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The Club Nintendo Rewards Are Now Updated for July

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Kid Icarus! Metal Torrent! Donkey Kong Jr.! Paper Mario!

It's that time once again, as Club Nintendo in North America updates its rewards with a fresh batch of downloads to consider; retro games are the focus in this month's efforts to separate you from your hard-earned coins.

We have a 3D Classic on 3DS, a rather fun DSiWare game and two Virtual Console efforts for your home console of choice. Let's get to it.

These titles will all be available until 3rd August 2014, and you can check them out on the Club Nintendo site. It's worth noting, as always, that Metal Torrent can only be downloaded on the 3DS eShop, Donkey Kong Jr. is a code for the Wii U Virtual Console (not Wii), and Paper Mario is available via the Wii Shop on the host system or through the Wii Mode on Nintendo's current home console.

So there you have it. Let us know if you plan to spend any of your hard-earned coins on these in the poll and comments section.

Which Club Nintendo Reward will you pick up first? (320 votes)

3D Classics: Kid Icarus


Metal Torrent


Donkey Kong Jr.


Paper Mario


Nothing for me this time


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Thanks to all of those that sent this in.


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User Comments (109)



Omarsonic9 said:

This makes me cry.

I can't buy any video game this month... I have to manage something before August 3rd...



Drobotic said:

Yay,looks like we're STILL getting DSiWare games that no one cares about.



WiiUExposed said:

Still no news on elite status awards though. Hopefully the trend of disappointment turns around.



Captain_Toad said:

Already got Paper mario so....3D kid icarus! if I had the coins...

geez I wish they put out x-scape. I've been eying that one for months.



NintyMan said:

I thought Paper Mario was going to be the first N64 game for the Wii U VC at first, but apparently this is just for the Wii Mode. Without the Wii U perks, I'll pass. I already have it Wii and N64 anyway. I already have the 3D Classics version of Kid Icarus and already have Donkey Kong, Jr. as an ambassador. I'm not interested in the DSiWare game.

The platinum and gold awards should be just around the corner.



XCWarrior said:

@WiiUExposed They usually take a couple months to let us know about the elite status award. Hold on to your britches.

But yeah, another month where I'm not even tempted to burn my coins. Good thing is with a new Club Nintendo year I can get back close to 1000 total.



Yoshi said:

@XCWarrior A couple months? No, it's usually by the middle of July. Last year, they were revealed on July 15th.



TwilightV said:

Why couldn't it have been Balloon Fight or Donkey Kong Jr. Math? Those are the only two Nintendo published VC games I still need from the Wii Shop Channel...



Yamitora1 said:

Heh, I might go for the Kid Icarus but I'm trying save my coins in the off chance something really good arrives. Is it just me, or is the Club Nintendo just a bunch of lame games for the 3DS, and games you want to play on the 3DS but only available on the Wii/WiiU?

Also, when do we get to know when we will receive our Club Nintendo Gold members reward?



0utburst said:

Someone please enlighten me what's the difference of the 3D classics Kid Icarus and the NeS/Famicom Kid Icarus? The first one got an 8 and the NES VC got a 6 from NLife. I've never played one but I'm thinking of diving into the Kid Icarus franchise.



argh4430 said:

DK Jr. Haters will hate, but I prefer it to Paper Mario. I just wasn't into the Mario RPG games with the exception of Super Mario RPG (and even then, it's for the non-RPG stuff I liked).



Deadstanley said:

I'm surprised Dk Jr got such a low review score. I love that game, along with DK 3. Both are solid, fun, arcade titles.



Ralek85 said:

Finally something I can spend at least some coins on, Kid Icarus I will get. Too bad Paper Mario is for Wii, I'd vastly prefered it for Wii U =(



Pika2346 said:

Meanwhile in Europe, gotta save those stars up for a Yoshi rucksack. Only kidding, if I ever get anything physical, it's gonna be something FE -dreaming continues-



Phantom_R said:

Woohoo, four more repeats! And pity on anyone who accidentally clicks Donkey Kong Jr. There hasn't been a good CN download in a very long time.



Iggly said:

@ChrisT99 Unless you're getting it for the Wii where it supports Gamecube Controller, you're kinda out of luck since the only other option is Classic Controller.



simonhwsn said:

People complaining about repeats, do you realize that only nintendo published games are offered, except for newer releases, almost all of them have been there at least once



rjejr said:

I think I just finished Paper Mario recently, though I don't recall the ending so maybe I stopped in the middle when I transferred over all my Wii stuff to Wii U. Better go back and check.

Not interested in any of the others.



OneBagTravel said:

I'll most likely be waiting until next month. I have 770 coins that wont expire until this time next year.



bizcuthammer said:

Might get both Paper Mario and Kid Icarus. Its unfortunate Paper Mario won't be playable, as i don't have a classic controller, but once N64 games hit Wii U VC, I'll probably get it at a discounted price for having it on Wii mode.



lckulczak said:

They need more games every month instead of just 4. All of these coins are burning a hole in my.....errrr Club Nintendo wallet.



ikki5 said:

nope and hey look, we almost get as many games as Items. if you take out the crap items, there are more games then other stuff.

what's wrong with it?



