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Talking Point: Nintendo's E3 Plans Are Full of Tantalising Potential

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Talk of retreat is unjustified

The moment Nintendo announced its plans for E3, we suspect some immediately began to sharpen their metaphorical knives and state that the company was, once again, in retreat at the world's highest-profile games industry showcase. Undoubtedly E3 2013 had been a partial retreat, forgoing the live press conference due to — at least this is the popular and reasonable view — the inevitable onslaught of Sony and Microsoft. The big N's rivals had brand new home consoles to show off, and the Kyoto company was in the midst of a poor run in that same space, albeit with the 3DS picking up much slack.

The Nintendo Direct that did arrive at E3 2013 was reasonable, and had some truly exciting moments, but only Nintendo's humour and quirkiness — arguably — prevented its appearance from falling completely flat. In terms of the gaming and mainstream media, meanwhile, the noise was all about PS4 vs Xbox One; Nintendo was on the back foot.

This year, the game is on and Nintendo has an opportunity to seize more headlines. The PS4 and Xbox One are entering that post-launch lull that now seems standard in an era of ever-growing development costs and delays; the issue for these systems isn't necessarily a total absence of games, but a lack of headline exclusives to whip gamers into an excitable fury; this may be the year of multi-platform titles and remastered releases to take those systems forward. While Sony and Microsoft no doubt have major news to share, and the former may use its Morpheus VR headset to steal headlines, Nintendo does have a chance to get valuable attention and hype on its side.

An E3 that stands out in recent years, at least for this reader, was in 2012. There was a pre-stage presentation video that showed more of Miiverse and the Wii U's operating system, the live show focused on major releases for the soon-to-be-launched home console, post live show videos showed more games, and then there was a live presentation at a smaller venue that was all about the 3DS. It covered every conceivable angle, mixing live events with pre-recorded videos.

For starters, Nintendo is making a live appearance, and is doing so in a rather clever way. With eSports continuing to grow in popularity and typically being the preserve of hardcore gamers and fans, Super Smash Bros. is a franchise that can win a portion of that audience, as it's a notable presence in competitive gaming tournaments. The Super Smash Bros. Invitational will not only have 16 skilled players putting the Wii U game through its paces, but will take place in the sizeable Nokia Theatre and be streamed extensively online. Touted as a celebration of the series, this is Nintendo's equivalent of a live presentation in terms of venue size, but replaces an occasionally stilted, scripted presentation with what could be a vibrant, exciting event. In terms of promoting Nintendo as an exciting brand for gamers of all types, including that dedicated hardcore base that has so-far drifted away in this generation, this appears to be a smart move.

The standard reveal-fest, meanwhile, leaves the large venue to the Smash tournament and has been branded as the "Nintendo Digital Event". It's an interesting name choice, especially in light of the enduring popularity of Nintendo Direct, and its description as "a new kind of video program" has grabbed our attention. It could be empty press release phrasing, but as optimists we hope that this will go steps further. There are multiple ideas and strategies Nintendo could use to make a video stream even more engaging. For one, we've seen Nintendo up its game in social media over the past 6-12 months, and this is the perfect opportunity to take that further. Imagine a demo for Super Smash Bros. on 3DS or — if we're very lucky — Wii U is confirmed, and Nintendo offers to adjust the available stages based on community votes via Twitter hashtags and Miiverse replies; perhaps a Miiverse smartphone app (to join Wii U, 3DS and web browsers) can be launched prior to the broadcast to make further use of these ideas.

A pre-prepared broadcast also gives scope for a truly polished, impeccably structured presentation. Nintendo's been on pretty good form recently, with entertaining videos for Super Smash Bros., Tomodachi Life and, most recently, Mario Kart 8. Humour, style and confidence have been common across those broadcasts and, allied with major reveals, could combine beautifully.

We're also rather intrigued by the promise of Nintendo Treehouse: Live @ E3; this will supposedly "provide in-depth game demos live and unscripted from Nintendo’s booth", and will be "live streamed during all hours of the E3 show". That has the potential to be a huge deal, especially as we don't yet know what delights are going to be revealed and playable in LA. The Treehouse is a vitally important part of the company in bringing games to the West, so the prospect of constant demonstrations around new games could, again, drag a lot of eyes to Nintendo's coverage for sustained periods of time.

Then we have Super Smash Bros. Smash Fest @ Best Buy, following on from a similar idea that worked rather well in 2013; it's a nice touch that shoppers in the U.S. will be able to play new demos, and terrific for those that make it to stores. The more outlets are included the better.

