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Sun 20th Jan 2008

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Kamalot commented on Denis Dyack: X-Men Destiny Accusations Affecti...:


If your friends and coworkers continue to run into this wall, this block people have about trusting you, then a little YouTube video isn't going to help.

At this point, step aside. Lots of people would love to give Shadow of the Eternals a chance, including the team looking forward to building it. Your presence is rapidly turning you into boat anchor instead of a buoy. Don't sink this project due to your ego. Step aside. Maybe stay on as a consultant instead of a director. If the game is successful, you'll have another laurel to add to your crown. If it isn't successful, well at least it won't be due to the distrust many people have about you.

In my own humble opinion, the way you publicly aired dirty laundry on previous occasions makes me skeptical of your ability to lead a team. Your rants and broadcast role as a victim to the will of others shows a lack of personal and professional responsibility. I myself loved Eternal Darkness and would adore more in the same universe. Yet with your past behaviors I will not give a dime to any project on which you are associated until a product is released and it achieves glowing press from my trusted sources.

I wish you luck, but don't play the role of victim. It isn't becoming of anyone.

Edit: Plus, work on your 'reading-out-loud' skills. Seriously! It is a fantastic skill to have and will help improve people's confidence of you when speaking publicly.



Kamalot commented on The Wii U Nintendo Network Will Connect to EA'...:

I downloaded an EA demo on the 360 once YEARS ago. As part of the setup process, I had to click a few 'I Agree' checkboxes. Instantly I was bombarded with emails from EA.

Just playing a demo automatically set me up on a bunch of their spam lists.

Over the next two months I kept trying to unsubscribe, and eventually had a long, drawn-out conversation via email with a number of their techs. I wanted to be removed from their accounts FOREVER. I eventually got them to remove me from all their BS email 'marketing' lists, but as a result of my experience I am NEVER buying or even playing another EA game.

EA's practice of 'trapping' players into their marketing machine is downright evil, and I refuse to take part in it.



Kamalot commented on Dungeon Explorer:

Ugh. This was my least favorite Vitrual Console purchase. I tried playing it with my wife and daughter, and it is so brutally unforgiving that it simply isn't fun.