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EA: We're Not Writing Off Wii U

Posted by Damien McFerran

"We’ve launched four games. We’re proud of them"

Electronic Arts has enjoyed a rather inconsistent relationship with the Wii U since it launched last year. Following promises of "unprecedented support", the publisher has so far delivered four titles for the console and doesn't appear to have any big-name releases on the horizon.

However, like fellow publisher Bethesda, EA has been quick to point out that it's not ruling out anything in the future.

Speaking to IGN, EA Labels president Frank Gibeau said:

it’s been 60 days since we launched Need for Speed Most Wanted on the Wii U. We’ve launched four games. We’re proud of them. They’re in the marketplace and they’re selling. The guys inside the studio are looking at the Wii U tech and they’re looking at the platform. They understand it. As it develops, if there’s an opportunity to publish more games on the Wii U, we’ll do that. We’re not writing it off. We’re not not developing for the Wii U. We’re just watching it, and we’re really focused right now on PS4 and Xbox One, to really nail that transition.

Of course, words are all very well — the only real way to show support for the Wii U is to actually confirm what games you're making for it.


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Yoshis_VGM said:

It's nice that they're not writing the Wii U off, but it's still frustrating that they go from "fully supporting Wii U" like they were back in 2011 to "Oh yeah about that...we're not making any games right now haha." I'm not very happy with EA, and I could honestly care less about them.



SCAR said:

Don't worry. They'll make games. I actually understand why they aren't, and it definitely doesn't mean it will never happen in the future.
They're waiting for the other consoles to show up. If the Wii U is getting 8th gen multiplats, there has to be multiple platforms to put it on, obviously.
Wii U is the only console that's out right now.



b23cdq said:

"We’ve launched four games. We’re proud of them"

You shouldn't be, EA. You really shouldn't be.



MiNiStRy said:

Umm "we're not writing them off as the drm suport we thought was happening for the xbox one has now been scrapped so we will continue to support all consoles" Thats how it should be worded!



Aerona said:

Are you proud of releasing ME3 as a stand alone product and then quickly releasing the trillogy on other platforms?



DESS-M-8 said:

@b23cdq Need for speed was good. However, FIFA, mass effect and....... What's the fourth? UK never got Madden so how is it four? Anyway 2/3 titles were slack. However EA only made one and that was the worst one.

I like how EA blame poor sales of FIFA 13 for not developing FIFA 14 but they didn't put any work into 13 and it was a poor shoddy port. Maybe that is why it's sales we're poor



Sjoerd said:

I think it's the right decision business-wise, even though I would really like Battlefield and Fifa to be on Wii U. I bought Most Wanted last week and it's on of the best games in my Wii U collection. The sad thing is, if they had really done their best onf Fifa 13 Wii U, I and many more would have gotten it. Instead, they realeased an inferior version, which isn't selling.



Sean_Aaron said:

Need for Speed is quality, I love it. EA does something like that again and I'll take a look. Heck I'd even consider Mass Effect 3, if they bothered making it available for download at a decent price.



TreesenHauser said:

Riiiiight, EA. That's why one of your guys talked a bunch of sh** about the Wii U on Twitter, correct? So I agree with the final line of this article; I'll believe EA when I actually see new games from them.

With that being said, I still need a copy of Most Wanted U because it looks awesome for Wii U. And like someone said earlier, once the price drops I'll get Mass Effect 3 for it too. I'm not paying $60 for a game that's been out for over a year and is 2/3rds cheaper on other platforms.



bahooney said:

EA: go eat poop. You must've had a really awesome bike to backpedal all the way home from E3 2011.



MrGawain said:

With the chance of the Wii U being barren of sports games in the near future, I just snatched up FIFA 13 for £12.99 from GAME this morning. Brand new!

The guy behind the counter gave me a look of 'You actually found something underpriced in here?'



Nintenjoe64 said:

Hearing EA talk about how they're waiting for sales to pick up before they get on board just makes me wish they get absolutely slaughtered by lack of sales on the PS4 and Xbox1.

I think what they mean is: "we're going to stifle all support for Wii U, make it publicly known in an attempt to set an industry trend and then, when our shareholders see the dip in profits, we'll port all the things we initially promised Nintendo we'd port in 2013"

@MrGawain I bought FIFA on launch day from Blockbuster. I tried my hardest not to buy it but they offered it for £10 with one full priced game. Blockbuster games will be missed.