It strikes us that Nintendo has potentially found a combination of events and approaches to get valuable coverage from the media, yes, but to also tap into ideas to excite Nintendo fans and, hopefully, gamers still on the fence. For various reasons debated ad nauseum over the past year some segments of the gaming population may never return to Nintendo, yet they're groups that were arguably lost in the GameCube and Wii era regardless — we mean those primarily interested in FIFA and Call of Duty-style brands and little else. As Wii proved and 3DS continues to do so, the gaming world is far larger, however, and content is ultimately King. Through these diverse methods of presentation Nintendo has an opportunity to show content that only it can truly deliver.

Some live stage presentations can fall flat or be cringeworthy, yet with its 'Digital Event' Nintendo can deliver a show that's polished and maintains momentum. As highlighted above the company isn't running from the live arena, either, but inviting thousands to attend a tournament for one of the year's most hyped Wii U games, while tapping into the eSports trend that continues to grow. Who knows what delights will emerge from the constant demonstrations from the Treehouse team, which may in themselves be revealing. What Nintendo isn't doing, with these offerings, is catering to the standard formula that some in the gaming media demand — a live show and then hands-on time at the booth. Those aspects are happening, but in different ways.

Different doesn't necessarily mean bad, and while many of us have treasured memories of iconic live presentation moments, there are also segments and even entire years we'd like to forget. 2008, perhaps...

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There's no doubt that Nintendo is making a much bolder play for headlines in E3 2014 compared to 2013. A Nintendo Direct and modest side-activities this year would have been disappointing, but what's on offer is potentially so much more.

It seems, to this writer, that Nintendo has learnt a lot over the past 11 months since E3 2013, in terms of how to communicate its message. There's the eSports aspect, of course, yet the teaser trailer for E3 also recruited the hugely popular YouTube channel Mega64. In a battle for hearts and minds, perhaps the big N is finally realising that old ideas and practices of holding fans at arms length and sticking to tried-and-true marketing no longer works. Social media, YouTube personalities, public access to games, truly selling the message are all part of the modern market. Sales and attention won't just come to Nintendo as a matter of course as would happen in the 1990s and, to a degree, in the DS and Wii era. There's so much other noise that Nintendo has to earn the right to be heard.

We're excited about the announced plans for E3, as they could help Nintendo gain some ground. It seems to us that the game industry has never been in such flux before, with boundaries constantly shifting; the Kyoto company must react. E3 is still a big deal for the media attention it brings and — more importantly — fan buzz that's generated. Nintendo seems to know this, and is going all out.

It could be a hugely exciting event.

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Blast said:

OH MAN!!! I am so excited for E3!!! It should be epic!!! I hope Nintendo doesn't let us down and I don't think they will let us down



Inkling said:

I'm HYPE CENTRAL, but the fact that the Smash Fest isn't coming to the UK kinda makes me angry. They could put it in GAME, but the US gets all the good stuff. Cheaper games and consoles? Check. Games coming out first? Check. In store demos from E3? Check.



BossBattles said:

I think Nintendo has made two good moves this week. There is excitement being created....I think there is much more to come...



BigH88 said:

I've never called in sick for work but damn is Nintendo making me want to.



Tops said:

It certainly is and exciting time to be a Nintendo fan Can't wait for E3!



Dark-Link73 said:

I love e3 and as part of it I love the big stage presentations. I don't mind of they're mistakes or flaws in them, after all, that's party of doing an event live. Last year Nintendo Direct was a failure because, to me, it felt just like any other Direct. There wasn't anything special about it. It's E3! The biggest gaming expo of the year! I expect the big three to come out in a big gaming shootout.

Online streaming of E3 is not new. I've watched Nintendo's conference online for several years now. Thus I don't have anything about the online streaming, I just miss the big LIVE stage.



AdanVC said:

Good read. Definitely this plans announced for Nintendo at E3 are looking way more exciting than last year's E3 Nintendo Direct. Their latest broadcasts have been damn good and a true improvement over 2013's broadcasts so this keeps me genuinely hyped. That Smash Bros tournament and demo on Best Buy is an excellent idea.



faint said:

@GamerOZO you guy get plenty of things na doesn't
10 choices for free titles with mario kart
We get four
You guys got the layton games way before we did
You guys get better sales and way more preorder extras
Our club nintendo is a joke compared to yours
The pikmin 101 discount we never got
I can go on and on and on.
Heck I'm planing on importing a wii from the uk just so I can play the fatal frame remake that I held out years of hope for.



