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Mon 2nd Jun 2008

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Fryguy64 commented on Review: Bit Boy!! (WiiWare):

Most developers try to make a good game, but your work is judged by others. Anyone who makes the mistake of believing they have produced something that has been unfairly treated is never going to improve.

Anyway, the concept was still good enough for me to download it, even after reading the mediocre reviews. The main game IS only an hour long. Yes, you can play it for high scores, but there's not quite enough variety to make it feel worthwhile. On top of this, the joystick control is sticky and unresponsive, and the 16-bit and 128-bit levels are ugly as sin.

There is one gameplay mechanic with different graphics. Attack is added, then jump is added, but the enemies more of less follow the same attack patterns (right down to walking straight ahead to the next wall even when you beat the stage). The game should have been a study into how these classic games have evolved... It's a bit Pac-Man, but it more brings to mind Bomberman to me (right down to the ill-advised 128-bit stage). It could have been a lot better if it used this as its template, introducing new elements with each iteration, and perhaps even developing the character in a similar way.

I hope this idea isn't abandoned, as it's still got a lot of legs. It just hasn't been realised fully this time round.



Fryguy64 commented on Nintendo: "Hard Drives Are For Geeks":

Yes, only geeks and otaku want a hard drive. Funnily enough, that's the grand majority of video gamers right there! It's frustrating that there is this level of disdain for Nintendo's best customers. I know they're trying to reach new markets, but that doesn't mean they have to shun the market that spends the most money on them.
I have owned a Wii for a year and a half, and spent quite a lot of money on Virtual Console and WiiWare titles because there's been hardly any disc-based games worth buying. I have already had to clear a ton of VC games off that I don't play any more, but what if I want to play them again? Do I have to keep deleting more of them to redownload the ones I want?
If this is where I am now, then more casual consumers are going to catch up sooner or later. Especially if we keep getting these new channels and casual WiiWare titles.



Fryguy64 commented on Will MadStone Make The Earth Move For WiiWare?:

This is the worst videogame press release I have seen for about 15 years. Paragraphs 2 and 3 just say the exact same thing, and paragraph 1 is mostly filler words that mean nothing at all. There are no more than 4 points here:

  • MadStone is Riverman Media's first WiiWare project.
  • MadStone is a puzzle game.
  • Clear stone towers to collect magical elements (SkySigns) in your mana pool at the bottom of the screen.
  • Collect enough SkySigns in your mana pool to execute a destructive attack.