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Platinum Games Producer Hates "Pedantic Port-Begging" Regarding Bayonetta 2

Posted by Damien McFerran

"We heard you. We get it."

Platinum Games Creative Producer JP Kellams has taken to Twitter to voice his displeasure at people who continue to ask when Bayonetta 2 is coming to a Sony or Microsoft console.

Bayonetta 2 is currently a Nintendo exclusive, and is likely to remain that way as Nintendo itself has invested money in its development.

However, Kellams explains that he is reluctant to post anything about the forthcoming game on the company's Facebook account because of fans demanding a version for their particular system:

It's understandable that fans of the original game who only happen to own a PlayStation or Xbox will want to play this sequel, but it's not the first time that a game has been exclusive to a single system, and it certainly won't be the last. The answer at this stage appears to be simple: if you want to play Bayonetta 2, get a Wii U.

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Volmun said:

ha the beggar fans need to just stop thay have explained WHY its a WiiU exclusive LOTS of time's yet it just falls on deth and ignorent ears.



matirishhh said:

I'm glad Nintendo did this. They should be investing in more exclusive IPs for adults



SetupDisk said:

@DAMO I just got up so maybe I am reading this wrong but shouldn't the last paragraph say fans who played the original on other systems would want the sequel on that system. If they never owned a PS or Xbox they wouldn't have owned the first.



KeeperBvK said:

"It's understandable that fans of the original game who don't happen to own a PlayStation or Xbox will want to play this sequel"

That should read people who ONLY own a Playstation or Xbox.



Nintenjoe64 said:

I have an idea for a campaign to get Bayonetta 1 ported to Wii U.....

1. Buy W101
2. Make a player post wishing for Bayo1 (and if they add Wii to Miiverse, buy MadWorld and do the same)



Einherjar said:

I hate it when a "fanbase" gets so out of controll.
Without nintendo, there wouldnt be a Bayonetta 2 at all. Get that into your heads already. And if you want that game so badly, just get yourself a WiiU and let the devs do their work without you making it a hassle for them.
It saddens me to see that a developer refrains to post about his game because behave like idiots.
Go pester Naughty Dog for making their stuff PlayStation exclusive. And still, no one does it.
@matirishhh Nintendo should generally invest more into new exclusive IPs. The "for adults" part isnt even that important i think.
But with a market that gets more and more homogenous when it comes to releases, having strong exclusives is the way to go. And nintendos 1st party IPs are a very strong point, but it needs fresh air.
@Nintenjoe64 Didnt some people already start a petition for that ? Platinum said that they would be cool to port it but that it is up to nintendo to greenlight it.



CaviarMeths said:

Nintendo just can't win, lol.

They scoop this game out of the trash after SEGA didn't want anything to do with it, fund it completely, promise to deliver a true sequel that fans will love, as well as the prospect of having adult-orientated exclusive IP for the Wii U, and all the fanbase knows how to do is crap all over N's face and accuse them of "ruining" the series.




If people want to play Bayonetta 2, they'll need to buy Wii U. I know everyone likes different titles, so it's ironic that a common statement of Wii U critics is, "Wii U is not worth it for one game."



Worthy said:

I agree and considering that it's Sony and Microsoft fans that are doing it, I reckon Platinum games should punish them further... BY MAKE ALL YOUR GAMES WII U EXCLUSIVE, LOL!!



AlexSora89 said:

At the same time, the WiiU won't get the first Bayonetta.
PS360 fans got their non-Nintendo game and told us Ninty fans to deal with it, right? Good. Now it's their turn.



Emblem said:

I think Nintendo needs to do more investment in games outside of their main IPs.



Buduski said:

Oh sweet irony, the "hardcore gamers" aren't happy that Nintendo is getting an M rated exclusive? Too bad LMAO! 2014 is gonna be a good year for Nintendo, Wii U & 3DS!



belmont said:

I will have this game in mind. It looks like God of War in the above trailer that is good (or bad depending on your personal taste). I have the first game on PS3. They said it has glitches and bugs but I don't see any... I don't see anyone buying a Wii U for just this game though. And can we be sure that this game won't appear as a director cut edition on two years in the PS4?



PokeTune said:

Well I can't really blame them for wanting the game on superior systems but it ain't gonna happen so, stop.



MrGawain said:

Accept it: explaining economics and how to be successful in business is very hard to do to 90% of gamers.



Burning_Spear said:

Nintendo partially sponsored Bayonetta 2. How can anyone not understand that the game won't appear on competing consoles?



WebHead said:

Seriously just buy the console if you need the game that badly. Nintendo backing is the only reason the game is even coming out.