NintyMan said:

I like that Nintendo is using technology to reach fans and consumes alike. This Digital Event is not going to be your typical Direct and may even be so radical it might not even be a Direct but a show of some sort. There's too much mystery to say for sure, except that it will be different and something unique. How open Nintendo will be about their upcoming games at E3 is also good, and I applaud Nintendo for maintaining the Best Buy partnership with Smash Bros. Their approach this year is definitely better than last year and a step-up from that.



DreamOn said:

@Thomas Excellent article. Looking forward to all of it simply. ZELDAAAA!!!!

Smash Tournament > Sony/Microsoft suits and their lame sizzle reels that are all cinematic no gameplay. Get over the Pre-E3 press conference, it's not what it used to be when fans were allowed in.



shingi_70 said:


Microsoft had a Killer Instinct tournament at E3 last year and it was open for the general public to play irrc.

Looking forward to what Nintendo brings to the table. I have a PS4 but Nintendo could win the battle for the first console I get for exclusives



ajcismo said:

I'm glad that Mr.Iwata and company are once again following their own path and not conforming to what the Western Media wants: Doing things just like MS/Sony.
I know we're all excited for E3, but after following the event for years and years (never been to one unfortunately) its grown, well, stale to me with the way its stage format is ran.
Nintendo will have its share of critics, as always, before and after the event. I hope these new formats they're trying turns heads and gets people excited regardless. Which is what E3 is all about.



Bizzyb said:

But they're not really going "all out" without a live conference. That said I'm REALLY looking forward to this years E3. The Smash Tourney will be awesome but dammit I wanna play it for myself! And thankfully I can (my Best Buy participated last year as well). Please just bring back Fzero, Metroid or Star Fox



Ernest_The_Crab said:

@GamerOZO Don't prices in the UK generally fall rather quickly? If I remember right the final price is generally established by the vendors, whom seem to be a lot less adamant about keeping the prices at the MSRP compared to the North American vendors (especially in regards to console prices).



Assassinated said:

I remember very similar optimistic talk last year, only for it all to fall flat. I'm not falling for it again. Every event they miss, you keep saying, no, no it's a good thing, cause that means they can do this instead. And then they never do "this". This was their one chance to turn the WiiU's fortunes around, and already they're limping out of the gate. At this point they'll be very lucky if they can catch up to the Dreamcast in sales.



luke88 said:

Your idea for smash demos, particularly the social media aspect, is superb; don't use social media much myself but I think that could go down a storm. Don't imagine Nintendo being quite as forward thinking as you though Thomas, unfortunately.



Zobocop said:

All Nintendo needs to do is have a video, in black, that starts with any given epic Metriod Prime tune, followed by a logo. That's all I need.



luke88 said:

@shingi_70 WiiU is a great console, in my opinion. I think it's worth it for Pikmin 3, super mario 3d world, mario kart and smash. There's loads of other excellent titles available as well; am currently downloading 'child of light' and 'stick it to the man'



DreamOn said:

@shingi_70 That's cool. More of that and less of those filthy sizzle reels with little to no gameplay. Watching their conferences I often get the feeling that gameplay to them is second-class. Bring on the neo-arcade era and move away from this Hollywood style messaging I say.



Artwark said:

@TopLaytonsHat Too bad that everyone thinks otherwise....not that I'm upset don't get me wrong as I'm a HUGE Nintendo fan myself but people just aren't appreciating anything Nintendo does. Wii for example despite being great is now being hated by many gamers. I never understood why gamers hated the Wii so much.....

And now gamers are gonna hate Nintendo even more because its not live they are gonna do and I don't get the point of it since you're gonna announce what you want to announce so really what's the point of it being live. If anything, a lot of people won't be able to see it live because of internet problems.



jjmesa16 said:

@Dark-Link73 I completely agree. I really miss the big stage presentations from Nintendo. The only problem with stage presentations, and E3 in general, nowadays is that they don't get the same media attention that they used too. You used to be able to watch the presentations as well as highlights from the show floor on TV (at least in the US but I'm not sure about other countries). However with the end of G4TV, Spike is the only TV station at E3 and they don't show much of anything from the conference.

I have to say that I'm somewhat excited for Nintendo at E3 this year as the past few years have been a bit disappointing, aside from Super Smash Bros. E3 2012 was disappointing to me because it was almost the same presentation as 2011, with Nintendo not revealing the price and release date of the Wii U at either conference. E3 2013 was alright but I missed Nintendo's physical presence, in terms of a presentation. I'm hoping that 2014 will be better.



DragonbornRito said:

@GamerOZO 10 games to choose from instead of 4 when buying MK8, che... WAIT A MINUTE. EU gets lots of good stuff we don't, it's kinda give and take.



