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Tue 14th May 2013

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FleetwoodMackin commented on Sales Data Demonstrates a Slow Wii to Wii U Tr...:

And because no one knows what the hell a Wii U is...

If they had to keep 'Wii' in it.. needed to just add a 2... The Wii U is still either unknown or thought of as just a Wii add on to the overwhelming public...

Oh well... it'll catch on eventually. Nintendo just uses games to sell systems.. instead of the other way around. As soon as Zelda and Mario are out people will say.. 'Hold on.. this isn't for Wii? Guess i'll just have to get the new one...' Problem solved... imo.



FleetwoodMackin commented on Talking Point: What Games Are You Playing This...:

Finishing The Last of Us.. finally.

Want to download Ducktales but it'll probably be free or discounted for PS Plus eventually.

Would love to start Pokemon White 1 if i get time...

And replaying New Super Mario Bros.. again Need to buy the 2nd..



FleetwoodMackin commented on Soapbox: Why We Should Expect More From The Le...:

I figured Wind Waker HD was just a chance to mass beta the visuals, gameplay, menu/second screen application.. and to stave off our Zelda hunger for a bit longer.

Regardless... I CANNOT WAIT TO PLAY IT!!

P.S. Fun article and way to go with the whole NL Civil War thing..



FleetwoodMackin commented on Limited Edition Pokémon X & Y 3DS LL To Relea...:

If this comes to the states i'd be very tempted to upgrade... Is there a Zelda 3DS XL planned for the LBTW release? And i still don't know if i should upgrade my 3DS or get a Wii U... money is tight. Would love the latter, but the 3DS's screen is small... and the gaming library is epic..



FleetwoodMackin commented on Developer Interview: SnowCastle Games On Holdi...:

Definitely see the potential of this art style.. good memories just looking at it. And the idea of a devoted turn-based mashed with the addictive nature of garden tending, a little monster wrangling.... and some classic wandering.. I am ready. If i keep seeing this kind of indie development i may have to actually get a Wii U before Zelda even comes out haha..