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Wii Fit No Substitute For Real Exercise According To Academic Research

Posted by Liam Doolan

Includes all other forms of active gaming

Australians love being recognised globally for their sporting achievements. Be it their recent win over England in the Ashes, or Aussie golfer Adam Scott and his rise to number 2 in the world. It’s always a thrill to see a country of such a small population competing both fiercely and passionately on the world stage.

Australian’s love of sport doesn’t end there, either. It expands right through to sport research and science. The most recent being a research project from the Health Promotion Evaluation Unit at the University of Western Australia. Associate Professor Michael Rosenberg and his colleagues received a research grant from The Western Australian Health Promotion Foundation to develop a health rating scale for active video games.

Based on the research, Rosenberg found there was still little evidence to support the long-term benefits of relying on “exergaming” - a term popularised by Nintendo with the release of Wii Fit in 2006 - to improve health.

Early research conducted showed health benefits were present in the lab, but when placed in people’s homes, the novelty of it all quickly wore off. The research also found the creation and evolution of motion technology over time - including full movement devices such as Wii Fit and Microsoft’s Kinect - were improvements over previous exergaming devices which only utilised upper body movement.

The upside of all of this is that doing something is still better than doing nothing at all.

“At the very least [exergaming] will reduce the time you spend sitting,” according to Michael Rosenberg.

As further explained by Rosenberg, the main problem is people’s lack of motivation when it comes to active gaming. Based on research, these games are far less popular in homes when compared to the latest and more traditional gaming experiences.

So, what do you think about all of this? Are the findings stating the obvious, or is there some added truth in the matter? Has it otherwise enlightened you to the fact that your once-a-month Wii Fit U session is as good as useless?

With the above findings and research in consideration, do you think active gaming, particularly Nintendo’s recent announcement that it will soon be focusing on Quality of Life -including health and education – have a future?


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johndevine said:

Wii Fit U is okay as a method of tracking your weight.

But anybody that honestly thinks that doing the exercises in front of a TV is going to make them fitter needs to buy a copy of Brain Training in order to make themselves a bit smarter.



Prof_Clayton said:

I think Wii Fit is more of a tool to help you than an actual way to lose weight. If you plan to lose much weight fast by waggling a wii remote, you're crazy. But if you get it it may inspire you to start really exercising and using it as a tool.



meppi said:

So it doesn't work if people stop using it after a while?
/You don't say
SMH Great study!



Nintenjoe64 said:

So it's no real substitute for exercise because it is better than not exercising and doesn't work if you don't use it? All these studies (paid for by gym chains and running shoe manufacturers) try to blame the fact the user can cheat as the reason that Wii Fit isn't as good as real exercise. The same study could show that the gym or running doesn't work because of all the fat people you see in the gym or running.



Luke8400 said:

True the exercises it provides are low impact and probably won't help much if it's the only exercise you ever do, but I know it's definitely helped me track my progress towards a goal and stay accountable. It's a great tool and it doesn't claim to be the "end all be all" way to lose weight.



bouncer0304 said:

Interesting. Several UK studies have stated that Wii fit and the like has helped and someone like myself who can't do too much now due to health conditions has seen some benefit (since i've had the fit meter i've found i've walked more). We all know it's not as good as exercise but it's better than doing nothing. The free step on the wii fit may seem easy but the longer it goes on for, the harder it becomes. When i was fitter, i also found the health coach dance workout pretty good too and truth is i enjoyed that and now wii fit u more than being in a gym- i found it boring, i felt really uncomfortable and gave up my membership as i wasn't enjoying it. What they also need to consider is cost- now it's cheaper to buy a second hand wii plus a few fitness games than a few months pass at the gym and since money is tight, people will go for the cheaper option. Add in a few friends and there we go.
As i said, proper exercise is far better but there have been many sucess stories from people using wii fit, Zumba and the like so it shows they can be benficial. The fact that people are moving is something, and while it won't shed tons of weight, it can help. Truth is, you need to find something you enjoy and do it. As long as it gets you active, that's all that matters.