Tops said:

@KodyDawg I logged in and it still says "Reward Announcements Coming Soon." I doubt we missed it, CN has always been screwy.



mattysaurus said:

Nothing for me this month. A little disappointed, but that's how these things go. Honestly, I've been pretty happy since they relisted Super Metroid a few months back (didn't have a Wii U when it was $.30). The only things I'd really be in for at this point are Link to the Past and Earthbound (please let it be Earthbound).



RR529 said:

Definitely Paper Mario for me.

I only have 215 coins right now, but I have a post play for Picross e2 coming up soon, and I'm sure I could download a couple of more games before the month is over.



Ralizah said:

Eh, I got Paper Mario. Hate playing VC in Wii Mode, but hopefully N64 comes to Wii U VC soon and I can pay to play it on the GamePad.



JCnator said:

I already have Paper Mario on my Wii U's Wii mode, 3D Classics: Kid Icarus, and Donkey Kong Jr. on both e-Reader and 3DS. I'm not even remotely interested in Metal Torrent.

Can't wait for the next month already!



Gold said:

You guys put Uprising art in the banner. I thought they were giving out KIU digital copies. You have been trolling me recently.



ricklongo said:

It's so sad to see those N64 games coming to the Wii and not Wii U. Nintendo 64 should have been a given to the Wii U Virtual Console at this point.

Oh well. Nothing for me this month.



sleepinglion said:

If Nintendo could somehow add Wii U Pro Controller support to the Wii Mode (which they won't, because effort) I wouldn't mind so much. But hey, free 'Paper Mario' is still free.



ChemyNoSurfea said:

I have the GB Kid Icarus and it kinda bored me, is this one any better?

Edit: too bad i only got 130 coins and the Kirby code will only give me 50 at most.

I really wish Mexican NintendoIDs were able to link up with club Nintendo accounts... I get no coins when I buy my digital games, and ive bought over 30 this year alone!



HyperSonicEXE said:

Ditto. Especially as a 3D Classic, it's very tempting. Still, I don't have 1500 Points anymore, and I'll be darned if I miss out on a crazy awesome physical reward just because of a game that I can buy for a few bucks.



IcyWolfosKelsos said:

Makes me mad because I JUST bought Paper Mario on Amazon for 10 bucks the other day -__-; (My original cart doesn't like to save after the toyland part so I thought why not lol)

Nothing else really stands out to me.



TheNESLink said:

This is the second or third time I've seen some of these games! I'm disappointed mainly because I already downloaded Kid Icarus, from Club Nintendo last time it was offered. And Metal Torrent is most definitely not worth it.



ValiantPixel said:

Nothing for me this month. I'm extremely excited for the Elite Status rewards, though! This will be my third year of service and my third Platinum reward!



BulbasaurusRex said:

I already have 3D Kid Icarus (not that I can even beat the first section; the sequel is a much better game), and I don't care about any of the others.



Starzsixty9 said:

Has anyone else realized they seem to cycle through the same games over and over I'm not meaning ro complain and seem ungrateful,cause hey at least it's something but I haven't spent any coins in like 6 months I've had these games for quite some time it would be cool to see different VC titles available for rewards -_-



Retro_on_theGo said:

@Drobotic Metal Torrent is AMAZING! While I agree it's stupid they used it THREE times already, I can't complain since I want this game to get more exposure. Very underrated.

Well I have Paper Mario on cartridge so maybe I'll get it here. That way I don't have to rebuy it.



pigwarts5ever said:

Does anyone know how long we have to choose our CN rewards. Because I am going to be without internet for a week and a half at the end of July.



Than64 said:

If I didn't already have Paper Mario, I would get it again. It's such a charming game. I don't really mind them recycling games.



Mr-X9000 said:

uh. i have all of these games already nintendo!! give us something different!!!



TradeMark said:

Phew, I thought this was the Gold/Platinum Rewards update, and that there would only be digital games as the rewards this year. Speaking of that, I really hope one of the Plat awards is The Wind Waker HD soundtrack Japan got last year. Seeing the Super Mario 3D World soundtrack wouldn't be bad either, but I would prefer the Zelda soundtrack.



rushiosan said:

I'd like to get Paper Mario, but it's on Wii mode... I really don't want to use a Wii remote to play this thing, and I already have that game on my old Wii. Would be great to play it using the Gamepad though.

I guess I'll pick Kid Icarus. Does it really worth 200 coins?



SuperMikey said:

I'll see what I can do to get Paper Mario this month (not enough coins... for now).
If anybody is wondering whether or not Kid Icarus is good, it's a hard platformer that has shooting elements and I really liked it enough to play it to the end. Why don't you give it a chance? (I played the 3D classics version).



