a pretty cool piece of gaming history. Other than that this is pretty much the same as the 4-bit era on a slightly larger scale. One thing of note about this second stage is that it seems a lot less frustrating than the first game: still overly difficult, but not quite as hair-pullingly so. You now get a limited number of special attacks which can help you out of one of the many tight spots. Perhaps it was the intended aim of the developers as it certainly does feel like playing an improved version of the older game. Using the Wii Remote as a NES-style controller, akin to the Virtual Console, also works well here and there are no complaints to be made about the in-game controls.

When the player unlocks the 32-bit era the visual style markedly shifts to a low budget-looking 3D iteration of Bit Boy!! The game notes that the 32-bit generation has “long CD loading times” and therefore the developers have inserted pretty lengthy loading screens between each level in Bit Boy!! 3D. It’s understandable as to why the developers have done this and at first it’s pretty amusing to have to sit through these screens, reminiscent of games on the original PlayStation. However, after the first few levels of these long loading screens it gets more than a little tedious and one can’t help but feel that these screens are perhaps unnecessary in every level. As one is likely to experience several Game Overs in Bit Boy!! it seems a bit odd that the Game Over screen doesn’t change for each generation and rather the 128-bit game and the 4-bit game share exactly the same screen. This is only a minor niggle though.

From the 32-bit era onwards the player is able to change the camera perspective with the minus button. This offers a slightly different gaming experience and makes the player feel a little more immersed in the game world. However the ability to change camera angle is perhaps more than a little superfluous as it really is quite hard to play the game from any angle other than an overhead one due to the sheer volume of enemies and the number of dead ends featured in the later levels.

Other than the introduction of special attacks and the motion controlled jumps there is little to no change in the gameplay of each successive version of Bit Boy!! on offer. While graphics do indeed change and improve with each video gaming generation it seems odd that Bplus would ignore the other changes that took place, and sadly the gameplay of Bit Boy!! quickly becomes pretty stale with no variation between levels or generations. Of course the core game should remain as it is, but some changes other than the aesthetic would have been nice to see in each generation – power ups, extra lives?

Unfortunately, Bit Boy!! quickly loses its charm and with the unlocking of the final video game generation, Bit Boy!! Wii, the player is left feeling perhaps a little bit bored and also perhaps slightly nauseous due to the vomit-inducing environments of the final generation. In a press release for the game it was stated that Bit Boy!! would feature 4-bit dungeons, 8-bit caves, 16-bit strongholds, 32-bit mazes, 64-bit arenas and 128-bit worlds. This is, in a word, untrue: each of the generations feature exactly the same kind of gameplay and while the earlier games do indeed feature smaller levels, the latter games are pretty much spiced-up versions of their predecessors.

Upon completion of each gaming era a “Warp Mode” is unlocked which is in essence a sort of “Score Attack” mode. The player must collect orb-like objects around all of the previously explored levels of that generation; if Kubi is hit by an enemy the player is transported to the next level and must collect as many orbs as possible in order to achieve a high score. If a second Wii Remote is activated the player can play alongside a friend in order to achieve the highest possible score, with two-player co-operative mode is available for both the main game and Warp Mode. One of the main goals of Bit Boy!! is for the player to top the already-set high scores and indeed go back and top their own scores. Fruit can be collected throughout the levels which increases the player's score and not dying keeps one's score pretty high: not dying is, however, quite an achievement.

Upon finishing Bit Boy!! in under an hour it was foolish to expect some sort of unlockable extra, perhaps another mode of play that combines aspects from all gaming generations, but alas upon completion of the game the player is offered an endless version of the game that gives the player 999 lives and 999 attacks. While this was a good way to take out all of the accumulated rage on the game’s enemies one couldn’t help feeling that something was missing: one last “treat” so to speak.


Summing it up Bit Boy!! is a great concept for a game and it was interesting to see the interpretation of each gaming generation. The core gameplay in Bit Boy!! isn't terrible, but features serious flaws in the sheer volume of enemies on screen at one time and also the amount of life-sapping dead ends – a hallmark of poor game design. A game that uses a maze set up like that of Pac-Man should have levels which ensure that the player has a chance to avoid being unfairly wiped out, unfortunately Bit Boy!! does not manage to achieve this.

The game is also very short-lived too: with six different gaming generations one would think that there would be plenty of room for a pretty lengthy game, but unfortunately you can see everything that Bit Boy!! has to offer after just one hour's play. On the whole Bit Boy!! is a somewhat frustrating experience that we cannot wholeheartedly recommend.

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Jogurt_the_Yogurt said:

Eh, Bit.Trip Beat and Art Style: ORBIENT are good for what they are, but they have their fair share of problems. Similarly, I suspect this is OK for what it is, too. For 600 points, it could be a nice deal for folks who are interested in the "bit" aesthetic.



WolfRamHeart said:

For 600 points you could get a far superior game like Bit. Trip Beat. I'm sure Bit. Trip Core will also be way better than Bit Boy!! I'll be passing on this game and saving my points for something that is actually good.



Djungelurban said:

Well, it came out at the same time as Gradius which also is 600 points and to be absolutely clear, that game is definitely not a 6... So yeah, for 600 points I expect a good game. In fact, if you release a game you should always make sure it's good before releasing it, regardless of pricing.



baadbwoy said:

I downloaded Bit Boy out of morbid curiosity this morning. I should have listened to my gut instinct which told me it would be a turd, but alas I took the plunge anyway. The idea for the game is pretty good of course, but the execution is dreadful. I found myself plodding through the different “generations” hoping that it would get better, but sadly it didn’t. In fact the 128-bit mode was the worst, the background colours are so garish that it is hard to concentrate on the screen.

As the reviewer says it is the dead ends in the maze which ruin this game, you only get so many special attacks to save you from inevitable doom, after that it’s just tedious. Even when you gain the ability to jump it is a chore having to jolt the Wiimote each time, I could hardly see that my box was jumping until I switched the camera angle. Pacmania, this ain't!

As Theo Paphitis on the Dragon’s Den would say: "Concept great - Execution lousy!"



Objection said:

Doesn't really surprise me. To be blunt, none of the developer's games have caught my attention, nor did the scores of said games.



Wiiloveit said:

How long did you play this game for, Mister Adam Scott Clark?

First of all, you clearly don't understand the idea of the game. The idea is to aim for high scores, not play endlessly throughout the worlds, which by the sounds of things, you might have trouble with if the worlds were any longer anyway. This is what makes the game last longer than an hour and makes it so addictive.

Second, you don't seem to realise that the only world where you're not given attacks is the 4-Bit world, and every generation after that provides you with the basic attack function, which can be used for getting out of these so-called frustrating situations that you land yourself in. With the right skills and technique, you shouldn't find yourself in any situations worse than you would in Pac Man, which you seem to compare this game to (even though the gameplay is more different than it may seem at first glance).

Third, the idea of the dead-ends wasn't poor level design, they were clearly put there on purpose to test the player and make the gameplay require more thought that you may first think, and also make for some pretty humorous moments. Sure, on occasion it can seem unfair, but I wouldn't say that this means the levels are as poorly designed as you imply.

Fourth, you also seem to miss the fact that two players can play head-to-head in the warp mode, and haven't even completed warp mode again to notice the special turbo mode on offer, since you only mention the original bonus credits mode.

As for the difficulty, the 4-bit mode is pretty easy once you get a feel for what's going on, due to the small levels which don't require long to collect all the items required. Moving on to your comments regarding the 32-bit mode, the loading screen is actually skippable with the minus button, so once again, you are making unnecessary complaints.

Overall, a hugely disappointing review. Whilst this game might not have been amazing, it is certainly worth more than you give it credit for in your review, and I can't believe it has been so rushed. Did you even notice there was a second control scheme for retro fans to use the controller like a joystick? Hmm....



KnucklesSonic8 said:

As I was reading the review, I couldn't help but notice how detailed it was and for that, I applaud you sir. Especially for this game where you could easily create a shorter, less informative review.

