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Tue 13th May 2008

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Hyper_Metal_Sonic commented on Review: Mighty Switch Force! 2 (3DS eShop):


Pretty much the last line of the review sums up that problem. It shows that this sequel is solid, but it's more of the same, and for people who have already played the first one, it could be bothersome because there's almost copy/paste similarities. However, the last line indicates that those flaws aren't going to be an issue if you haven't played the previous entry.

This is one reason why number scores stink, it distracts from the content.



Hyper_Metal_Sonic commented on Review: La-Mulana (WiiWare):

@Wildfire Thank you! I appreciate it. I've got some cleaning to do!

On topic of the review itself: Really glad it got a 10/10! It looks absolutely fantastic and heard great things when it came out on PC. I'm saddened as well about the lack of DLC, but at least its $5 cheaper than the PC version so we're not getting ripped, just left out. But the game seems to pack plenty of content (and to be honest, with games like Cave Story I still haven't gone back to some of the bonus content)



Hyper_Metal_Sonic commented on Review: La-Mulana (WiiWare):

Does anyone by chance know how large the game file is? I need to do some cleaning on my Wii cause my SD card is currently full at the moment and my larger card is being borrowed indefinitely.



Hyper_Metal_Sonic commented on Nintendo Download: 21st July 2011 (North America):


I really hate the new system Nintendo has on the eShop.

Over all, I love the new shop, but that's the only gripe I have with it. They need to go back to charging tax when you add funds and keeping the prices at even 00's like on Wii and DSi.

As far as this update goes, I MIGHT get Xevious, but I'm not entirely sold. The 3D looks nice, but I might just save my money for Mega Man whenever that comes out or any other Gameboy VC title.



Hyper_Metal_Sonic commented on Review: Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light (DS):

I'm not going to lie, initially I found the art style to be quite bad, however as I saw more of the game it grew on me and I actually like it now. It's also nice that its a vintage RPG experience. I picked the game up on Sunday but have only put like 20 minutes into the game.



Hyper_Metal_Sonic commented on Review: OVERTURN (WiiWare):

It looks like I'm one of few people who didn't enjoy this game alot. It has great graphics, and a nice multiplayer mode, but I just didn't really enjoy the single player mode at all. I think IGN's score was too low though. It's a good game, but I just didn't like it as much as I thought. I think I'll find some enjoyment playing it online though. So it's not all bad!



Hyper_Metal_Sonic commented on Review: BlastWorks (Wii):

I beat all the levels on the first few difficulties, but then it got a little too challenging for me lol. I unlocked like 2 out of 4 unlockable games I believe. That's another reason I wanna go back to it, try to get the rest.



Hyper_Metal_Sonic commented on Review: BlastWorks (Wii):

I bought this game Day 1 in America almost over a year ago and I thought it was fantastic. Unfortunately I sold it during one of those "Trade 2 games" and get a selected game for $10. I did it because the price of the game had already dropped to $20 so I wanted to take advantage of Blast Work's relatively high trade in price, but now that it's so cheap I'd really like to go back to it. There is fun to be had, at least there was for me and that's all that matters to me.



Hyper_Metal_Sonic commented on Nintendo Download: Toasters, Rainbows, Catchin...:

I just beat Eduardo on Normal and I gotta say it was alright. Unfortunately it wasn't as good as I thought it'd be, but I still wanna go back and beat it on harder difficulties. Wish it had some sort of scoring system because that'd be an even more incentive to replay levels. . .also I would've liked some bosses, but oh well, it's still a pretty good game and I'm not disappointed with my purchase!



Hyper_Metal_Sonic commented on USA WiiWare Update: Potpourrii and Strong Bad ...:

Needs moar Bomberman Blast :3. . . and Mega Man 9 but I honestly didn't expect it this week since the embargo on the IGN review. Oh my, what a predicament it shall be this coming monday if both Mega Man 9 AND Bomberman Blast comes out I only have 1,100 wii points left DX. I think I'd have to resort to randomly selecting DX. . .or beg people for money .



Hyper_Metal_Sonic commented on Review: Bomberman Blast (WiiWare):

I admire you Europeans , it's a shame we're getting Strongbad and not Bomberman on Monday(maybe both?. . .doubt it ), oh and I don't mean to offend any strongbad fans, not trying to bash the game, just a hxc Bomberman fan DX.



Hyper_Metal_Sonic commented on Review: My Pokémon Ranch:

It's a shame since Pokemon Battle Revolution was total crap and now another peice of crap. Seriously, they can't even match N64 game quality anymore! Well for Battle Revolution I mean of course. I never bought the GCN utility but I'm sure something like that would've been better than this, at the right price of course.



Hyper_Metal_Sonic commented on Bomberman Blasting Onto The Wii:

This was supposed to come out as a retail release and a Wiiware release. The retail was supposed to have more features. Now the official site just says download only. . .wonder what happened? Oh well, just as long as I get wifi action I can live without 10 extra emotions and 2 levels. I just hope there's DLC like the LIVE version.

EDIT: Retail was also supposed to have a deep single player mode. . .maybe because of that they'll be treated as two completely different games and the retail will be out later and they're just not talking about it now. I'm a huge fan so I'd like the retail version, but since Wii Ware comes out first I'll end up getting both XD (considering this retail version comes out first).



Hyper_Metal_Sonic commented on Eternity's Child Demo Now Available!:


Since it's only WiiWare I don't think size would be a huge problem, since I doubt a demo would be larger than the game itself. Of course that'd be a different story for a retail game DX. Anyway, I have STEAM(don't know why >_>) but my computer sucks so I can't actually play any games. Though since it's free I might download it and MAYBE I could actually run it.



Hyper_Metal_Sonic commented on Mega Man 9 - Flicker Included!:

If the save system was passwords, I wouldn't mind as long as they'd save the pass for you like in some games. . .that'd defeat the purpose I suppose but it gives it the nostalgic look still. I'm all for nostalgia but I can't say I'd honestly be pleased having to fill out a big password every time I played. A small one wouldn't be too big of a deal though.



Hyper_Metal_Sonic commented on Eternity's Child Now Available for Steam:

@ Mickeymac

You're correct, I'm not much of a PC gamer. I'm not calling you a liar, because like I said, I'm not a PC gamer, but I find it very odd for it to be normal to release an unfinished buggy game on purpose just for the sake of "testing" it. Isn't that what. . .beta testing is for? Which is free for people to do. I understand the time constraint part, especially when you're a newbie like Luc you can't really say "Oh I need more time" and then he's granted more time. But you say it's for Luc to test the game before retail release? The game isn't getting a retail release is it? It's Steam and Wii Ware only, the people HAD to pay for it, so I don't really understand that. I don't see how releasing a buggy version of a game and charging for it is good. . .sorry if it sounds like I"m attacking what you're saying, I'm not, I just think doing stuff like that is crazy(which I guess is normal for someone out of the loop of the PC world XD). I guess it's for the best I"m not into PC gaming XD.

Edit: At the beginning, I used "unfinished" the game is obviously done, sorry for poor wording DX.