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Sun 20th Jan 2008

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NikeXTC commented on First Impressions: Bit.Man!!:

Nice to see that Bit Man!! has fixed several of Bit Boy!!'s weak points. Bit Boy!! was a disappointement for the realization rather than for the game concept, which was nice... If this title comes to Europe, I may buy it, BPlus deserves a second chance



NikeXTC commented on Nintendo Download: 30th & 31st March 2010 (Japan):

Bit Boy!! was a disappointment, despite the fact that the game idea is nice. If Bplus removed all the features that made Bit Boy!! such a bad title, then Bit Man!! could be a playable one.

I don't think I'd buy it, anyway...



NikeXTC commented on WiiWare Demo Program Proving Successful:

Italy seems to be a particular country, because NyxQuest is the game who was most successful in re-entering and climbing the charts. It was 11th yesterday.

The most downloaded demo is FFCC, but the full game re-entered in the last spots after a few days. World of Good just re-entered as well, while Bit.Trip Beat didn't succeed yet.



NikeXTC commented on Nintendo Blocking Third Party Releases On Virt...:

That just sounds too odd for me... Super Mario Kart is a sure hit, its sales wouldn't be affected much by the release of a "competing" title, no matter how much good. And Street Racer wasn't that awesome title, by the way.

On the other hand, Nintendo in its history has done several moves like this, so it could turn out to be true...



NikeXTC commented on Review: Pokémon Rumble (WiiWare):

I just received a newsletter from Nintendo saying it will be available in Europe this Friday. While I won't buy it, I hope there will be a demo like in the US, cause I'm curious to play this game...



NikeXTC commented on WiiWare Demo Service Now Available!:

It was about time! I downloaded FF and NyxQuest, played just FF... It's a sweet game, I may purchase it in the future (I have way too many games to play at the moment). Having played the demo confirmed the good impressions I got from reviews, so this is a good new feature for the WiiShop!



NikeXTC commented on Contra ReBirth:

Shame on Konami. It's not released in Italy, as happened with Gradius Rebirth.



NikeXTC commented on Review: ColorZ (WiiWare):

I'm a bit puzzled about the final vote... The review (nice review, btw) seemed to promote the game, while the 5 mark says the contrary... Am I wrong or the vote is that low especially for its high difficulty level?

I'm very interested in this game, but am not sure wheter buying it or not...



NikeXTC commented on Review: Bit Boy!! (WiiWare):

Nice review, although it's even too soft, because this game really fails in delivering what it could... You saved BPlus's good intentions, and they sure have them, but a bad designed game must be reviewed for what it is: a bad game.

What's really amusing about this review, anyway, is how Wiiloveit is trying to defend something that can just not be defended. This game has a poor game design, dead ends completely kill this game, they're not there to test your skills. They're there because of poor level design. Monsters move around randomly, there's no skill involved, you can't do "traps" to attract them somewhere and then run away. Several levels are just luck-based and this kills the game's High Score-vocation as well.

I downloaded this game as it came out, because it seemed a nice idea (and IT IS) and I wanted to give BPlus a chance. But they've failed. Game is frustrating, controls are imprecise (especially joystick is a pain) and it is too much repetitive, even for a retro high score-based game. Warp Mode gives it a little more life, but not enough to save the day.

To sum it up, I'm telling my friends to stay away from this game: good concept, a few brilliant ideas, but horrible execution. That's just it, nothing much else to say.



NikeXTC commented on More Tetris Party Tournament Details:

Finally someone decided to make a WiiPoints-prize tournament! It was about time... Too bad Nintendo didn't do it with Mario Kart Wii, I'd have grabbed some points =P

Anyway, a good reason to restart playing Tetris Party...