AJWolfTill said:

This is the one time Wii U (only) gamers don't have to grovel for a big 3rd party release. Deal with it folks. Must admit from the title I thought they were saying stop asking for the first one on Wii U.



High-T said:

If Bayonetta 2 have good sales number my bet is that the first one will also get released at a cheaper price. Looking forward to this one as the original Bayonetta was one of my favourite games on the X360.



ricklongo said:

This was one of Nintendo's smartest moves regarding third-parties for the Wii U. I hope they get encouraged and started doing it more.



ikki5 said:

I always laugh at people who complain and say Nintendo is bad and yet, they will beg for Nintendo games to be released on their console.... Sorry, it is just this reminds me of the people who refuse to buy Nintendo and then go on about saying how Nintendo is dead and should go software only and release Multiplat.



mostro328 said:

I want uncharted and halo on nintendo when is that going to happen....they need to stop crying without nintendo there would be no bayonetta will u play next?



Mr_Nose said:


I wonder what's going through the mind of the pilot of that aircraft?



FineLerv said:

It's the exact same situation as people begging for a Wii U port of Bayonetta 1.



Spoony_Tech said:

Perhaps this will also move a few Wii U's!? All I want is a release date already though. Like was said it has been over a year now.



element187 said:

@Volmun you are expecting intelligence out of these idiots?

These "fans" had their chance to buy Bayonetta 1 on their systems and they failed to buy enough copies to warrant SEGA to green light another one. How much you want to bet that these so called "fans" of the franchise didn't even buy the first one and are just angry Sony or Microsoft fans that are mad that Nintendo owners now have something they used to have

"How dare Platinum Games give Nintendo owners this game, we had the first one, this isn't fair waahhhhhhhh waaaahhhh... No I didn't buy the first one but still it's the concept of Nintendo owners getting something we had and now don't waahhhhhhhh"

I can't believe people are so clueless as not to understand how this industry works. Whoever pays the development of the game gets to dictate how and where it sells. Period. Nintendo decided to fund it to start building a small collection of hardcore titles for their consoles,, and reviving a series that was just thrown in the trash by SEGA that both Sony a and Microsoft turned down the offer to pay for the development.

Real fans of the series would buy a Wii U when Bayonetta 2 is released, not just sit there and take snipes at the developer for their own inability to grasp how this industry works. Pathetic console warriors sit and port beg.



elstif said:

A lot of 3rd party companies have no plans to release games for the Wii U and that´s only because they don´t want to (EA being one of the largest). If I want to play the next NFS I might have to buy a PS4 to play it and that will be EA fault not because it is exclusive to Sony.
Nintendo funded Bayonetta 2, they´ll have some rights over it and they will never give that up to their competitors.

At the end of the day we gamers are the ones suffering from this. It will be very nice for us to just buy one system to play all the games we want but that´s how this market is working now.

I got a Wii U for Nintendo games mostly but it sucks that there´s no plans for many 3rd party in the near future and I might miss a few good games. People going the other consoles will miss 1 good game and I´m very happy about it.



Goginho said:

@ikki5 Good, cuz that would be pretty low, and Nintendo has put up with being degraded like that enough times. So time for them to exclusively have something the 'dudebros' want



element187 said:

@belmont no, Nintendo would have never agreed to pay for marketing, distributing, publishing and development costs if they didn't make both P* and SEGA agree to the terms of giving Ninty full control over Bayonetta 2.... This isn't a sale of the IP, but a sale and full control of "Bayonetta 2" and only Bayonetta 2. Part 3 can be made and put wherever Sega would like, but Ninty controls part 2 and knowing Nintendo, they never ever let a game they are publishing go to anything other than Wi U.

I'm sure there will be a port in the future. I can see this getting ported to Nintendo's next handheld and remaining exclusive to that device as well.



element187 said:

"Accept it: explaining economics and how to be successful in business is very hard to do to 90% of gamers."

@MrGawain couldn't agree more.the consumers of the VG industry could rattle off every GOTY, every anticipated title being released, but they can't seem to figure how money is actually made in the industry... They are completely blissfully unaware of the industry collapse on the horizon. So forget explaining how exclusivity works.

These port baggers honestly believe Platinum has a choice in the matter. That hotshot developers choose where their games go. No, the publishers hold all of the power and Sega, Sony, and Microsoft all said no to green lighting this game.



rjejr said:

For those looking for a similar comparison:

Shenmue 2 only released in the US on the Xbox after the first released on the Dreamcast. I still haven't played 2.



