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Deep Silver Has "No Plans" To Support Wii U

Posted by Damien McFerran

"Their audience is not who we reach best"

Deep Silver's desicion to not bring Dead Island: Riptide to the Wii U caused a moderate amount of drama last month — not least because the excuse given was denied by the development team behind the game, forcing Deep Silver to admit that the real reason was that the process simply wasn't worth the effort.

Speaking to Game Informer, Deep Silver COO Geoff Mulligan elaborated a little more on the company's plans for Nintendo's new console — or, to be more precise, the complete lack of plans:

With Wii U, the Nintendo market right now and their audience is not who we reach best. It’s not something we’re entertaining in the near or foreseeable future.

Were you hoping to see key Deep Silver franchises — such as the aforementioned Dead Island and Saints Row — on the Wii U? Or does the publisher's reluctance to support the console mean little to you? Post a comment to tell us your thoughts.


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edhe said:

"With Wii U, the Nintendo market right now and their audience is not who we reach best."

Just like that Lars Gustavsson, more bull sprinkled with gobbledegook?



Discostew said:

It seems like their definition of "audience" doesn't mean the type of people that own a Wii U, but more of the number of people that have one, as shown by this snippet but also their comment about their participation with the PS4 and NextBox, and I quote,...

"I would safely say that you'll see us there, but not on the first day. It's the same reason, the pioneer versus the settler...being there on the first day, that's for the big boys."

More and more 3rd party developers are hesitant in supporting new consoles because the cost of development is rising, and they can't afford the time and effort to port their games to other platforms that currently don't have a large enough audience to profit from, as one can see from the continued support for the PS3 and 360 with their 70+ million owners vs the 3+ million Wii U owners. Then there's the 3DS scenario, which was literally given to 3rd parties to start because Nintendo didn't want to steal the spotlight, but that didn't go well because it didn't have any real Nintendo software to create interest in 3DS purchases. It wasn't until Nintendo rolled out the red carpet with their own games that sales of the 3DS really picked up, and now 3rd parties are trying to get their foot in the door.

Reminds me of the Russian story "The Little Red Hen". A hen wants to make bread, and asks for help from everyone around. No one wanted to help, but as soon as the hen makes the bread, everyone wants some, but the hen told them no because no one helped in making it.



Park_Triolo said:

Who needs a booooring game like Dead Island, when we get Resident Evil? I mean... come on... the trailers for the game were awesome, but the game sucked/sucks. Let's move on to all the cool stuff that is on the way for Wii U... AC IV, Watchdogs, Splinter Cell, Batman Arkham Origins and all the first party stuff too... 2013 is gonna be a great year to be a Nintendo fan.



Stuffgamer1 said:

I think it also stems from the viewpoint that gamers who WANT this kind of game already bought and PS3 and/or 360 years ago to supplement their Wii's. After all, that's what Iwata told us to do. I, for one, have no intention to buy ANYTHING on Wii U that I could just get on my PS3 instead. To me, Nintendo consoles are for exclusive games, period.

Also...I don't care about this developer's output in general.



Zyph said:

@Discostew so you're saying that even though the PS4/NeXtbox are not even out yet they'll still support it because of the large install base of the PS3/360?
IMHO that's still a wacky way of them saying "We don't support Nintendo audiences" or "We only want the big shot and powerful consoles even though there's no install base yet".
Which is kinda ...



cornishlee said:

I don't care about their games personally but these are worrying comments for the Wii U generally when third party support is so essential to developing a strong system. Discostew's comments suggest an acceptable rational motive for this but we have to be worried, considering the difference in tone of the Wii U and PS4 statements that this has less to do with console sales and more to do with a perception of what games Wii U owners are interested in.



