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Aonuma: Information About Majora's Mask Can Be Found By Playing A Link Between Worlds

Posted by Orla Madden

Oh Aonuma, you tease

Another day, another "Majora's Mask remake" slice of speculation. As many will know by now, the successor to The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time on the Nintendo 64 has been teased time and again, but we don't seem to be growing tired of it; we're feeding from the information.

There have been rumours, a listing on a website, we've been told to speak up about it and some more teasing in between.

But now there are some new details that have made us stand to attention. At New York Comic Con, Eiji Aonuma was asked yet again about a remake during his Q&A session at the event.

The following comes from an IGN transcript of the fan's question and Aonuma's response:

Fan: First off, I want to say that A Link Between Worlds looks awesome. My question is kind of a shot in the dark: I like when Zelda gets really gritty and dark. I know you produced Wind Waker and this new game, but I wonder if you have any information on Majora's Mask at all, because that was my all-time favorite Zelda game. (Crowd cheers). Please say you'll make this [for] Wii U.

Eiji Aonuma: (pauses) If you play A Link Between Worlds, you may get an answer. You might find some information.

A brand new trailer for The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds was shown at NYCC, introducing a new world called Lorule and Hilda, who looks to be a similar figure to Zelda. The upcoming new addition to the Zelda series is released across Europe and North America on 22nd November.

It might be best not to look into Aonuma's comment too much; aside from a remake, references to the game might be seen throughout Link's new adventure, and that's all it could be. What are your thoughts on the topic?


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TheEmerlLad said:

Great, I'll be talking to every NPC whilst gazing upon the mask. Maybe it'll have to do with the mask being carved in Lorule instead of the previous speculation of it being made in the Twilight Realm? Excited to find out.

Please watch the language -Lz



Silent said:

''If you play A Link Between Worlds, you may find an answer'' Sounds like trolling to me.



PerezBro99 said:

Oh man, oh man, OH MAN! I'm gonna have to buy link between worlds day one now so I can get the juice out of this!!!!



Goginho said:

I think it's inevitable. After the success of OoT3D, it's only logical to remake MM, on the 3DS, due to the same engine and what not. I wouldn't want to see a remake on the Wii U though, I know many people would, mainly because of that HD fan trailer, but I think it's more fitting on the 3DS, because we shouldn't seperate the fact that OoT and MM are pretty much graphically identical. Remaking MM for the Wii U would just alienate the concept of it all (if that sounds right lol). This way, we can complete the remake phase, and get on to newer titles. Besides, the Wii U just saw a remake with Wind Waker HD, so it wouldn't make much sense, as WW fills the gap and shortens the wait for Zelda U.

I think Nintendo are well aware of the popularity of remakes, especially with MM, so it's bound to happen imo. The thing is, they probably want to handle it intelligently, and not just blindly press out all the remakes they can, without reason. They should spread it out a bit, fill in the waiting times, and not rush things, since LoZ is a continuing franchise which will see many more games to come (let's hope), and waiting for new titles has proven to be long.

Majora's Mask is in need of a remake, in the same fashion as OoT3D. Wind Waker just got a remake, so we're good there. ALttP is getting a "pseudo-remake" shall we say, with Between Worlds. The only thing that's left are the handheld games, and Twilight Princess. The handheld games I'm not sure about, I dont really think they're necessary to remake, just put them in the VC and we're good to go. As for TP, the only thing that can be done there is a simple HD port, no more no less, since its visuals are already of the modern age. So for TP, it's not necessary to overdo it and give it the same treatment WW got.