That being said, the review was leading the game towards getting a great score but in the end, it winded up with an average rating. I still can't wait to get this as it sounds perfect for a person who loves to go for high-scores, playing in short bursts as that truly is the intention of the game along with appealing greatly to retro fans. I think a couple (let's say) "points" or ideas were missed in trying to understand the premise behind the game and that's further evidenced through the type of approach taken throughout the review. I won't go into it what problems I had with some parts in the review that much as I'm sure someone will.

Go BPlus!

edit: Wow, and would you look at that. Someone did. Go Wiiloveit! Perfect person to address some of my concerns.. next to AlexSays of course.



Doogle said:

We should have known that it wouldn’t be long until Wiiloveit appeared to defend this shambling monstrosity of a game. It’s a little hard to take anything you have to say very seriously when Bplus are including your name on the game credits.

You make a lot of assumptions about what the reviewer might not have realised, but is this a game review or an exhaustive list of features which the game contains? The central fact remains, the game contains dead-ends that you have to travel down a lot of the time and you only have a limited number of special weapons to get you out of a tight spot. That does not make for a fun game that any sane person would want to go back to in short bursts for high-scores does it?



Wiiloveit said:

@KnucklesSonic8: Wow, even you seem to agree and you haven't even played the game! And if that doesn't say something about the review, I don't know what does.



Knux said:

I'm still going to buy this game when it comes out in North America.



KnucklesSonic8 said:

@Doogle: I wasn't "defending" Bit Boy for its gameplay mechanics. I can't make accurate judgments on that because I haven't played it. Like I said, it's the ideas and the premise of the game that seem to have been missed. The fact that the reviewer rushed through the game the way he did says a lot especially in the way in which it comes out/the way it was approached in the review.

I also love all of these comparisons to Pac-Man rather than considering a game as its own. >_>

If I was "under BPlus' spell" as you so claim, why would I never give anything higher than a 5/10 for Niki. I regret downloading it. So now you're just making yourself look like a fool. It's like when the other guy accused me of defending Let's Catch just because it was by SEGA. What kind of reasoning is that?

Also, what did you possibly hope to accomplish by referencing my blog?



calculon said:

@Doogle: I wouldn't worry, I never did put much stake in Wiiloveit's comments. I've been on their website, reviews are not exactly its shining force. The score actually sounds quite reasonable after reading reviews from some other websites - I'm sure Wiiloveits site will give it something in the order of 24/30 for no reason other than they feel it needs defending.

All in all though I'd say this is Bplus' best game yet. Crap-tastic. At least it only lasts an hour, not that it'd tout it's 'replayability' to my friends. I like to keep at least a little self respect.

Unlike Plattchen and Niki, I won't be buying this game, despite the lower price point. I've already been burned by those two 'stellar' releases. It's a shame but developers really shouldn't float out sub-standard software that wouldn't even pass-muster as freeware/open source.



Wiiloveit said:

@Doogle: KS8 was simply pointing out what the reviewer was implying, and how even he had noticed how some points in the review seemed a bit funny.

As for the credits, that is absolutely not why I think the game is good. I like the game because it is a very good WiiWare game, and a lot of fun to play and gain high scores on, not because they included me in the credits. To be honest, I could say whatever I wanted about the game, my name is in the credit's and that's not going to change. If I wanted, I could go and claim that the game was useless after playing it for... what was it: an hour that this reviewer claims to have played it to death in? Instead, I'm looking at the review fairly, and I always will do / have done when looking at games.

As for your other quote, it's not like every level is based around dead ends, and these only make up some of the levels, but they add to the tactics required for the game, and with several extra lives and a continue at your disposal, as well as five different attacks for five out of the six worlds, AND the ability to jump enemies in the final world, you shouldn't find yourself in annoying situations involving dead ends very often.

Oh, and don't make this into a flame war between you and me; last time, all our comments got removed and our things were wasted yet again.

EDIT: Oh, and if you're gonna start coming up with things to try and make it sound as though I'm doing all this as part of a conspiracy with KS8 or whatever, then you're clearly no better than your average British tabloid. At the very least, you could have linked to some of the news pages that KS8 so lovingly posts a lot more than he does so with his blog. Oh, and you'll also notice Mr Objection Blaster didn't say anything exceptional about the game, so it's not like I have the whole of Wiiloveit wrapped around my thumb or anything. It's a free world, and I'm saying what I personally think, whilst standing up for what is right, rather than just liking this game because Bplus made it. Seriously, I'm telling the truth, and there's nothing more to it than that, so I think you should just end all your pointless arguing now, because it's not true at all.



y2josh said:

Well, that sucks, i'll probably still try it out when it comes to the states, but i hope BPlus don't act like jerks when this one doesn't sale.



WolfRamHeart said:

I think this a very good and informative review. I refuse to be suckered in by the Bplus hype. There are much better ways to spend your 600 points. I'm not throwing mine away on some shovelware game.



Wiiloveit said:

@WolfRamHeart: It might seem that way, but once you've played the game, I guarantee you'll spot the inaccuracies.

@Doogle: Something I forgot to mention before was in response to your comment about the reviewer not being forced to write about everything in the game. Sure, he doesn't have to write about everything, but it's the way that he makes it sound like there's nothing much to it, and there aren't any extra features etc, when clearly there are, and so he is lying, not just missing bits out. He was also claiming a few things, such as the fact that you apparantly can't attack until the 32-bit mode, which are also wrong, and need to be rectified.

ADDED: I am not just, as you say, being a "martyr" for Bplus, I am just standing up for what I believe is right, and pointing out that this review is wrong, since it is unfair to watch a perfectly good game burn at the watch of internet flamers and badly written reviews. If it was any other game, I would do the same thing, but no such occasion has come up recently.



KDR_11k said:

The mention of hype makes me think... Didn't Plättchen and Niki get massive hype too?

I notice B+ defenders always tell everyone they should try the game before damning it but trying means buying on WiiWare. Just don't give them the attention they want, I don't get why B+ garbage gets massive arguments over its quality when something like Fish 'em All (which looks actually GOOD, unlike this mess which looks like a bunch of idiots who were incapable of utilizing the graphics they wanted to make) is allowed to sink without a word.



calculon said:

@KDR_11k: He's right, but that's probably because Bplus got their asses handed to them after the Plattchen debacle. Hopefully they'll take their approach to gaming in a different direction now - like leaving it alone altogether. Three strikes guys.



Kirigirisu said:

Thanks for your views Wiiloveit, as they were so eloquently put I'll truly consider them, also your use of Mister was very pleasing.



Terra said:

I would be willing to give Plattchen another try if It weren't for the cost (I come across points on rare occasions). Didn't really get a good feel of the game the last (and only) time.

As for Bit Boy!!, I must say after hearing some impressions of the game (pretty mixed from what I've seen), this does sounds quite interesting and would be willing to drop the points for it



calculon said:

Me? Lower myself to destroying Bplus? Not even worth my effort.

I like your Bit Boy promotion by the way. Next stop: the world.



Djungelurban said:

Sure, Niki got a good deal of hype from a platforming starved WiiWare community. Also there were definitely a sense of people really rooting for them to make a good one after Plättchen crashed and burned seeing as we're very indie friendly around here. And then that one was a big dud. And now this is pretty much their third strike, they're not getting anymore chances. Should learn a thing or two from Gaijin or OtT about how to make well developed indie games.

And to be honest, the excuse that someone hasn't "got" the game because it's a "high scores" game is pathetic. In fact, it's not an excuse. One of my favorite shmups ever is DoDonPachi. I mean, I suck at it, I'm really not good at any bullet hell games, but since the gameplay is so good I'm totally ok with it. That game however at its core is a "high scores game" in it's truest form. It's designed to let you combo your kills and thereby generate higher and higher score and to get a really good score does not only take hours upon hours of practice but equally many hours of planning in order to learn how to best destroy every enemy you see and pick up as much points as possible with breaking the combo. And like I said, it's a really really hard game aswell. So yeah, every inch of it is a game made for chasing high score. This is what makes DoDonPachi a great game, and where Bit Boy!! apparently fails (other than it being the ugliest thing I've seen in years). If I wanna play DoDonPachi but doesn't wanna concern myself with high scores I can and I will have a blast doing it. Bit Boy however, if I'm not a person that doesn't care for high scores, BB offers nothing. It seems I'm much better off playing Pac-Man again for the 100th time.