Discostew said:

@Zyph No, I'm saying just the opposite. PS4/NextBox will have the same problem as the Wii U because the install base is so low compared to the PS3/360. Developers want to be where the money is, and with rising costs and such, many will not take the risk in developing for a platform that has a low install base, no matter the hardware under the hood. Like Deep Silver said, they won't be there for the PS4/NextBox on the first day. My guess is if the install base increases nicely, they'll jump in. As for the Wii U, we see it at weekly lows, but if they began picking up sales to noticeable amounts, I'm sure Deep Silver would not be the only developer to change their mind.



Zyph said:

@Discostew Yeah I get it, but if we're talking about the install base then the PS4 and NextBox has NONE of that at the moment so I'm wondering why would they support them anyway and not the Wii U, which obviously already has an installed base. In my mind they're just one of the developers (like EPIC) who're only into more capable machines.

I'd be happy if they change their mind. I assume they do have Wii U dev kits. But with an attitude/mindset like they have, I have my doubts.



DarkCoolEdge said:

Great, screw them. But it does bother, Cursed Mountain was a good game and totally worth the 10€it cost me. Oh well, it's not like don't have a huge backlog...



Nintenjoe64 said:

I'm slightly bothered by the fact the Wii U is being dismissed again but it's unsurprising that they would play it safe and not spend money they don't need to.

What makes me sick is the fact these people will see the Wii U install base get to about 10 million and start taking a little notice. Their solution will be to throw shovelware at the Wii U and then complain that nobody buys it.



LordessMeep said:

I can't say I blame them for making such a statement. I'm certainly not interested in the game but I would've given it a whirl if they'd gotten it over to the Nintendo platforms. :/



DESS-M-8 said:

I WAS looking forward to battlefield 4 on wii u for a short while as I have thoroughly enjoyed battlefield 3 on PS3 for the last 18 months. The lack of support from DICE AND EA has seen me not bein able to enjoy it on Wii U, but has also resulted in me refusing to buy any future DICE or EA titles on any other format. Support my format or lose my support. EA should check my PS3's hard drive and see how much of my money they've had through PSN over the last 6 years and realise I'm only one customer they've pissed off and temporarily lost until they wise up.
Same with Deep Silver, Dead Island is actually a very good game, similar to Zombi U and could have borrowed ideas from it greatly. It WOULD have sold and I would have bought it. But due to their attitude I will not be buying it for any format. In my opinion the PS3 is only for exclusives now such as Uncharted, anything else will be surpassed on wii u or if not available when could/should be? The retailer can keep it.



DESS-M-8 said:

I think we'll see some HUGE first party titles announced in next 3 months, it seems Nintendo want to sort the Wii U OS first and get the update finished and rolled out and the virtual console up running. Why show all your cards if you're not currently 100% on your hardware that you're selling them on?
I'm 31 and for the first time since my teens, I'm quite interested in the future on Pokemon, not to mention Pikmin, Zelda, Mario, Metroid and Donkey Kong. If I can have a format where I get all this quality AND supported by third parties such as Square Enix, Warner Bros, Ubisoft, and eventually Rockstar and EA along with their AAA offerings then I see no need for a PS4 or XBox. Although I see no real advantage to the PS4 when I hae a PS3. Yes my games would look slightly better with more shadows and eyebrow detail, but if the game is STILL the same quality, playing with pretty much STILL the same controller why is it again that they want me to spend another £400-£500+???????



AJWolfTill said:

Was going to say I wasn't interested in their franchises/games but after researching it there are a couple of games they have released which I like/want ; Cursed Mountain, Stalker Clear Sky, Katherine and Killer is Dead



Haywired said:

I can understand that sort of statement regarding the Wii, but I don't really think the current Wii U audience is entirely the same.



mingzu said:

If you look at the games that Deep Silver published on Nintendo consoles you can see that they didn't have the best experience with the big N.



hcfwesker said:

It is a shame WiiU is going to pay for a lot of the mistakes Nintendo decided with the Wii. Even a tougher sell when Nintendo decided to slap the "Wii" name on it's newest console; that decision will always baffle me.