Fazermint said:

The title is misleading. It implies that Wii Fit is a non-working form of exercise. The problem with lack of motivation is external to the game, and hence the game cannot be dubbed useless. Motivation is a universal problem for exercise, and these "scientists" just wasted their government's money.



Vanya said:

The research project is a huge "duh". Any exercise takes effort. They even stated that they get results in the lab, but at home there is a lack of motivation. That is true for any kind of exercise. You could get all the equipment in the world at home, or get a membership at the most expensive gym, but if you aren't motivated it won't do any good.
It doesn't matter where you exercise as long as you're doing it right and regularly.



Marshi said:

@johndevine My 3 and a half stone lost through wii fit u would like to strongly disagree. Maybe you should not play brain training and perhaps just not assume you are right. That my friend,will make you smarter



johndevine said:

@Marshi you lost 3 and a half stone through playing Wii fit U??? Good man. lol.

Can you send me some before and after pics?

I'm sure you are looking wonderful these days.

Your intelligence must have reached the ceiling, I guess you have finished Brain Training.




element187 said:

We'll no shnizzle Sherlock. It's supposed to be supplemental to an existing exercise plan..... Wii Fit U is great for in between gym sessions as it's easy on the body, you can remain active even on a rest day.



mercurio2054 said:

@johndevine @Nintenjoe64 my wife 3 years a go use wii fit within one month of childbirth, and she lose a lot. she was very animated and committed with the game, like they say "the main problem is people’s lack of motivation when it comes to active gaming." if you start the game with no motivation and commitment you will be doing nothing.

Later she went to the gym and stop using the wii, now she make a combination of both with the wii fit u.
like @Fazermint and @Vanya say, is the motivation that you have... some time at the gym other people help you to get motivated.... of course gym and other kind of exercise can be more complete.



MAB said:

Nobody in Australia takes Western Aussies seriously... They're a lonely bunch of people all the way over on that side of the country



element187 said:

@johndevine I do yoga (Vinyasa yoga) and P90x in front of the TV. Are you saying I'm not burning calories? I beg to differ. Exercising in front of the TV is a very legitimate form of exercise, just because you slack off in front of the tv doesn't mean the rest of us cheat our exercise.



sub12 said:

Nobody takes Australia seriously, they are a lonely bunch of people in the middle of nowhere (south Pacific)!

The key phrase is "relying on exergaming".

Nothing beats actually getting off your @$$ and going for a run outside or hitting the gym + a solid diet.



johndevine said:

@mercurio2054 I totally agree that Wii Fit is good as a motivator.

The graphs that show your weight increase/decrease and the photographs of your face as you continue to lose weight are a great idea.

The game is a replacement for your bathroom scales, not a replacement for exercise.



element187 said:

@Fazermint these scientist didn't waste money, they produced the results that the people supplying the money wanted.

Government grants and studies paid for by companies are completely bogus. They only reflect what the buyer wants it to say. Otherwise that source of money will be cut off.... Take climate science, the studies we see is only what governments want us to believe, because governments use these studies as their justification of their policicies. Dr Richard Lindzen created the study of climatology back in the 70's at MIT, and his latest book details how the government grant scam works.



BertoFlyingFox said:

This is a complete waste, the study went from "does wii fit u promote health" to "the 5 people we gave it to dont use it, therefor it doesnt promote health".

It obviously helps with regular use. If you dont use it, it wont help. It isnt just a weight tracker, because the minigames could get your pulse going and the study even went as far as to say "health benefits were present in the lab". No need for brain training....just read the friggin' article >_>



citizenerased said:

@johndevine Because as soon as you do exercises in front of a TV, they stop being exercises? You're not making any sense. Have you even tried it out? How is doing 50 pushups in Wii Fit any different from doing 50 pushups in a workout at the gym? How is joggig in one place in front of your TV for 15 minutes, different from jogging on a treadmill at the gym for 15 minutes?