Ricardo91 said:

@Wiiloveit. Keep telling yourself that.

I'm honestly very dissapointed. I've said this before, but with an idea like this B+ could've finally redeemed themselves. Yet somehow, they managed to screw up a simple maze game. Pathetic.

I don't see why people still insist on defending this company. They made three overhyped, hideous-looking turd-storms that bombed worldwide, and yet you still defend each and every one of their works, and say their next effort's going to turn out better. You guys need to realize that this is a terrible company that doesn't put that much effort into their games, and will never make a quality title even if it hit them in the face, so stop hoping already. There's plenty of other indie developers on Wiiware that make far better product and take far more pride in their work. Like Calculopn said, it's three strikes, and they're out.



Twilight_Crow said:

Oh! A debate about a BPlus game! Why am I not surprised? , their games can't be that bad if there ARE people who like them, but why are BPlus games always debatable "Love it or Hate it"? mmm (imagine The Twilight Zone music).

Seriously, this is all again a matter of taste, and only the ones that have actually played the game can say why they like it or hate it; but it is true that the review sounds a bit rushed.
I'll read a bunch of reviews (actually read them, scores doesn't work with BPlus games), before making up my mind about this one, it still sounds like fun for only $6 thou.



Wiiloveit said:

@Djungelurban: Sorry for my wrong point about Niki. That's all I can really think to say to that, methinks.
@Calculon: No idea what you're talking about, there.
@Kirigisu: "Consider" in what sense?

I've said this before, but with an idea like this B+ could've finally redeemed themselves. Yet somehow, they managed to screw up a simple maze game. Pathetic.
Look, I can't say this enough, guys, this game is ace, and this review is wrong. Please can you all just stop assuming this game is rubbish based on the rating and review given here, without first playing it yourself, that's all I can say now, since it appears that none of you seem to care about what I have to say anyway. I'm very very tired, I've got an incredibly busy schedule, and I'm trying to stand up for what I believe is right, rather than just flaming something I haven't played, and if you're all just gonna look at me, and look at my history, rather than listen to what I actually have to say, then there's no helping you, I'm afraid.

I'd also like to point out that whilst Niki wasn't the most attractive game on WiiWare, Plattchen most definitely did not look like turd, and Bit Boy!! is also quite the looker for anyone looking for some retro delight.



thepacifistofall said:

I don't see why we have to jump on each other because we have different opinions. Sure, this may be a bad game to you, but to them it may be stellar. It doesn't matter if they're being bribed or not, because if they've been told to say its good, then that's what they'll do. You don't have to listen to them; no one is making you. See the game the way you want, look at an assortment of reviews. After all, in the end, the scores will show how this game was received by the public. The scores may be mixed, and we know it ought to be. People have different opinions. We don't have to fight and bicker, to jump to conclusions about each other just because we think differently. All I'm saying is that if you like it that's fine. If you don't like it, that's fine, too. The people who like it may have been bribed, or they may have been put in the credits simply out of gratitude. There will be people out there who truly like, not that the people here who state they like it don't, and there will be people out there who loathe, and there will be people who don't care. We needn't bicker about such a trivial thing. It's just a score, an opinion. Honestly, there are much bigger issues in this world. Get over it. Reviews aren't everything. Watch gameplay videos, try it with someone who has it, make your own opinions. Whether you like, or if you hate it, or if you just don't care, it's your opinion, and we all need to learn to respect it.



DaVeMaN99 said:

Wiiloveit, are you demon212?
Cause he loved it in his review. And both of you are talking about the same things

Not interested in game because im not much of a fan of getting the high score. Like different Bit graphics though, gameplay seems dissappointing.



Wiiloveit said:

@thepacifistofall: Excellent viewpoint. Nobody's gonna go changing their opinions, even if many people making opinions haven't played the game in the first place. Despite this, I still feel that I must say once again that I haven't been bribed at all by having my name in the credits. I mean, it's an honour and all, but I wouldn't go around spreading things I didn't believe in just to have my name in the manual. It just wouldn't feel right, especially if I didn't like the game to begin with. I just wish that these people, like Doogle (not asking for any retaliation or anything here to my comment) wouldn't just flame and dig up dirt at the first opportunity they get, because it's just not fair, and to be honest, I feel kinda hurt that people would go to such lengths to say what they are saying about me, especially when it's not true. I ask people to try looking at this from someone else's eyes, in someone else's shoes, before saying what you're saying, and subsequently hurting the feelings of other people.

@Daveman99: I'm not Demon212, no. I don't like his accent, anyway, and if you look back on some of his old video comments, and on the Bplus forums, you'll be able to see that we are two different people. Plus, I love LostWinds, and he hates it, so we're definitely not the same guy.



accc said:

That review seemed awfully negative for a 5, as I read it I was expecting a 3 or maybe a 4.



Odnetnin said:

In the next issue of Nintendo Power I'm sure this game will be brilliantly described as "Hmm..."



BulbasaurusRex said:

Assuming Wiiloveit is telling the truth about Bit Boy's features, it does appear that Adam missed some things (especially the regular attacks available from 8 bit on) in his review. I'm still leaning against getting it, but I want to read some more reviews. As this hasn't been released in the U.S. yet, can anyone give me any links to European reviews (in English) for this game, or even better, a European review collection/averaging site like Metacritic.



Corbs said:

Although I think it's great you have your name in credits Wiiloveit, having your name in the credits does tend to strip you of most of your credibility in covering Bplus titles objectively. But congrats on the mention, just the same.

And I'm going to say it one more time: If you disagree with a review, please post your differing opinions on the game all you want. But this attacking a review directly or calling a review "wrong" or "stupid" needs to stop.

I have not played the game yet, so I can't really comment on it one way or another. I'll do so when the game is released in the US. And anyone else that hasn't played it obviously can't comment on it directly either. Just discuss the review and leave it at that, please.



pixelman said:

5 - Average

"A five is where you really need to start wondering if this game is for you. We are saying this game is average in our own subjective opinion. You have to judge for yourself if you are so attracted to this game's concept that you are going to take a chance on it anyway. We'll always give our reasons to show why the game failed to impress."



NikeXTC said:

Nice review, although it's even too soft, because this game really fails in delivering what it could... You saved BPlus's good intentions, and they sure have them, but a bad designed game must be reviewed for what it is: a bad game.

What's really amusing about this review, anyway, is how Wiiloveit is trying to defend something that can just not be defended. This game has a poor game design, dead ends completely kill this game, they're not there to test your skills. They're there because of poor level design. Monsters move around randomly, there's no skill involved, you can't do "traps" to attract them somewhere and then run away. Several levels are just luck-based and this kills the game's High Score-vocation as well.

I downloaded this game as it came out, because it seemed a nice idea (and IT IS) and I wanted to give BPlus a chance. But they've failed. Game is frustrating, controls are imprecise (especially joystick is a pain) and it is too much repetitive, even for a retro high score-based game. Warp Mode gives it a little more life, but not enough to save the day.

To sum it up, I'm telling my friends to stay away from this game: good concept, a few brilliant ideas, but horrible execution. That's just it, nothing much else to say.



fudgenuts said:

I love Bplus. Keep on making great games!

BTW, What's everyone's favorite game by Bplus? Mine is Plattchen.



Haze4peace said:

I've played it for about 20 mins so far and i'm pretty unimpressed. Granted that could be too short of a time to "get it".
Hi fudgenuts



Dazza said:

OK it's time for my 2 cents now. I have played the game all the way through all the generations and rather predictably I agree with Adam's verdict. It's not in the interests of Nintendo Life to bash any game unnecessarily, especially one developed by an indie such as Bplus. Ever since the days of WiiWare World we have been all about championing indie projects and it’s fair to say that we were hopefully that Bit Boy!! would turn out to be one of the good chapters in Bplus’ journey.