That being said, I never cared for the game, I played it, and just not my type of horror game. Give me Fatal Frame, Nintendo, now that you have exclusivity to the franchise.



banacheck said:

DESS-M-8 Although I see no real advantage to the PS4 when I hae a PS3. Yes my games would look slightly better with more shadows and eyebrow detail, but if the game is STILL the same quality.

Believe me PS3 games will not be the same quality as the PS4, PS4 games will be better in every way people on here just focus on graphics. Graphics are not the only benefit in having 8GB, your going to see bigger games as in open worlds, a lot better AI etc. Downloading a games will not be a pain in the arss you'll able to play them as it downloads, the PS4 has a lot better features than the PS3. And if i need to go out i don't have to stop playing games, any device from mobiles, tablets, PSP, PSVita i'll be able to carry on gaming and the best part i only have to pay for that game once and i'll be able to play it on any platform i choose.



Peach64 said:

I really don't get the argument about 'why would I buy a new console if it only offers more power and not a new controller?'. Surely that's the only reason for a new console? If it's a new controller you want, it can be done as a peripheral. Nintendo could have easily made the Wii just a new controller for the GameCube, but they wanted us all to buy a new machine instead.

I don't think power is everything, and I'm happy with the lower spec Nintendo hardware, but don't pretend a new controller is a more valid reason to make us buy a new box than more powerful components are.



TromaDogg said:

That's OK, because I wasn't planning to support Deep Silver by buying Dead Island Riptide either, because the first Dead Island was crap.

Saints Row would've been nice on Wii U or 3DS though...looks like I'll just have to get Saints Row 4 on PS3 instead.



banacheck said:

As for SR4 i'm not interested but that does mean other people are not too, the main problem i see with 3rd party support. Is a lot of people are only going to be buying one console, weather it's for there kids or what ever. And depending on what game they like and want to play, if the Wii U doesn't support them i highly doubt they going to be buying a Wii U for a new Mario every few years. When they'll get a load of 3rd party games on the other systems, which out ways the first support.



banacheck said:

Peach64 said:
I really don't get the argument about 'why would I buy a new console if it only offers more power and not a new controller?

If people are happy with there controller and don't want it changed your going to turn them customers off your console, sad but true where extra power from the last console is a non-brainer seeing as consoles usually upgrade every 5years. The PS3 is almost on it's 7th year and once the PS4 is out it's got to last another 5years. You can always add extra controllers with new games but you cannot add extra power. also once the PS4 is out and has been out and the Nextbox, you really think you'll see some of those games when they probably need 2+GB to run?



nik1470 said:

Oh well their games have so many bugs in them I always felt like a beta tester. Having said that when the next Xbox dies because of always online and the PS4 and WiiU survive attitudes might change.



banacheck said:

If i thought the Wii U was poop i wouldn't own one, and like you i love gaming weather it's on the PS3/PS4 soon or Wii U. A lot of people are not able to buy two consoles plus games, and should they not be able to buy your console and expect 3rd support? multi-platform games should be support on all consoles for those people, otherwise you'll lose what could a have been customers on your console.

The PS4 doesn't use always-online that a choice, i highly doubt the Nextbox will use it. Every rumour so far has been wrong, digital games only, anti-used-games etc, Microsoft are not totally stupid there in the business of making money not losing it.



AceTrainerBean said:

I don't like that the company lied to us and tried to shift blame on to the developers. If they had of been honest from the start I would have respected them more than I do now. The ridiculous thing is I would have bought dead island riptide and saints row and I would say a lot of other nintendo gamers would have aswell but now I have no interest in supporting a delusional lieing company. I also hat
e that they think nintendo gamers are different to Sony gamers or Xbox gamers we all like games release them so we can enjoy them.



Magikarp3 said:

I haven't quite been able to get into Saints Row. Even if I did though, I'd probably be more inclined to get it on PC than on a console. I guess there is a market for Dead Island and Saints Row on WiiU, but I wouldn't blame the developer for assuming it's a small one.

It's odd though, now both GTA and Saints Row are skipping WiiU. Maybe this will boost Lego City's sales?



