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Sat 9th March, 2013

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brianvgplayer commented on Review: Hyrule Warriors (Wii U):

I'm on the fence. Also, while I get the point you are trying to make (the game is more Dynasty Warriors than Zelda), the JP version of the game, Zelda Musou, does have "Zelda" in the title.



brianvgplayer commented on September's Club Nintendo Reward Details Are C...:

ugh. I have Luigi Bros on Wii U, the Kirby Dream Collection, Play Action Football on NES, various versions of SMB and Zelda 1 (including NES cart and 3DS VC), Super Punch Out on SNES, and Pictobits. The only one I don't have in some form is Touch Solitaire, though I do have other Solitaire games similar to it. It's also one I don't care to get as a reward since it's dirt cheap outside of Club Nintendo.



brianvgplayer commented on Coleco Mini Arcades Set to Sit Proudly On Shel...:

Q*Bert was Parker Bros, not Coleco. Unlike Donkey Kong, the Coleco DK Jr. is actually Nintendo's own DK Jr. Tabletop with different artwork. It was made by Nintendo, but published in the US by Coleco (a good decision to go with Nintendo's design since it's awesome, though). The Mini Arcades were good stuff, though. I have the Galaxian one. It's not very true to the arcade, but it's a lot of fun. It also has a SI clone as an alternate game mode.

I hope these Mini Arcades stay true to the originals. It is disappointing that Excalibur's Frogger used a shell similar to Coleco's (though with licensed technology from Nintendo with a similar set up to Nintendo's tabletops where they were non-lit, mirrored color LCDs with a spot to let light in), but was different from the Coleco tabletop.



brianvgplayer commented on Hardware Classics: Sega Master System:

I like the SMS quite a bit. It's home to some sweet games like Wonder Boy III, Fantasy Zone I and II, Govellius, Kenseiden, Black Belt/Fist of the North Star, Rambo II/Ashura, Enduro Racer, Lucky Dime Caper, Land of Illusion, Phantasy Star, and Sonic 1. I like how most EU games work on the US SMS.

I also have the JP SMS for stuff like the full 10 level Enduro Racer and FM sound. I have a tototek adapter to play US and EU games on it. I like playing games like the US Fantasy Zone II with FM sound. The only US/EU games that removed FM sound are Ys and Phantasy Star. Even some US/EU only games like Time Soldiers, Rampage, and California Games play FM sound on a JP SMS.



brianvgplayer commented on Buck Rogers SNES Prototype Materializes:

This explains why the SNES version's sprite was changed from the Amgia original. The original game has a goofy looking guy with a green hat. The "the arcade game" part of the title is very misleading since there was an actual Buck Rogers arcade game from Sega that was a precursor to Space Harrier.



brianvgplayer commented on Review: Arc Style: Baseball 3D (3DS eShop):

I know in a couple older baseball games like Famista '90 for Famicom (probably the original RBI Baseball for NES, as well) and Sports Talk for Genesis, you win if you get over 10 runs without the other team scoring. It's not a glitch in those games, just an odd rule.



brianvgplayer commented on Nintendo Download: 15th May (North America):

Lolo is a lot of fun, but it's a bit of the easy side. Lolo 2 is much harder. I haven't played Lolo 3. The odd thing is that the JP Famicom counterparts of Lolo 2 and 3 have completely different levels. The first NES Lolo doesn't have a counterpart with the same graphics, but a couple of the Eggerland games for Famicom and FDS share the same levels. The Famicom game (the title translates to something like Revival of the Labyrinth) and first FDS game actually have a maze like structure with multiple paths to choose from after completing a puzzle.



brianvgplayer commented on Weirdness: Conan O'Brien Reveals E.T. Wasn't t...:

The funny thing about that Rocky III parody is that there is an actual prototype A-Team 2600 game where you play at Mr. T's head. It also happened to be made by the maker on ET, Howard Scott Warshaw. It started out at a game named Saboteur, which is on the Atari Flashback 2.



brianvgplayer commented on Feature: The Castlevania That Konami Doesn't W...:

This wasn't the only Akumajou Dracula that wasn't called Castlevania in the west. The European MSX2 version was called Vampire Killer (which for some reason was also the Japanese name of Castlevania Bloodlines). I doubt that the arcade Akumajou Dracula was completely forgotten by Konami since one of the songs from it was in Castlevania Portrait of Ruin.



brianvgplayer commented on Shantae and the Pirate's Curse Delayed Into 2014:

I'm disappointed that the new article still says that this was a delay. It was listed as coming out in Winter 2013 quite a bit before this was posted at nintendolife. December is the only Winter month at the end of 2013, so Winter meant the December 2013-March 2014 timeframe. The tweet didn't even say that March was certain, just that it MAY release in March. Anyway, it has really been delayed now, though it's good they are working on giving it extra polish before release.