Bryon15 said:

@Worthy That might actually happen. Platinum Games did say that they were interested in being a second party developer for Nintendo.



Peach64 said:

I hope this pays off for Nintendo and they sell a lot of Wii U's, but I just can't see it. That group of fans is vocal but obviously not huge or Bayonetta would have not sold as poorly as it did. 100 people posting on your FB page would annoy you, but 100 sales is insignificant.



MadAdam81 said:

@elstif There's always been console exclusives, in fact I reckon there are less exclusives now than ever in history. Once upon a time there were no multiplatforms, then there were just a few, which were generally 3rd party arcade ports. Now, there are so many multiplatform games, including PC and all or almost all consoles and handhelds.
No-one said Sega should bring Sonic to the SNES, or begged for a 3rd party exclusive to he ported to their favourite - they played it at a friends if they couldn't save up and buy the console and all the exclusives they wanted.
People think that their consumer dollar means something and a business should jump through hoops to receive any of it.



Gamer_Natalie said:

Fans need to suck it up. I love what Nintendo is doing with Bayonetta and honestly it makes me happy and cry to watch the xbox and ps fans whining about not getting it. I wish the best for this game and I hope Nintendo continues to aggrovate other console fans. It makes my day



matirishhh said:

@Einherjar True. Reason I mentioned Adult games is that Nintendo should grow up along with their aging audience. I was a boy when I got NES, not I'm 30 years old and still play Nintendo. I would love to see our favouirte IPs becoming more mature though. Exclusives are very important, that is why I have all SONY and NINTENDO consoles.



Anclation said:

These crybabies should just stop whining and get Wii Us already, right now the console is cheaper and has more worthwhile exclusives than their precious PS4s and Xbones.



Einherjar said:

@matirishhh I have no idea why a certain franchise needs to mature. Does it become better when its, say, darker, edgier and more gritty ? What defines "mature" ? The amount of violence ? Sexual themes ?
The thing is, i love nintendo especially for the fact, that they keep their franchises intact.
Look at Jak & Daxter. The first game was a lighthearted collect a thon platformer. The second one had the urge to add guns, slavery and overall darker themes. Was it "mature" ?
On the other hand, i have nothing against games catered more towards a more mature audience from the get go. But "maturing" a far as im concerned, it never did anything good.



WiiWillRockU said:

Funny timing. I just read an article at Huffingtonpost from a guy complaining about xBox1 not doing anything xBox360 is capable of, like streaming music and looking at pics. His sole reason for not returning it is Battlefield 4. He wrote that even though the voice chat is off and the game seems to crash every hour he loves playing Battlefield. In essence, he paid at least $500(U.S.) to play one game. Some people are making the same argument for Bayonetta 2. Just buy the system to play that game. I just don't see spending that kind of money for one or even a few games. I want a Wii U, but not for Bayonetta. The Nintendo first party games are there, but not third party. I really liked some of the Wii exclusives like Madworld, Zack & Wikki, and Boom Bloxs. I still think of No More Heroes as a Wii/Nintendo franchise. I can understand the producer's frustration. I feel it, too.



skywake said:

Exclusives are not a new thing even with Nitnendo's platforms and "core" games. I don't remember the same level of whine when the Wii got Red Steel, MadMen, No More Heroes and Xenoblade. I equally don't remember the same whine about The Last of Us, Uncharted or Halo and Gears of War.

That's just how things are, if you want to play the games you invest in the platform that has them. If they don't want to invest in the platform then clearly they're not that interested in the game



Clipo said:

You know what?, I'm tired of the double standard of the actual "hardcore gamers". They become mad about Bayonetta 2 exclusivity from nintendo, but they jumped in happiness because killer Instinct would be exclusive for Microsoft.



belmont said:

@element187 Exactly. That's why I was talking about "Bayonetta 2.5" or "Bayonetta 2 Directors Cut". There are examples when Microsoft or Sony paid third parties for games that essentially were released in rival platforms. Mass Effect 1 is the first that comes to mind. Personally I don't care what happenes with Bayonetta 2 but the topic is interesting.

@Einherjar To me a "mature" game uses plot elements to tell a story that cannot target children because it will be suggestive to them or they simply could not understand it properly. Silent Hill and Xenogears are some classic titles that fit in the above idea. I would like for Ninty (and any developer really) to try to "mature" some IP or create new in the above sense. I personally like playing games in the above sense.



matirishhh said:

@Einherjar Mature doesn't mean violent or means approaching emotional and difficult subjects which we can touch through the special media like games. Look at GONE HOME, FEZ, FLOWER, JOURNEY... very mature games even though they don't look that way. They have a second bottom. I love Nintendo games but I'm a bit sick and tired of looking for a princess in another castle...I would rather look for empathy, serenity and love...
BTW I'm huge fan of MGS series because of the fact that I can finish the game with no kills and be proud of it!