..and guys, have you noticed near the beginning of the most recent trailer, after the words, "A NEW EVIL HAS RISEN", the music changes, introducing the new villain/antagonist Yuga ..and it sounds a lot like something from Majora's Mask? To me, the tune specifically resembles Skull Kid's theme, or the battle music with the Skull Kid if I recall correctly. It has those creepy, twisted-sounding horns you hear a lot in MM. I dunno, but that, and the Mask in Rovio's shop seem like pretty big hints.
Speaking of the music in this scene, it quickly changes to organs, which we know are the main instruments used for Ganondorf's theme. Soon after that, I also noticed a very similar melody to that of Ghirahim's theme. Maybe I'm looking way into this, but I think all these connections have something to do with one another, and are intertwined in one way or another. For example, in the trailer we already see a pretty major antagonist. I'm sure Nintendo wouldn't spoil us with the final boss like that, that would be pretty cheap. Knowing Nintendo, there is always more to that, similar to Skyward Sword. Slight spoiler alert: Ghirahim is unavoidable, but nobody knew about Demise until the very end of actually playing through the game, so I'm drawing a similarity here, with the presented antagonist from Between Worlds playing a role like Ghirahim.
The dark, smokey figure, with the glowing, red eyes in this trailer also reminds me of Link's dream/illusions of the Imprisoned from SS. That being said, Demise also sports that black, upside-down Triforce on his blade, the one so prominent in Between Worlds.

I think that Between Worlds will be a grand culmination of a lot of things we've seen in past Zelda games, obviously with new elements and such. Nintendo have even stated, that they draw inspirations from one another, when different teams are working on different titles at the same time for example, such as now with WW:HD and ALBW.

Soo..if not this game, then Zelda U, I can imagine, will be a grand culmination of many things from previous Zelda games, since that is going to be such a massive game.



cookiex said:

Majora's Mask and ALBW take place in separate timelines (if you go by Hyrule Historia) so what connection would there be? I think it's just going to reference it like we've already seen with the mask on the wall.



OorWullie said:

I'm going for a secret room that has a NPC who tells you "Have you heard that Majoras Mask 3D will be unlocked once you save Zelda?" and then he introduces himself "I am Error!"



ajcismo said:

I love Eiji's vague answers. He's better at it than most politicians and sports stars.



ToniK said:

The remake won't happen. It would be here already if they would've wanted to make it. Although there is demand, it's still not a huge fan favorite like OoT.

I would still buy it and play it. The original hasn't aged well at all.



Genesaur said:

Well, we did see the mask itself in that freaky item shop. And there is the whole fact that this is a separate branch of the timeline from Majora's Mask. Maybe there's some link between THOSE worlds. Who knows?



Einherjar said:

Lorule is the polar opposite of hyrule, with a "copy" of every person (Hilda - Zelda). That means, that there is also a Lorule Link. My guess: Lorule Link is / becomes the skullkid stealing Majoras Mask.
You heard it here first.



seronja said:

i hope that majora's mask remake for the 3DS will be made, and a sequel to MM for the Wii U, that way new audience would be introduced to an upgraded version of the original + many zelda fans want a new dark zelda game



Goginho said:

@seronja Me too. Although, I hope for a repeat of the N64 era. First, a "true", standard LoZ title in the likes of OoT for the Wii U, and then soon afterwards a deep, dark, emotional MM sequel with the mask transformations and such. Preferably both using the same engine, as did OoT and MM, so we don't have to wait ages between them (at most 2 years). This way, we can get more than just one new Zelda title per "generation".



MrGawain said:

If you buy this Zelda game, you may find information about another Zelda game, which in turn will have information about the big Zelda game in it. And who knows what that will have in it!



MeloMan said:

I'm more interested to see how this fits into the Zelda Timeline. If I take the title "A Link Between Worlds" literally, then this could be the Zelda to tie all 3 story branches together... only one way to find out, I guess.



Squashy said:

This is very exciting, I feel more sure than ever that Majora's Mask 3D is coming!

@ToniK Wash your dirty mouth!

@Luffymcduck Ha! Aonuma would have to go into hiding if that happened!

@Retro_on_theGo What's A Link Between Worlds then? And the Wii U's Zelda?



Tsuchinoko said:

If there is a remake, please let it be for the 3DS. That is the real money-maker here, and the system most people (including me) have.



thatguyEZ said:

I agree with @Tsuchinoko, if they do make a remake I think it'll be for the 3DS more than likely. I mean it's kind of the obvious answer.



