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Sun 20th Jan 2008

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Sarato commented on Review: Bit Boy!! (WiiWare):

I bought this as soon as it came out and i just have to say that it is really boring. The humour was good and the graphics are nice for each "world" but the game isn't enjoyable in any way. The sounds and music are bland and the gameplay is like a broken Pacman. I can't recommend this game for anyone, sorry. =(



Sarato commented on EU VC Releases: Super Mario RPG and Super Mari...:

I am sooooo happy! =D
I had just been playing some Persona 3 this night and thought I could just look at what VC-games that had came out. And to my surprise I sat in my sofa and screaming "Yes! Yes!" (but in swedish, of course).
This is really really great!
I love you, Nintendo. =)



Sarato commented on Gley Lancer:

I love this game. _
"This may sound stupid, but I heard on another website, that while it is an Import game there are still the "PAL Issues"?"
It is true. I don't know why but even though this is an import, it still runs in 50 hertz which is annoying. =(



Sarato commented on Lords of Thunder:

This game is great! Surely one of my most favourite VC games so far!
The music is awesome and great sound effects! A must have for everyone!
(I know i have written one review but i like it so much that i needed to make another).



Sarato commented on Lords of Thunder:

This game rocks! Though, a great tips from me is to start with the Desert Level or Water Level. That is the easiest of them all and will give you many orbs so you can be upgraded and fit for fight for the harder ones (the Forest Level and the Fire Level are both hard).

Anyone else that had noticed that all levels are named in spanish? The snow level Gelado means ice cream in spanish and Bosque (forest level) means...? Exactly, forest. =D

This game is hard but SO good and addicting! Too bad that the last boss had the same pattern as the second last boss in Thunder Blade which i find a little cheap but the game still rocks your socks!

The music is one great aspect too! I ususally think it is cheesy with Electric guitars in games but this game has that and it is still really good music. Some levels even reach the quality level of a Mega Man game (and that says it all to most people).

This game is truly an instant download!



Sarato commented on Ninja Gaiden III: The Ancient Ship of Doom:

It doesn't look as hard as the first one i played through on VC (and that one was hard as sh%t according to me) so if this ever reach Europe shores, i will download it and give it a chance. Still waiting for the second Ninja Gaiden though (also known as Shadow Warrior here 'cause those germans didn't really like when games and movies had names with the word "ninja" in it).
I will surely give this a chance.



Sarato commented on Castlevania II: Simon's Quest:

This game is unplayable in 50 Hertz. Sometimes i hate living in Europe. Even the music goes in 50 Hertz (13-15% slower than 60 Hertz) ='(



Sarato commented on Bonk 3: Bonk's Big Adventure:

This game wasn't that great as i expected. It was fun but the Co-op mode really sucked and the bosses where all too easy. The music though is good. I give it a 2 or a weak 3.



Sarato commented on Ninja Gaiden:

Great game but the last level lowered the score to "just" a three. The graphics are great for its time and the cutscenes are stunning. And one thing i love is the lack of bad translation (aka Engrish) in the game.
And those freaking birds. Hate 'em. - _ -
They respawn all the time and sometimes i feel like i want to throw my controller to the ground but it still hypnotizes me to continue. A really weird way but i felt i just wanted to beat it.
And i did...about 100 continues later (no kidding).
Hopefully the second game is better 'cause this will get a 3 out of 5 from me. Good game but not great and the respawning enemies are the biggest fault.



Sarato commented on Wario's Woods:

Too bad that the PAL version doesn't have as good round music as the NTSC version. The PAL versions music is a little more annoying but this is still my favourite puzzle game, EVER!
And that is cool because i usualy hate puzzle games but this one is really really good. I love this game!



Sarato commented on Soldier Blade:

One of the nicest shooters i have ever played! And believe me, i've got real high standards. My first shooter i first played through (the whole game) was Ikaruga.

This game is so amazing. The music are smashing, the graphics are clean and i just can't stop playing. Right now, i'm on mission 5 and will continue my mission when i get home. ^_^