Blast said:

HAHAHAH!!! Its just one game!!! Get over it. Sony and Microsoft are getting wayyy more 3rd party support than Wii U is so get over it.



Aozz said:

why? get the console it not really that bad fanboys just get the wii u witch is $300 but yet you fanboys get ps4 and xbone witch are $400 & $500 witch both cost MORE then wii u (-__-)



Volmun said:

@element187 nah i dont expect thes so calld "Fan's" to have inteligance as iv seen then say the 1st was "crap" and like watching a em.. "adolt happy time film" so what bayonetta gets nude... you dont see enithing -_- but eaniway seen the same ppl who sed that epic rage that Nintendo owners get the 2nd game its pathetic. i just wish thayd understand why its excluciv inseted of endluly complaning (as you have explained i did know tge reason befor btw but not fully indepth i just knew nintendo was the only one who funded it i didnt know Sega had given up on it) i mean its not even like WiiU is all that expenciv... there is ppl who buy a PS3 for PS HOME!! not kidding.. thats all some ppl play...



Einherjar said:

@matirishhh @belmont BUt would that really work with most of nintendos 1st party IPs ? Zelda could definitly use a richer plot, yes. But definitly not in a elder scrolls way. I think the way TP portrayed it was a step in the right direction. Metroi is another good example that it doesnt need "epic proportions" to get the point across. The original Metroid canon is pretty grim and serious if look at it a bit deeper, finishing with a very clever plot full of twists and turns in "fusion".
But mario and a deeper, more "mature" storyline ? That wouldnt fit at all. And on the other hand, many mario RPGs have pretty serious plots, just not on the first look.
The recent Kid Icarus - Uprising is another great example: Lighthearrted, funny and still a serious story with exceptionally well written characters and dialog.
Not every game needs to be an artsy, deep and meaningfull "adventure into the meaning of life" To be honest, a fun game should stay a fun game and focus all of its attention to gameplay. Deeper storys are better suited for RPGs and Adventures.



ACK said:

It's just people hating on Nintendo and Wii U. They aren't fans. Only haters.



BossBattles said:

Today's average gamer is no gamer, just a spoiled brat with no knowledge of the reality around him.



seronja said:

just shut up & never port it to any other console... i bought a wii u only because of bayonetta 2 & my love for PlatinumGames Inc. products like the wonderful 101 & madworld wich are all exclusive to Nintendo, so i want it to stay that way too



Beechbone said:

Every Wii U core gamer should pick this game at launch to prove that this exclusive was worth Nintendo's while.



shonenjump86 said:

Bayonetta is one of my favorite games on 360. It's the MAIN reason I got a Wii U. I'm looking forward to Bayonetta 2 more than anything else on Wii U. One thing I don't get though, I read some post that said the game is being published by Nintendo and won't come to other systems. I get that... But Ninja Gaiden 3 Razors Edge was published by Nintendo as well, and that made the jump to other systems.



JimLad said:

@skywake The difference is all those games stayed on the platforms they debuted on. For the few fans Bayonetta had, it can't be easy knowing the sequel will cost them £350 to play, no matter who's fault it is.



Sanquine said:

@element187 Hey dude,

I'm a sony fan and i played this game. Doesn't mean i'm one of those fans I bought a Wii U just for this sort of games ( Platinium games is one big reason to invest in a Wii U) . This doesn't mean every fan is some whining a**hole



sadsack777 said:

well if u get sony and xbox owners wanting this game they should have got sony @ xbox to fund it like Nintendo did so then it would be on all three next gens but I must say Nintendo do care for there fans sorry



sadsack777 said:

@Blastoise-san right so that's what u think lets just see ho and just to let u know a good thew of ps4@xbone1 games are just ports from the old consouls kept on the shelf till they came out the games was just twicked a little sorry



Senario said:

@matirishhh Even so it is merely a descriptive term that doesn't make anything inherently better by having it. To describe it as a term of approval instead is just a sign of being unable to enjoy good experiences. And besides, Majora's mask was very mature and same with xenoblade.



AltDotNerd said:

But how me, a Sony/Xbox fan, play Bayonetta 2? It's like Nintendo intended this to be an exclusive so people would buy a Wii U!