Beau_Skunk said:

Already got Kid Icarus 3D, and DK Jr., but I better get Paper Mario before they start charging 300 coins for N64 games...
(I can't believe they're charging 200 coins for 5 dollar games, that's crazy. Now I regret not getting 1080* Snowboarding when it was 200. It'll probably be higher next time.)



DASchenk said:

this stinks, i want spend my coins on a game case.

at this rate by the time they come back, i ll have the funds to get 2 game cases



SavoirFaire said:

I am sitting on a large pile of coins, so I think i'll get Paper Mario (having never played it, yet lacking a classic controller...). My concern about all these coins is how fast rewards will sell out. Something awesome could very well come out tomorrow, but considering how likely it is a lot of people are waiting out a good reward, by the time I see it, it could likely have been sold out.



aaronsullivan said:

Really enjoying the 3D classics Kid Icarus. More enjoyable than I thought it would be. Having a proper save is handy and adding background graphics is surprisingly effective especially with the 3D. Fun. Can't argue with free, either.

Also picked up Donkey Kong Jr. That is squarely the fault of NES Remix, though I do remember it from way back in the day in the Arcade and then on the Coleco Vision. It has a decent control mechanic despite how few levels there are.

I'd go for Paper Mario if it was Wii U native. Yeah it would work fine in the Wii Mode, but... I go there less and less and I don't want to dig out the classic controller if I don't have to.



Grimlock_King said:

Nothing for me. If only we could get Paper Mario with gamepad support. I would buy it asap come on Nintendo.



sleepinglion said:

The physical rewards at Club Nintendo are SLIM pickings... even by the usual slim picking standards. I wonder if they're set to phase those out completely in favor of all-digital choices.



DarkKirby said:

Where are the physical rewards. I don't want your digital trash. If you're going to give away digital something give me eshop money.



AshFoxX said:

Well, Kid Icarus has never piqued my interest, I don't like scrolling shooters (unless you categorize Star Fox as a scrolling shooter), already have Paper Mario on Wii, and... Donkey Kong Jr?... Seriously?

I may pick up Paper Mario on Wii U's Virtual Wii browser if just to play it in HD in my living room instead of the CRT in the bedroom where my Wii is, but I'm not sure if I'll actually go through with it. If I were able to play it with the gamepad or the Pro Controller, I'd get it, but hooking up my tiny classic controller instead of using my gamecube controllers is a big step down.



Gorlokk said:

Paper Mario? Again?! Come on. They need more than just four games, or they should update it more often.



NodesforNoids said:

My predictions for the Gold / Platinum rewards this year:
Zelda physical item (like the ones being offered with Hyrule Warriors or a music box, Nintendo likes to redo rewards)
Mario Kart or SSB calendar or poster set
Earthbound Wii U
Super Mario 64 Wii
Warioland 3DS (VC) maybe even the Zelda Oracle game(s)
What I'd (realistically) like to see:
Zelda scarf
Mario Kart 8 diorama
Double sided Smash Bros poster (heroes vs villains, boys vs girls, who knows)
A selection of Wii U indie games
A selection of VC games (if the have to be on both Wii and Wii U, then fine)
My unrealistic / dream picks:
Nintendo announces N64 and Gamecube VC, providing a full selection of titles
Mario, Luigi or Peach Wiimote
Wii U branded Classic Controller Pro
Bayonetta 2 physical items and poster collection
Toad Treasure Tracker full level diorama
And why not, a pair of Vans slip-ons, with the old-school checkerboard design, complete with 8-bit SMB 3 graphics!



NodesforNoids said:

To those wondering about the selections on CN, come on guys! July is ALWAYS the worst. Nintendo wants the Gold / Platinum rewards to seem amazing in comparison. I think they're going to use this rewards season to try and help them reform physical items so there's more want and less waste.
And the digital games are always a bit lacklustre for the exact same reason.
Another thing.. the GC controller adapters are sorta already out there in the world. They actually work pretty well in Wii mode too. Ocarina of Time is honestly a bit of a mess with the Pro. For the N64 titles in particular, I bust out the GC controller, Wiimote and adapter. It's like night and day.



TreesenHauser said:

To folks that keep asking about the Elite rewards: According to a recent Google search, if Nintendo does the same as last year we'll hear about them on or around July 15th, and then we'll have at least a month from that time period to choose our rewards. Hopefully we get something good this year!



River3636 said:

What's the point I own all that stuff except for the metal one. It's annoying, they could give us a new game.



UnseatingKDawg said:

It'd be real nice to see some Platinum Rewards. Pretty sure that time is coming, no?

It'd also be real nice to see Paper Mario on the Wii U Virtual Console menu too, instead of just the Wii version.



Dankykong said:

Shocking to see only 1 crap game this round. Usually it's 2 but come on already with N64 to WiiU VC. But at least the cycle has come around for some (like me), I want DK Jr. I hope more real items restock soon. I don't know how I'll use these mass amounts of coins if they don't restock anything new for 3 years



Obito_Sigma said:

I needed to buy Kid Icarus some time. I'm glad that I waited and bought 3D Kirby instead when I had money to burn.

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