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Fire Emblem Bringing The Battle to the Wii U in Europe This Week

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Launches at discount price

The growing Game Boy Advance library on the Wii U Virtual Console has already brought us some excellent titles, but the latest announcement will no doubt have strategy fans rather excited. Fire Emblem — the Game Boy Advance version that was the first in the series released outside Japan — will arrive in this week's European update on 21st August.

Even better news is that, at launch, it'll cost just £4.40 / €4.89 in its first week, after which time it'll revert to the standard £6.29 / €6.99. This is due to this release being part of the second week of Super Smash Bros.-themed discounts in the region, which we'll cover in detail separately; there are no details as yet on a North American release.

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Peach64 said:

Yes! This is the most excited I've been for a VC release since Earthbound. I only got into Fire Emblem with the release of awakening and the GBA games are extremely expensive now.



Grumblevolcano said:

I bought the GBA cart recently but I'm still getting for Wii U VC (the GBA cart unlocks exclusive content for Path of Radiance).



Jazzer94 said:

As the GBA games are so expensive I will probably download Fire Emblem while it is on sale.



Maelstrom said:


edit: And two of the screenshots are for Sacred Stones, not FE7



Xilef said:

Sweet! I loved Sacred Stones so i'll pick this up! The discount only makes it bether.



Phantom_R said:

Not my favorite Fire Emblem aside from Lyn's story, but man would I love another three save files on the big screen. Come on, NOA!



Klunk23 said:

C'mon America. This would be awesome. I was so close to beating the game last year, but some guy at school decided it would be funny to pull the cartridge out of the system while I was playing and it deleted my save data. Since I don't play my Gameboy Advance that much any more I haven't gone back to it yet but this is the perfect excuse to go through it again.



outburst said:

omfg! This is a sign! I also found a used copy of Radiant Dawn for 30€ through searching GameStop's game/store locator and I'm going to get it later. (although it's outside the city but heck, it's 100€ on eBay and Amazon)



TingLz said:

Yeah, North America needs to release the games that Europe gets and forget the discounts and games that they don't get!



Action51 said:

@BensonUii - Get it!

I bought my copy of Radiant Dawn used a few years ago and it's actually scratched, but I couldn't trade it back because I put it on my backlog at first and then the random crashing that occurs didn't happen until I was well into the campaign.

However, even with disc read errors that occasionally crashed the game, I still fought and played through and beat the's that good!



outburst said:

Thanks, I will get it!

Which reminds me of the Metroid Prime Trilogy I bought, used, from GameStop a few months back. I still don't have a lot of time to put on it. It also have some scratches/spots. I bought it in a heartbeat only to find out later that there are a lot of better (like new) copies from other GameStop stores within the city. I hope I won't encounter some errors when I get to put a lot of time playing it.



Phantom_R said:

@Action51 Yeah, there are certain things that can crash Radiant Dawn (and Brawl) on a Wii U. For me it'd crash when Volug battled and at the "End of Part X" graphic if I didn't skip it. And Brawl crashes whenever my Wii U attempts to fathom the power of Captain Falcon.



Gerbwmu said:

Will pick this up when it makes it to NA in the next few weeks. Never played this one so I'm excited for something "New"



S3OL said:

Will definitely buy, since as this is the original? and plus it's at a discount price!



vonseux said:

Will buy it because im a fire emblem person. Dont even expect to have time to play it.



AVahne said:

As a series fan, I of course already have the cart, so no need for me to buy a ROM.
This is great for new players whose morals are too high for them to consider unpaid emulation.



Boshar said:

Damn you Nintendo. I have the GBA cart but at that price I will also buy it for Wii U.

Now if they also release it on 3DS I can buy it a 3rd time. I have the ambassador Fire Emblem (the sacred stones) and it needs company 😉



AVahne said:

Do make sure to pick up the virtual console one some time. Awakening works better as a portal for beginners, but it's also mostly just a fanservice game (not as in perverted fan service).
Blazing Sword (the one now on the Virtual Console) is much better as a Fire Emblem game than Awakening. For one thing it has much more charm to it.



Angelic_Lapras_King said:

Nintendo Rep: Crap, we only have 1 FE game we can discount!

