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Rumour: The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD Trailer Shows a Special Edition Wii U Design

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

So pretty

In recent weeks we've seen sketchy rumours of a Wii U bundle with The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD become increasingly reliable. The Gamescom build of the game has also revealed a Hero Mode and a host of other details, so Nintendo is clearly gearing up the hype ahead of an October release. With regards to this prospective bundle and the Hero Mode there's now been a reported leak of footage, which includes a new Wii U GamePad design.

According to an eagle-eyed user over on NeoGaf, Nintendo reportedly uploaded and then promptly took down a new trailer showing the Hero Mode in action and then, at the end, confirming the hardware design pictured above. We've marked this article as a rumour due to the fact that trailers can be faked — the video below is a rehosted copy — and due to the faint possibility that this is a concept and not a final product. Just cast your minds back to the supposed Rayman Legends reveal in 2012 that included NFC figurines.

Paranoia and caution aside, this is looking increasingly legitimate. Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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KingDunsparce said:

I won't be picking it up, since I already have a Wii U, but it doesn't look like I'll be missing out on that big of a special design anyways.



banacheck said:

Smart art cover, also Nintendo is doing good with there digital prices towards other consoles.I have a cover for the Gamepad Nintendo should do a Zelda art cover for the Gamepad but with a game like a limited edition, i probably be picking up the game but not another console.



Samurai_Goroh said:

Seems pretty real to me. Nintendo, you got busted! The GamePad looks nice, like the limited edition Zelda 3DS. If I can spare the money, this Christmas this will be mine, and I'll make my cousin who got a regular black soooo jealous! Good family quality times ahead.



MrKenta said:

A green Wii U would've been a sure buy for me, but a black one with white scribbles? Not so much.
Don't see much point in getting this, unless it costs $350.



Ryno said:

That picture almost makes it look like a plastic casing that is snapped on.



BakaKnight said:

And I just bought a Wii U >.<
I can only hope in a special edition with only game and controller (like skyward), but sound unlikely since not even normal gamepads are aviable in stores T.T;



Peach64 said:

It would be a pretty smart move. Struggling to sell your console now that the hardcore already bought one? Release one with some Zelda decals on so they all buy it a second time.

I guess it's nice for collectors, but I'm not sure I'd want one game to be displayed all over my gamepad like that for the next 4 or 5 years or however long the Wii U lasts.



SCAR said:


I shouldn't have bought that tube TV in the 70's, because HDTVs came out around 30 years later. Darn...

Obviously, this is about 1 year later, but deals and improvements happen. You'll never be able to predict the future, so I don't see how you can regret doing something in the past when you didn't know exactly what would change in the future.



Scarlet5683 said:

It's times like this I wish I didn't already own a WiiU. :/ But a very good move by Nintendo.



WoottWinds said:

I'm used to missing out on these kinda things since I always buy Nintendo consoles on release, but usually it's not quite so soon.... This one hurts a little, that controller is really pretty.



jayclayx said:

it´s just me? or it looks like nintendo not only make this game HD but did some enhancement graphics filter treatment to the game, I don't remember the game has this visuals.



SphericalCrusher said:

That is awesome! I bought my console day one, so I wouldn't be able to afford/get this, but I can hope that I find a way to just get the gamepad as a back-up. lol



EaZy_T said:

I just want a bundle of WWHD & that GamePad / a face plate with that design.



sinalefa said:

I dont regret my early purchase. I had to zoom in the pic to see the difference.



SCAR said:

It's mainly the same. From what I can tell, they added better lighting, particle affects, better polygon models and obviously, 1080p.

The physics look a little better, too. If you never played the original, this to be the best time to get a Wii U and the definitive version of the game(if the bundle is true, which is likely).

I say it's worth getting a Wii U.



jrob23 said:

Looks great. Hey, another way Nintendo can differentiate themselves by being able to alter the look of the gamepad in bundles i.e. Wind Waker, Metroid (if they ever do this take my money!!), Maro. Very nice indeed. Will need to pick this bundle up as I have never played WW.



SpinelessOyster said:

Definitely getting the game, but if this is the console for sure I think I'll pass. I'd upgrade no questions asked if it was a gold console or something.



Morpheel said:

Eh, it's just a black wiiu with some paint on. No regrets of buying a normal black wiiu.



Garay said:

I might buy myself a wii u just for this design, it will be a great match for my OoT 3ds



Funny_Moblin said:

@OdnetninAges Thanks for the reply. I never played a NiGHTS game, but I might still pre-order it for collector's sake. Any addition only makes it better I suppose..