Of course, if you just play a couple of minigames that hardly require your body, it's not going to be very useful. But the potential is there.



Macarony64 said:

What a waste of online space this article is lol. This is a complementary game to workouts.



Einherjar said:

Wii Fit will never replace going to a gym and having excercises catered specially for you or even better, having a personal trainer.
But no one ever said it would. Wii Fit is not intendet to get you "buff" and well trained, it was invented to, well, get an keep you fit.

If used right and regularly, it can help in getting you into shape. If you want more, you can go to the gym AND use Wii Fit at home as a warm up.

There is more than enough proof and evidence that Wii Fit and even Wii Sports works. Wii Fit is more than enough to get everyone in a healthy shape, if you want to train more seriously, Wii Fit still is a good complimentary excercise programm.



Nintenjoe64 said:

@mercurio2054 I've lost weight while using Wii Fit but I mainly use it for flexibility and balance training because it makes me better at football. I think I usually lose weight when I stop using Wii Fit because doing the muscle workouts on Wii Fit works muscles I don't tend to easily work without it.

@johndevine If you think Wii Fit is just a set of scales, you are confusing 'Wii Balance Board' with 'Wii Fit'. Wii Fit obviously isn't a replacement for exercises that are more intensive than Wii Fit but if someone does no exercise before they play Wii Fit, they will find Wii Fit to be quite an intensive exercise regime. I've not seen a single person, regardless of their gym frequency and what they can lift, who is able to comfortably complete all of the muscle workouts of Wii Fit without practice.



johndevine said:

@citizenerased I have Wii Fit U, since release day actually.
I use it sometimes just to measure my weight.
I don't have scales.
My weight is not an issue.
If it ever was... I'm sure Wii Fit u would be a lifesaver.

Fact is, the game is a tool, just like a weight loss app on your phone.

I'm sure that statistically Wii U is probably one of the least successful weight loss "tools" going.



johndevine said:


I know what the balance board is. I don't know of any Bathroom scales that can detect pressure on different areas.

You are talking bollocks anyway, the Balance board doesn't have any weight measuring facilities unless you use Wii Fit.

Anyone that is defending Wii Fit U as a good weight loss tool, really needs to take a long hard look at themselves. Or even better, look out the window...

Fresh air and exercise are free and more beneficial than doing pointless activities in front of the TV.

I can finish EVERY Exercise on Wii Fit U. And you now know me



unrandomsam said:

Punch Out (Wii) with the balance board I think is better exercise.

It doesn't really matter how it is done. You could do wii fit with a 10kg dumbbell in each hand if you wanted and weights strapped to your feet.



LegatoSkyheart said:

I find this bit interesting considering I've seen news stories saying Dance Dance Revolution helped many obese kids get to normal levels plenty of times.



Fazermint said:

@element187 The legitimacy of funded research is questionable indeed. The point I was trying to make is that their result was already well known in motivation and exercise research.



Anguspuss said:

@LunaticPandora worked for me as well. one things I have great use for is
I have a wrecked shoulder & it does help in exercising with that. But as it is wii u fit is great for tracking your steps weight etc. Also it is a fun game if it gets someone strarted on the road to fitness who then go to gym swimming etc etc then it has done its job.



GunstarHero234 said:

Only game I use to lose pounds in is DDR which does help in full ways of the legs and body also makes me sweat and it's fun but i'm not going to say that DDR can make me fit over a real gym or whatever that keep me healthy fully.



unrandomsam said:

If you just want to lose weight the basic principle is eat less calories than you use.

500 calories twice a week then when you are at the weight change it to one day a week. My dad has just done it and now he is fighting fit. (Doesn't even take long).

I just go swimming. (Not like an addiction which going to the gym gets like for me).