Nintendo Rep 2: Well then just put one of the GBA roms up then!

End of crisis. XD




Brilliant. What was a rather dull download update on Monday has become a great one, with just one game! Cannot wait!



Reverandjames said:

@AVahne Sweet, thaks buddy! Never played a Fire Emblem game, but loved the Awekening Demo. I will pick upit first and move on to Blazing Sword after.



WYLD-WOO said:

Amazing price!!! The GBA titles are the only Fire Emblem games I've not played. Never been so excited to play a VC game before.



Great_Gonzalez said:

I thank the lord everyday for this game! I remember buying it when i was younger I got it off the back of loving advance wars and reading about it on the trophies in smash 64 I still play my GBA cart i'm still on a quest for 100% support conversations lol on 91% atm only need a couple more playthroughs



cmk8 said:

Still got the GBA version and my trusty Micro so no reason to get this.



TomJ said:

Face facts, folks, were not getting any more decent VC titles in NA as long as Reggie is in office, he doesn't give a hill of beans about us VC fans.



xerneas said:

OH MY GOD YES! Finally! And even a discount! I was so scared these would only be Japan-exclusive..



WYLD-WOO said:

@BlackSpy - Looks like his too busy with ice buckets to worry about that. In all seriousness, I always thought he was all for VC in the US due to the great sales.



TingLz said:

@BlackSpy What I find ironic is how you ignore the other VC releases in NA. Surely there is something you found appealing



TheWeird said:

I am tempted here, as I would like to play the game again and it is a great title, but as with all the GBA VC titles, it's on the wrong damn console!

This is my wish list:
VC tied to account not console.
Handheld games for the handheld console (duh!)
"Virtual" link cable for multiplayer.

Buy once. Play on 3DS on plane/train/bus, continue on WiiU at home. That's worth £6.29 (well over $10 BTW!) to me.

Without those features, I struggle to justify even the £4.40 intro price to myself regardless of how good the game is.

I don't care how much an original cart is on eBay - a cart is a physical item, and can be resold if you don't like the game or finish it. A digital download has no intrinsic value, and needs to offer some real benefits other than just making my home console into a GC GBA Player (which was a fairly unpopular add-on as I remember).



Mr-X9000 said:

articles like this piss me off! games like this should be on the 3DS VIRTUAL CONSOLE!!! not on the WII U VIRTUAL CONSOLE!!!



SKTTR said:

For a second I thought this was Sacred Stones which I already have on GBA. So this is the one with Roy from Melee? Should check it out. Especially for that price.



EarthboundBenjy said:

Roy's game is indeed on GBA, but it's Japan-only. This is the prequel, starring Lyn, and later on Eliwood.

Eliwood is Roy's father in the Japan-only game. But, in this one being released on Wii U, Roy hasn't been born yet.



JaxonH said:


Get your wallet ready then because I'm sure this game is on the way! I'm glad they're releasing this one instead of Sacred Stones, considering I have that on 3DS already. But, hopefully they'll release that one too later on.

What would really make me happy though, is DKC trilogy.



TomJ said:

I'm not ignoring the fact that we have great games released recently like Super Mario Kart or Mega Man 5, I'm just comparing the current state of the VC in NA as opposed to the VC in Japan.



Henmii said:

Good news! I am almost at the end of Fire emblem awakening, and I really like it. So yeah, downloading this one (though perma-death may be a issue, though I guess I can reset when that happens).



shonenjump86 said:

That's good, Lyn is one of my favorite FE character, I stil wish she would be playable in the next Smash. This game needs to come to the US.



Dr_Corndog said:

Ooh, yes. I normally avoid VC downloads since downloading 18 of them and then irrevocably losing them when I sold my first Wii, but I'll make an exception when a game is this good and so expensive on eBay. That is, I will if it comes to North America.



TingLz said:

@BlackSpy I won't deny that there's a difference between regions, but keep in mind America gets more eShop games like Guacamelee and Shovel Knight while Japan doesn't get them or has to wait



Sean_Aaron said:

Awesome. Here's hoping we'll see more of this series. I've only played the Wii one through all the way (I picked up the GameCube version later, but found some of the options too limiting compared to Wii). Shame I sold it - HD remake candidate?

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