FineLerv said:

Not to mention that 2 of those games are among the very best games on the Wii U right now. If you haven't played them, and if you care about quality games being made on the system, your obliged to pick them up.



marck13 said:

"We’ve launched four games. We’re proud of them" - That´s a big part of EA´s problem.

"The guys inside the studio are looking at the Wii U tech and they’re looking at the platform." - I actually believe that.

"They understand it." - I actually don´t believe that.




To be fair, NFS MWU and FIFA 13 (though not as good as psbox features wise) were excellent. However, its wierd they're happily supporting Vita, which has bummed for a long time and not the Wii U in its early months/first year. I know they've prob got an agreement with Sony that they must support Vita AS WELL AS the PS3 & 4...but STILL



Gate_Shikimuri said:

Keyword: Transition

As in, they've stopped making games for the Wii U to start making games for the PS4 and Xbox One (from what I could tell).



JusticeColde said:

Didn't EA already say this not too long ago? did they say something bad about the Wii U again beforehand?

EA, just shut up until you have something to provide to the Wii U instead of clogging up Nintendo news sites with useless articles noting your backpedaling.



Banker-Style said:

Mass Effect 3 was awesome,but it should've been more,i.e,EA should've released the Trilogy on Wii U,and give us all the DLC.



LavaTwilight said:

Transition to what? What they're saying is "our games did not sell as well as we hoped on the wii so we feel that Nintendo are no longer providing a decent profit to justify releasing big-budget games for it. If however the sales of the WiiU pick up then of course we would begin developing more games for it because we want to cash in on that money-making console" - Why sugarcoat it?



WingedSnagret said:

I've had enough of EA's lies. I'd rather them them just say they aren't going to continue support instead of this "Oh, we hasn't left Wii U, but now that the new consoles are coming out we're making all the good games for them while leaving a little secondhand stuff for Nintendo" crap.



Jaz007 said:

@Nintenjoe64 They supported Wii U when it had that lack if sake too and it didn't work out. Now they are going to give PS4 and the One their chance. PS4 is likely to be a good market for their games. Wii U on the other hand, has shown it is not.

I also love how some people say they are backtracking with this statement. They didn't say they had a game for Wii U they plan to release in development. They simply said that if Wii U becomes a viable market, they will release games for it.



Pod said:

The transition to new consoles is actually a rather big step for publishers, so it's not just something he says.
There's a lot of new technologies and workflow methods that need to be in place in order to make use of the added power and higher user expectations.



PattonFiend said:

Shut up, Pod. Funny how EA has no problem developing for two platforms that do not even exist to the public and has no install base whatsoever...

Funny how that works, huh?



ikki5 said:

"We’ve launched four games. We’re proud of them."

that's a load of bull, they already made a statement on Madden and Fifa, both which are old ports that no one cared about because those that did, already own them or have played them. Then they go and make a statement how bad their sales were on the WIi U with these games. ll they did was release ports of old games, maybe put a new game they are making (that is actually good and not half done when it arrives) and sales will be better but that is too smart of an idea for them to try.



Schprocket said:

I'm sorry Ea, what was that?
Oh dear... I am really, really, really sorry...truly I am... but I can't wait for you lot to make up your minds whilst sitting on the fence, and my money's gone backing Kickstarters where most devs really give a poopiedoodledingalingdong about gamers across all platforms... so between KIckstarters and Nintendo's releases, I'm afraid I can't afford buy your ill-conceived, second-rate, after-thoughts for my current platform of choice... jerks...



Morph said:

I still think at the very least they could have put 1 or 2 of their staple franchises out this year, fifa for europe and Madden for the US, and most people wouldnt have complained too much, it's bad business imo



Relias said:

Well technically.. when they release games they have to give the DLC with them.. (You can always get new memory you know) Secondly.. I know you keep saying they gave it a shot.. and it failed.. and the WII U is not selling well and needs more units sold.. but the problem is going by what I have seen.. they did not give the system a legitimate shot.. (AKA basically make the games that would take full advantage of the systems hardware etc.) I have seen 2/4 games that looked good.. (Need for Speed and Mass Effect) However The Mass Effect most gamers will feel ripped off on buying it on Wii U since the trilogy is already out on other systems.. and the no DLC really is a killer too.. So in the end.. EA shot themselves in the foot on 3/4 games really.. and like I said.. I promise you.. if Sony or Microsoft struggles this much in their first year.. they will start coming up with excuses as to why they need to still make games for those.. while they continue to ignore the Wii U.. (Even if Nintendo somehow managed to ship and sell 20 million units by years end.. and led the 8th gen by a long shot.. EA would either ignore it.. or just ship cheap ports for the most part) Really they should have done at least a Sims game on the Wii U by now..



bassoongoon said:

From what I have heard it sounds like the only game EA should be proud of is Need for Speed Most Wanted.



