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Wed 8th May, 2013

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Zatioichi commented on Feature: Meet The Gamate, The Handheld Which T...:

I never knew this thing existed at all but this left me with two thoughts. First, I reaalllly miss my handheld I owned that let you pop in two carts. Second the idea of having games in your wallet is too good! Nintendo really should start making more AR games as well as creating some NFC games that come on cards.



Zatioichi commented on Investment Expert Feels Nintendo Earnings Miss...:

Well I understand its his job and all but that doesn't really mean much to me personally. Sure you can have all the data but you can't really tell what is going to happen next..but forgot alllll that for a second, why is it that everyone is gunning for Nintendo's IPs as well as why does smartphones and tablets keep being mentioned? I don't know about anyone else but playing games on phones SUCK HARD not to even go into allll the other problems with that( mainly size and space issues). This needs to stop..Nintendo is the ONLY company that is JUST a game company and always has been, why not support that instead of curse and doom being overall just a prat...



Zatioichi commented on Wii U Turned Ubisoft On To Second-Screen Gamin...:

Just WOW! Nintendo should just start forming its own 3rd parties since everyone is jumping ship..I still don't understand the logic behind it.. Everyone is SCARED to do something different and Nintendo is proof that being different isn't okay..



Zatioichi commented on EA Outlines Its Reasons for Lack of Wii U Support:

So EA im not a gamer? Funny cause I've been gaming for almost 20 years..but why can't they make a version of their fancypanted engine and make it run on the WiiU? If it's so underpowered and all that what's stopping them. But oh we can still make games for the 360 AND PS3 but oh their focused on the "next gen". Hmmm I figured generations went by when systems are released not on the specs, guess I was wrong right EA? Nintendo was around before EA was even thought about yet they have the stones to openly respect a so called business partner.. I'll never by another EA again knowingly.



Zatioichi commented on EA: We're Not Writing Off Wii U:

At this point EA is nothing but talk at this point. They didn't keep their word, employees publicly trashing the WiiU, AND thinking that 4 games is more than good? Seriously the amount of disrespect is not okay..this is the kind of behavior that shouldn't be allowed and I don't understand why anyone is okay with that. As big as EA is they should have twice as many games on the WiiU as they do now. But just the fact that they don't want to put anything out on it cause its not selling well is just stupid..wouldn't you at least halfway try to boost sales by, get this, making games.

That's it but whatever, the day will come when EA will die and Nintendo will still be here.