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Nintendo Download: 27th June (North America)

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Sonic returns, urban style, shmup action, grooving and more

It's that time again, North America, when downloadable goodies arrive for your delight on Nintendo's systems. The 3DS shines with a variety of experiences this week, while the Wii U Virtual Console get an underwhelming retro release but a decent Virtual Console promotion; Wii and DSi are nowhere to be seen. Let's get to it.

Wii U Virtual Console

Vegas Stakes (Nintendo, $7.99) — An opportunity to hit the 16-bit casino, which is something we don't get to type often here on Nintendo Life, even though we used those very words for the equivalent European download this week. In that sense it's unique, and earned a decent recommendation in our Wii Virtual Console Vegas Stakes review.

Wii U Virtual Console Promotion

From 12:00 am PST on 28th June to 11:59PM PST on 30th June, you can earn 20 bonus Club Nintendo coins when you purchase any Virtual Console game from the Wii U eShop. You can still receive your standard 10 coins as normal when you complete a game's survey, but only one 20 coin bonus will be awarded to each account. For full details check the official promo page.

3DS eShop

Kokuga (G.Rev, $14.99) — The latest title from Ikaruga creator Hiroshi Iuchi, this free scrolling shooter has some neat design choices to shake up the genre's standard formula, such as being limited to one shot on the screen at any one time and having various 'cards' that can be used to boost attack or support functions in battle. With four player local co-op and options to customise the number of levels you take on at any given time, it seems full of promise on paper. We'll blast through it to see whether it delivers the goods in our upcoming review.

Urban Trial Freestyle (Tate Multimedia, $5.59 until 4th July, price will then increase) — A title aiming for a similar market as the Trials franchise, this bike stunt game has also appeared on PS3 and the PS Vita, but in this case includes a level editor exclusive to the 3DS version, as well as standard Stunt and Time Trial modes. We'll see whether its jumps and tricks are suitably impressive and bring you a review soon.

Crash City Mayhem (Majesco Entertainment, $19.99) — Originally expected as a retail release, this one's emerged as an eShop-only title with a slightly higher-than-normal price point. Despite its name, you don't get to cause as much destruction as you might expect, and positives such as solid controls and visuals are undermined by repetitious and underwhelming gameplay. Check out our Crash City Mayhem review for all of the details.

Gabrielle's Ghostly Groove Mini (Natsume, $3.99) — As the title suggests, this is like Gabrielle's Ghostly Groove 3D but with less content, which may be a positive in this case. We enjoyed the retail title in our review but felt that its quirky presentation and good music were let down by repetition; at a lower price point and with just four stages, this might be a fun bite-sized option. We'll get groovy and bring you a review soon.

3DS Virtual Console

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (SEGA, $4.99) — The Game Gear bonanza continues with the second portable appearance of the famous mascot. We'll get our speed boots on to let you know whether, like the first title, this is worth picking up on the 3DS.

Sonic Labyrinth (SEGA, $4.99) — This perhaps goes down as one of the more famous oddities in the Sonic franchise, and was ambitious in its use of an isometric viewpoint. The trouble is that it's Sonic without the sense of speed or solid control, so is perhaps a spiritual ancestor to some of the blue blur's worst 3D abominations. It's not a complete disaster, as our Sonic Labyrinth review makes clear, but it's not one of the mascot's better efforts either.

Crystal Warriors, (SEGA, $3.99) — It's another Game Gear strategy title, and once again you're saving a kingdom from doom. This title does give you the option to tame beasts to fight on your side, while friends can challenge each other in local multiplayer; we'll let you know what we think in our upcoming review.

Spelunker (Tozai Games, $4.99) — This becomes the latest game to complete a trilogy of Virtual Console appearances, having previously been released on both the Wii and Wii U equivalents. This is a NES title that's known as one of those "so bad it's good" games, with clunky platforming and a weak protagonist. If you look at it with less humour it's probably just "bad", as our Wii U Virtual Console Spelunker review makes clear.

3DS Retail Demo

Project X Zone (Namco Bandai, free) — Available from 2nd July, this is the second demo for this title to hit North America; this one's called Dark Hours. It's free, so unless you own the game already it's worth a punt. You can also read our recommendation of the full game in our Project X Zone review.

So there you have it, quite a few choices to consider on the 3DS, especially. Let us know what you plan to download in the poll and comments below.