Sadly this game just isn’t that much fun to play. Yes I understand that it is a classic arcade style game where you are meant to go back and challenge your high-scores, etc – but why would I want to do that if I didn’t even enjoy my experience the first time around? The faults with Bit Boy!! have been well documented. The abundance of dead ends in the maze design does cause significant problems in my opinion. Yes you do get a special attack, but even when taking care they need to be used up quickly in order to avoid losing a life.

The dumbest thing is that the bad guys come out of a hive from all directions, and often the orbs are placed around the hive so you have to put yourself at risk to get them. This is fundamentally flawed game design.

I don’t want to sound too harsh on Bit Boy!! There are some redeeming factors, the idea of the game is good and when the mazes are larger and more open it’s actually not too bad. But for me it’s just nothing more than an average game. It’s a shame that many of our readers in North America are unable to play the game for themselves yet, but I am confident when most of them are able to they will agree with the sentiments of this review. Sorry Wiiloveit, but I have to differ with you on this one.



Nintendork said:

And........................ there goes all my hope for B+. At the very least, it had a very good idea, but failed to execute it properly. If this is the best they can do, they're gonna have a hard time to find supporters.



Philip_J_Reed said:

@malnin, comment 2:
"What did you expect for 600 points"

Not having a go at you, friend, but I've never understood this reasoning, and I've heard it many times before. Money is still money, and the buyer deserves a decent product, no matter the cost. And as others have pointed out, a low price point doesn't mean the game is destined to be lousy. WiiWare has Art Style and Bit.Trip to prove that wrong, and the tons of remarkable $5 games on Steam make that clear as well. (Not to mention the loads of NES-era classics you can get on the VC for less.)

If you're going to fork money over for a game, I don't think it's out of line for the purchaser to at least expect to enjoy it. Money is money, and if the buyer feels as though they've wasted their money on something, that's a bad feeling no matter HOW small the amount was.

None of this, necessarily, applies to Bit.Boy as I haven't bought it, and so won't be commenting on it. That said, I'd feel pretty foolish plunking down my money for something that so few people seem to have enjoyed. (I can count them on one hand.)

Narrow-minded? Maybe. But it's tough for me to justify the purchase when there's so many releases I KNOW I will enjoy that I haven't gotten around to downloading yet.

Sorry, BPlus.



Philip_J_Reed said:

Oh, and one more thing...I hope Adam (the reviewer) doesn't take offense at any of the comments in this thread. Unless he hasn't been paying any attention at all for the past year, he knew you were throwing him to the lions the moment you assigned him to review a BPlus game.



Dazza said:

@Chicken - Don't worry, I made it very clear to Adam what to expect! It's a baptism of fire that we put all of our reviewers through eventually



accc said:

@fudgenuts - What's my favorite Bplus game? Well that would have to be a tie between Plattchen and Bit Boy -- since those are the ones I haven't played!



Kirigirisu said:

Oh don't worry, I'm not at all offended, in fact I'm rather more amused and indeed impressed that everyone can find so much to talk about when it comes to Bit Boy!!



maka said:

I won't be getting this one... I did enjoy Plattchen but what I've read and seen about this game doesn't really interest me... I think there's more to Retro gaming than simple graphics, and my favorite retro games have little to do with mazes (never was a big pacman fan). I loved Bit Trip Beat and am really looking forward to the upcoming Bit Trip Core, which for the same price, seem to be much more polished, although ultimately it's the gameplay...



AlexSays said:

Sorry KnucklesSonic8, these 4th of July celebrations have me a bit behind today. lol



Machu said:

Dagnammit I really want to like this game but... oh well good job I'm banning myself from points. Thanks 4 review, I WILL buy it, but down the road somewhere.



Stuffgamer1 said:

Don't feel like reading through this pile of comments, so I'll just leave my opinion of the game: I never thought it would be good in the first place. The CONCEPT isn't bad (going through eras in a single game), but choosing to make it a "maze game" removed all hope that this game wouldn't suck from my mind. The trailer looked like crap, and this review says everything I already knew before it came out.



Olimar_91 said:

For all of those criticizing the article, please consider what you're saying. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. Even if yours is the polar opposite of the journalist, it doesn't matter. As long as the reviewer is being fair in the critique I see no reason to lash out. Now, whether or not someone is being fair is up for debate, but ultimately the best course of action is to accept the viewpoint of someone else even if you disagree.

To say the review is "wrong" is just ridiculous. An opinion can't be wrong, only a fact. Whether the game is good or not, there are no facts, it's all opinion. So even if you disagree it is still "right" as long as it falls in line with the opinion of the writer.

Anyway that's my two cents. I don't want to comment on the game itself as I haven't played it, but I won't stand by and see a fellow writer get lashed out on because someone doesn't agree with his opinion.

Ah well.



RJay said:

It needs an online leaderboard. I watched that YouTube video review of it by Demon 212 or whoever...and he went on and on about how online leaderboards aren't needed because you can call your friends and ask them about their high scores. But he's wrong...you can't call your friends and ask them their scores...because not enough people have this game!! It really could have used a worldwide online leaderboard.....



y2josh said:

Seems like they put Demon212 in their credits or instruction manual or something in one of their other games. Thats when I stopped believing his hype.



Objection said:

Let me get a quick say in this review's controversy. I hope this is all coherant, as I am an hour or so past my usual bed time due to fireworks etc. I think that the review was very comprehensive and fair, at least from the perspective of someone who hasn't played the game. I think some people who have commented saying a few places of the review are a little mistaken MAY have a point, but this has to be checked and verified by someone on NL staff who has the game. Even so, I don't think this makes the review any less accurate an assessment. The 5/10 description, which can be found posted above, clearly states its a middleground game that will be enjoyed by some and not others and this seems the most accurate bit (no pun intended) of all.



KDR_11k said:

If you really need a cheap highscore battle with your friends play Cho Ren Sha 68k or something, at least that's free and good and doesn't require people to "get it".



Zak said:

After playing it for a while (with three friends yesterday) I wonder why the score is that high at NL. 5 out from 10? I think a 3 would suits it more. Yesterday our group had a heavy talk about the awful leveldesign and we don't know if it was on purpose or just bad random creating because it hasn't anything to do with retro difficulties when the design is just a mess. We actually found the concept interesting but after 3-4 hours gameplay we agreed in almost every term that the game was just a cheap pacman shareware clone in different retro-styles and a real waste of wiipoints. Better wait for Cave Story or stick with Plättchen if you a fan of Bplus.



NikeXTC said:

@Objection_Blaster - Come on, quit it. I played the game and so did many others who posted here. And we all agree on what's written in the review. Great concept, awful realization. That's it. Period.



baadbwoy said:

@Zak - It's funny, I did think that myself. I would have given this a 3 or a 4 myself having played it for about 3 hours now. The review doesn't really list many redeeming features does it?

I suppose NL wanted to take it easy on Bplus this time after the harsh review of Plattchen as they are indie devs. I dread to think what destructoid would say about this game.

As you say, the level design is just a mess. 600 Wii points would be much better spent on a decent game such as Art Style.



Gizmo said:

I have to agree with another comment, that after reading the review I expected a 2-4, but absolutely not an average 5.



Zak said:

@baadbwoy: I must say that our group isn't on friendly terms with Bplus [after some personal RL-problems with him] but we try to give the game a fair score (we're not from NintendoLife, just for the remember) because we acknowledge his works as a indie-dev. Unfortunately the game just doesn't feels like a real good game, Bernd put much more effort and creativity into Plättchen then the other games.

Our thoughts from yesterday: Wait for Cave Story or pay for Rockman 9 if you really want a superb retrogame or give Bplus a try with Plättchen when it gets a price cut in Europe.



baadbwoy said:

@Zak - That's very honest of you. What do RL-problems mean out of interest? (real life??).

I didn't really like Plattchen all that much myself, but I think that it's a much better game that Bit Boy!! The real problem is that it costs so much in Europe. I don't begrudge paying out 1500 wii points for a quality game like World of Goo, but in the case of Plattchen I really felt short changed. It should have been 800 points max.



Zak said:

@baadbwoy: That's not our concern here. Let's say we knew Bplus years before their first game has been released and we judge their projects and efforts from a different point of view. And that's all what I will say to the topic.