Drobotic said:

I'm not buying any EA games after what one of their staff members said.I only bought Most Wanted U because it had exclusive content.But I'm still not trusting them,



PattonFiend said:

More f'ng garbage. Why even post these straight up lies!

If it is one thing IGN, WiiUDaily and NintendoLife have in common, it is their love, praise and utmost respsect for EA and Patcher...

How about you stick to IMPORTANT NEWS from now on, not blatant lies like everything else that comes out of EA's mouth.



Marios-love-child said:

If they release Fifa 14 and Tiger Woods 14 on the Wii U I for one would certainly buy them.

The only reason I didnt buy Fifa 13 was because I already have Fifa 12 for my PS3 and as we all know its the same game. If they wernt so lazy and gave us the proper game I (and i'm sure plenty of others) would have bought it.



AcesHigh said:

I'm really starting to grow tired of companies like MS and EA due to their lack of honesty and integrity. I would tend to believe Reggie when he just recently (a couple days ago) stated that EA has games in development. His credibility carries a lot further than the those of any executives at EA. The reason EA is stating that there are no games in development is because if they decide to can a game for whatever reason seems logical to them that day, they don't have any more egg on their face than they already have. They've gone back and forth so many times even they realize they have to sh$t or get off the pot. So if one of their projects is good enough and they feel will sell well enough, they'll announce it and it will be out in a matter of weeks. If they decide it's not sunny enough outside, they'll cancel it and no one will know any different.



Yrreiht said:

As gorgeous as NFSMW was, the game got boring VERY quickly.
I know they can do great games, but so far, your four Wii U titles are pretty meh.



Nintenjoe64 said:

@sinanziric have you played FIFA13 Wii U? It's not a "horrible port" at all, it's a very good port for a launch title, it's just completely pointless to anyone who owns FIFA 12 or 13 on another console. The reviews are a joke. It deserves a reasonable score for being the best football game on Wii U. I can barely tell the gameplay apart from PS3 FIFA13 except that it's missing a few features I never use on PS3 and it slows down when you use certain gamepad features.

@Jaz007 I see where you're coming from but I don't believe they supported the Wii U to anywhere near the level they will support the PS4/Xbox1. They'll get new games, original games and up to date ports. Also, if PS4 starts to lose momentum straight after launch, EA won't drop their support. I suspect this is Nintendo's fault for not dipping into their own pockets enough when it comes to getting western 3rd party releases but EA made a ton of money off the back of the Wii which makes it even more cruel that they're doing this.

The Wii had the best EA Tennis and Golf games I've ever played and they didn't sell too badly so I don't see why they couldn't have planned a couple of them for 2013. They made their mind up long before the sales looked ropey.



Shambo said:

i never really liked sports games, i don't follow sports anyway. nfs actually cought my attention but i'd rather see nfs nitro return. loved the caricature style and arcade fun, also very original controls, honestly!
mass effect... i'd really want the full trilogy on wii u, since i love my wii u, will most likely love the games, dislike my ps3 and its controller to some degree, and dislike wasting the full price on part 3 only...

ea, bring back the likes of black -and don't turn it into CoD-, timesplitters -if you still own the rights-, and def jam -fight for ny style- and you'll get my money.



Emblem said:

Makes sense, everyone is predicting(hoping?) the Xbone and PS4 will sell like hotcakes. When they don't and everyone realises Wii U has the a similar or better profit margin (In terms of development to sales) they will start developing Wii U games.

I'm actually really disappointed that not a single website has run a decent article about all the overhype both consoles are getting and what will happen if they don't sell doodooloads. If they sell average they will be in even a worse boat then Wii U and if they sell less it spells trouble since both consoles are reportedly sold at a substantial loss. Guess i'll wait for November/December for the websites to catch up.



HeatBombastic said:

EA: We're so proud of our Wii U games, to the point which they don't even need DLC to back it up!



Royalblues said:

Nintendo should've gone all out, and supported graphical hardware, and not just a new controller. That is why they are in this weird spot. If you want a great PS4/XB1 game on the Wii U, then that means developers will have to start from scratch, and that is more money these companies just don't want to invest. It has nothing to do with "laziness of developers" as you all claim. You can't port a game with technical aspects that one console can't handle.