Blue_Yoshi said:

Ya see, people hate on Nintendo all the time and cry when an exclusive sequel appears on its system. It happened with Resident Evil 4 and it's happening now, unfortunately this time Platinum Games can't screw Nintendo over.



PokeTune said:

@element187 First of all the specs for Wii U have never been confirmed(in terms of GPU power anyway) and I meant X1 and PS4 not 360 and PS3.



Die2Distroy said:

@Blue_Yoshi I don't think they want to back out on Nintendo either, from what I've heard, Platinum Games wants to port Bayonetta 1 over, aswell as wanting to work exclusivly for Nintendo. Who can blame them? Nintendo paid the funds to make Bayonetta 2 possible, haven't played the first one but will consider it if Wii U gets a port. And to think people complain about Nintendo only have kiddy games and no games worth buying. XD



FabioSMASH said:

Way to alienate fans (and future consumers) of the franchise. Most developers would kill to have the problem of a strong following of supporters requesting their product appear on multiple platforms.
So, settle down, Mr. Kellams. Tell your followers: "thank you very much for the continued support", and realize not everyone can afford multiple game systems.



ultraraichu said:

It seems like every time nintendo gets an exclusive (even if it's 1st party retro), other platform owners want it on their system even if they already have a stronger lineup of third-party games.

Ex. PS360 owners got Resident Evil 5, RE5 gold edition, RE6, and Operation Racoon City, Nintendo got RE: Revelations which was then ported to other platforms. Even Resident Evil Chronicles was ported to PS3 as a HD bundle. I can say Nintendo have The Mercenaries 3D but that's putting it loosely.

The luxury some gamers have.



belmont said:

@Einherjar In fact Metroid is the IP I had in mind. It has already a somewhat darker tone and you actually care about the plot in some of the games with Fusion the first coming to mind. Zelda could offer a more serious game but I sort of got tired with it with the boring stories of more recent games. However a game that somewhat belongs to what I consider "serous plot with mature themes" is Link's awakening, a game I love. I still remember this epic adventure and the debate over the story. Something like this could do the trick. I don't know if it was really planned from the developers. Obviously you cannot make a "mature" Mario game (excluding one or two of the rpg games) due to its pick up and play nature. It may be because I have gotten older but those games don't appeal to me as they used to. I want to "fell" the adventure in my games and this is simpler in huge worlds in rpg or adventure games.

In the end of the day Ninty has the recourses and experience to create a "mature" game. It is obvious that they don't want because they want the "child and family image" preserved (that's why they killed letterbox) something that it is sooo wrong. They wait for second and third party developers to offer those games however Bayonetta 2 is not one of them in my opinion.

@ShadowFox254 I wasn't sure if the 360 version is buggy but I don't have a 360 anyway. I am mostly SEG ... e Sony and Nintendo gamer .



Excep7ional said:

I remember when this was announced to be a NIntendo exclusive. Oh man people raged so hard, lol I thought it was funny. Being mostly a Sony/Microsoft guy at that time, I didn't really care because I never played the game. So it was all good. Maybe I'll get a Wii U, for this, Smash Bros, Zelda, X, a new Metroid and Tropical freeze, but that won't be for a long while.



Einherjar said:

@belmont To be honest, my opinion is the exact opposite. I love it when a game tries nothing more than beeing a game. And it shouldnt need to be more. Not everything needs to be inflated to become a massive epic with proportions completely out of scale.
Im not saying that these games are bad by default, not at all, but not every game needs to be something like that.
As much as i love Links Awakening, its plot is in no way deeper or more meaningful than any other title, maybe with the exception of Majoras Mask. Nintendo always focuses much more on the game aspect itself and to be honest, in my opinion, its their biggest strong point.
While others try to make their games as epic and big as possible, most of them simply fall flat on the gameplay part. With nintendos games, its mostly the other way around. You have rock solid games with a narrative, that just gets the job done, nothing more, nothing less.
Again, take the elder scrolls for example and cut anything story related out of them. What you have is a lootfest hack and slay alá Diablo only less action oriented. These games LIVE by their rich and expansive lore and story and thats a good thing. But not every game needs to fulfill that need. You cant please anyone: The story enthusiast and the person who cherishes quick and uncomplicated gameplay. But the letter is declining. Even racing games need to have an expansive open world nowadays. Like i said, it isnt bad per se, but its also not everyones cup of tea.
If zelda offers you too little then find something that suits your needs. There are plenty other choices in action RPGs with much richer plots and storys.
I like it that nintendos games are for the most part vastly different than the industry standard. I like it that they dont overload a Zelda game with story and lore because you can focus on whats important, the gameplay itself.
If gameplay does not matter at all, then i can always read a book. I know, that comparison is as old as the internet itself, but its true.
Games other than full blown RPGs and Adventures shouldnt be overloaded with story, cutscenes, textboxes etc. They simply dont need them.
But like i said in the beginning, that is MY opinion on the matter. And its a matter of taste, so there simply is no right or wrong



belmont said:

