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Wii U Owners Finally Get The Nuketown 2025 Map For Call Of Duty: Black Ops II

Posted by Damien McFerran

Better late than never?

Call of Duty: Black Ops II is old news to most gamers now — it was a launch title for Nintendo's current home console back in 2012 — but Activision has only just gotten around to granting Wii U owners access to the fan-favourite Nuketown 2025 multiplayer map.

The map has been available on other systems for ages, and many Wii U players had given up hope that it would ever come to the Nintendo version of the game. It's always nice to be wrong in these cases, even if it has taken forever.

You can download the map by loading up your (presumably dusty) copy of Black Ops II now and installing the update. Let us know how you get on!

Thanks to Ryan Millar for the tip!

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Tsurii said:

@Ootfan98 not all of the retail games are on there. I think not even all Nintendo games are (or were at least)

AWESOME! I can't wait to get the Ghost DLC in 2020 :3



Grumblevolcano said:

@Tsurii897 I think all the Nintendo games are now but some of them have taken a very long time to arrive on the eshop like Kid Icarus Uprising took about 1 and a half years to appear on 3DS eshop.



eaglebob345 said:

@Ootfan98 They might be too large to download without an external hard drive. Although, I don't really see that as a reason to not put it there.



1wiierdguy said:

For the small community that's still playing this it's better late than never I guess.



Andyliini said:

@MoonKnight7 Maybe there's something going on behind the scenes.

Probably not, but who knows. I sold off this game about a year ago, I tried it, but didn't like it at all.



wariosmith said:

I much prefer this to version to Ghosts (sold it back within two weeks) and I've just this week starting having a few online matches... so i'm a happy man!



McGruber said:

Looks like I will be repurchasing COD BO2! Sure it sucks, but I blame Nintendo for all these 3rd party issues. They just didn't make a console appealing to gamers beyond Nintendo enthusiasts...



PinkSpider said:

I'm amazed there not changing you for it, pointless now anyway gave up waiting and moved on to better games. To little to late activison



PinkSpider said:

@McGruber yeah you go!... Blame nintendo for weak third party ports and missing content... You tell em son!
Was that sarcastic enough?.........@



BigH88 said:

I would love to hear an explanation about this. 2 years later? Really?



Shambo said:

Well, I might try it, still have the game, but I can't help but wonder... At this point, why still bother releasing it? Do they want to see how many people could be interested in the next COD for Wii U? Not really hoping for it, or hyped for the game whatsoever, just wondering.



PGS_71 said:

I would guess that it was already coded from the start, just like Freefall was on Ghosts. Why Activision took so long to release is the weird bit.

Just because its an old game and an old map, doesn't make it bad. So if you have the game and like it, why not play it. There's still more playing this online than Ghosts. You could probably pick the game up for £10 now, it is a very good game if you like COD. Better than Ghosts in my opinion, but Ghosts is better than people say it is.



brandonbwii said:

In many ways it IS Nintendo's fault. They decided to create hardware with very little internal storage. On top of that there's no real marketing or information regarding USB storage. So you take that install base and then cut it down even more to those that purchased hard drives and you begin to see why DLC was excised from most Wii U releases.



FlaygletheBagel said:

Black Ops 2 for the Wii U was the last CoD game I played. I decided to get rid of it eventually though, because you can't find anyone online.



Raptor78 said:

I picked it up cheap about a week ago. Used to play the 360 version of it before then. I have not problem finding Death match games etc. Only have trouble finding more specialist modes.



Grumblevolcano said:

@brandonbwii It seems to generally be that 3rd party Wii U games are about 3 times the size of the PS3 and 360 equivalents so I guess that all the CoD DLC for a specific game would probably fill up at least half the memory space of the 32GB model. Hence the only way Nintendo would have avoided this would have been a much larger hard drive (250GB seems a reasonable amount).



RogueBologna said:

(Almost Surely Incorrect) Theory: With Sony being sued for false advertising over KZ (even though it's really not) Activision wants to protect itself because it had offered Nuketown as a preorder bonus to Wii U owners initially.



FragRed said:

I think Activision must have had a severe power outage setting all their digital clocks back 2 years. Or perhaps they were meant to send out DLC for Ghosts but somehow did this instead.

But then again this is Activision, who knows how their mind works.



Nntndo_1986 said:

Well I never finished BOII, not because i didn't like it but just got busy, then all the Zombie maps kept coming out on X360/PS3 and I kept heading to Treyarch forums (A_Trey_U lol) hoping for some maps, I mean seriously Xbox first PS3 a month later, I would have been happy for Wii U 6 months later to be honest that's how much I love the zombie maps with my family.

Anyway nothing ever came out. But this news... hmm I really don't care about multiplayer as much as Zombies, I mean me and my fan spent hours on 360 playing first BO and cycling through all the maps. SO if they can bring out all the Zombie maps that was missed on Wii U I'm defenitley going on EBay or somewhere else to get my copies back. But alas not just for this thing, in the end while it seemed to make sense not to bring this out originally (even if already coded) since we would all be up in arms about the rest of the maps it just doesn't make sense now.