DreamOn said:

@Bizzyb The Pre-E3 press conf isnt going 'all out' anymore. It's a tired old format that plays it safe. If they truly wanted to go all out MS and Sony would reinvent and evolve thier E3 experiences to become more interactive for all audiences involved even going beyond Nintendos Best Buy events if they dared.



dougphisig said:

Still a little afraid that this will be like Spike where everyone thought it was going to be some awesome announcements and then get disappointed. Its sad that I have to feel that way about Nintendo, but it's hard to not expect disappointment.



DreamOn said:

E3's future is interactivity not stage presentations, and not just in the showroom. Nintendo is starting it and like last year compared to this, they are improving their new approaches.



memoryman3 said:

My prediction: The event opens with a new trailer....for HYRULE WARRIOR! It manages to do the seemingly impossible.....there is a graphics downgrade. The trailer shows massive framerate issues and lifeless repetive action. Mr. Iwata shows up on stage and tells us this is the new mainline Zelda.

Then the CEO of Activision shows up on stage and promotes the already released 3DS version of Amazing Spiderman 2, with 10 minutes being dedicated to showcasing it's intricate 2.5D gameplay.

Then a new hardware announcement follows.....the fabled console-handheld hybrid. Too bad it doesn't support local play and is less powerful than an iPad Air....

The Amazing Spiderman 2 3DS and HYRULE WARRIOR announced as launch titles....



shingi_70 said:


Well that's because the industry has been pulled like that. Plus the gaming industry on a big scale is more like hollywood where games are announced in advanced.

But to play devil's adcovate here were the first party stuff anounced at Microsoft's E3 last year.

Max and the magic Marker
Crimson Dragon
Ryse Son of Rome
Quantum Break
Forza Motorsport 5
Dead Rising 3
Project Spark
Killer Insticnt
D4 Kinect sports rivals

Out of all the game announced the only ones that only show video during the presentation were D4 (which was gameplay trailer), Kinect sports, Max (again a gameplay trailer), and Halo.

All the rest were gameplay demos followed or preceeded with a cinematic trailer, or were in engine like Quantum Break's (think the Zelda Wii U tech demo).



2Sang said:

I still think they should have brought something to e3 live such as 3ds games while having a wii u direct. Nonetheless, the Smash Bros. invitational is the best thing they could have done because let's face it: after MK8 is released Smash is the only must-have wii u game in 2014. I think the invitational will spark plenty of interest in smash too.



Tobias95 said:

@faint we also got games priced around at least double so much as the American price, a lot of countries dosn't have club nintendo and therfore can't get a free game for Mario Kart 8



ScorpionMG said:

@Tobias95 except if you have a uk NNID and a uk Club nintendo, which is what i did and then i sent the stuff i got from club nintendo to my aunt in uk.



DreamOn said:

@shingi_70 i understand and trailers will be trailers where video media is concerned including games. I just highly value what nintendo is doing with the best buy events and tournament because I think it's just the start of putting more emphasis on interactivity than videos. The past was limited to video presentations purely and the future will still have them no doubt but Nintendo is rethinking E3 and getting flak but I won't be surprised when MS and Sony start to rethink the way the larger internet-tuned audience interacts with E3 and their content.



BakaKnight said:

I have to admit that after seeing the last directs I'm very hyped about the Digital Event; Nintendo can definitly put up some awesome shows and presentations ^o^

Will this and the rest be the right plan for face E3? Hard to make predictions, but I agree with the article, the potential is all there ^_^



unrandomsam said:

I don't care about E3 (I care about it even less when it is so far away).

If they put what they would have running there time limited on the eshop that might get my attention.

I am not a fan of hype it annoys me. (Even more so if they don't live up to it).



AJWolfTill said:

This is all promising, just please please please have a varied selection of reveals and suprises ready. Other than the reliable Indie market there is very little we know about on the way.



rjejr said:

SSB tournament is a great idea, NDE is a nice upgrade sounding name change from ND, and as much as I dislike Bill Trinnen as a spokesman an E3 livestream for Treehouse is a good idea.

But it all comes down to the game announcements. That's all that we will remember hours after E3 is over.

We need -

SSB Wii U and 3DS dates - summer and winter are not dates
X needs a window, at least for Japan
Bayonetta 2 needs a date, seriously where is it?
Zelda needs to be unveiled - looking like the E3 demo, not WW HD
something for the kids - Yarn Yoshi maybe
Mario sports game - Sluggers or Strikes or Sports Mix 2
NFC toy game - "Mushroom Kingdom" is just waiting to be a toy game, all the 2D, 3D, Paper Marios, RPGs and sports games rolled up into 1

This is what really matters. Games. It's really all that matters.