@Einherjar Point taken I totally get you point. I haven't player elder scrolls since friends told me it is buggy on PS3 but I clearly understand your point. In the end of the day (provided the game is not broken) I would choose and epic scaled mature story over totally solid gameplay and I like the cinematic or anime cutscenes. I forgot about Majora's Mask, it clearly has mature themes and a gloomy dark world and I enjoyed it. In Link's Awakening I kept playing because I so much wanted to explore and see the true nature of the island while I gave up A Link To the Past and Wing Weaker because they were sort of "save a princess" and "kill a big guy that wants to destroy the world for no reason" and returned to beat them way later. However you are right that more gameplay oriented games are needed, it is just most of them will not be of my liking

@matirishhh This is why I love Metal Gear. Very serious and mature story and you can beat it with Zero kills. When I got this trophy I felt like I really achieved something.



JaxonH said:

Wow. These kids seem to think if they throw a big enough tantrum they'll eventually get what they want. Like if they whine and beg long enough, Kamiya will say, "Ok guys you win. Bayonetta 2 is going multiplat" They just don't get it. They're so used to getting what they want they don't seem to understand this game is Nintendo published and Nintendo exclusive, no matter how many times people tell them.

Some people are SO determined to not be associated with Nintendo, they'd rather tweet and post hundreds of messages over a span of several years, rather than say "Ok, I want the game, so it looks like I'll be buying a Wii U when it releases". Nope. They've got it in their minds that Nintendo isn't an option, at all, and no matter what happens they won't even stop to consider the possibility of buying Nintendo.

Problem is, they can't accept not playing the game. Well, something's gotta give. Either they're gonna have to live without Bayonetta 2, or they're gonna have to join Nintendo's extended family.



JaxonH said:

Here's the thing with gameplay though. Ask yourself, what is it about video games that actually does the entertaining? Is it following a good story? If so, I'd wager a book or movie a much cheaper and more efficient means of doing so, not to mention better stories than video games too. Not saying story is bad, on the contrary, it can add much depth and interest to a game. But video games, by nature, are meant to be more than that.

Gameplay is the foundation upon which video games were built. Gameplay is the physical act of playing the game, and is at the very core of what entertains the player. If gameplay is weak, the entire house of cards comes tumbling down. Sure, there are alternate experiences to be had on video game consoles which do not hinge on addictive gameplay, but the fact is those games will give the player a different KIND of experience. If that's what the player is looking for, that's terrific, because there are a number of newer games offering exactly that.

But when I play video games, I'm not looking for THAT kind of experience. When I game, I want to test my skill, puzzle solving abilities, reflexes, timing and ability to think outside of the box. And I want to experience these things in such an entertaining fashion, that even without an ounce of story to supplement, I will be fully and thoroughly entertained.

That's how I separate the wheat from the chaff. I ask myself, if this game had NO story whatsoever, would it still be fun to play? If the answer is no, it's probably weak gameplay masked by entertaining story. Some games tell stories so good you almost don't even realize the gameplay isn't fun, or you don't really mind. But again, that's a separate kind of experience.

I guess it all boils down to what you, the player are looking to experience. Personally though, I game for the play.



Einherjar said:

@belmont And its absolutely fine liking it that way In fact, its the first reasonable explaination ive got for a taste like that Normally, you only hear "man, look at dem graphix man, and dat cutscene dude" But you seem to be the type of person who is better suited as a PC gamer Check out BIowares older titles (Planescape Torment, Baldurs Gate ezc) These are practically books in game form, especially Planescape.

@JaxonH Good reading
But try to imagine Super Metroid without any story...well, it would be exactly the same game. But even without any means of conventional story telling methods like cutscenes, textboxes etc, it tells a deep and engaging story, mostly through leveldesign itself. And that cant possibly be made better with any shape or form of additional story telling. And as an added bonus, its offers rock solid and enjoyable gameplay too



Gamer_Ghoul said:

I bought a Wii U strictly on the word it was getting Bayonetta 2, as i am a big fan of the first one which i bought day one on ps3. I love it when these people cry about it not going to their favorite system. It just makes me smile harder knowing I won't be left out and the Wii u is my favorite system right now.