MasterGraveheart said:

EA: We're not writing off the Wii U.

Me: Yeah, that's some good job building up YOUR BRAND'S install base by NOT releasing games or giving worthwhile DLC for them. Bravo.




dumedum said:

I am not writing off EA. If they have something good, they may be worth considering down the road. As a rent maybe.



retro_player_22 said:

So instead of focusing on all three next-gen consoles, they are focusing on two and watch one? Oh how low can you get EA, why watch when you can do more with it? You're not in the industry to watch EA, you're suppose to be in it to make games. Watching is for the movie industry, not videogame.



AVahne said:

Yet the only EA game worth getting on Wii U is NFS Most Wanted, which is NOT a launch title.
Heck, I can sort of understand not wanting to spend money developing for Wii U, but not publishing a game that was already very close to completion? (Crysis 3)



smashbrolink said:

You're proud of them......
You put a half-done version of JUST Mass Effect 3 on the Wii U, don't include all of the DLC, and YOU'RE PROUD OF THAT?
Get OFF our system and STAY off, if you can't do a better JOB!



mikeyman64 said:

That quote seemed very pretentious. Like he was trying to pat the little heads of the Nintendo fans and tell us 'not to worry, you're just not quite as important as these other things.'



TheAdrock said:

On a similar note: Obama promised to not raise taxes, to close Guantanamo Bay, that Obamacare would lower the cost of medical care... ahh promises made by liars.



brokenfang said:

Go away EA. Just go away, we don't care anymore. Your half-wit company would not exist if it weren't for Nintendo. Neither would Playstation or Xbox for that matter.

The arrogance sickens me.



AJWolfTill said:

To be honest they did release stuff for the Wii U at launch and they are now aiming to be involved in the launch of the other consoles. They are aiming not to miss a potential gold mine. While I'm not a fan of the company I am a fan of some of their products.
Criterion clearly put the work in with NFS:MW If EA still doesn't make a good turn around when they actually put a dedicated team to work on the console then why would they bother trying to pass off their usual minimal but mandatory update software. Having said this I do want Nintendo to be able to rebuild these bridges as they could use the software cannon fodder as well as the Bioware gems (+ Battlefront) .



TreonsRealm said:

Gotta love how Nintendo gave EA the type of HD machine that kept complaining at Nintendo to give them and then bailed on them right after launch (no doubt butthurt over Nintendo's rejection of the horrid Origin platform for Wii U online). Ironically, their grand plan to get in bed with Microsoft backfired due to consumer backlash. It's a classic case of a company getting too full of themselves and thinking they can dictate the direction of an entire industry.



mostro328 said:

Bullpoopoo if you were not writing it off you would be developing for it point blank, as business men I understand its slow sales but there is still 3 million plus more WiiU out than ps4 or x1, there is also opportunity to dominate by bringing games over

EA is spoiled brat with developers who obviously can not innovate the new control EA wasn't having this discussion when the Ps3 sales were slow



TromaDogg said:

I really don't know how they expected stripped down versions of FIFA or Madden to sell, Mass Effect 3 to sell when it came long after Xbox 360 and PS3 (and they got the whole Trllogy for around the same price at that time), or Need For Speed Most Wanted U to sell when it also came later than the other versions (by which time they were much cheaper than on Wii U).

Nice that they're able to say civil things about the Wii U now that Xbox One doesn't contain the DRM restrictions EA would've preferred.

EA makes no sense whatsover



Urbanhispanic said:

I would get NFS: MW because it is the best out of the 4 titles. I agree with other people about Mass Effect 3. How the hell could they release it and then turn around and release the trilogy set for the 360 and PS3? It was a slap in the face for the Wii U so I don't blame people for not believing or trusting EA.



JaxonH said:

I know hating EA is the popular thing right now (not without just cause, of course), but I never let politics get in between me and a good game. When Mass Effect 3 lauched with the Wii U, I bought that sucker (Darksiders 2 and ME3 at ToysRus on a buy 1 get 1 40% off). Even if the trilogy had come out already, I'd still have bought it. Yes, it sucks to pay for one game what PS3 gamers are paying for the trilogy, but the hell with what they're paying. I don't own a PS3. So all it comes down to is asking myself that all-important question... "Is this game good enough to warrant a purchase or not?" And the answer was most definitely yes. Tbh, I never thought I'd see a Mass Effect on a Nintendo system, so despite the shortchange, I was actually very pleased to be given the opportunity to play this game on my WiiU. I certainly wasn't planning on shelling out a few hundred bucks on a PS3. The same goes for Darksiders 2, Batman Arkham City, Assassin's Creed 3, Black Ops 2... I bought all these games at or near full retail. Sure, PS3/360 gamers can scoop alot of those games for $30 or less, but that's cause the games were out on those systems for a while. Price drops with time. It's not reasonable to expect publishers to drop AAA games on our shiney new HD next-gen Nintendo console with an orange clearance sticker, ammirite? And again, do I think EA should've released the trilogy on WiiU instead of ME3? Damn right they should have! But that doesn't mean ME3 isn't still worth buying! I've handed over $60 for lesser games than ME3....