TheConsiglio said:

Darn I knew i should've waited for a limited edition wii u! Oh well at least i got a zelda 3ds



Lalivero said:

@SCAR392 I just wish they would get out some more colors. White and black is beyond boring; I'd be all over an orange Wii U.



Shambo said:

Video removed :/ well, I'd buy me a beautiful special edition, but if it's barely different, the game alone will do. Boxed, of course.



zeldagaymer93 said:

If they sell the GamePad through select retailers I would definitely buy one. But I'm not going to fork over $350 when I already own a Wii U. My Zelda 3DS will do just fine



Senario said:

The gamepad with the Zelda stuff IT BURNS!!!!! Oh well, it kinda sucks to not have bought a Wii U with this bundle but other games were just too much for me to resist. Namely Pikmin 3 and Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate.

"It can't be helped" would be the phrase roughly translated from Japanese lol. Putting my minor to somewhat of a good use.



SCAR said:

Different console colors is pretty subjective, but more colors is definitely not a bad option to have. I personally don't mind black(I would have chosen black anyway), but I think you'll be waiting another year at the very least until there are other colors available besides that and white.



djtwenty9 said:

I have the rubber cover over my gamepad already and it would block out the design anyways... I like the rubber cover to protect the pad and also it give it a nice weight, makes it feel like its worth an extra 100 bucks.



Mk_II said:

Sigh... so pretty indeed... i can't really blame Nintendo for pullling out all the stops to boost Wii U sales but i can't afford to buy another one.



19Robb92 said:

The Zelda text and symbols don't really mix well with the black background IMO.. They should have made it like the Golden Wii remote.



Paperluigi said:

Remember that SNES ad, good things come to those who wait, well Ive waited and if this true then Ill be a Wii U owner as soon as its released.



Pj1 said:

That controller could go on as a collectors item! I hope they sell it separately.... might be wishful thinking though.



element187 said:

The only reason why I don't care for this special design because a marathon session of Zelda sweaty hands would eventually rub that gorgeous art work off.



element187 said:

@MrKenta I'm pretty sure the target SKU leak confirmed this would be $350. I'm curious if it will also include Nintendoland.... Putting two games in the box will make the value irresistible to parents when they are comparing it to the more expensive xBone/PS4 that doesn't come with any games.



element187 said:

@SCAR392 excellent point/analogy.... People could of held off. People knew Nintendo would do something special with Wind Waker just like we know they will do something special with the XL when a link between worlds comes out (they will probably do gold decals on the new black XL)



FJOJR said:

I still long for the days when the N64 came in every color under the sun. Decals and 3rd party hardware covers are a nice alternative now.



Veloster said:

It looks pathetic....

Why not make it White with Gold decals? Or even Red and Gold(?)
I had to zoom in on the picture, just to see the decals.



DiscoGentleman said:

HNNNNNG Wish it were a different color, but I understand that would've been pricey, rather than slapping on a design to the GamePad.

I want itttt.



Senario said:

@FJOJR Sadly the reason for that is that some colors don't sell as well as others and at some point having those colors that don't sell and not having them doesn't make a difference in terms of profits because people would settle for the generic black/white box instead.

That and if you produce a console in a color few people like it is more difficult to sell.



ikki5 said:

and.... this kind of annoys me. Here I am, an early adopter for the system and really, got nothing special but those who waited/been crying for prices drops and such, can get this special Wii U that will only be sold for a limited time most likely.... and I get..... nothing special at all. My Wii U will be the same as the people who bought theirs 3 years from now except for being older.

At least it will help sell some consoles and possibly help get more support....



GazPlant said:

Knew I should have waited... Had very little in the way of enjoyment being an early adopted, and now something that would have offset the abysmal games line-up... Damn...



Meaty-cheeky said:

I would like to get this Zelda special edition Wii U, but I worry about the decals getting rubbed out by my sweaty hands.



Chris720 said:

Still hate the HD sign on the box, it's beyond fugly. Just get rid of it Nintendo, that's a -50 points just for that ugly thing...



Alshain01 said:

This has got to be fake, it has the Skyward sword logo on it. Why would they do that for Wind Waker?



Alshain01 said:

@Chris720 well I looked back and I guess it first showed up on Twilight Princess, but the triforce with the bird below it wasn't around for Wind Waker. None of the box art has that logo.

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