Nintendo should seriously just purchase Platinum Games and get it over with!



belmont said:

@JaxonH @Einherjar I very much enjoy this conversation my friends, even though we have went off topic! Both sides have their points anyway and in the end it is down to personal taste. I may check the PC games Eihnerjan PC suggested. In fact I don't have a good computer and I have never played a game in PC! As you can guess my personal favourites are j-rpg games that can provide a setting and a story as I described. And I understand that, especially turned based ones, can be a little bit shallow on the gameplay but I don't care if I enjoy the ride and the game has an epic feel to it.



Captain_Balko said:

Um, if you want it so much, suck it up and buy a Wii U. Seriously guys. It's not that hard. There are a few interesting games coming out as PS4 exclusives and I only have a Wii U, but you won't see me crying to developers about it. Ugh. Honestly so many gamers are such babies.



MadJay1664 said:

Bayo 2 looks good gonna grab this day 1 never played bayo but it reminds me of devil may cry a tiny bit and I loved them games on the ps2 so this is is a must have!



TromaDogg said:

Waaah, waaah, waaah, somebody call the wahbumlance. I didn't see very many people complaining when Dead Rising 3 was announced as an Xbox One exclusive so I don't know why people carry on complaining about this. It really is true that people who insist on buying the 'other' formats still mostly want the games that are on Nintendo systems instead.



Einherjar said:

@belmont The suggested games are a bit older and therefore, should run even on not up to date mashines Like i said, i especially recommend Planescape Torment. It features some kind of Voodoo, Undead, Netherworld theming and more exposition, dialog, story and overall text than you could fit in 26 issues of a dictionary
In fact, if i recall correctly, were looking at roughly 100 hours of gameplay that can be finished by sheer diplomacy. I think just a single battle is mandatory, everything else can be sorted out through negociations. Or combat if you so choose, its completely up to you. It may not even be your cup of tea if youre more into jRPGs but its definitly worth a look. Maybe look it up on youtube first.
When it comes to story heavy jRPGs the first thing that comes to my mind is Xenogears for the PS1. Very deep plot with a mecha, martial arts theme. Also, if you have access to an XBOX 360 i DEFINITLY reccomend Lost Odyssey. In my opinion THE most engaging and heart wrenching jRPG story out there. And even worth getting a used console just for it. Its made by Mistwalker, a studio consisting of ex square staff that worked on the classic final fantasy games. Basic fantasypunk setting with a basic, turnbased combat system.
If anything else comes to my mind, ill let you know



element187 said:

@Volmun I don't understand the complaint with these "fans".... Game you want to play is on Wii U. Wii U will always be the inexpensive choice. So buy said system to play it. There is nothing difficult in how this works..... If I want to play "The Last of Us", I have to purchase a PS3. I'm not going to go port beg Naughty Dog"......These are the same fans that s&@$ all over Nintendo, but want Nintendo to go third party so they can have Nintendo games on their system. If they can't afford the $300 for a Wii U, they have bigger problems than worrying about video games.



element187 said:

@Einherjar @matirishhh @belmont Nintendo has plenty of mature IP. Metroid, Xenoblade Chronicles, Pandora's Tower, Fire Emblem, Geist, Last Story, Eternal Darkness. I don't see the kiddy complaint as valid. If anything Nintendo has the widest variety of games instead of limiting themselves to 95% shooters (both first person and third person)

I question the notion that games like call of doody, battlefield, gow are "mature" games. Have you listened to the voice chat while playing these? It's a bunch of 12 year olds screaming obscenities at each other or defication and poop jokes. Hardly anything I would consider "mature".

Nintendo is fine with what they are doing.



element187 said:

@Beechbone I agree, but looking at the sales of Wonderful 101, hardcore action titles don't seem to do so well on Wii U. Maybe the real fans of the Bayonetta series will buy a Wii U to pal both W101 and bayo2, at least that's what fans should do instead of whining about a port.



element187 said:

@ToxieDogg but it's not "cool" to own a Nintendo kiddy console, so they will snipe at the company instead..... These are the same fools that wish Nintendo would go third party so they can play Mario and Zelda...... Here's an idea, put on your big boy pants, move out of parents basement, pay the inexpensive $300 tax to play Nintendo games and stop complaining like children. That's how exclusives work. You want to play an exclusive, you pay the tax.



element187 said:

"Nintendo should seriously just purchase Platinum Games and get it over with!"

