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Fri 3rd Apr 2009

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PKShadowGamer commented on Telltale Games: 'Wii Audience Is Perfect For Us":

I have to stay, most sites blew ONE man's opinion out of proportion making it seem that was the company's idea. Not really.

And stop talking about the iPhone, you can only play it with a touch screen. No buttons. It's really annoying trying to play the Mega Man II trial. And Mega Man II is my favorite game.

Strong Bad is a good game. Some lag, but not enough to make me frustrated. Monkey Island has a lot of lag. What I find funny is that they are pretty close in the size department. 300 or so blocks.



PKShadowGamer commented on Wii PlayOn Beta Begins:

I have to PAY for PlayOn?

Forget that. Now I know it isn't unfair to charge people to see movies and stuff, but if I have to pay to watch YouTube, and the videos I wanna see are on my computer anyway, I'd just watch it on my computer!



PKShadowGamer commented on iPhone more powerful than Wii?:

Okay, I'm going to say this right now.

iPhone is NOT a gaming system. It's mainly an MP3 player, and a phone. There are some other stuff, but to anyone who actually considers an iPhone a competitor to a DS or PSP, you're sadly mistaken. "They sold more games than Nintendo" for every 1 dollar application they sell, Nintendo sells games for fifty bucks a pop, so it would take Apple fifty of those one dollar 'games' that you guys say are so good. Also, you get what you pay for. Whenever I buy an app on the store, it's usually a load of garbage. After all, you don't pay two bucks and expect a masterpiece. Most of the games are just minigames that you could see on WarioWare. The guy at telltale is an idiot. I mean, Strong Bad didn't even have that lag, and THEY made it!



PKShadowGamer commented on Review: Bit Boy!! (WiiWare):

My god some of you people are so dumb. You guys are really gonna just skip a game because of ONE mediocre review? I'm not mad because "Oh you're a B+ fanboy like knucklessonic and wiiloveit" no, I'm mad because every time a game that could potentially be good if the player is into that sort of genre, 90% of the community here says "Darn what a shame I won't get this." They should look into it more and see some gameplay to see if they would like it. Now I know the purpose of a review is to see if you would like the game or not, but let's be honest. Most of the visitors that don't have an account just look at the score, and if it's 6 or above they buy it, or 5 or below they skip it. I haven't played Bit Boy!! yet, but I'll be sure to take a lot of opinions first. And also, b+ hype? Seriously? When Platchen got like a 3 or whatever you guys gave it, everyone laughed at b+, so when Niki came out I distinctively remember a lot of comments saying "I don't expect much." then when Nintendo Life gave it a good score they all went out and bought it when other reviews were more mediocre with the score. While I can see how Bit Boy was hyped a bit, most of the people were on the fence because apparently Plattchen (I never bought it) was horrible and Niki was good. So if a company has one good game, and one mistake, how could you be SUPER hyped up about a next game?



PKShadowGamer commented on Swords & Soldiers:

I honestly can't believe some of you guys.
You won't get it just because of Wi-Fi?

What ever happened to getting some pals to come over and play it with them? Why is wi-fi such a big deal? You guys will miss out on a lot of great games that way. I can't wait for this game.



PKShadowGamer commented on New Swords & Soldiers Faction: The Chinese Empire:

@ Toddr CONGRATS! YOU GOT FIRST! Here's your trophy of being a complete douchebag

Thank GOD they didn't completely screw up and be racist. I'm so happy. Being Chinese I expected a slanted eyed yellow skinned character. Happy to see I was wrong.