What will you be downloading first this week? (277 votes)

Vegas Stakes (Wii U Virtual Console)


Kokuga (3DS eShop)


Urban Trial Freestyle (3DS eShop)


Crash City Mayhem (3DS eShop)


Gabrielle's Ghostly Groove Mini (3DS eShop)


Sonic the Hedgehog II (3DS Virtual Console)


Sonic Labyrinth (3DS Virtual Console)


Crystal Warriors (3DS Virtual Console)


Spelunker (3DS Virtual Console)


Just the free Project X Zone demo for me


A different Wii U Virtual Console game, for the Club Nintendo promotion


Nothing for me this week


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User Comments (90)



tchaten said:

Wow - a whole lot of nothing this week

Will pick up Mario Bros. to get those 20 extra coins - its a game I'd like to have anyways.

I sure do miss those big VC bundles - why didn't they do Mega Man 2-4 for a reduced price I would have paid $10 for those 3 titles



Rafie said:

Glad I have nothing to buy this week. Last week broke me! 3DS and Wii U! LOL Now I'm playing Deadpool.



bizcuthammer said:

The Wii U VC games nintendo puts out are getting pathetic... What the junk?! No one wants Vegas Stakes, nintendo! Japan just got FF6 and Secret of Mana last week, and you're giving us this?! Where's N64 and GBA support for that matter?! At the very least you could put out Super Mario Bros or something. I'd like to at some point actually download EarthBound as well, as that was promised months ago. Get your head in the game, nintendo.



Aqueous said:

Nothing for me, unless that Kokurga surprises me or crystal warriors turns out good, though maybe if a friend or two get it, I'll pick it up for Two Player mode in that case. I already have enough coins for this year, so I'm passing on that VC deal.



ikki5 said:

pretty much nothing for a Wii U except a boring casino game.... what the hell?

I was okish with 2 VC titles a week but now one?? And the game is quite sad...


Pilot wings is set to release on July 4th



Whopper744 said:

Man. All this Game Gear goodness (Sonic related) is costing me moola.
Looks like I'm getting Sonic 2!



XCWarrior said:

Not the best of weeks, but will pick up Kokuga eventually. Loved Ikaruga, so a similar type game will be a welcome addition to my library.



Windy said:

A couple price points on 3ds seem a bit high. Great to see Virtual Console finally take off, its to bad it took Sega to get it rolling. They need to keep 3 to 5 games a week coming to Virtual console with possible some more systems like TurboGrafx, Neo Geo, SNES, Genesis, Nintendo 64 then the service would just be awesome. Its getting better though and in recent weeks has brought us some better software than what's offered for the system itself with the exception of animal crossing of course



Undead_terror said:

Urban trial is the only game I want and it's on a discount which makes it better, might get sonic 2.



KnightRider666 said:

I'm grabbing all 3 Game Gear titles along with Spelunker on the 3DS! Good week for me. I may check out Urban Trial Freestyle as well. I loved Ikaruga, but Kokuga doesn't look nearly as good from the video. I may get it when it gets reduced to $9.99.



TreesenHauser said:

Yeah, just saw it's coming July 4th now. Y U DO THIS NINTENDO?!
I'm not spending $8 on Casino games I can probably play on my computer for free. No way.



Samurairu said:

If they had offered the 20 CN coin bonus last week, when we still have time to also get the 10 coin post play survey for this elite status year, it would have influenced my purchasing, but not now. Looks like it's going to be a long wait until Pikmin 3 with these kind of VC releases. I'm sure they have their reasons, but I am not understanding why Earthbound isn't out yet.



TreesenHauser said:

So if I wait until tomorrow to download let's say... Mario Bros. onto my Wii U, I'll get an extra 20 coins for doing so? I might just do that this week then.



iphys said:

If you read the promo, the 20 bonus coins actually get credited on July 1st, so you won't get a single coin toward this CN year from it, so it's really only good if you want the coins toward your status for next year.



TreesenHauser said:

@iphys Awesome! That's what I figured myself. With all the surveys I have yet to do, looks like I'll have a 110-coin boost on next year's Club Nintendo Platinum status



Zach777 said:

Hey Nintendo, with all this digital diarrhea how about those StreetPass DLC games and the update?



Bass_X0 said:

I don't have a Wii U yet but why aren't people complaining about the lack of games on Wii U VC downloading them on the Wii instead? They're available now. I've been downloading games on VC since its launch in 2006 and have a good collection. Okay so you can't use save states or play them on the Game Pad but you can still play them as they originally were.



TreesenHauser said:

@Bass_X0 Actually, I agree with you here. Even then, after downloading them on the Wii you can redownload them to Wii U for a cheap price after they do become available on there. I have a huge backlog of Wii VC games just waiting to be redownloaded.



brandonbwii said:

I'll be waiting for a Crystal Warriors review. I liked Shining Force and Defenders of Oasis. I wonder if this too will be of high quality.

Actually, between this and the downloads in Europe, there are a whole lot of maybes and too few definitelies.