Razzle said:

Dusty copy? No sir, my copy of Black Ops gets a fairly regular thrashing, it is still the best online shooter for WiiU by a long shot. There is still a decent amount of people playing, and the Nuketown map is actually pretty fun. It's a small map and very hectic!



Tsusasi said:

@Grumblevolcano - 'At launch, the PlayStation 3 was available with either a 20, 40, 60, or 80 GB hard disk drive in the US and Japan, priced from US$499 to US$599'. The XBOX 360 launched with a 20GB HDD and didn't receive an upgrade for 2 years. And you couldn't use external HDDs. Sony now offers a 12GB model, and M$ a 4GB model. Currently, the 360 only supports external HDDs up to 32GB. That's it.

PS4 = 407 GB of usable memory. XBOX ONE = 362GB

When you look at the size of the Blu ray format games for the systems, it really isn't that much.

And I have no idea where your getting you numbers from, but one of the most graphically intense Wii U games - Mario Kart 8 - comes in at 4.83 GB for the eShop download. Compare to this launch list for the XBOX ONE

PS4 Games are of comparable sizes. Add to that the very 'beta' nature of game for these systems (usually many updates required to get them to a finished point), and I think the Wii U is doing just fine.

A sampling:



HumaneBlaze said:

Not bad at all i still go on black ops 2 every now and then for a couple quick matches so this is definitely a welcomed suprise. Better almost 2 years late then never.



Tsusasi said:

Oh… and I'm going to download this as soon as I get home. Time for some fun!



Mega719 said:

People don't necessarily "abandon" their copies of COD. I bet there are still people playing Modern Warfare 2 and Black Ops



Undead_terror said:

I feel like playing BO2 again now from this recent event haha, but I own a PS3 version with more DLC.....and content.....

Also do you get the playercard? Untitled wouldn't be surprised if not since it was a thing for special editions.



Azikira said:

This makes me want to pick up another copy of it. Does this include the Zombie Nuketown?



HopeNForever said:

@eaglebob345 @Ootfan98 Actually, if you looked in the eShop hard enough, you'll notice that not a single Activision-published retail title is available on the eShop, not even their licensed games! In fact, Activision, and probably 505 Games as well, are the only two publishers who has not bothered releasing any retail game on the Nintendo eShop on either Wii U or even the Nintendo 3DS!



T7L3RB said:

@Grumblevolcano except the wii u uses flash memory and doesn't even have a hdd. If nintendo had included more flash memory the wii u would cost way too much.



ColdingLight said:

Wow... I don't know what to say to this... I guess it's nice that they're still supporting BO2 but now?! Woah. This is pretty funny.



Hy8ogen said:

I don't know about you guys, but this kinda looks like Activision is testing how their DLC would work on the Wii U. There is absolutely no reason at all for them to release this map on Blops2 after 2 years for free. Not to mention we also got the Free Fall map for free as well in Ghosts.

As we all know, Activision does not give stuff for free. It just seems like they are trying to figure out Nintendo's online infrastructure and these are just experiments.

COD Advanced Warfare coming and DLC confirmed?



Laxeybobby said:

Ha Ha Ha Ha! Two years too bloody late. I sold my Black Ops 2 and now have Ghosts (although that's collecting dust on the shelf due to boredom with waiting for any of the DLC that other consoles have).
Surely releasing some more for their current COD on WiiU would have been sensible?



TwilightAngel said:

I check around the community in miiverse, players say this is an mandatory update that comes with it and it came out today. My thought's on it is that's sad that they release a map that everyone had for a year or so,but better late than ever i guess.What's next warfare gets delayed till next year for wiiu owners, if they get the game though.



SnappyJon said:


Perhaps COD: BLOPS 2 has had an upturn in on-line players since the increase in Wii U owners due to MK8?

I guess all those new Wii U owners might be picking up (now cheap) older games and giving those games an increase in users that the game companies have noticed?

Has anyone who plays BLOPS 2 multi-player noticed an increase in players?



taffy said:

@SnappyJon More like the player count went down on it after MK8 came out. I went on it after downloading the update and the numbers are still the same, 1.1K. And let's be honest this number is tragically low, that's why I've stopped playing it cause I just got bored with TDM and FFA, now I just float between MK8 and Mass Effect 3 for my multiplayer fix



Grumblevolcano said:

@Tsusasi I was referring to comparing a game among multiple systems. Take Assassin's Creed III for example, 7.63GB on 360 compared with 20.7GB on Wii U. If you do that for more 3rd party games, the file size is always between 2 and 3 times larger on Wii U compared to 360.



SCAR said:

Well, I still have my launch copy, so I'll give it a go. People are just more interested in BO II than Ghosts. I like the sliding more than the dive, but otherwise they're just about as good as one another, and Ghosts has more custom options. Most of the BO II stages are better, though, IMO.