AugustusOxy said:

WOW! And this just in, Wii-fit trainer is no substitute for a real character in Smash Bros.

Seems like she'll have to be taken out for more deserving characters! YAY!!!!



sr388survivor said:

This is kind of like when you stop drinking coke and drink Gatorade instead. People start telling you how Gatorade has too much sugar and you shouldn't drink it. lol.
It's better than nothing people. If you don't wanna use it, that's okay. No need to insult people and say they're stupid just because they find a use for it.



marck13 said:

You still need a developed and activated frontal lobe for gaining results with Wii Fit U, duhhh!
EVERY exercise depends on how serious you perform them. God knows I know sooo many people that go to a real gym and they barely push themselves ..some of them would be better off if they would go for a walk.



FantasiaWHT said:

But the same thing is true of traditional exercise. A lot of people start it (particularly in January with new years resolutions) and don't follow through.



beautifulstrong said:

quite frankly, getting sick of Nintendo"life" writing nothing but trash about the Wii u. just focus on what's working and positive about the system that has changed the way I play games and surf the net. don't care what some jackass study from the other side of the world said! ya, doesn't work when you don't use it, no S#!t Sherlock!!!



HappyHappyist said:

"I have Wii Fit U, since release day actually.
I use it sometimes just to measure my weight.
I don't have scales."

... so what your saying is, even though you don't even do the exercises, you are still going to say that the game doesn't work? even though a ton of other people are telling you that it worked for them? if you're going to argue against something like this, at least know what your talking about, because as of now, you know nothing other than your questionable prejudice on "exergames".
me personally, i've never played WiiFit, but i at least know that if i'm totally ignorant to something, and several people are telling me otherwise, i know there's a problem. maybe before saying the game doen't work, try it yourself before judging it based on how much the scales tell you how much you weigh.



Gonzo1 said:

I was always under the impression that any activity that causes a sweat is classed as exercise. Well doing the aerobic exercises on Wii Fit like the advanced Hula Hoop amongst others most certainly make you sweat.
Obviously if all your doing is the balance games or your not using it at all your not going to break up too much of a sweat.
Also I'd much rather my kids be having fun on Wii Fit rather than sat on their bums with a controller in their hands exercising their thumbs.



Phantom_R said:

I don't get it. So, push-ups with my hands on the floor build muscle, but push-ups with my hands on a Wii Balance Board do nothing?

Of course playing Wii Tennis isn't going to shed ten pounds in a week, and nor will cheating Wii Fit's mini-games. But if you use it as a guide for yoga, strength training, and aerobics, etc., then it's going to be a lot more helpful than "real life".



Fearsome said:

"Early research conducted showed health benefits were present in the lab, but when placed in people’s homes, the novelty of it all quickly wore off".
So its not saying the exercises on the WiiFitU are not effective, its saying that people just get bored with it. This could be said of any piece workout equipment one purchases. So the headline is incorrect.
I for one have the WiiFit U and the Wii U Fit Meter. I dare any one to try the push-up workout and the plank workout and tell me its not "real exercise" or any of the yoga workouts for that matter. Getting fit is about consistency and good eating habits. And I might add, the Wii FitU meter is definitely a motivator.



fortius54 said:

It's pretty sad someone actually paid them for this study. Anyone in their right mind would know the results of this study long before it ever began. For my next study, I would like to prove that eating chocolate for every me is bad for your teeth if you choose not to brush afterwards. I need a million dollars for this study.



johndevine said:

First of all you mean "you're" not your.

Secondly, I have played the games.
I've played them quite a bit (as games, not exercise aids)

Wii fit has some good games and is a great piece of software. It usually sells because dumb/fat people usually believe it will help them lose weight.

I however, am a gamer, that is why I have got the software. (I bought the Meter)

I have met (and work) with fat (non-gaming) people who have said that Wii Fit is great.
All these people have been fat since I first met them and don't look any slimmer since they got Wii Fit, (in most cases they are fatter) yet they always say about how good it is.

