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Fire Emblem (Game Boy Advance)

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Marshall your forces and draw your steel--the legendary Fire Emblem series has arrived on the Game Boy Advance!

Superior strategists will gauge the strengths and weaknesses of their enemy before the battle begins and choose the best troops to field. Swoop from the sky with your Pegasus Knights or strike with a phalanx of armored juggernauts to crush enemy opposition. Every battle can be fought differently--as the tactician, it's up to you to decide how, when and where to attack.

Fire Emblem's deep story line is heavy on royal intrigue and backstabbing. As your quest progresses, more of the tangled plot will unfold and the ranks of your army will swell with fresh recruits. Complex relationships between the characters will be revealed, which can make for some unique bonds. Some soldiers are motivated by honor and good, others seek riches, but all of them are at your command.

With dozens of soldiers, weapons and magic spells at your service, Fire Emblem equips you with everything you need to dominate the battlefield. Though the series has spanned many years in Japan, this new Fire Emblem is a fresh adventure that doesn't require any knowledge of the previous games. Its easy-to-learn controls make Fire Emblem an excellent choice for even the most novice armchair tacticians, while the underlying complexity makes it the can't-miss GBA game of the year for even the most battle-hardened veterans.

Defend against usurpers and assassins as you aid young lords on their quest against evil.
Assume control of a diverse and powerful army of soldiers loyal to your cause.
Each character possesses a unique personality. Characters with special bonds can give each other support.
Persuade powerful enemy heroes to leave their evil armies and join your growing cause.
Over 20 character classes, including Cavalier, Mage, Pirate, and Druid. Once a character reaches level 10, they can be upgraded to elite classes like General and Sniper.
Manage your troops wisely--if they fall in battle, they're gone for good!
Use terrain and defensive positions to your advantage as you fight across hostile lands.

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Posted by Jowi Meli

So much to love Lyndis game

Before Fire Emblem: Awakening started the Year of Luigi off with a bang, there was a great deal of concern at Nintendo regarding its future viability as a franchise. Sales were at an all-time low, and series producer Hitoshi Yamagami was given an...

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pixelman said:

Never did play this one. I own the DS one, and it's okay. I've never been a huge fan of SRPGs, though.



SyFyTy said:

this and Advance Wars are th first two games single handedly responsible for getting me hooked as a Nintendo Fan. Please,...PLEASE Keep them coming to the US... Love to see this redone as a 3d Classic like Kirby was...



Malus said:

As someone who doesn't like turn-based RPGs, save for Chrono Trigger and Eternal Sonata, would this be a game I might like? I never played it originally but am considering it for the Wii U Virtual Console.

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