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In July we reported the rumour that a Wind Waker HD hardware bundle was on the way, but treated it with plenty of salt due to its lack of any real evidence. More compelling proof has now emerged to back up those claims, along with those of red and blue 3DS XL bundles for Pokémon X & Y, which seem inevitable in any case.

Destructoid has reported that a source from major North American retailer Target has provided evidence, pictured below, from the store's inventory tracker system. That source has also suggested that the 32GB system bundle will retail at $349.99; what's not definitively clear is whether it'll feature both The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD and also a download code of Nintendo Land, like with the ZombiU bundle in North America — the equivalent ZombiU bundle in Europe didn't include the mini-game collection. In the likely absence of any formal Wii U price cut, bundling more in the core package could be a good way to provide better value, but we'll likely need to wait for formal details. This isn't 100% proof but is the most convincing evidence yet, however, and we'd also expect that additional bundles — perhaps with games such as Super Mario 3D World and Wii Fit U (assuming the latter still arrives this year) — could potentially appeal to different demographics.

On the 3DS front, this is also the second report, again with a picture of the Target system screen, of red and blue XL bundles accompanying the hotly anticipated game. This seems inevitable, in any case, though there's no firm evidence of which game will be bundled with which colour, though we can certainly guess based on the relevant creature's colours.

This does seem like firmer evidence of the Wind Waker HD Wii U bundle, so what do you think? Would this be a wise move, or is it the wrong choice for a hardware bundle?

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