My guess it that these fat folks have bought the game, just in order to make themselves feel better.

They may enjoy it.... but the fact is that they are still fat.

If they were genuinely interested in doing exercise they should go outside.
People paying for fitness is one of the daftest ideas I have ever encountered.

Next you'll be telling me that bottled water can hydrate you more efficiently than tap water.

FACT is: The study stated: Wii Fit is No Substitute For Real Exercise According To Academic Research.



BertoFlyingFox said:

lol, the internet.

Fact is, fact is, fact is......that you have no facts @johndevine. No MATTER how many CAPS you USE. Even 50point font wont help.

The headline reads: Wii Fit is No Substitute For Real Exercise According To Academic Research.

The study stated: "Early research conducted showed health benefits were present in the lab, but when placed in people’s homes, the novelty of it all quickly wore off. The research also found the creation and evolution of motion technology over time".

Anyway, this was fun(ny). Done reading the comments of adult-infants with internet access. Enjoy the rest of your day NintendoLife!



unrandomsam said:

@johndevine The study stated nothing of the sort. Whether you are outside or not has no relevance. The only thing that makes you lose weight is taking in less calories than you use. People don't have very much willpower that is the problem. (Saying to yourself you will only play on your 3DS if you are using you cycle machine at the same time would work just as well. After a while a few hours a day wouldn't be a problem).



johndevine said:

@unrandomsam This argument is now as pointless as this article was.

The point remains: Wii Fit U is a good game/tool. I believe that it can help motivate someone who is already intent on becoming fit through other methods.

If you are a fat mess, who is lying in the house and considering losing weight. Then don't expect Wii Fit U to change your life.



MoonKnight7 said:

I feel like the comments are getting blown out of proportion, as this is just common knowledge. Wii Fit U is just a good motivator to encourage exercise. End of story.



Nico07 said:

I have a coworker that lost 80 lbs with a combination of Wii Fit, biking and diet. This study seems short sidded in my opinion as many of Wii Fit's excercises are effective. The key is motivation paired with diet and enough cardio.



rbmoura85 said:

@johndevine doing exercise in front of the tv is as good as doing it anywhere else...the problem is that doing it once a month is not enough



Captain_Toad said:

Wii fit being a replacement for exersize? Not likely.
Wii fit useless? Nope
It's all about motivation.



rbmoura85 said:

the article states that the problem is the low regularity with wich people use the game, not the game per se...moving your body is whats important and if you are disciplned and take the gaming sessions seriously, yes they help



unrandomsam said:

@bezerker99 Running 10 miles cannot compare to doing a triathlon. Or running 10 miles with a 80kg pack on your back. Or cross country skiing 50 miles.



johndevine said:

@mercurio2054 no... she OBVIOUSLY lost it with Wii Fit U.

Contact the Health Promotion Evaluation Unit at the University of Western Australia and tell them that your wife is living proof that they are wrong.

Once you have done that:
Get your kids Brain Training and they will end up at Oxford and probably become Barristers.

Maybe if you play more Mario you'll grow facial hair and jump higher.



Turbo857 said:


Dude, I'm living proof that Wii Fit U can replace regular exercise because the only exercises I do is on Wii Fit U.... and I've lost 12 lbs. The only thing I do outside of Wii Fit U is walk to work.

My routine consists of Free run (30 min), Free Boxing (15 min), Single leg reach (20 reps each leg), Single arm stand (20 reps each arm), and Ultimate Obstacle course (advanced). I have 2 other routines which consists of Yoga exercises and Planks (90 seconds), Single Leg Extension (20 reps each leg), Lunges (15 reps each leg) and Core Lunge (advanced). Not trying to toot my own horn but in addition to my weight loss, I've become very fit as well.