GiftedGimp said:

Now there are no drm restrictions on Any system EA will be fairer on all systems. EA and others were under the impression both ps4 and Xbone would run simular drm restrictions. Now they are trying to get them selves out of the corner with thier Anti WiiU comments, lies and non-support.



Zatioichi said:

At this point EA is nothing but talk at this point. They didn't keep their word, employees publicly trashing the WiiU, AND thinking that 4 games is more than good? Seriously the amount of disrespect is not okay..this is the kind of behavior that shouldn't be allowed and I don't understand why anyone is okay with that. As big as EA is they should have twice as many games on the WiiU as they do now. But just the fact that they don't want to put anything out on it cause its not selling well is just stupid..wouldn't you at least halfway try to boost sales by, get this, making games.

That's it but whatever, the day will come when EA will die and Nintendo will still be here.



Laxeybobby said:

Why does Nintendolife keep printing these EA stories. This one says nothing different to the one published last week and the one before that. Only a different EA member of staff saying the same thing with different words.
Lets move on. Old News!



element187 said:

Don't worry EA. I already written you off for good.... I wont buy anymore of your titles on the Wii U or my other platforms... I'm done with you. Ubisoft and Capcom are my new best 3rd party friends.



wana75 said:

Need for speed most wanted is one of the best games on Wii u, I looked everywhere for a copy in the shop and none were seen so why didn't ea put there games in the shop at a matching price similar to PS3 then they would of sold thousands of them so something is not right people. I got my game New from for 22 pounds BARGAIN so spread the word people and may be they will realise they can sell well on the Wii u



Caryslan said:

@brokenfang I hate to break this to you, but Nintendo has virtually no impact on EA's history in gaming. They started on the PC back in the 80's, and while they did a couple of NES games, they broke into the home console on a non-Nintendo console.

Sega was the reason why they broke into the home console market and found massive success. They put out SNES games, but its the Genesis versions of their games that were far more popular and remembered from that era.

Since that time, EA has maintained closer ties to Sony and Microsoft. While they did put games out on Nintendo platforms, they were generally afterthoughts.

EA has never been close to Nintendo or their platforms. Which means that unless Nintendo becomes the only game in town, nothing will change. If you look at EA's history, Nintendo has played little to no role in their success. Their current postion as a major player in the market is due to PC, Sega, Sony, and Microsoft.

And while it could be argued that the Playstation might not have existed without Nintendo, there's no telling about the Xbox. Not to mention, without Sony, Sega might still be a hardware maker. It was Sony that took Sega out of the market. Nintendo had little to nothing to do with Sega's downfall.

So, even without Sony, we might had seen a market comprised of Nintendo, Sega, and maybe Microsoft.



Caryslan said:

@brokenfang For the sake of argument, and since you went to the trouble of calling me a troll, I am posting the original reply that you sent before you went to the effort to delete it.

"I hate break it to you, but that wall of text was the most absurd thing I've seen in a long time.

Let me clarify my point: When I started gaming, there was only Atari 2600. Then came the NES and it alone saved what little industry there was back then.
Do you get it now? I would argue that all the CONSOLES today are here because of what N did 30 YEARS AGO.

Now go google some more useless tripe and stop defending The Worst Company In The World."

And before you ask where I got this, it was sent to my e-mail. I want the chance to properly respond to your comments.

Now then, let me make one thing very, very clear. Not once in my comments did I defend EA. Do you want my opinion on EA? I think they are a horrible company that has killed numerous developers like Maxis, Origin, and Bullfrog studios.

Now, it would appear you missed my entire point and assumed I was some idiot troll who is bashing Nintendo. So let me repeat the point I was trying to make. EA started as a PC developer. The did do a few NES games, but their first breakthrough as a home console developer was on the Sega Genesis. That is not my opinion, that is a fact!