SmaMan said:

Sooo... didn't they say D&D: Chronicles of Mystara was coming out this month? Seeing as this is the last Thursday of June... wtf? I was looking forward to that for grabbing platinum... and a great game! (And F-Zero X...)



shinobi88 said:

4 VC games & 4 eShop games for 3DS is awesome! I'll be tryin out Kokuga since it's by the dude who made Ikaruga, maybe Urban Trials, and maybe even a Ghostly Groove or two since I dig the Halloween theme. And Sonic Labyrinth looks very cool for my VC collection. Spelunker even looks cool even though N-Life is tryin to bash it. I don't think 67% positive user review scores on Gamefaqs qualifies it as one of the worst games ever



UnseatingKDawg said:

Sonic 2 - "We'll get our speed boots on to let you know whether, like the first title, this is worth picking up on the 3DS."

You really need to question that? That's the SUPERIOR Sonic title for Game Gear! It's also the hardest game (and definitely one of the best) in the entire Sonic series! (Which is said in "The History of Sonic the Hedgehog")



FiveDigitLP said:

Well, I still haven't bought Yoshi yet, so I might just have to do that for 20 coins. I wasn't planning on getting it as I got it for free with my 3DS and found it to be pretty bland, but it's probably worth it for the bonus coins!



Sonicfan11589 said:

yes Sonic 2 GG, a great game, difficult though, the boss stages i don't think contain rings. Thank goodness for save states.



Philip_J_Reed said:

Great week, potentially! I'm interested in a lot here...

Kokuga, GGG Mini, Trials, and all of the Game Gear games.

Speaking of which I still haven't picked up the first Sonic GG, OR Bugs vs Tanks. Too many great games at once!



Bass_X0 said:

What is it to upgrade? Surely if you download a game now on the Wii VC, the small cost you pay to upgrade is worth being able to play it months or years before it eventually gets released on Wii U VC? If at all.



sinalefa said:

Well, this is my chance to get those 20 coins. Since I already am a Platinum member, then it is fine to get the coins by July 1st.

But now comes the hard part. Megaman 2 or Megaman 3?



Ralizah said:

Spelunker? Seriously? Nintendo has a veritable treasure trove of awesome NES software to re-release, and it chooses to go with SPELUNKER?!

Oh well.

Another strong week for the GG VC, and I'll eventually be getting these games (Sonic Labyrinth aside...). Will await reviews on Kokuga before dropping that much money.

As I am presently broke, however, I will be downloading the second Project X Zone demo to tide me over until I receive the game in the mail from Amazon.



DarkEdi said:

Gabrielle is one of my favorite characters, her games are regular but with charm.



Zodiak13 said:

Other than possibly Crystal warrtior my wallet will get a pleasant e-week off. If only Progect X Zone wasn't a day one buy for me, this could have been a inexpensive week for me . Also the D&D game not being on WiiU yet is rediculous. If I don't see it next week I guess I will pick it up on my 360, because I really want to play it.



TreesenHauser said:

I find it very ironic that the official promotion page has a header image featuring sprites of Mario and Bowser from Super Mario Bros., yet that game's not available on the Wii U eShop.



RedYoshi999 said:

For me, it's because I'm waiting for some NEW VC releases to come out, not the same Wii VC rehashed for the next 6 years. I've already bought all the Wii VC games I wanted on the Wii, transferred them to the Wii U, and I'm waiting for some of them to get re-released to play on the GamePad and use save states.



HandheldGuru97 said:

Ah Sonic 2 from the Game Gear aka the most common Game Gear game ever! I have that sucker on the original hardware, not a bad game and restore will probably help!! I might pick up Trials, that sale price to quite tempting....



KillerGBH said:

ROFLMAO VEGAS stake so pathetic. while VC japan got sick games like mother 2 - fire emblem - super mario bros - super mario kart and we north american got a failure game like this hahaha what a joke ,



SmaMan said:

Actually, Vegas Stakes is not too bad. I own the original cart on SNES. Yeah, you probably have other collections for casino games, but this one has that Nintendo charm to it. You'd have to play it to get what I mean I guess.



SmaMan said:

Hold up... they're getting all THOSE games?! We really are getting the short end of the stick then.

Why aren't we getting Pilotwings this week again?



sinalefa said:


Thanks. My first megaman game was X, so for me it is hard to picture Mega man without any kind of dash or slide.



Undead_terror said:

@gojiguy It's true, we also didn't get spelunker, but it wouldn't be the first time we missed out on a game (real hero's fire fighters) and I find it really dumb that it's not here, don't they want our money or just don't like us?




Urban trial is very fun!



RR529 said:

I'm going to be picking up Fire Emblem: Awakening soon, so nothing for me (although Crystal Warriors, Urban Trial, & Kokuga look interesting).