With 77 exercises, if a person can't lose weight with the software they are simply not using it they way it was intended. I'm not sure how credible this University of Western Australia is but they clearly do not know what they are talking about and obviously didn't test the software extensively.

And for you to keep telling people over the course of 3 hours that it wasn't Wii Fit U that was responsible for their weight loss, makes me believe that even Brain Training might not be enough help you.



Nintendelb said:

It's obvious that the problem isn't Wii Fit, but the fact that we can turn it on or off at any point, and many players lack the self-discipline to go through long fitness routines with the software. Instead, many decide to stick with the three exercises they like the most for a quick and simple 'workout' and then turn it off.

So, for coming to that groundbreaking conclusion, I am surely assured a job at the Health Promotion Evaluation Unit at the University of Western Australia, aren't I?



ACK said:

Stupidest study ever. This isn't about the potential health benefits at all. This is about motivation to exercise. There are too many factors to consider when you take that motivation into account. It has little to do with the game and everything to do with your chosen sample of subjects as well as the study parameters. I don't even understand how this qualifies as a study...



Azaris said:

exercise is exercise might as well say "lifting weights isn't real exercise"



LztheQuack said:

Indeed. Wii Fit (U) was designed to help you exercise and promote more active life styles. Wii Fit also promotes other benefits like warm up exercises and stretching.



Senario said:

So...Wii fit doesn't provide exercise if people aren't motivated to exercise...? Sounds like regular exercise, you don't lose weight if you aren't motivated to do that either. Doesn't feel as if this study actually is scientific in measuring the benefits of each activity since it completely invalidates itself by saying a person wouldn't have motivation for Wii fit but somehow would for regular exercise.



ACK said:

To elaborate on the implied benefits, Wii Fit U can contribute to and improve an exercise regimen, no doubt. For example, many people do pushups, crunches, yoga, etc in their living room to help stay in shape. Wii Fit U encourages proper form, exposes users to a variety of techniques, and tracks performance for improvement. Even if, say, someone uses Wii Fit U for a few weeks and stops, chances are they are more aware of their body form, control, and posture as they are active/exercising. Additionally, it would be hard not to pick up a few new routines or techniques in the process.

An important element of exercise is change. Maintaining a similar routine for extended periods will reduce the benefits. Incorporating a new regimen in and of itself can be a significant help to producing results. And this is where Wii Fit U excels. With such a large variety of exercises, it's a solid resource for kick-starting a routine by developing new regimens, gauging your ability, and holding your execution accountable.

If someone can maintain a determined Wii Fit U routine, the results will be significant, no doubt. But the real advantage to Wii Fit U is it's more fun than reading a fitness book, or watching a workout video, while providing many if the same benefits, and more. Of course, it's always up to the reader, viewer, or player to use that information to their benefit.

(As an aside, I'm curious if this study looked at the maintenance rates of books and videos, as well. My perception is that no piece of media is going to make a impact if the user isn't determined to get fit on their own accord.)



Shadow_Chad6982 said:

Wii fit is the only form of exercise I get, I even make sure to do it at least every week if not every day. I like to believe it works, considering that I helped a friend move and out of 6 people I was the only one who wasn't saying something about his back (nothing changed in the way I lift, which usually did hurt my back). I told them Wii Fit was to thank.



unrandomsam said:

@3MonthBeef I am still hoping that is some type of implant which allows you to keep playing games whilst your body is asleep. (Clawing those hours back would the best possible thing for quality of life).



lacaras4 said:

So if you don't have the motivation to exercise, you won't still get the benefits from it? NO WAI.



jakysnakydx said:

I'm having a really hard time understanding why Wii Fit U isn't 'actual exercise'. Some of the balance games aren't exercise but that's because they are BALANCE games. We sem to forget that Wii Fit's real aim was oriented around posture and lifestyle not getting slim, fit and sexy. It's about activity and doing somethi8ng over nothing. Athletes aren't going to get the same effects by switching from their grueling track and gym exercises,. but the average person using Wii Fit U for an hour a day is going to find some great life changes! It's helped me, many of my friends and many I've met via the internet.