Squashy said:

@Retro_on_theGo I understand what you mean but I would still consider A Link Between Worlds an original game even though it's a direct sequel to ALTTP, just like Majora's Mask is an original game even though it's the sequel to Ocarina Of Time.



Rezalack said:

A lot more people here saying they don't care than I thought.. I never knew people disliked Majora's Mask that much until I found this site, heh. That being said.. it's my favorite Zelda title and I would definitely pick it up no matter what system it's on. It just has so much character and feel to it, I didn't get that from OoT. I was excited to see the Majora's Mask on the shop wall in A Link Between Worlds.. hopefully Aonuma does have some really well thought-out hints in this, perhaps even setting us up for some sort of Majora's Mask sequel or prequel. That would be awesome.



the_shpydar said:

If they're going to do a MM remake (which i'm sure would be on 3DS), the most logical thought would be that it would release in close proximity to the eventual new Zelda for WiiU. Think about it ‚ÄĒ we get a Zelda remake for WiiU released in close proximity to a new 3DS Zelda, so perhaps we'll get a Zelda remake for 3DS released in close proximity to the eventual new WiiU Zelda!



sinalefa said:

I will take this message as "If you support new Zelda games, we may remake another Zelda game". Still, if Aonuma is looking for new things, the last thing he wants to do is a remake.

But I don't get people, MM would be the THIRD Zelda remake this gen! And this one would be the first new Zelda game this gen! As for me, I want and will support new Zelda games. With the exception of WWHD, as it is new for me since I never played it.



ColdingLight said:

Nooooo! Don't put Majora's Mask on the sinking Wii U...Put it where it rightfully belongs, on the 3DS! I mean, isn't it more fitting to put it on the 3DS? Ocarina of Time 3D was on the 3DS, and Majora's Mask is a sequal to that masterpiece and both where on the same console (N64) So come on people, it should be on the 3DS, a system that's thriving in Japan and doing quite well in the western world.



allav866 said:

Personally, I would rather have Majora's Mask's remake on the go and in 3D, and Majora's Mask 64 to be in 1080p on Wii U's VC. Fans petitioned to get MM on the 3DS, but then a shiny new Nintendo system came out, and immediately those fans shifted gears and whined that they want it on the Wii U instead.



Dpishere said:

The latest trailer for the game made me anticipate it much more than the previous one, I will definitely get it at some point, not sure if it will be on launch day as I have a fairly large backlog of games to play. Also, after all these teases about Majora's Mask it seems pretty clear to me that a remake is indeed planned, and I will certainly get it when it does come out.



HyperSonicEXE said:

All I know is that was DEFINITELY the same style of mask that Midna wore. That was Majora's eye for sure, though I'm confused as to why the knight helmet style.



SomeBitTripFan said:

I'm hoping he just means about an MM remake, not the origins or history of Majora's Mask (No I don't see the manga as canon). I've always been a fan of the mystery and speculation behind it, and there is no way Nintendo could give it a properly disturbing backstory. Still, some serious stuff has to go down in this game to set the stage for The Legend of Zelda. The timeline, not that I think it is really that accurate, says that the monarchs of Hyrule use the Triforce sometime after Link's Awakening. My only guess is that the Triforce will be used to counteract the 'Anti-Triforce', that unnamed, black, upside-down Triforce that is part of the logo.



LordessMeep said:

I'm still hoping that MM is eventually released on the 3DS... mostly because I won't be able to import a Wii U for a good while. That is, of course, if the game is ever released.



Senario said:

@Adrien260 I think because you said that they will put it on Wii U. Just for you, you negative nancy. The wii U is far from sinking.



SCAR said:

I'm pretty sure that the fact that both games have a "parallel world", that's how they're connected.



AJWolfTill said:

Speaking of the N64 Zelda remakes, my friend is now being lectured by the Lead Programmar of Grezzo. Apparantly there is a game they've made which hasn't been announced yet. Not necessarily MM though XD.



NintyMan said:

You mean information such as Majora's Mask in Ravio's shop? That's already been exposed.

I still believe Majora's Mask 3D is being made or at least planned.