brianvgplayer commented on Shantae and the Pirate's Curse Taking a Couple...:

As I tried to say before, the tweet saying that the game MAY come out in March wasn't a delay since the game was originally listed for Winter (which is the December-March timeframe). Yes, it said Winter 2013, but since December is the only winter month at the end of 2013, it probably would have released in 2014 anyway. However, this new announcement really is a delay.



brianvgplayer commented on NES Open Tournament Golf:

I hope Mario Open Golf comes to the US/EU VC. It's the Japanese counterpart of NES Open, but it has some differences. No tournament mode, but it has more courses and different music. Telling from screens, it looks like NES Remix 2 Wii U is using Mario Open rather than NES Open.



brianvgplayer commented on Pac-Man Museum Reportedly Cancelled on Nintend...:

I find it dissapointing that recent compilations from Namco lack Ms. Pac-Man. Proabaly due to it not being designed in Japan, but it's still one of the better Pac-Man games. I might get this for 360 for Pac-Land and Battle Royale, but the lineup is somewhat disappointing. Too bad for 3DS, but at least Pac-Man Galaga Demnisions fills some of the Pac fix for 3DS.



brianvgplayer commented on Guide: Understanding The Basics Of Japanese Fo...:

Because it's the SEGA licensed Sakura Wars GB. It's not actually published by SEGA, just licensed from them, though. I usually avoid the more text heavy imports like RPGs, but I have played through Goemon 4 SNES and Super Robot Taisen J GBA. I also found some strategy games like the original Famicom Wars easy to play with memorizing the menus. I stick mostly to shmups, puzzle, and action games for imports, though.



brianvgplayer commented on Sega's Japanese Christmas Present For 3DS Owne...:

I hope this comes here. I have the GG version and it's a nice version of the game. Not sure why they are choosing this over the GB one, though. Despite the lack of color, the GB version has more modes. Like Dr. Mario, it makes good use of the GB's shades and it's easy to tell the pieces apart. Then again, the GB's multiplayer still isn't emulated on 3DS and the GG's multiplayer is.



brianvgplayer commented on SEGA Working on Second Round of 3D Classics:

I would like to see Fantasy Zone, the M2 System 16 remake of Fantasy Zone II, Power Drift, Enduro Racer, Racing Hero, GP Rider, Outrun, Thunder Blade, Super Monaco GP, After Burner II, Zoom 909 (version of Buck Rogers without the license), Subroc 3D, Congo Bongo, Zaxxon, Turbo, Up 'n Down, Yamato, and Strike Fighter.



brianvgplayer commented on Nintendo Direct Mini Reveals SEGA 3D Classics ...:

@CAM290 Space Harrier, Super Hang On, and Galaxy Force II are arcade ports and the rest are Genesis ports. I'm going to get the arcade ports first and may get a few of the Genesis ones like Sonic and Shinobi III. I'm especially excited for Galaxy Force II since it doesn't have as many ports as some of the others and looks like it could be one of SEGA's better scaling arcade titles.



brianvgplayer commented on Soapbox: Why Region Locking Is A Total Non-Issue:

I'm not a fan of region locking, especially on portables. PAL/NTSC is also a non issue for portables and newer consoles since most EU games now support 60 Hz. I like being able to play games like Eschatos on the US 360, Kururin Paradise on US GBA, and Ouendan on US DS. I also import games for older systems like Super Fantasy Zone for Mega Drive and Super Pinball 2 for SNES. I plan to import Last Window from EU since I like Hotel Dust quite a bit. Not all imports are expensive either and some are actually cheaper than their US counterparts.

I also like it when the region locking is easy to bypass like with the US SNES. All it takes is removing two tabs from the cart slot. Genesis is trickier because some games are locked, so a region switch was installed. I also like how all Saturn needs is an Action Reply to bypass region protection. With Famicom, I imported the system due how the US system isn't wired for the extra sound chips in some games. I imported the JP SMS since it can play most US games with an adapter (exceptions being some games with unfinished FM sound, which aren't blocked from Mark III without FM, and a couple light gun games, which play but don't detect the gun), it can play SG-1000 games, it came with a couple of games that got better JP versions, and has FM sound (which even some western games have built in). The US system is fine for most first party (and some third party) EU games (most of which play fine and even run at the same speed as their GG counterparts on US systems), though.



brianvgplayer commented on Review: Mighty Switch Force! 2 (3DS eShop):

Why no talk about what was added to the game like more colors added to puzzles, the hidden babies, and another unlockable that was mentioned in another review? I also asked if this had the hyper mode and got no answer.