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Thu 24th Jan 2008

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baadbwoy commented on Review: Bit Boy!! (WiiWare):

@Zak - That's very honest of you. What do RL-problems mean out of interest? (real life??).

I didn't really like Plattchen all that much myself, but I think that it's a much better game that Bit Boy!! The real problem is that it costs so much in Europe. I don't begrudge paying out 1500 wii points for a quality game like World of Goo, but in the case of Plattchen I really felt short changed. It should have been 800 points max.



baadbwoy commented on Review: Bit Boy!! (WiiWare):

@Zak - It's funny, I did think that myself. I would have given this a 3 or a 4 myself having played it for about 3 hours now. The review doesn't really list many redeeming features does it?

I suppose NL wanted to take it easy on Bplus this time after the harsh review of Plattchen as they are indie devs. I dread to think what destructoid would say about this game.

As you say, the level design is just a mess. 600 Wii points would be much better spent on a decent game such as Art Style.



baadbwoy commented on Review: Bit Boy!! (WiiWare):

I downloaded Bit Boy out of morbid curiosity this morning. I should have listened to my gut instinct which told me it would be a turd, but alas I took the plunge anyway. The idea for the game is pretty good of course, but the execution is dreadful. I found myself plodding through the different “generations” hoping that it would get better, but sadly it didn’t. In fact the 128-bit mode was the worst, the background colours are so garish that it is hard to concentrate on the screen.

As the reviewer says it is the dead ends in the maze which ruin this game, you only get so many special attacks to save you from inevitable doom, after that it’s just tedious. Even when you gain the ability to jump it is a chore having to jolt the Wiimote each time, I could hardly see that my box was jumping until I switched the camera angle. Pacmania, this ain't!

As Theo Paphitis on the Dragon’s Den would say: "Concept great - Execution lousy!"



baadbwoy commented on Review: Plättchen: Twist 'n' Paint (WiiWare):

I normally go by what reviews on this site say before making a WiiWare purchase, but this time maka's arguments kind of won me over so I thought I would check it out to see for myself if i liked it or not as generally I do like most puzzle games.

I can only say I regret not heeding the words in the review now. Everything about this game is awful. Far too many things are going on at once for me to concentrate on whats going on. Twisting the wiimote all the time is a royal pain in this ass, why not just let a button press change colours? Also the points system is completely stupid, losing points for exploding blocks, painting stuff GAH!!

This is a truly awful game with far too much going on at once. When compared to most other puzzlers it falls flat on its face. After about an hour I was so bored I just turned it off, I doubt I will go back to it again. 1500 points wasted!!

maka - i dont know how u dare call into question the credibility of this site over this review. I think the 3/10 score is totally justified in this case. it is a real shambles.