Ryo_Hazuki-san said:

@Silent iknow that this game takes place after ocarin but before majoras mask so im sure the majoras mask hd remake will be coming after this game



2Sang said:

Awesome I was hoping to have majora's mask on the 3ds though instead. I wonder how there could be a more socialization with it. I would love some more masks too.



DarkLloyd said:

They did say they want to put out a new zelda game before remaking Majora's mask 3d on what now appears to be either system at this point

so why the heck not bring them all on



SubZer023 said:

well its going to be on 3DS no doubt about it but! if albw is link to major's mask it could be true becuse if dark link is skull kid it would make sense how he got that dark fairly right and of course yall remember navi from oot, the only thing that confuses me is how if Error in this game as well as dampe* from oot and the witch's and zelda's new suit look like the one from orcal ages



Beevdog said:

I think this will happen but just in time just to bridge the gap of awesome games Nintendo have to come for the 3DS.



Einherjar said:

@DarkNinja9 If im not mistaken, kids turn into skull kids if they get lost in the (kokiri) woods. I could imagine (since AlttP is a prequel) that Lorule Link finds his way to Hyrule and gets lost, turning into the mischivous skull kid who then steals the mask a couple of years later.



thanos316 said:

A remake is all fine and good. But didn't we see a teaser of an hd link yrs ago. I want something new and epic in this series. . The Nintendo fans will buy a remake but it won't pull people in from other consoles. Ninty needs that killer app that brings in new players.



JaxonH said:

As much as I'd like Majora's Mask, we already have Ocarina of Time 3D AND Link Between Worlds on 3DS- Ocarina being a remake... and we already have Windwaker HD AND the new Zelda U title coming for Wii U- Windwaker being a remake.

Each system already has 2 games set for them, so Majora's Mask would mean a THIRD Zelda game on one of those systems, and would also mean TWO out of those three games would be remakes. Nintendo needs to save some of it's remaking skills for its future generations of consoles ya know.



WiiUisBest said:

Majora's Mask was crap..Just saying!
Im glad they chose a link between worlds instead of Majora's Mask
and if they remake or re rlease i won't buy it..Sorry the game sucked



Furealz said:

I need a Majora's Mask remake, it's so interesting with the Ben Drowned conspiracy! O.O Jk.. STOP IT WITH THE Re-Makes! I finished the game a few years ago, I ain't playing it again any time soon. Would DIE for a sequel though!



ultimate321 said:

Why wouldn't it happen? There's many reasons why it would not be out yet. For one, remake right after a remake wouldnt be a good idea. Second, they said it was between ALTTP sequel and MM remake. Clearly we got the sequel but MM is not ruled out and they tease it a lot. Furthermore, there are many many marketing reasons that we cannot hope to know.
I have to disagree. The original has aged extremely well. Its still an amazing game and the mechanics all work great. What do you think has not aged well?



retro_player_22 said:

Majora's Mask was a great game; however, I rather they focus on a new game rather than a prequel, sequel, or a remake.



HappyHappyist said:

geez, you guys realize we already have MM if you have a Wii or WiiU? it's in the Wii Shop in the virtual console, why do you want a remake so bad?



SphericalCrusher said:

Majora's Mask is one of all time favorites and I think a remake is self explanatory. Make it happen, Nintendo! =)



Pod said:

I wouldn't like seeing them spend more money on half-bakes remakes, and I certainly don't condone the idea that all the Zelda games SHOULD be chained together somehow.

But neither really bothers me as long as I get to play the new games as well.



sixteenbuttons said:

i wonder if the he's talking about the "majora's mask hanging in ravios shop" easter egg spotted in a nintendo direct, or if there is more...



MideonNViscera said:

I actually want a Majora's Mask remake. I owned the original but never actually beat it because I didn't like it much, and it came out as I was entering highschool and I just had better stuff to do. I remember it being kind of frustrating, but I think I'd appreciate the oddity of it more now than I did then.



Jimonfire said:

A remake for the 3ds or (fingers crossed) maybe Wii u Zelda is the sequel to Majora's mask.

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