James said:

Just for clarity, Zak's comments are not on behalf of Nintendo Life.



Sean_Aaron said:

Well, I like the game, but I have to say that the score and the comments are fair points. It's all a matter of your tolerance for the game's shortcomings and what it's trying to do. It is interesting that the game gets easier as you go through the generations. I don't like the fact that the playfield on the first two eras is smaller than the screen which isn't reflective of actual games from the era and does make them a lot harder.

I don't know about score attacking, but I like the visuals and the basic mechanics of the game. If it was more than 600 points I really wouldn't bother, but I don't think it's a bit waste of time, though the 32-bit and 128-bit eras are definitely the weakest parts of the game and don't invite a replay (I'd say the same about the 64-bit era, but I like the cute enemy design).

And attacking reviewers (or even developers), as others have said, whether pro- or con- doesn't make any sense to me. People are expressing opinions -- people mind you, in the REAL WORLD -- and this doesn't make them bad or worthy of contempt. But then again, that's my opinion ^_~



Wiiloveit said:

Look, what I don't like about this review is how the facts are just wrong. You get attacks earlier on in the game than stated, you claim there's only one set of controls, and then say that there's nothing special once you've completed the game once, when there's the turbo warp mode to try out as well. You also claim that there is just co-op play, and no versus for the warp mode, which there is, and it's all these inaccuracies that got me angry, followed by the other people that started claiming I had been bribed etc to give the game a good look, without even accepting the points I had made, instead choosing to believe that what the reviewer claims happens in the game happens, even though he also claims he played it through in an hour, and it appears from what he has said that he hasn't played it for any more time, which in my opinion is unacceptable for a review, and clearly goes to show that this was just rushed out. I don't mind if people have given the game a fair try and didn't like it, but it's how the reviewer got so many points wrong, and are mis-informing their readers and people that may want to try out the game.



Corbs said:

Are we reading the same review? He clearly mentions the two different control methods and the 999 lives mode. Right? Isn't the 999 lives thing the Turbo Mode? As for the co-op and versus in the Turbo mode, I don't know having not played it. Are there more control methods than those two listed?



Wiiloveit said:

Sincere apologies about not being accurate enough about the joystick controls in my comments - that's my bad, and I'm sorry, but what I meant was that from what he's saying, he does seem to be claiming that the joystick control is only for the 4-bit mode, and from 8-bit mode you have to use the Wii remote on it's side, which is incorrect: you can use any of the control schemes at any point. Also, the extra mode I was referring to is based on the warp mode, not the standard mode, and is a further bonus in addition to the standard turbo mode, which he seems to think is all there is.



Wiiloveit said:

@Corbie: Exactly. I just wish that more people would realize that, rather than just see the review as the be-all and end-all, without having played it themselves.



Corbs said:

The thing that must be understood here is that when these games come out in one region before another, it makes it tough for the region that's waiting for the game because by the time it comes out in their region, they've already seen all the reviews. And as I said, I can't vouch for this game yet, but the early reviews are not good. In fact, I haven't seen a good review yet and judging from comments on ONM, their review isn't going to be very positive either. I'll just have to try it for myself.



MarkyVigoroth said:

Okay, Wiiloveit-san, now I am DEFINITELY seeing more gameplay videos and doing my own judgement! (The comments confusion caused me to choose for myself.)

By the way, this comes from someone who got bored with ORBIENT.



Wiiloveit said:

I've only seen two reviews for this game. This one, and the Wii's World one (which I am choosing to ignore, since they clearly stated the developers were being lazy with the design style - something I bet they wouldn't say if they reviewed Mega Man 9), but yeah, it does appear to be having mixed opinions.

@MarkyVigoroth: I thought I was the only person that didn't like ORBIENT, except I didn't get bored, just frustrated.



Sean_Aaron said:

I think the bases were covered in the review pretty well in terms of options and Adam does indicate what's good about the game; it just wasn't enough for him. The score reflects the fact that you may like it, but a lot of people won't and I think it's fair.

The joystick mode is a novelty; it works okay, but you're going to be playing it NES-style, full-stop. There are attacks, but you get a fixed number with no refreshes unless you continue; given the difficulty in the early levels this will be off-putting; even moreso when you play levels with friends to rescue right outside the enemy houses.

I think part of the problem for me is that the game doesn't benefit from 3D at all; I think they would have been better off putting all their energy into making a standalone 8-bit Atari 2600 or NES-style game, but make a game that whilst it looks like it belongs on the system actually couldn't have existed due to colours, resolution, whatever. That's probably coming from the fact that I generally dislike retro games with a 3D facelift (think the endless parade of Atari properties with 2000 or 3D that came out after the Hasbro buyout -- not Tempest 2000, which was awesome.) -- the 3D just doesn't add anything compelling. The only reason I like the 64-bit game is because I love the kitty-heads-on-springs enemy design.

What is clever about the game is that once you play through all the eras once you can go back and play any era you like in Warp Mode or Classic Mode without having to touch the eras you don't like -- if they had forced playthrough of all of them to get to the ones you like that really would have sucked, so good choice guys!



Corbs said:

Well Daz was on MSN so he and I got to discussing the review and its reception. Everyone on staff seems to feel the review was thorough in its points. While I'll ultimately have to try it out for myself, it has been interesting reading the reviews so far. Maybe I was expecting too much from this title.



KDR_11k said:

I think accuracy on the exact game modes isn't important to anyone, we can just read the manual for that. What is important is whether the game is fun and by the sound of it the level design ruins it.



Wiiloveit said:

@KDR_11k: You're missing the point, because Scott claimed there was nothing else to earn once you'd finished the game once, when clearly there was, he's making the game sound worse than it actually is.

Oh, and IMO, the level design is what makes it, and the dead ends don't ruin the gameplay that much anyway.



Doogle said:

@Wiiloveit I've only seen two reviews for this game. This one, and the Wii's World one (which I am choosing to ignore, since they clearly stated the developers were being lazy with the design style

How convenient! I think people owe it to themselves to give it a read myself. They touch on the same point that Adam makes in his review:

Most of the mazes are thoughtlessly slapped together and have a lot of long dead-end pathways you will need to take, making run-ins with baddies frustratingly inevitable.

Who cares about a detailed description of every tiny nuance of the game when it is patently obvious that the game is broken after a very short time playing it?



Corbs said:

Well I went over to the Bplus forums to try to get some more opinions on the game but ran into a bunch of Demon212 rants so I guess I'll just wait for more reviews or until it hits US shores and I can give it a go myself.



MarkyVigoroth said:

Wiiloveit-san, I got frustrated, but, now, the controls got somewhat easier. I am still going to beat this game because I bough thereof.



Objection said:

@NikeXTC-Did you not even read the comment you replied to? Go on, read it (again.) You're trying to argue with someone who also agreed with the review.



Corbs said:

@ Objection_Blaster - I was wondering what he was doing there as well.



Sarato said:

I bought this as soon as it came out and i just have to say that it is really boring. The humour was good and the graphics are nice for each "world" but the game isn't enjoyable in any way. The sounds and music are bland and the gameplay is like a broken Pacman. I can't recommend this game for anyone, sorry. =(



Doogle said:


Bit Boy!! is simply a bad game. It has terrible level design (the mazes have all sorts of dead ends, which leave you no choice but to end up trapping yourself in with an enemy and using up one of your attacks)

Had so much potential, but this is ultimately a waste of Points. There are countless better games out there.


  • Nice idea in theory


  • Terrible level design
  • Rubbish AI
  • Ugly sound, even in "128-bit"
  • Awful execution of "evolution"

I think I like ONM's review even better than Nintendo Life's on this occasion! LOL



Wiiloveit said:

@Doogle: Sorry, but WHY must you CONTSTANTLY bash and throw hatred at Bplus' games. WHAT have they EVER done to you? Have you even PLAYED any of their games? Do you serve ANY other purpose on the website than to constantly bash their games? Why do you do this? Is there ANY reason why you must pick out Bplus' games when it comes to nitpicking and tearing apart and praying for negative reviews, because I hardly ever see you post on other articles. Honestly... call yourself a priest.