ACK said:

Thinking about it, I have to express my disappointment in this article. With an inaccurate, sensationalized headline, pitifully incongruous info, a poor summary, and questionable sourcing at the very core... The question has to be asked, who is this article serving?

Sorry, this "study" is hardly worthwhile news and doesn't belong on this website as currently reported.



Squiggle55 said:

They basically said Wii Fit doesn't work if you stop playing it. How is that interpreted as Wii Fit doesn't work?



ACK said:

@Squiggle55 Indeed, and how does that extrapolate to "Wii Fit is no substitute for real exercise"?

Incredibly poor study compounded by sloppy reporting.



Darknyht said:

Wii Fit U is a tool like all the other activities out there. I use it because it is the best fit for what I am looking for (low impact to go with walking).

People buy gym memberships all the time and don't use them. Why do you think most gyms make you sign up for a year and make it more difficult than cell phone companies to get out of the plans?



LoveSugoi said:

Breaking news: Exercising in front of the TV doesn't work if you're not motivated enough to actually do the exercises. Many suspect this recent phenomenon may also extend to other forms of exercise. Details at 11.



MeWario said:

The Aussie cricket teams a joke (England's just more of a joke), they suck at tennis, soccer and their rugby teams pathetic. The golden age of Aussie sport is well and truly over - just thought you should know!



mamp said:

Well I have 3 friends with Wii Fit they liked it for about a couple of weeks, now it just lays put away beneath their beds.



DarkKirby said:

Australia and it's anti gaming laws can go screw themselves.

That said, I don't think anyone with common sense would think "active gaming" beats standard exercise of cardio and/or weightlifting, assuming you are challenging yourself. And with ANY form of exercise, for those who need it, the effect of the exercise only lasts as long as you keep doing it, eat healthy, etc., so the argument that people will stop using "active games" when they get bored with them is no different then people quitting exercise and diets because it's difficult and boring.

Active gaming for sure will be better exercise than doing nothing at all or playing non "active" video games. So this research is a waste of time and money for what? So some researchers can flap their mouths "proving" something anyone with common sense already knew? That many people stop doing things when they get difficult or bored with them,as if normal exercise was somehow exempt from that (it isn't, if normal excercise and dieting was enjoyable for most, hardly anyone anywhere would be out of shape)?



Sean_Aaron said:

Wait, you mean if you don't maintain some kind of a routine exercise doesn't have any benefit? Who knew? Thankfully someone funded this worthwhile research to educate the world - hallelujah!



swordx said:


jogging in one place and jogging on a treadmill are entirely different because you are required to push forward when on a treadmill. But I do agree, Wii Fit is good for excersising. Take it from someone who runs 4-6 miles a day on average.



R_Champ said:


LOL. I feel the same way about gluten. Everyone thinks that it's Satan's own, but apparently only 2 out of 10 people who refuse to eat Gluten actually have an negative reaction to it. Everyone else it's just a problem of overeating...go figure.



xevious said:

I don't get this. I mean, it's about how much you play it, right? If you do a series of push-ups and squats in the game 20 times per day + other stuff, I'm sure you will become more fit. It's certainly better, than not doing any exercise at all.



DinoFett said:

Agreed, If this product can help start someone begin a personal fitness program then this should a good beginning. Nintendo seems to be the only game company with any kind of health system.



Varoennauraa said:

This is so silly, that I cannot think any other reason for it, than propaganda/fud. It is really simple; if it makes you sweat, it makes you fit.

And WiiFit does make you sweat by making you do quite real push ups, abs, aerobic exercises and etc. With the Wii Fit Meter it also encourages you to jog to work/shop and later convert the exercise from those trips into graphs, that help you follow your progress and also cheer you to push your limits. It even compares your burned calories with food. I was going to treat my self with a chocolate bar, but unfortunately my exercise today leaves me peanuts and fruits for evening snack. Tomorrow I must really work for that chocolate!!!