TBH, the paid DLC that is missing doesn't bother me that much. It used to, but I realized that I don't like paying for some stuff, especially when Activision milks DLC ALL THE FREAKING TIME and the player count was never very high, although it's always a possibility it could of been higher, but they would have had to have ALL the DLC. Never the less, I'm fine with just having this DLC.



Pichuka97 said:

I was extremely surprised at this and MAYBE it is a sign that DLC will be coming to BLOPS II and Ghosts but I doubt it. Can't believe it took them this long to get on with this though.



Undead_terror said:

Well you can only assume that there are testing how much people would get the DLC, AW will be on last/new gen and PC and all will have DLC, guess they will see if they can make more money along with the Wii U version or would it be a waste of time for them....but they should of tried earlier.....



eaglebob345 said:

I have Ghosts and BlOps 2, but I will get that one too, at some point. So far, AW is the only CoD the looked interesting to me... and it isn't on the Wii U...



B3ND3R said:

Talk about a lazy developer. What's next? Capcom: "We decided to make a chip to upgrade the Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo Championship Edition arcade board to a new version featuring fan favorite Adon."



brandonbwii said:

Perhaps it's to make that Add-on Content tag on the back of the box not be false advertising?



vio said:

This was a true shocker, but definitely a welcome surprise. After playing the same maps over and over and over again, getting even just one small map like this is a breath of fresh air.

One thing that no one is talking about here is the Die Rise and Turned controversy. After this update took place yesterday, Die Rise and Turned(both Zombies DLC maps for anyone who doesn't know!) showed up on the online leaderboards. You can't actually play them(sad face), but they are mysteriously there regardless... There's multiple theories about this, some people saying Treyarch are actually gearing up to release those 2 maps, others saying they're actually gonna release the full Revolution DLC pack(maybe even free of charge) and other people are saying it's just some weird glitch. Some folks are even theorizing that perhaps Advanced Warfare is NOT coming to the Wii U and Activison is having Treyarch release ALL of the DLC for Black Ops 2 now as a way to try and appease us for that. Getting all of the DLC would be simply mind blowing, but personally I think that theory is just too far fetched for me to believe considering the terrible history of CoD on Nintendo platforms and DLC... All 4 full DLC packs for a 2 year old game with a very small online community? There's no frickin' way they would bother...

Either way, it all has the community rather excited right now. One guy on the Wiiverse forum claims he spoke to an Activision rep over the phone and was told we are in fact getting those maps. But I take that stuff with a grain of salt. The CoD community is infested with young boys 12 and under who frankly make up a lot of complete BS.

Still it will be interesting to see what happens. I'm a huge Zombies fan and the thought of a minor miracle happening and getting Die Rise and Turned, or the full Revolution pack(!) has me extremely excited. 2 years late? Who gives a crap! Like the headline says: better late than never! I'm keeping my fingers crossed.



Excep7ional said:

@Mega719 there are. The online for those games aren't nearly as populated as the more recent titles, and are hacked to death, but they still get a lot of play.



Grumblevolcano said:

@vio Are there any leaderboard scores for Die Rise and Turned? If not then the theories mentioned are possible reasons however if there are scores then that means the people trying to hack the Wii U have succeeded.



JaxonH said:

@Hy8ogen That would be my guess. Advanced Warfare is almost certainly coming to Wii U, and/or they're gauging interest with this DLC.



Gameday said:

Thats just clowning hard... A year and a day later does anyone even care ? If you went this long it just seems abit too late to matter, thoughts ?



MadAdam81 said:

I'll give it another go, glad I never bought Ghosts if it has a smaller online community than Blops 2.
Despite the shockingly bad single player campaign, I have had some good fun with the multiplayer.



Rekiotsu said:

I just got my Wii U not too long ago and Black Ops II alongside with it and the single player was actually really good, lot better than in the first Black Ops. Also I have been playing the multiplayer and have been really enjoying it, also lot better than in the first Black Ops. The game works really well on Wii U and looks good. For me this news is just kind of surprising positive news since I never knew it was missing in the first place.



Banker-Style said:

Great map, I've just tried it, I was disappointed when I first brought it and this map wasn't there, so I happy.
A bit late but better than never.



vio said:

@Banker-Style It's a great little map. Great style(with the 1950's/60's decour) and very frantic. But it's still soooo little in comparison to what the Playstation and Xbox CoD players have. Here is what we are still missing and sadly, probably will never get...

Multiplayer maps:

And these Zombies maps:
Nuketown Zombies
Die Rise
Mob of the Dead

So, as you can clearly see here, what we have with just Nuketown is nothing but crumbs in comparison. As others have said, just like Xbox and PS3 owners, we also paid $60 for this game. We deserve access to all the same content. While I'm certainly happy to have Nuketown now, getting thrown a scrap after 2 years does not cut it for me.



Ryu_Niiyama said:

Thank you for the break down in pricing and game file sizes. I think people don't realize that a the 32GB holds a decent amount of games out of the box and b who doesn't have a 500GB external kicking around their house somewhere? I honestly cheered when Reggie announced bring your own storage because its cheaper and i just needed to re purpose a drive sitting on a shelf.

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