Olimar_91 said:


I really don't see why you feel the need to defend them. Doogle may have it in for them (who knows) but it's no better to aimlessly defend them.

Their reputation is definitely shaky. Plattchen was widely criticized, and now Bit Boy is receiving some backlash. That doesn't mean they're a bad developer of course, a lot of people enjoyed those games as well as Nikki. But at the same time you really shouldn't be surprised if someone has a different opinion about them than you.

Reviews are not the law on a games worth, if people want to try bit Boy they still can. Even if you disagree with the opinions or even the facts you have to realize the purpose of a review. You simply cannot please everyone with your take on a game. If you had written the article you may have recieved some backlash if someone had bought it and thought they wasted their points.

Just something to think about.



Doogle said:

@Wiiloveit - Yes I have played all 3 of Bplus' games on WiiWare. Of all of them I liked this one the least. I should have known better, but the sadistic side of my nature compelled me to download Bit Boy so perhaps I could warn others not to bother!

To be honest with you I would have probably only left one comment here and called it a day, but your tirade of Bplus fanboyism has really annoyed me. You are not doing your friends at Bplus any favours at all.

Why don't you just publish your own review and be done with it, rather than continuing to make pathetic attempts to discredit Adam's review and strengthen your own fragile position?

Your opinion is WRONG my friend. If you carry this on then you are just going to make yourself and Bplus look even more silly than you already do.



NeoRausch said:

oh (bit) boy! what a cryinbg swamp of fanboytears i'm walking trough? shhheshh. a bad game is a bad game and that's it. Feierabend!

people can tell me how awesome a game is as much they you want but i'm not gonna play it.

also vice versa...

it looks like a bad game, it sounds like a bad game....it maybe even gonna taste like a bad game i don't know... but im not gonna spend my hard earned points on a game when i can buy stuff like bit.trip or some awesome VC games.



NeoRausch said:

oh and the bplus forum is creepy!

Blue Protoman: "Doesn anyone feel like spamming NL for half ass, innacurate reviews?"

nice! and all that for a poorly designed game? #iceburn#



Philip_J_Reed said:

I saw that, too. Hopefully those at the BPlus forums will have the good sense and maturity not to resort to such actions.

By all means, if somebody wishes to register in order to share their opinion on the game (or any game), they should. And I (for one) would love to hear from them.

But "spamming" is not the way to go about reacting to this review. Let's hope for their sake that they don't.



Kirigirisu said:

To those complaining I don't mention both control schemes;

"The joystick control works really quite well and it does feel like one is playing with a joystick"

"Using the Wii Remote as a NES-style controller, akin to the Virtual Console, also works well here and there are no complaints to be made about the in-game controls."

I think I made it quite clear there are two control schemes.



AlexSays said:

Now that I have a chance to read everything, a few people here are a bit off their rocker. I've been more critical of these developers than anyone else on this site, maybe even the internet, but a few of you are out of touch with reality.

Wiiloveit doesn't have strong emotional attachment to Bplus just because they have his name in the credits. There's no reason to assume his relationship with the developers affects his view of the game, especially when his comments are more about factual information left out of the review rather than opinionated disagreements.

oh and the bplus forum is creepy!

Much creepier things have been said in NintendoLife's own forum.

Your opinion is WRONG my friend.

That'd be great and all if that were possible. You throwing the bias sticker around and personally attacking someone's site doesn't really help your credibility either, chief.



James said:

I hope my upcoming Brain Challenge review gets this level of discussion going.



Doogle said:

@AlexSays - My comment "Your opinion is WRONG my friend" was intended to be ironic.

See Wiiloveit's opening gambit #13


Based on the tired old rhetoric that Wiiloveit has been continually spouting on Nintendo Life over this game review, I can only conclude that he does indeed have a strong emotional attachment to Bplus. Perhaps he wasn't breast fed as a baby or something Freudian like that?



James said:

Right, let's stop going after each other and return discussion to the game at hand.

@Doogle - if you have nothing further to comment on the actual game itself, I'd recommend moving on. Speculating on Wiiloveit's dietary composition whilst an infant doesn't really constitute decent discussion of the game at hand.




Errrmm, well reading wiiloveit's comments, together with the comments + revw from the ninty life ppl......I STILL REALLY DON'T eant to get this game. Nevertheless, thanks to everyone for their views. Great site this



Dazza said:

Wow 117 comments, it's been an emotional roller coaster so far hasn't it?

Can I just second Prosody's call to stop the personal comments now? Let's just focus on the topic at hand. We might not agree with other's opinions, but we can at least try to respect them.

I'd be really interested to hear from more people who have actually played the game to hear their first hand experiences. Did anyone else download Bit Boy!! who hasn't commented on it yet?



Ricardo91 said:

Good lord, it's like Plaatchen all over again!

Honestly people, can't we just agree to disagree here? The general public thinks the game sucks, some people like it, so be it. IThe constant arguing about it is getting nowhere, so why don't we just go back to Bit Boy itself and stop arguing about BPlus themselves?



Objection said:

The discussion here has really surprised me. After all, BPlus have always had an audience that appreciated their game even as many others and reviewers don't (as much.) I don't quite understand why this one has become such a portal of pushing opinions (for both for and against the reviewed game.)



KDR_11k said:

I have no idea why people even got hyped up over the concept, the developer has a catastrophic track record, the trailer looked horrible and the idea of a maze game is already fail enough without botching it. I'll leave the retro game jokes to Strong Bad, at least he's got some funny to go along with the lame game design.



Adam said:

I went out of town for half a week. Man, am I ever glad I missed this conversation.



calculon said:

I have to say I've found these comments to be more entertaining and certainly longer lasting than the game. On top of that the whole package is free and has great replay value. Researching comments and seeing what a total creep out Bplus' forums were with DEMON and Wiiloveits comments was the highlight of my day today.

Overall score for the comments on this review: 10/10



blackknight77 said:

I think a lot of people like myself were rooting for this game score high and do pretty well because of the retro themed game play. However even though it scored a 5, it's only 600 points and that's not a huge risk to take and maybe you'll enjoy the game.



Corbs said:

Maybe you should change your usernam to "Infamous Adam" since we already have a "Weird Adam" on here.



Ren said:

Wow this is a really entertaining comments thread.
It's so comforting that there are righteous people out there meticulously fact checking all the content of the internet, including reviews of WiiWare games. Fight for truth!

I guess he's actually just trying to keep us all from discovering what a fantastic gem of a game this is, with all these horrible lies.
now that I know the truth I'll be waiting here in the US with bated breath for all the excitement of an overhead maze from varying perspectives and classic unavoidable deaths that'll scratch my nostalgic, gaming itch in all it's clever, blocky-text glory, for over an entire hour.



PeGe said:

Wow. Looks like Bplus is not gaining too much fame for us Austrians. Too bad. Not unexpected, though.

I hope that Bernd rethinks his career as a game developer. And parts of his life, lol.



jbrodack said:

the idea sounded good until I realized the actual gameplay didn't change much over the generations. then I saw it was 600 points and thought it might be a good maze game but with only big bplus fans liking this it doesn't look too good. Niki got a good score on here (much better then elsewhere) is that any good?



PKShadowGamer said:

My god some of you people are so dumb. You guys are really gonna just skip a game because of ONE mediocre review? I'm not mad because "Oh you're a B+ fanboy like knucklessonic and wiiloveit" no, I'm mad because every time a game that could potentially be good if the player is into that sort of genre, 90% of the community here says "Darn what a shame I won't get this." They should look into it more and see some gameplay to see if they would like it. Now I know the purpose of a review is to see if you would like the game or not, but let's be honest. Most of the visitors that don't have an account just look at the score, and if it's 6 or above they buy it, or 5 or below they skip it. I haven't played Bit Boy!! yet, but I'll be sure to take a lot of opinions first. And also, b+ hype? Seriously? When Platchen got like a 3 or whatever you guys gave it, everyone laughed at b+, so when Niki came out I distinctively remember a lot of comments saying "I don't expect much." then when Nintendo Life gave it a good score they all went out and bought it when other reviews were more mediocre with the score. While I can see how Bit Boy was hyped a bit, most of the people were on the fence because apparently Plattchen (I never bought it) was horrible and Niki was good. So if a company has one good game, and one mistake, how could you be SUPER hyped up about a next game?