Erixsan said:

I will just wait 4 days before buying something, because Club Nintendo End Year and Flipnote Studio 3D



theberrage said:

I wish Nintendo would release VC games for Wii U that haven't already been released on Wii. This is ridiculous, Nintendo needs to get it's head out of it's... Release new games, make money and make a stack!



Ambassador_Kong said:

Great week. The wiiU gets to be late to the part again as Nintendo fails to get Mystara in the update again. So the game will get released when everyone as already bought it for another console, it will sell poorly, and Capcom will rightly say there is no point to developing for the WiiU. But Nintendo understands that there is a perception that the WiiU has no games which is why they are giving us the gaming masterpiece, Vegas Stakes, this week. So glad they are waiting to release Earthbound when it can compete with the big hitters because it makes no sense to launch a game when there are no other titles to compete with.

A monkey could run the company better than this.



bahooney said:

I love Nintendo's decision-making! Vegas Stakes is such a rad game, I don't get what all the commotion is about. Plus, why would you want more than one VC game a week? Easy on the wallet, easy on the back catalog of future games to release. I don't even want those awesome dlc street pass games; why expand the plaza?



LittleIrves said:

To counter bahooney's sarcasm up there, I will say that Vegas Stages is such a rad game. Sincerely! I have fond memories of playing this with my brother growing up. A fun little casino game with interesting story bits and a touch of fantasy elements.



Megumi said:

I know everyone is going to tell me "patience" and complain to me and all that....but....I WANT EARTHBOUND NOW!!! T.T lol



Beau_Skunk said:

To be honest, I liked Sonic Labyrinth alot better then the GG version of Sonic 2. I felt Sonic 2 was very frustrating, the limited-screen also made it hard to gauge how far to jump over spiked pits, the hanglider controls were terrible, (I kept accidently letting go, and dying) and they also didn't give you enough lives/continues to counter the game's difficulty. I actually kinda liked Labyrinth's gimmick of using the spindash to move around, and felt that was actually alot more fun in comparison. (And alot of people don't realize it's possible to "stop" put on the breaks in "Labyrinth.")



shinobi88 said:

Save your money on Crash City Mayhem for the retail release coming July 2. It's the same price and you won't have to worry about taking up a lotta space on your SD or loaning the game to a friend



brianvgplayer said:

$14.99 is a good price for Kokuga. It is a full retail game in Japan and much more expensive on the eShop there.



B3ND3R said:

@brianvgplayer Plus, it's made by the guy who created two of my favorite games of all time, Radiant Silvergun and Ikaruga... I loved Radiant Silvergun so much I spent an entire Christmas break two years back to make my very own arcade cabinet (since there are no dedicated cabinets in the US... In fact, I don't even know if any still exist in Japan even..). I got a Japanese Candy Cabinet for vertical Shmups made by Cave (such as Espgaluda 2), and currently it has Ikaruga in it... Just waiting for the perfect cabinet for Ikaruga Sorry for going off-topic..



hYdeks said:

Sonic 2, new club nintendo download probably, and Project X Zone's 2nd demo is what I'll be getting



Dpullam said:

I'm too busy with Animal Crossing New Leaf to buy any games this week, but there is a pretty decent amount of games being released this week.



Relias said:

My Grandma bought a Nintendo just for Vegas Dreams.... for a Casino game it was good.. but I got burned out after several 12-16 hour marathons of it...



XCWarrior said:

Just realized we didn't get Dungeon and Dragons, which has online multiplayer by the way folks, on the Wii U eshop AGAIN. Nintendo, you are killing the chances of that game selling since it is already released on other platforms!



Nictendo64 said:

Yeah I've been waiting for that game 3 Thursdays in a row. The eShop is total garbage. Love Nintendo but I'm insanely disappointed.



thatguyEZ said:

I'm really hoping they decide to put a link to the past on the 3DS VC sometime soon~



Gamer83 said:

I bought Urban Trial when it came out for Vita and rather like it. Not even close to as good as Trials though.



Rod64 said:

I love rhythm games, but I don't think GGGMini would be worth it...
I'll wait for your review NLife!



shinesprite said:

"From 12:00 am PST on 28th June to 11:59PM PST on 30th June, you can earn 20 bonus Club Nintendo coins when you purchase any Virtual Console game from the Wii U eShop"
Ugh, and I just bought Yoshi earlier in the week!



ALinkttPresent said:

On the promo page, they use sprites from Super Mario Bros., but that game hasn't even been announced for release on Wii U Virtual Console!



Windy said:

I picked up Urban Free style and all I have to say is Wow oh Wow!



beat said:

i cant download the pxz demo == it keeps saying that i already have it. but thats demo A =+ where the heck can i download demo B?

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