Luna-Harmony said:

This E3 has to be the last push for the wii u because if it fails them the wii u is doomed and will have to wit for there next home console.
Ps4 will be big too they are going all out so nintendo really has to push it hard.



MrGawain said:

There must be good game reveals coming for E3!

They've done such a good job hiding them up to now.



AyeHaley said:

I'm super excited we get a IGN like Nintendo news channel! Treehouse live <3
And that Digital Event sounds promising! Maybe this time we'll get an eShop demo as a surprise? That would make me cry.



zdog said:

after 3 years of completely sucking, I'm putting no faith in nintendo to deliver this year.



gatorboi352 said:

There's that word again; potential.

"The PS4 and Xbox One are entering that post-launch lull that now seems standard in an era of ever-growing development costs and delays"

Their hardware sales figures beg to differ. PS4 has surpassed Wii U and the Xbone has matched it. In a year's less time.



kingc8 said:

2008 was certainly nothing special, but it wasn't that bad.

2003 was a ball-buster for Iwata, check youtube for Nintendo E3 2003. That was the E3 where Iwata stood in front of the E3 crowd for the first time and sweated bullet bills as he admitted the GameCubes failure.

It's exactly that sort of live show, in my mind, that Iwata wants to avoid having ever again.



JaxonH said:

I don't care how they convey their announcements. Stage presentation, digital presentation, whatever...I mean, really. If you getting hyped must depend on everyone else getting hyped, you should probably stop gaming now.

I don't care if they deliver the announcements with two tin cans and a length of yarn. Makes no difference HOW they convey the news, just so long as they convey it. But personally, I much rather prefer this new way because it's short, sweet, and to the point. And I really dig being able to demo games at Best Buy every year. Bring E3 to the gamers.



sinalefa said:

Maybe I am reading too much into this, but that Smash Tournament being played on Wii U means as if the game is very advanced in development, giving me hope for a Black Friday release date.

About the live conference, I really don't see what is the point. A ND is better as they can plan it in advance and have a better pace. The audience is the same: gamers.

I rather like this new approach, as if there is a particular game during the ND that you don't want to see, you can switch to a treehouse live demo or the Smash Tournament, giving variety to procedures.



GalacticMario28 said:

The more I think about it, the more interested I become. This is Nintendo's chance to show that it can do something that is different but still amazing, possibly even better than a traditional live press conference. Of course, that's far from a guarantee, but I do think it's possible. I really hope Nintendo can make the most of this opportunity.



Melkac said:

@sinalefa Sakurai and some other dude played the Wii U version at last year's E3...

Oh my god, STOP TRYING TO GET ME HYPED FOR E3! It's going to make the wait incredibly unbearable...I need to chill. This year's E3 is going to crap! Bet they're gonna announce uhhh...New Super Mario Bros U2!
[Heavy sigh] that's better...



Doma said:

Don't care what they do - Unless it's clearly sectioned, i won't be watching any of it. 3DS announcements is all i care for.



unrandomsam said:

@JaxonH Getting hyped is nothing to do with gaming anything that sits in the list of best games ever made will still be worth playing just as much now or 10 years from now. Hype is a marketing thing and as such something to be avoided at all costs. (After something is released if it is genuinely great it is not hype any more either).



Jazzer94 said:

Just have a presentation thats a decent length 1hr to 2hrs filled with announcements and I'll be happy, I don't need some crowd cheering and clapping to enjoy myself.



mostro328 said:

X box one shipped 5 milliin doesn't mean sold so it looks like about 4 milloon sold for Microsoft



IronMan28 said:

You know, people seem to forget that last year before E3, Nintendo said they'd mention games they've already announced being shown. This year, Nintendo hasn't said anything like that, which makes me think there is going to be some info on games we don't know about. It's possible that those games are coming to Wii U this year, IDK, just a thought...



Gold said:

Already in line for the hype train tickets, if it hasn't gone yet!
Also, going to Best Buy for Smash Bros. 4 Wii U? OH YEAH!



WanderingPB said:

All the negative press from most not all the media has shown alot of peoples true bias when it comes to Nintendo.

Nintendo has made a lot of bad decisions when it came to the WiiU launch and marketing but why should they give up with the legacy that their games hold? Especially when the WiiU has some awesome first party exclusives that no one else has.

They're now trying to reach out to fans in a different ways and just because of a "live press conference" they're so called scared or have nothing to show…really?