Pablo17 said:

I might give this a try when it hits the USA. I am a little surprised that so much has been posted about this review, yet other games like Let's Catch get a 2 with very little being said.



AlexSays said:

What? A lot was said for Let's Catch. lol

Edit: Frog, I'll share my paragraphs with you. lol



FroguinZX said:

Great to be back, time for me to add my two cents.
To begin with I'm a hardcore Bplus, I own both Plattchen and Niki, and I'm happy with my purchase(Niki was a gift). Albeit a few oversights the reviewer made, I wholeheartedly agree with the review. I saw unbiased, in depth footage, and it doesn't show anything signifigant.
Secondly, on a note to the haters, it's not as bad as it looks, the level design is underwhelming paired with cheap AI, but is not poor by any means.
Third, to the defenders who say it's a high score game, if the core experience is AGONIZING, why would someone come back to it to top their score? That's like me saying Big Rigs has great replayability, be beating the opponents in a shorter time. Please keep in mind I'm not saying Bit Boy!! is like Big Rigs in any way, I know someone will pull that.
I end my comment with this. I love Bplus' works except this one, I never liked the concept, or to be exact, their ulterior motives for it, trying to compensate because of their games being bombed by not so favourable reviews, and SOME a bit closed minded and underinformed, but that's another fight. Bottom line, stop deluding yourselves avid defenders because it's not that good, it has blatant design flaws, and the haters, to each their own who BACKED THEIRS UP like Doogle, to those who just hate them, give at least ONE game a try, and to those who only join the bandwagon(I know, I do it too), make your OWN opinion. My rant's done, feel free to flame. Ugh, disgusting.



Pablo17 said:

Well Let's Catch received a 2 and there are only 59 posts. This game gets a 5 and we are headed towards 200.

I will wait for some other reviews on this game but I won't be surprised to see some other average scores. As for Let's Catch, it received scores of 75, 70 and 65 else where.



SKTTR said:

Why talking about this game at all? It's RETRO, it's UNFAIR, it's HIGH-SCORE BASED and it's only 600 POINTS! I can imagine many Retro-Fans loving it just for what it is!

But that's not the point, folks! It's Hanabi time so stop that blah and get OGRE BATTLE already!!!



NikeXTC said:

@Objection_Blaster - Yeah, I read it (again). You just said it's a good review... for someone who hasn't played the game. So, you're saying it's not a reliable one, I presume.

@calculon - You definitely win, sir =D



Gizmo said:

@ 133. PKShadowGamer: "You guys are really gonna just skip a game because of ONE mediocre review?"

No, because of one mediocre review (Nintendolife) and one bad review (Official Nintendo Magazine: 31%).



Doogle said:

@Gizmo - Not forgetting the terrible review by Wii's World! It's amazing that certain people are moaning at Nlife, when if anything they have been the most generous so far.

Only 2 comments on the ONM review. Why doesn't Wiiloveit give them an ear bashing?



Sean_Aaron said:

I did buy Ogre Battle as well SKTTR but I've got other fish to fry at the moment.

I played the first three eras again yesterday. I still like it though stuff like enemies that continue to move after getting the last friend which will also still KILL YOU, is something I've always hated in a game (there are shooters where boss explosions kill you as well which also blows).

Still I like it; I like the sound and the music as well. It's the kind of game I probably would have enjoyed had it appeared on my 2600 even, though I do wish they had gone for more interconnecting passages and less dead ends in the level design; and the staircase level in Super Bit Boy sucks because if you don't realise it's a staircase and jump off it or run down it without waiting for your character to drop onto the step you won't get the friend on the bottom step and the only way to get back on the staircase is to die!



Wiiloveit said:

I tried tot to get caught up in the discussion again since my last comment, but since most of the arguing appears to have been resolved now, I have a couple of things to say.

@Doogle: So... you're suggesting that because you were breast fed as a child you are intelligently superior? Just move on, now, that's what I've done.

@AlexSays: Well said, my friend. Spot on, you were.

@Kirigirisu (comment 108): You seem to be missing the point. Here's a copy and paste of what I said in a previous comment...
What I meant was that from what he's saying, he does seem to be claiming that the joystick control is only for the 4-bit mode, and from 8-bit mode you have to use the Wii remote on it's side, which is incorrect: you can use any of the control schemes at any point. Also, the extra mode I was referring to is based on the warp mode, not the standard mode, and is a further bonus in addition to the standard turbo mode, which he seems to think is all there is.



calculon said:

@Wiiloveit: You do realise that your assumption about Alex's coverage of the controls is based on entirely your own interpretation of the review rather than solid fact and you're now forcing your sermon down people's throats. I never came away with the impression that certain control schemes were specific to a particular era and the review never stated that as a fact at all.

Before you start mouthing off about review inaccuracies consider what you're spouting too - as far as I'm concerned your opion is far from gospel when you start making up accusations based on rather dubious summisations.

As far as the bonus modes goes, I really don't care, but fair dues for pointing out another pointless mode anyway. I'm sure completing it will get listed in some book like "The Top 100 Greatest Gaming Achievements to Aim for Before I Die" and will feature prominently alongside such classics objectives as "Count how many times a Wii remote can be thrown at a wall before it breaks". "How far can I throw my Gamecube" and "Count how many DS(i)s I can pick up on the London Underground" Top quality achievements like that.



MarkyVigoroth said:

I wonder that the reason behind all of this controversy is because Mr. Clark gave an "average" score towards a game of a "favoured" class (the "retro" title).

By the way:
"Count how many times a Wii remote can be thrown at a wall before it breaks" (calculon-san)



Objection said:

@NikeXTC "You just said it's a good review... for someone who hasn't played the game. So, you're saying it's not a reliable one, I presume."
I was referring that I hadn't played the game. I wasn't stating that the reviewer hadn't. If you took the rest of the comment into account, your interpretation makes little sense. Whatever, we all misunderstand each other sometimes.



PeGe said:

Zak wrote:
"Bplus' reaction to the comments on NL and in general"

Well, now that sounds a bit like they're crying about how hard they work and that no one wants to buy their games. That's a bit unprofessional, in my opinion. At least it doesn't make a too great impression of them, imo.

I am not a game developer myself, but if I work "so" hard and give my best, put everything I've got into my games, and they keep getting low scores, bad sales and bad press, I'd honestly reconsider my career as a developer. Maybe it's not because there's so much piracy going on (as Bplus claims) and reviewers are so frustrated and biased, maybe it's just because their games kinda suck.

Bplus wrote:
"The problem - some reviewers just think "Hey, it is Bplus? Writing a scorcher will be good fun. It is so easy." - if you want to bash a game - you will find reasons - if you search long enough!"

Now that's just ridiculous, imo. Like pointing at the others with the finger and basically saying that it's everybody else's fault and not their own. That's just not professional and (imo) a bit immature.
The really funny part is when they say that they at least found a good reviewer in NL's Sean McDermott who reviewed Niki. So, in other words, the review(er)s are good ones if Bplus' games get good scores, and unfair and biased if they get low ones? That amuses me.



Dazza said:

Bernd AKA WiiBoy has spoken.

Posted: 07.07.2009 17:24

All in all we are a bit dissappointed about the score Nintendo Life gave us (7 is a lucky number) but I found that the Review was professional, very well written and perfectly reflected the opinion Adam had about the game. I totally respect that and think that the score was fair. Adam did a good job.

I hope that this will call an end to all the bickering about this review.



Philip_J_Reed said:

I'll try not to get involved too deeply in the debate, as I haven't played Bit Boy yet, but this statement on the BPlus forum from the designer is reprehensible.

"DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH WORK IT IS? It is the work of about 50 Bit.Trip games just in one!"