DESS-M-8 said:

@banacheck And yet everything you just said doesn't make me think yes please Sony, here's another £500 of my money. It's not a big enough leap to warrant a new console, I have played playstation for over 15 years and I've read everything published so far on PS4 and it all just sounds pointless. More like a PS3.5 than a PS4. It's just the same hardware every generation with a bit more ram and speed. It may aswell be a game only mac, but I already have a mac, so why buy a PS4???? Pointless. BRING SOMETHING NEW FOR A CHANGE SONY!!!!
"but we now have a a a a a button on the pad so you 'share' with all your friends!!! "
That is actualy the gayest thing/idea/brain fart I've ever heard.
Followed by a hollow lone clap.
Well done Sony, at least your idea man had a go



DESS-M-8 said:

@Peach64 it the SAME interface since 1998. It's is old and tired, it offers nothing literally NEW, never has. Why PS4 over a PC? Over a Wii U? What USP does it offer?
Nothing new



LegatoSkyheart said:

Deep Silver.
Best known for The Game Dead Island. Although it's curious they say
" With Wii U, the Nintendo market right now and their audience is not who we reach best."
Best huh?
Let's look at the Great Games Deep Silver has OFFERED to the Wii.
Great Classics like
Fritz Chess
Let's Play Ballerina
Let's Play Garden
Professor Heinz Wolff's Gravity
The Magic Roundabout
Secret Files 2: Puritas Cordis
and last and probably the only game that got any notice from them on the Wii,
Cursed Mountain.
I'm sure WiiU owners would gladly take another "Let's Play" or "Chess" Game over something like Saints Row!



DESS-M-8 said:

@banacheck Microsoft have lost money, well money can be translated as million of dollars, on both home consoles. They may be in the business of making money, doesn't mean they will make money on everything and never make bad decisions. Look at Kinect for christ sake



TreesenHauser said:

Very dumb excuse on their part. They're very closed-minded about it if they don't even want to attempt it. Bring Saints Row and Dead Island to Wii U, and people will buy it.



Araknie said:

And they say this without even having released a game, so there is no base.

Seems like they listen to analysts.



SkywardLink98 said:

@47drift They'd have to put in a good amount of money and man hours into porting over Saint's Row on a chance it will sell. It would be much more productive of those peoples' time if they worked on making the game run smoother and making it better than to be working on a Wii U port. (And it's proven it wouldn't sell by comments about it being awful, proving their point)



nastobi123 said:

Bullcrap, lets see 9 months from now, when Pikmin, Mario Kart U and Zelda gets released, Wii U is gonna empty store shelves, and I hope when that time comes, Nintendo WONT allow this COCKY new developers to develop their games. It feels like only Capcom, Ubisoft and Criterion only cares about Wii U.



GiftedGimp said:

Dead Island, was a wast of money, traded my version in within a week, as for Saints Row, I'm more bothered about GTA games not benig on WiiU tbh.

One less developer for WiiU isn't good tho, but it's probably more to it than whats being let on, not just userbase.
Forget about them, move on and look forward to games that are coming to WiiU, Batman, Splintercell, and all the rest.



JayRydah said:

In other news Splinter Cell Blacklist just got confirmation from both ubisoft and Nintendo that its comin to wii u at the end of august



Solatorobo said:

Well, Saints Row 4 for Wii U would be cool, but they seem to be saying that they only wants FIFA chavs buying their games, which isn't really a good sign (Even the PS3 is rather chavvy, just look at all the unsold copies of Ni No Kuni and Sly 4 at the gamestation where I live)



Ryo_Hazuki-san said:

@SilentHunter382 i agree 100000% thats why i only get games from capcom atlus and sega on my nintendo consoles they are not dicks about games they want everyone to experience the games



K1LLEGAL said:

I hate when you commenters say "who cares" etc. You should care! Sure, you may not like Dead Island or whatever but that isn't all Deep Silver is behind. They've been a great publisher of various German-made RPGs. So now, beyond Dead Island and Saint's Row the Wii U won't be getting things like Sacred. But okay yea. If you kids weren't going to buy these games anyway then all you're doing is showing Deep Silver they made the right decision.