It's important to voice our opinions but most of the negativity is from the media because when u click the E3 video or MK8 Direct the 18K plus likes it has means the people like it regardless of what those negative articles are saying.

It's a great time to be a gamer and enjoy awesome games regardless of the console but to just blindly hate a company because of ur own biased perspective thats just ignorant and am glad they've shown their true colors.



Tobias95 said:

@faint one $ is between 5-6 norwegian kr. A new game costs between 450-650 kr. So completely double was maiby a bit much, but around that, yeah that serms likely. Games are expensive in Norway. Thank god for eshop, wich is cheaper some times



Bolt_Strike said:

Considering how most of Nintendo's content has been largely disappointing for the past few years (which I'm guessing is a combination of an apparent lack of creativity and the increasing demands that gaming development requires as a result of switching to HD), I'm hesitant to get hyped for what Nintendo has to offer. But I am cautiously optimistic that they can improve, they slowly seem to be showing better and better games, so maybe the next set of announcements will be closer to the level of quality that we've seen in past generation games.



JubilifeRival said:

@Bolt_Strike Um... what? Just in this past year and a half we've gotten titles like Pokemon X and Y, Animal Crossing New Leaf, a Link Between Worlds, the list could stretch on and on!



River3636 said:

You all know there is going to be surprises, on their direct or what ever they call it now. They are going to announce Metriod and I know it. ( I might be psychic) We all know that X and bayonetta are coming out this year. Or not but we know they are coming. Nintendo is also going to announce the new Zelda that is a given. Not that hyrule warrior one. So lets all get on the hype bandwagon and make predictions. Just don't get disappointed when your predictions failed to be true that's the key.



Bolt_Strike said:

@JubilifeRival @Grumblevolcano Yeah, more Wii U than 3DS. I will say the 3DS lineup for the most part lacks the brilliance of past games such as Mario Galaxy (A Link Between Worlds and Mario & Luigi Dream Team being exceptions), but it's not a bad lineup by any means. The Wii U, on the other hand, doesn't have many truly good games and fail to truly take advantage of the Gamepad in an interesting way. Mario Kart 8 is a good start, but we need to see more. We need to see Wii U games that do the same thing for the console that games like Pokemon XY and A Link Between Worlds did for the 3DS.



Daemonite said:

Seriously, what secret projects are left for Nintendo to announce on the WiiU? Aside from a 'new' Zelda game, another Metroid game or perhaps a Mario sequel... Nintendo has already played all their cards, and 3rd party support is near death for WiiU... How can anyone be excited about this?



Neferupitou said:

SMASH it,s always amazing but this time an quick view into new Zelda, that's all i want man.



TheLilK98 said:

Sigh It's just going to be another dissappointment as usual. Then everyone'll be all "NO NO NINTENDO KNOWS WHAT THEY'RE DOING!!!!111" as usual. And the Wii U will continue to fade out of existence. As usual. They may as well just give up on it at this point...



ZenTurtle said:

Europe actually gets much less than NA does, most games are released in the US months before the Europe, and many games are unreleased altogether. Do you think US club Nintendo is bad? At least the stars (or whatever "currency" you have on it there) can be used for actual things of worth, such as actual games... Games are consoles ARE cheaper- a wii u costs $285 dollars, whereas a uk wii u for example costs the equivalent of one third more. It's as if the only places that seem to exist for Nintendo are the US and Japan! Seriously, the US is spoiled for choice when it comes to Nintendo stuff!



Action51 said:

I love how all the Nintendo haters have already declared this event a failure and scramble to find reasons why everyone should demand a stage show.

I gotta be honest...these stage shows are usually awkward and dull. Let the gaming media whine...they deserve repercussions for the terrible job they do.

I think Nintendo has figured out they need to end-run the joke that we call "gaming journalism". It's not an ideal situation they face, but it's a pretty good solution considering what they have to work with.

As for predictions and reveals? ...I guess we'll see. Nintendo hasn't ever been in this position before. A hungry and cornered animal fights harder, and we've seen them start. Despite the demands for immediate 180 degree change, Nintendo is making adjustments and taking the right steps. Look where we are today in terms of policy and practice compared to a year ago.

Let's wait until after E3 before we rage at Nintendo's failure at E3, ok?