First of all, I refuse to believe that Bit Boy received "50 times" the attention, care, design and trouble shooting that went into Bit.Trip: Beat. Not only is this a presumptuous statement, it's just plain rude, and disrespectful to Gaijin Games. (How would Commander Video feel if people felt that his game looked like it received 50 times LESS work than went into Bit Boy??)

And secondly, even if Bit Boy DID receive 50 times the amount of effort as went into Bit.Trip, so what? If you're expending 50 times more effort to make a game that's inferior in every way to one that you feel was rushed, then you're not using your resources effectively. And that's not the fault of the reviewer, or the gamers. That's a serious reconsideration that needs to be made on the design end of things.

Rant over. If anyone would like to demonstrate to me how Bit Boy equals the hard-work that would go into 50 Bit.Trip games, I'll be sitting right here, waiting, and fully prepared to eat every pair of pants that I own.



Doogle said:

@Dazza - Finally, a public statement from the man at Bplus which vindicates Adam's review. Stick that in your pipe Wiiloveit!

@Chicken Brutus - I spoke too soon! Just as soon as one matter is dealt with then the next bit of controversy begins. Bit.Trip Beat has universally good reviews. What arrogance to even utter the name of Bit.Trip in the same sentence as the accursed Bit Boy, let alone suggest that somehow their game took 50x more work to develop. Give me a break!



Sean_Aaron said:

Well, I'm pleased Bernd posted that; it's very professional.

Two more points I would like to make.

Whether or not anyone thinks these guys make good games, they definitely know how to write code so I wouldn't knock their programming skills.

A wiser man than me once said "there's no such thing as bad press" -- how many universally acclaimed games have gotten the attention of these games? That's got to count for something; even if you're a fan that feels slighted.

Think I need to play some more Bit Boy!



PeGe said:

Whether or not anyone thinks these guys make good games, they definitely know how to write code so I wouldn't knock their programming skills.

That alone doesn't make for a good game, though.



Jazzem said:

Bplus do seem like a talented developer in areas (particularly presentation), but game design appears to be their biggest downfall, at least from what I've heard/seen. I've not bought or played any of their games, so I may be wrong (and apologetically if so), but that's the impression I get anyway. Hopefully they'll one day find that one concept that 'clicks'



Sean_Aaron said:

@PeGe: no argument there. I do think the game design could use a little more focus. I think they just aimed to high with this one what with all the different eras. A tighter focus on one era and making that a more fully-fleshed out game with an eye to making a series would have been a better way to go I think.



PeGe said:

Yeah, we'll probably see about that. Even though some here mentioned the "Three Strikes"-rule, I've got the feeling that we haven't seen the last of B+ yet. And according to the developers, they get soooooo much feedback every day from people who absolutely love Bitboy, so I suppose that it's selling so well that they could afford a full-blown AAA retail title as their next game.



Jockolantern said:

I'm sorely tempted to buy this game later today out of sheer, morbid curiosity to see just how underwhelming and botched it actually appears to be. That means I have to spend $6 just to have a valid opinion on a poor WiiWare title...

I suppose it's better than $50-$60 to have an opinion on a bad console game. And who knows... maybe I'll end up semi-liking it (question mark).



Big_A2 said:

That's very disapointing. This game had a wealth of potential. I guess I'll go for Bit.Trip Beat instead.



SteveW said:

For 600 points I'll give it a chance. Rainbow Islands got a 5 for the review also and it turned out to be an excellent game. You can't always trust that the reviews will reflect what your opinion would be.



9teen90eight said:

This is like a knock-off of pacman. You have to go through the maze collectiong squares while dodging monsters. And the names are alike, too.



Jockolantern said:

The game isn't a complete dud like I anticipated and the gameplay is enjoyable enough in and of itself but the overall package is immensely underwhelming and quite truncated. Two to three times the amount of levels would have been terrific and would have added some much needed "meat" to the overall experience. As it is, it's a passable attempt at Pac-Man esque gameplay, nicely retro styled but disappointingly lacking and sadly short in the end.



gunfart said:

Remember the price point. This game is 6 bucks! I have rarely had this fun with 6 bucks. Except when I would steal money from my Mom's wallet to buy candy....but that's off topic.



blackknight77 said:

Before people bash this game they should consider the developer is taking a chance and with an innovative title that is not another mini game collection. I am glad Bplus is trying to make some different games(which is what Wii Ware is for) instead of cashing on Poker, Darts, and Card games for Wii Ware.



Fryguy64 said:

Most developers try to make a good game, but your work is judged by others. Anyone who makes the mistake of believing they have produced something that has been unfairly treated is never going to improve.

Anyway, the concept was still good enough for me to download it, even after reading the mediocre reviews. The main game IS only an hour long. Yes, you can play it for high scores, but there's not quite enough variety to make it feel worthwhile. On top of this, the joystick control is sticky and unresponsive, and the 16-bit and 128-bit levels are ugly as sin.

There is one gameplay mechanic with different graphics. Attack is added, then jump is added, but the enemies more of less follow the same attack patterns (right down to walking straight ahead to the next wall even when you beat the stage). The game should have been a study into how these classic games have evolved... It's a bit Pac-Man, but it more brings to mind Bomberman to me (right down to the ill-advised 128-bit stage). It could have been a lot better if it used this as its template, introducing new elements with each iteration, and perhaps even developing the character in a similar way.

I hope this idea isn't abandoned, as it's still got a lot of legs. It just hasn't been realised fully this time round.



rhythmheavenfan said:

Man, this game looks so awesome. It's too bad that it's not. All the reviews it has gotten have been bad also.



Adamant said:

So, uh, I bought this, probably against my better judgement, and I'll have to echo the review - this isn't good. Hell, it's downright bad at places. "Bit Boy 64" has some of the most unfair and downright moronic level design I've ever seen in a game. The AI is essentially random, the game has zillions of dead ends you're forced into while hoping the AI chooses not to send a monster in there after you, and the placement of "friends" around the enemy base is just stupid. On top of that, there's way too little change between "eras". Bit Boy 2 adds an attack, and that's essentially it until Bit Boy Wii throws in a jump button. Where is the ability for extra lives, ammo refills, more hit points, actually evolving gameplay aside from graphics, anything? There's no feel on evolving through the eras here, it's just the same mazes with changing graphics growing more and more unfair as you go. "Bit Boy" and "Bit Boy 2" feel sort of like (bad) 2600 and NES games respetively, but from that point it loses all connection with the core era it's supposed to emulate (oh, and "Super Bit Boy", which is supposed to represent the 16-bit era, looks more like an early Master System game than anything).

The game also challenges you to gain hi scores, and I took it up on that, uncovering the most ridiculous problem of all - the key to reaching the top of the hi score list involves essentially cheating the game mechanic, deliberately killing yourself to gain points for the enemy's death, using the attack in enemy swarms to get in multiple kills then hoping you don't run into any situations where you need the weapon to survive, and worst of all, getting deliberate game overs at pre-planned points in order to continue with half your score restocked attacks, and respawned friends and fruit. What. The. Hell?

Warp mode is infinitely more enjoyable, due to the score actually being affected by skill rather than planning on when to cheat the game, then hope you get lucky enough to last all the way to the end, but the awful level design plagues this mode, too.

The idea is cute, but the core gameplay is ill-concieved (nothing but a similiar-playing maze game all the way through?) and the execution is beyond awful. A 5 is generous. The game feels much more like a 3.



Adamant said:

Havinf played it a bit more, I kind of start seeing where they were going with it, and it's somewhat starting to grow on me (The Bit Boy Wii stages got somewhat interesting towards the end, too). far from being a good game, and the entire "cheat the system" concept for hi scores is still absolutely ridiculous. The main quest is too easy and quick, the score system is too badly thought out, and "warp mode"gets really luck-oriented. The idea IS good, but it's just too badly executed to work very well. I assume an eventual sequel will address a lot of these complaints.



longtimegamer said:

@Adamant- That is if they bother after this.
I was wondering if I should get this. For some reason, I almost want too (part of that is that I have 600 wii points left on my account).



EdEN said:

Just purchased the game today and have to say that for 600 points the game is great and fun. Only BPlus game I haven't downloaded is Plattchen but we'll see about that one next year.

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