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Mon 30th Jun 2008

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FroguinZX commented on Review: Pop Plus: Solo (DSiWare):

Rocking review, can't wait to get my grubby little hands on it. And if sales boom, will we get a Pop+ Versus?

I made a little Pop Flipnote too:

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FroguinZX commented on Review: Bit Boy!! (WiiWare):

Great to be back, time for me to add my two cents.
To begin with I'm a hardcore Bplus, I own both Plattchen and Niki, and I'm happy with my purchase(Niki was a gift). Albeit a few oversights the reviewer made, I wholeheartedly agree with the review. I saw unbiased, in depth footage, and it doesn't show anything signifigant.
Secondly, on a note to the haters, it's not as bad as it looks, the level design is underwhelming paired with cheap AI, but is not poor by any means.
Third, to the defenders who say it's a high score game, if the core experience is AGONIZING, why would someone come back to it to top their score? That's like me saying Big Rigs has great replayability, be beating the opponents in a shorter time. Please keep in mind I'm not saying Bit Boy!! is like Big Rigs in any way, I know someone will pull that.
I end my comment with this. I love Bplus' works except this one, I never liked the concept, or to be exact, their ulterior motives for it, trying to compensate because of their games being bombed by not so favourable reviews, and SOME a bit closed minded and underinformed, but that's another fight. Bottom line, stop deluding yourselves avid defenders because it's not that good, it has blatant design flaws, and the haters, to each their own who BACKED THEIRS UP like Doogle, to those who just hate them, give at least ONE game a try, and to those who only join the bandwagon(I know, I do it too), make your OWN opinion. My rant's done, feel free to flame. Ugh, disgusting.



FroguinZX commented on Vitality Sensor gets its first announced game:

@diego_pmc: can you say 'lawsuit'? But fanboys might cheer because it could kill off a few casuals.

Personally, I find it more as a piss taking sensor for a stealth game. You're so close, your heart races, then you're caught. It would make it in depth but I wouldn't use it. I see a lot of other uses, but the possibilities are locked up.



FroguinZX commented on Sony Expects Wii Owners To Upgrade To PS3:

I'm CONSIDERING a PS3 because I like those freaky enhanced graphics and those exclusive games plus PSN, where the PS One classics hold a great deal of nostalgia on me. But these statements are really taking the **** out of me, a major turn off Sony, clean up your act, and I'll see if I can add your system to my gaming family(me, Wii, TV, controllers, DS).



FroguinZX commented on Nintendo Download: Popstars, WiiWare Remakes a...:

Yes! YEEEEES! Bubble Bobble+ for 600! I better switch gears to begging now. As for the update itself, good overall, obviously, I'll be picking up Bobble Bobble+, but it seems to be the only thing for me this week. But, on another note, what is wrong with everything? When Nintendo finally starts letting the games flow, everyone starts clashing, it's NA vs. EU all over again! Does Nintendo have to crap out on us again for us to band against our common enemy? Although it is biting the hand that gives gifts but whatever. Not looking forward to next week, I HAVE to play a Final Fantasy game.

EDIT: I'm neutral in NA vs. EU, but I'll be more than glad to stir the pot.



FroguinZX commented on Interviews: Vektor Tank - Bplus:

Eh, I'm still in for it. @Wiiloveit- yeah Plattchen and Niki were great, even though I've beaten neither at this moment \_\. But I think it should be released on WiiWare even though the market is broader. They'll get shot down by most of the errr... not too fond people aware of the games. But I'll pick it up on retail either way, even though I have to go to GameStop.



FroguinZX commented on Bit.Trip Bug!:

Haha! I like the Plättchen-esque bug. It makes me strive for a better score or I can't proceed.



FroguinZX commented on Crystal Defenders R1 and R2 Coming to Europe S...:

The high price point is probably because it's a "brand name," I'll get a generic RPG esque tower defending game then. But to the point of these games, if they release the games simaltaneously, or consecutivley, I might just get one, but if they have a decent spacing I'll get them both if I'm satisfied with the first/second one.



FroguinZX commented on Crystal Defenders R1 and R2 Coming to Europe S...:

One comment now... why not be the second?

Okay, why split it up into two games, are they trying to pull that pokemon version thing? Because they're going to run me into the poor house.

Edit: So they have to break it up into two games because of the size limit? I hope they keep their prices at about 700 each.