ICHIkatakuri said:

I liked the E3 presentation last year, it was just the news of another donkey kong and that poor mario 3d worlds trailer that got everyone down and I'm happy enough they will be doing the same. I find it funny it's about 12 months at E3 since news broke of Nintendo trying to ban streaming smash bros at EVO and yet they're now doing their own! It makes me feel as though all of this talk about them being back in the console war as of right this moment in time, not just PR bull.
Please ninty remember if you want to win a war, you got to become war! and SPOOOOOOOOOOON! is not a suitable warcry



Epicnessofme99 said:

I think they may reveal that new Mario game they said they were developing not too long ago, hoping for some new secrets and mainly just dates and more details on games we already found out about last year.



antipop621 said:

I'm fine with without the live press conferences but the audiences have made them better sometimes. i,e. the Twilight Princess reveal moment which can be emotional to watch



ricklongo said:

Pretty good read. I thought they needed to do live presentations to get the attention of the industry as a whole (myself, I'm more than fine with a big special Direct), but the article makes good points on why that's not necessarily needed.



gamerphil07 said:




LztheQuack said:

@Action51 What's even funnier is IGN's reaction.....................which was actually fairly written. They think that stage presentations and showmanship are still important, but Nintendo can still get by as long as they announce big games.



WhiteTrashGuy said:

As long as it doesn't get laggy like last year then I'm fine. Nintendo needs to show some footage of a new ZELDA or METROID title, though. Platinum Games confirmed as developers on a new STAR FOX would help as well.



GN004Nadleeh said:

does not change the fact that all they have to show will be smash bros and mario kart which will have been out for a while now then will finish with another montage of late 2015 releases! look forward to e3 2015!



WhiteTrashGuy said:

So the internet just exploded with rumors that Nintendo will be showing off new hardware at E3... If they do indeed show a VR/Motion Tracking headset OR their new Fusion console/handheld prototypes then they won't need a live presentation. The main stream media will eat this up!



TwilightAngel said:

Nintendo well lets see that you make games that fans want for example metriod and maybe a paper mario game maybe in the form of an HD collection.



Mr_G said:

Wouldnt it be crazy if nintendo showed up with VR glasses and made it work!

They came out of no where and showed us 3D



River3636 said:

I wonder what hardware they will have ( I think this might be a hype rumor but I'm going with it. Maybe it's a Wii U controller that's kind of like a handheld console or a giant mushroom hmmm this juicy rumor



FilmerNgameR said:

Just announce Sonic Adventure 3 for a 2015 release , oh wait wrong company. Damit! Why can't SEGA be in the hardware market again..... (((



mostro328 said:

Is funny how people here are saying sarcastically oh another metroid another zelda

Same pEople who are probably eating up the new cod



mostro328 said:

A presentation like this gets us on the e3 for

And ships all three cheesy bs and straight to game trailers

They also avoid mess ups and probably save millions



Action51 said:

@Unca_Lz - Well, IGN are one of the big monolithic gaming (and movie and TV apparently) news sites that loves to be the arbiter of what the gaming world sees and thinks. They have some good reporting, but they have also been caught a few times reporting on unconfirmed rumors.

Just a few months ago, they rushed to print a story attacking Nintendo for massive Youtube censorship! They later had to "update" their story to say that Nintendo might not be to blame for the censorship. Then they had to "update" again when it turned out that it was a hasty move on the part of Youtube effecting multiple copyright owners, not just Nintendo, and that Nintendo was actually working with some of those people to get their videos restored.

IGN never printed a retraction or fact they didn't even change the headline and maintained that Nintendo should have worked faster to help restore the videos.

In the end it was shoddy reporting, and they probably ended up hurting Nintendo who were still struggling to change perceptions about their policy towards Youtube users and "let's plays".

Let's not forget IGN's frequent framing of the Wii U and 3DS as "dire" and "failed" within months of release.

So really, with a gaming "media" like can see why Nintendo feels it's better to control the message and bring their presentation directly to the fans. No major gaming website is going to refuse to report on what's in the "digital event" anyway because their competition will.



AugustusOxy said:

E3 really is a joke anymore, they need to go back to the old days of it being an actual eletronics expo, not a place for over hyped games to over inflate themselves.



Genesaur said:

The main thing I'm thinking is that Nintendo is bringing some kind of major surprise. They have to be, right? I mean, Smash is surely their big-hitter. If they were relying on that entirely, we wouldn't have gotten the Smash Bros. Direct. That would have just been lodged into their E3 presentation.

I tell you, Nintendo is sure to bring out the big guns and raise hype like never before for the coming entertainment in the remainder of 2014. You'd better believe my body is ready.



Omarsonic9 said:

The problem is, Nintendo was focusing on family gaming only, that's why..
Hopefully they'll not disappoint this E3 2014.
My Wii U is collecting dust :c

or maybe because my AC adapter is broken, idk



hcfwesker said:

Hope the Smash Event is held at my local Bust Buy.