@Gamer_Ghoul god I wish Nintendo would do that. These "fans" would go ballistic. I would buy stock in popcorn because the show would be magnificent.



element187 said:

@JaxonH well said. To further elaborate on your excellent point. Gameplay is what I look for first. That's my preference for a game. The Last of Us was such an amazing story, you forget the gameplay live up to the story. After you complete a story based game, that is it, you don't have a big desire to play it again. With a campaign only 12 hours long, I find it hard to shell out $60 for an experience without much replay value. Take SM3DW, the gameplay is magnificent. I completed the entire campaign weeks ago but I'm still playing it everyday. I have logged over 100 hours so far since launch day. Totally worth more than $60 because the replay value is just insane. I will be playing this game for years (I'm on my second replay of the Galaxy games when he one came out)

It's not that I don't like story driven games, I do. In fact I try to get story driven games that give me more entertainment for my dollars. I logged 60 hours into Wind Waker HD. That is worth the cash. I'm currently playing Shin Megami Tensei 4 and about 70 hours in and still feel like I have a million things to do. Easily worth the $40 I payed (technically $10 as nintendo gave me $30 eshop credit for it)

I usually try to weigh the cost per hour of entertainment when I decide to purchase a game. For that reason I rented TLOU. As soon as the developer tweeted it is about 12 hours on average I knew it wouldn't keep me entertained long enough to warrant a purchase.



Platinumhobo said:

So...Wii U is getting "hardcore" game and people are complaining? Way to be disappointing fanbase. And if you really want to yell at someone about not getting the game on PS4/One blame Sega. They dropped Bayonetta in the first place.



belmont said:

@Einherjar I will look into Planescape Torment. I will borrow it from a friend to check it and buy it if I like it. I second Xenogears, one of my favourite game. Too bad it was never released in EU and had to use means I don't like to play it. EU fans have asked Square a million of times for PSN release but they were ignored. I don't have a 360. In fact the only game I have tried on MS consoles is Pro! I could ask someone to lend me the console for Lost Odyssey though. Too bad the PS3 version was canceled. Thank you for the suggestions

@element187 If I am not mistaken none of those game you mention were developed in house from Nintendo with the exception of the first Metroid games. They were exclusives developed by hired secpnd parties or third parties. All those, in my opinion, are solid games, with the exception of eternal darkness that is more possible to laugh than getting scared. We were talking for actual Ninty developing a mature game in house. I agree that shooting down other people is not "mature", just violent. I cannot play those fps games. From the games you mentioned only God of War touches serious themes like family, life, death and betrayal. I so much wanted to play SMT4 but, as usual, it is not available in EU. However I don't get why the tedious, endless and useless sailing in Wind Weaker in which you lose time doing nothing is more fun that travelling in the Last of Us. The only bad thing I find in the Last of Us is that you have to merciless kill a lot of unaffected people with no real reason. And it definitely took me a lot more than 12 hours. And as perfect as a Mario game will be it will sure bore some to play a game without a story. Obviously though the games on other systems are not 95% shooters, especially on Sony platforms.



Mayleene said:

@element187 I agree with every post of yours above! Nintendo has got it right. Only consoles I've ever purchased and I've had all but the Virtual Boy. 53 years old here and still enjoy playing Nintendo games.

Those so called Mature games have the whinniest most immature gamers of all playing them.



element187 said:

@belmont Xenoblade is certainly in house, Nintendo purchased monolith.

We were discussing Nintendo's mature franchises, correct? I don't think it matters which studio develops it. It's still all Nintendo games. Game and Wario was developed by intelligent systems, but everyone calls that a Nintendo game, correct? Is Wii fit u a Nintendo game? Wii sports club a Nintendo franchise? Both were made by two different external studios....Nintendo can't make all of these games by themselves, so they have to farm out projects to studios they trust. Nintendo still keeps their most trusted directors on all the 2nd party projects. It's not like they let these studios do whatever they want, they have strict oversight by senior Nintendo designers, developers and directors.

For instance, the asset creation of the new donkey kong is made by Retro, sure. But it's directed by Kensuke Tenabe, the programmer from Doki Doki Panic (Super Mario bros 2 in the west), he's supervising the team and making all the yes/no decisions of what goes into the game and what does not. I consider that a full fledged Nintendo game, as Nintendo still driving the production, development and ideas.



element187 said:

@Mayleene don't get me wrong I like real mature games, I just don't consider the ultra violent games as mature, in fact I consider those even more immature than Mario or Donkey Kong....

Gore for the sole purpose of gore is immature. Beating up hookers is immature. Perma-death in games like Fire Emblem is mature. That your decisions and strategies have real consequences and can have a character you built a relationship with dies in front of you and they don't come back at the end of the match, they are gone for the rest of your play through and it was your fault. That's mature. Not gory head shots and kill streaks

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