UnseatingKDawg said:

So, no Saints Row 4 for my Wii U? These guys seriously should consider expanding. It's not like the games aren't going to sell. With another console under the belt, they could make even more cash.



SheldonRandoms said:

Then why don't they expand the audience. but I bet when the Wii U starts to sell more, then they will be like "Hey, there's that audience we always wanted, let's put Saints Row, Dead Island or whatever to the Wii U".



Captain_Toad said:

Hey Deep Silver,
Are you sure that's it's the audience and it's not something else like the other number of lies you told us?
Would have told us the truth from the get-go and saved us from all the drama and your rep from the fans (well some that could've been....) of your games espically from us at Nintendo Life.
@K1llegal: hear,hear



banacheck said:

It's just the same hardware every generation with a bit more ram and speed.

Just this one statement shows you haven't got a clue, a monkey probably has more brains in this department than you.



DarkKirby said:

Why does Deep Silver feel the need to bullcrap people? They don't think they'll make a profit on the Wii U and they want a better deal from Nintendo that Nintendo won't give them. With Nintendo going out of their way to let 3rd parties know they are accepting of mature games this is just more hogwash.



gsnap said:

They may be right. I know I have no interest in their games. Didn't play Saint's Row or Dead Island on my xbox or playstation, certainly not gonna play them on my wii u



AVahne said:

In other words, they have no idea what they're doing. Because of this attitude, I'm not even going to support them on PC. Even if sales price their games at $5, I won't get them.



Meaty-cheeky said:

Its there loses, me and my brother would have bought Saints Row for the 3DS. Having an open world GTA like game on the 3DS would have been sweet.

Deep Silver, more like (Deep Disappointment)



K1LLEGAL said:

@Koto What do you mean they have no idea what they are doing? Have you read the comments here? Lots of people saying "we don't care". Therefore Deep Silver clearly made the right decision since the Wii U userbase doesn't care about their games.



Jukilum said:

The portion of the Nintendo audience that is me doesn't play the kind of games they make.



Melkaticox said:

DeepSilver, what about you make/publish some actually good games first?

I can't believe people still are excited for Dead Island Riptide or Saints Row IV after what they did with the previous games... (and the fact that this new Saints Row's been in development for just a few months, probably...)



DESS-M-8 said:

@banacheck monkey? You're the one called bananachuck.
Playstation IS the same hardware every generation. They have never innovated or brought anything new to the console industry. Their controller is STILLL a SNES pad for gods sake



XFsWorld said:

Dead Island sucks anyway.......but I am kinda mad about Saints Row :/

Atleast we still have Splinter Cell: Blacklist, Resident Evil, Watchdogs and AC 4

Thank Goodness for Ubisoft and Capcom support!



Hamguar said:

Well in all honestly they are right. I'm not in the market for crap. But it's plain as day why 3rd parties don't want to support Nintendo. They are threatened by it. From all that I've seen, Nintendo has been the most innovative in their hardware and games i.e. they actually give a crap about gaming. From the other consoles, all I've heard is whining of lack of innovation and the same landscape of FPS/Madden BS. Yes there are a few good games here and there but mostly AAA grade shovelware. And you know, if there wasn't some kooky company that is willing to innovate. I would even venture to say that they would try even less than they are now and filth like Aliens: Crappy Mistake would be the norm rather than the anomaly that it is. I'm just happy that there are now some people starting to realize that they as consumers have ultimate power and are making companies EARN their money rather than feel entitled to it.



Sir_Deadly said:

I know its good to have 3rd party support, but even if they put there mediocre games on Wii U it probably still wouldn't sell as good as they want it to. Dead Island is trying to compete with much better zombie games out there (Left 4 Dead, Dead Rising, and Zombi U) and Saints Row went downhill after 2. 3 was very disappointing and 4 is looks worse than 3. Ehh I could care less about Deep Silver games in all honesty. Give that junk to the other consoles.