Note that that does no imply I'm EA's #1 fanboy. I'm simply stating a fact that is easy to find if you happen to search the internet for it. EA was one of the first major developers on the Genesis. Sega helped play a major role in helping to build the modern EA.

And where in my post did I ignore the fact that Nintendo saved the indsturdy? Hell, I'm willing to agree with you on the point that all modern systems owe their existence to the NES and its success. But my point still stands that the Xbox might have still existed.

Plus, much of the reason why the Xbox was developed was because Microsoft felt threatened by Sony and the Playstation. Of course, it could be argued Nintendo played a role since the Playstation has ties to them, but Microsoft entered gaming due to Sony.

Now, let me say one other thing. I find it very insulting that you called me a troll. Let me make this very clear. I love Nintendo and I am the proud owner of all their systems besides the Wii U and Virtua Boy. I think they have made(and still make) some of the best games on the market.

But that does not mean I'm going to gloss over their problems and pretend they don't exist. And before you reply that I don't do the same to Microsoft and Sony, I am more then happy to call them out on their mistakes as well. Hell, I am a huge Sega fanboy, and I'll be the first to bash them as well. I don't do all my posting here, so what you see is a fraction of what I tend to say.

What do you define as trolling might I ask? Is it me pointing out Nintendo's lackluster third-support that has been an issue for their home consoles since the N64? Or the fact hat I was pointing out Bethesda has no history on Nintendo platforms, and only replied because people kept asking when their games are coming to the Wii U?

What makes me a troll in your eyes?

Answer this simple question and justify your belief on why I'm a troll.

Since you went to the trouble to go through my posts, I'm sure you'll have no problem digging up the posts where I said things like "LOL, Nintendo sucks! or How can Nintendo hope to compete with the PS4 and Xbox One with Kiddie Cartoon Junk Games!?"

Because if you can't find that posts which I surley made, and can't back up why you think I'm a troll, then you just tossed around an insult without any proof.

Before I go, I want to make one thing clear. I am not a fanyboy of any system. The only fanboy that I am is a Sega one, but that's all tied to the past. Now, I play all three systems equally since they all have something to offer. And I love Nintendo's game. I think Nintendo still has a charm that nobody else can match, and their E3 lineup looks fun.

Just something to keep in mind.



brokenfang said:

So you don't own a Wii U?

My condolences. Sucks be stuck with a handheld huh?

Save up your allowance for one maybe?

Just something to keep in mind.



Caryslan said:

@brokenfang As a general rule, I don;'t buy systems until a few years pass. I did not get my Wii until 2010 and my PS3 & 360 until 2012. I do this to allow the hardware revisions to come out, and allow a cheap selection of games that I can get to quickly build up my library.

So, I'm unlikely to get Wii U until 2014 at the earliest. The only reason why I have a 3DS is due to Gamestop offering a deal where I could get one for 99 bucks.

I love my 3DS though. I'm even happier since Smash Bros is coming to it.



brokenfang said:

I'm glad to hear your at least enjoying the 3DS. I guess I should stop being a mean jerk now since you do own the 3DS. I can't do that!

Ok, so your not a troll. But you don't seem to have much faith in the Wii U. But hey, your obviously not alone there.

I only know this: I've had the U for 7 months or so, and have been playing only that for a console during that time. It's a lot better than the masses believe it to be.
The off- screen play is so overlooked by the critics. It was simply awesome watching the Cup finals and grindin' on MH3U with some cool players I met on miiverse.
I don't want to play any other way now. Completely hooked.



GottzGaming said:

uggh one of my favorite gaming franchises Need for Speed won't be one the Wii U WOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!! How stupid



unrandomsam said:

@MiNiStRy EA will have that DRM anyway it will just have to implement it itself (And it won't work as well).

Neither Sony or MS have said that 3rd parties cannot do stuff like that and they will. (Microsoft should just buy them if they really only have $4 billion revenue.)



unrandomsam said:

@t377y000 Why would you want to play Crysis on a platform other than a PC (Or play it at all. It is a graphics card benchmark as far as I know).



TeamRay said:

Their loss! Seriously they dont have a clue of what capabilities they have with Wii U. Instead they would rather stick with 2 companies that care more bout watching t.v. through their consoles rather than the gaming itself. Its beyond me.



S7eventhHeaven said:

@bassoongoon nfs most wanted is better on wii-u than on a top end pc. nfs most wanted on ps3 flopped so bad they are giving it away to psn+ subscribers. i downloaded it just cuz it was there and quickly uninstalled and went back to my wii-u version.

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