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Are your ready to get Bit?

Bit Boy!!, is a totally new kind of game mix in which one-pixel-hero Kubi rushes through the whole history of videogames in order to save his pixel pals.

Players accompany Kubi in this totally crazy-pixellated retro journey and battle hordes of nasty monsters in:

  • 4-bit dungeons
  • 8-bit caves
  • 16-bit strongholds
  • 32-bit mazes
  • 64-bit arenas
  • 128-bit worlds

Players can grab a pal for even more fun in the cooperative mode.

The Wii Remote is your joystick – the arcade adventure begins.

Key Facts:

Genre: Arcade Action
Platform: WiiWare™
Developer: Bplus
Players: 1 or 2 Player cooperative
Control Style: Wii Remote™ - +Control Pad Style or Joystick Style
Presentation: Retro graphics from all eras of videogame history
Video Modes: 480p, 16:9 widescreen

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Posted by Adam

Will you want to join Kubi on this totally crazy pixellated retro journey?

There has been a fair amount of hype surrounding the release of Bplus’ Bit Boy!! which is understandable as it taps into our love of retro gaming in much the same way as Mega Man 9 and Bit.Trip Beat did. Bit Boy!! offers a puzzling experience not unlike...

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Here is the official WiiWare trailer for Bplus' upcoming title Bit Boy!!

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marktheshark said:

The 128-bit worlds in this game really remind me of some games that run under Sega's Model 3 Hardware for Arcades like Virtua Fighter 3 & Lost World: Jurassic Park. Also reminds me of early Dreamcast games, specifically the ones that came out back then either in late 1998 or early 1999 like Sonic Adventure & Power Stone for example.



Bass_X0 said:

for 600 points, i may consider this. depends on the review.

The theme of different eras of videogaming being represented in one game is something I've had myself a while ago. However the story I came up for it is quite different - the hero and setting would be completely new. No returning characters here (well there would be some but I'll talk about that later). You start the game similar to how Super Mario Galaxy starts, along the way to the end of the stage, you talk to several inhabitants who talk about your past deeds and how you've already defeated the villian many times over already. By the time the player reaches the end of the stage, he should feel very confused as to who they are actually controlling and why he is supposed to be well known and so popular when this is his very first game. All is revealed when you meet the villian - the villian breaks the fourth wall and reveals that he has erased all of the hero's past games and the hero's existence from the very memory of videogamers over the world. But before the villian can complete his evil plan and remove the game the player is currently playing, a helper character appears and sends the hero back in time to 1981.

In 1981, the hero must build up his superstar reputation from scratch and pass through the years to the modern game that the player was just playing. The first stage would be an 1981 arcade game designed as if it was an arcade game created in 1981. Complete this and you will move to the next year where the game gets a sequel. However instead of game over if you did poorly as in other games, there would be no more sequels created instead and the hero's legacy ends there.

And so you go on throughout the years playing the hero's various games moving from arcade to NES to Game Boy to SNES to N64... each console/handheld game you play would be "authentic" to the original console it was supposed to appear on. If you didn't know better, you'd swear each game would be one created in the era that you was unaware of until now. If you do very well then spin-off games get created (i.e. new levels unlocked) - racing games, sports games, puzzle games etc... even getting a place in Super Smash Bros! (although this wouldn't be the full actual game of course).

Then eventually you get back to the modern game you played at the beginning and the hero has firmly cemented his reputation in videogame history that the villian's weapon has no effect and you'll be able to continue with the modern game.

None of the games would be that big, no sprawling Super Mario World/64/Sunshine size games though but big enough.



Aardvark_Soup said:

This game is looking very interesting. I have to restrain myself not to buy it before the review.

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