I didn't read the sources, but the researchers probably didn't play WiiFit, and it was probably the media(and gaming industry) who put the WiiFit into headlines, probably to make absolutely sure, that this worrying, sweat inducing, WiiFit phenomenon does not catch fire again; it might make people buy Wii U.

Wii Fit U = real exercise. Your fitness will improve and your muscles will grow. And it is fun too.



GreatPlayer said:

I just spent $100 for Wii Fit U. I am not even thinking that Wii Fit U will help me losing a ton of weight - I just want a more active life while playing video games. I hope that playing video games will translate to more active lifestyle.



Varoennauraa said:

What real world is that?

I'm trying to aim somewhere in between of those, in the "eat normally, eat what you need and stay healthy" -level. I cannot lose too much weight, or I get too thin and die. I could actually get a bit more weight.



HappyHappyist said:

wow, you're going to sharpshoot my minor spelling errors so that you can undermine my point that you clearly understood so that you could underline your own point? clever b**tard. you have my applause.

and exercise in front of a TV is just as good as anywhere else. why and how does location impact how much weight you lose? so by your logic, if i watch an exercising CD on my TV and do the activities, i won't lose any weight because i'm in front of my TV? oh wait, i understand what you mean now; exercising in my bedroom is more effective than in front of my TV, right? no wait, i should have known that if i want to lose the most weight, the bathroom is the best place to be. thanks for the weight tips.

and if you want to lose weight, exercise isn't all you have to do. you also have to eat healthy. i bet your fat friends play Wii fit a lot, and judging on how effective the game has been to all these people in the comments, i bet they lost some weight. however, is it at all possible that they could still eat too much junk/ fatty food? if a fat guy exercises, but still eats everything on the McDonalds menu and a diet coke (because duh, he's trying to lose weight), he's not going to lose any weight, he's going to gain weight. i don't care how much you exercise with any software, it won't work.

finally, people must be willing to lose weight. if i go to the gym and try to lose weight, i need to commit to it or else nothing will happen.



LeafJounin said:

I've been reading Nintendolife for years, so I can believe THIS is the article that finally made me register so I can comment. So many people have already stated it correctly. OF COURSE if you don't do something, it won't work...just like going to the gym.

That aside though. Wii fit very much is real exercise. Unless you're already a fitness junkie, I would wager that Wii Fit is near-universally more appealing than going to the gym, and you can't disprove evidence: it's worked for scores of people.

The cardio exercises are just as effective as jogging or any piece of athletic equipment. The fact that you can set how long you want to do them really helps it to achieve that. More over, the yoga and weight training exercises show you the proper form for execution, which is something you might really botch and hurt yourself without the game.

Unless the only thing you consider "exercise" is using a weight training machine, then yes, Wii Fit is REAL exercise and DOES work.




Varoennauraa said:

Ok, after particularly sweaty Wii Fit U exercise, I checked the sources, and Wii Fit is not mentioned there.

What Is Going On, gaming "media"? Who put the Wii Fit in the headline? Can't let Wii U have anything positive attached into it? Who pays your salary?



GreatPlayer said:

@Liam_Doolan I think there is an misunderstanding of research findings. What Michael said was that playing Wii Fit is no substitute of REGULAR exercise, due to players' poor adherence rate to Wii Fit programme. However, doing REGULAR exercise requires equivalent, if not more, strong level of motivation, and many people with initial resolution to regular exercises fall out also. Therefore, it is unfair to compare normal Wii Fit players with individuals engaging in regular exercise. The comparison will be more fair, for example, if the comparison target is people who play Wii Fit REGULARLY (i.e., excluding those players who fall out the Wii Fit exercise regime).

Do you agree?

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