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Thu 7th Jun 2012

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Scarlet5683 commented on Peter Molyneux Reveals His Favourite Zelda Tit...:

Twilight Princess is my favorite Zelda game to date, and I'm not really sure why it receives so much hate. It has a certain charm to it for me, but then again so do all the other Zelda titles as well. And that's why this is my favorite franchise!!



Scarlet5683 commented on Aonuma: Zelda For Wii U Will Contain More Unex...:

I never get tired of looking at that picture.
Nevertheless, the amount of excitement I've acquired for this game is actually bad because I know it won't come out for awhile... but at least Wind Waker HD and the 3DS game can fill that empty void.



Scarlet5683 commented on Guys, This Is How You Make A Live-Action Zelda...:

This is incredible! Their goal was to make the series realistic, and whether people like it or not, if Zelda was "real" essentially, then this is exactly what it would be like. Kudos to the individuals involved in this video!



Scarlet5683 commented on Wii U Pre-Orders Selling Out in the U.S.:

I didn't preorder the deluxe set in time, and today they said the next shipment would be in February... It's a shame I'm so stubborn, because then I could have a happy Christmas with a white Wii U. But no.