@faint "Heck I'm planing on importing a wii from the uk just so I can play the fatal frame remake that I held out years of hope for" .... an SD Card and a USB Flash Reader might be a cheaper way to get both Fatal Frame 4 and Fatal Frame 2 on your Wii Because of Nintendos region locking and not localizing the FF series in NA; I had to go the homebrew route and GLAD I did cause I would have missed out on 2 amazing FF games.



Genesaur said:

@Daemonite Um, dude? I think you're forgetting what "secret" actually means. Like, y'know, something that hasn't already beem revealed? If you think the big N has played all its cards, you surely haven't paid attention to their history.



c1pher_c0mplet said:

@GamerOZO Funny you feel that way because that's the way I feel towards Japan: they get games first including ones we'll never get in the States plus all the awesome collector's editions, limited editions, etc. Haha



Daz-brum said:

I think this years show will be brill, they may even answer my dream and show a space shooting game hmmmm.... With the power of WiiU it would be Epic ! (Little joke )



Marshi said:

@rjejr Agreed,but I will say new announcements MUST be made if Nintendo stands a chance of grabbing headlines this. Part of why nintendo direct failed last year was that the only really new announcement was super mario 3d world,and because of an awful stream,underwhelming trailer and general assumtions by pretty much the entire nintendo fanbase that we would be getting a mario galaxy/sunshine/64 type game that itself fell on deaf ears.

The exciting thing is that nintendo can still easily pull this around. I dont care about dates,seriously they could be 2 years away,but if Ninty announce things like a new F Zero, Metroid, Star fox, a new ip even along with fresh info on little heard projects like X and Zelda U? Yes I think that will push wiiu into the limelight and show that Nintendo are not going anywhere.

Will we get that though? At this point I really couldnt say



PuppyToucher said:

I think if Nintendo can show a Zelda, F-Zero, Starfox, Metroid, and Pokemon game for the Wii U this E3 then it doesn't matter if they have a live presentation or not. Heck even any two of those games ought to be enough to get the hype train going!



ccanfield1 said:

I'm excited to see what Nintendo has to offer at E3 this year.. However, I can't help but feel like this is Nintendo losing it's seat with the adults and now being relegated to the kids table. It's hard to be taken seriously by the media and core gamers when you choose to do this. Yet, as a Nintendo fan, it doesn't hamper my enthusiasm.



rjejr said:

@Marshi - "the only really new announcement was super mario 3d world"

Yeah, I remember being really underwhelmed by that SM3DW trailer as to me it just looked like yet another 2D multiplayer only w/ a bit more than 2D. Further trailers made me happier as I realized a fully single player game could be had.

Just recently though my kids started replaying SMG 1 and 2, and man are those games awesome. They make SM3DW look like a 2D platformer in comparison.

So yes, Wii U needs new game announcements, but it needs really good game announcements like you say. I've been playing the fantastic Child of Light - fantastic for a $15 new IP - and it worries me that Nitneod could go that route for the next Zelda. Maybe not 2D but even more bland than Skyward Sword or more cartoony than WW HD. MK8 looks awesome, SSB on Wii U looks really good, Zelda should follow their lead. Toon Link should be kept on the handhelds, the Wii U's power - and 1080p tv screens - should be fully utilized.



faint said:

@ZenTurtle ive looked at the uk clubnintendo page and yes it's better than ours. wii u's are 300$ here. like i said both laytons came to you guys first. im still waiting for boulder dash 3d, fatal frame crimson butterfly, a physical copy of kagura burst, bust a move universe, a copy of xenoblade that isn't outrageously expensive, ect. you recived 101 way before we did as well and a special promotion to boot. you get 10 options for a free title with mario kart as oppose to four. the blue shell also. wii point cards for stars. must be nice to choose and game from the wii shop instead of only what they choose for you. sales happen on the eshop more frequently there. i watch the updates evey week. its true. no pikmin keychains over here. no dream team promo gear. you got dr luigi half a month earlyer. i still want mario's super picross on my wii. where is bust a move universe? pocket football club looks fun. ect ect ect ect ect ect ect ect



hephiroth said:

This certainly paints an optimistic picture, but I worry that Nintendo won't deliver in the right way for this to succeed. As with any E3 appearance/presence, there's a really difficult balance to strike between coming off as a goofy shill and capturing the hearts and imaginations of gamers with the promise of that "next big thing that only your company can bring." Nintendo has certainly had its fair share of both ends of that spectrum, so a great hype video, while hilarious, isn't enough to sell me that they'll nail it.

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