WiiUisBest said:

@Silver You can keep dead island 2 im sorry but i have no plans to buy anything from you and you made the list of now worst companies too like EA



Neram said:

So basically you're admitting that Nintendo gamers are too smart to buy your crappy games?



Urbanhispanic said:

While it's another third party developer saying they are not interested in making games for the Wii U, Deep Silver is NOT that relevant. The only game they made that was worth taking a look at was Cursed Mountain for the Wii.

Dead Island may have caught some gamers by surprise, it didn't light the video gaming world on fire and Saint's Row 3 is at best, a nice alternative to the "GTA-style" games that Rockstar helped usher in. I wouldn't sweat it too much, people. Once Nintendo releases their arsenal of AAA titles, third party support will pick up even more.



tanookisuit said:

Eh well Saints Row 2 and Dead Island got boring after about 3hours so I can't say my feelings are hurt. It is a fools move to make such comment and not try and widen your sales base. Trying to argue the market isn't there is just hollow and ignorant considering it's a new system and the market NEEDS to be made before you can say it isn't there to exist. Don't create one to start, you get no right to whine it doesn't exist. You don't know if you don't try. I do own a PS3 too, and if they care not to support the system I dropped a few hundred bucks on, I don't need to support them either.

Using their words switched just a little against them says it best: Their audience(their games) are not what reaches me best. It's not something I'll entertain in the near future or foreseeable future.



ThreadShadow said:

I don't care about these games either, but I'd just like to say; isn't it twelve to sixteen year olds who are playing these games anyway? And wouldn't that be the Wii U's market/audience? It would from Deep Silvers comments.



Zodiak13 said:

Not interested in these games so no big deal. Although the more games any console gets, the better. Although I must be 1 of the only people who thinks so, but games like GTA/Saints Row, are what I hate most about "popular" gaming, maybe moreso than crappy FPS sequel's. But what do I know, my friends consider me a non-gamer now because I don't play that trash.



Luffy said:

@Zodiak13 hahah I'm the same...but I play big names on my pc like bioshock infinite...and I've never missed a nintendo product since I was a kid and got the first nes.

my friends "yo guy did you get the new 'BRO DUDE COOL GUN SHOOT GAME'"
nope I did not.




Their a pretty new publishing company that just bought 3 very hogh profile franchises a.k.a. THEY DON'T REALLY HAVE THE MONEY needed to make a Wii U version on top of that they don't think it was gonna sell.

I'm cool with that, because I could just get Metro Last Light USED on the dusty old Xbox. I couldn't care less about Dead Island 2 and Saints Row DLC.......oh I mean 4. Got nothing against the company just don't lie next time though ok or you'll be really sorry.



Elvenmonk said:

First Catherine is made by Atlus and published by Atlus in it's home country of Japan and in the US. Atlus doesn't have a EU branch currently so it gives its games to whoever is the highest bidder in Europe. Currently Ghostlight keeps outbidding everyone.
Second Killer is Dead is done by Grasshopper who is now owned by GungHo and when they release games outside of Japan it goes to the highest bidder for each console. So when Suda makes a Wii U game it wont be Deep Silver who's publishing it. If you look at Grasshopper games their publishers outside of Japan are known for being extremely random and basically a coin flip. As an example it can range from Marvelous, Ubisoft, Deep Silver, WB, and Capcom.

So no, you don't really lose anything from Deepsilver. If Atlus or Grasshopper Manufacture decide to make a Wii U game Deep Silver simply wont be in the running to bid on the project obviously, which is a good thing. Because their translations are often shoddy or they just licsense the work from the American branch and call it a day. Which I'm sure both Atlus and GungHo, who're smart businesses, wont licsense their IPs to someone who wont sell on all the consoles. Especially Atlus.



Elvenmonk said:

Well there goes my support for Saints Row. Since their PC ports always suck I was planning on just buying the Wii U versions. Now, nope.

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