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Sun 3rd Mar 2013

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Elvenmonk commented on Deep Silver Has "No Plans" To Support Wii U:

First Catherine is made by Atlus and published by Atlus in it's home country of Japan and in the US. Atlus doesn't have a EU branch currently so it gives its games to whoever is the highest bidder in Europe. Currently Ghostlight keeps outbidding everyone.
Second Killer is Dead is done by Grasshopper who is now owned by GungHo and when they release games outside of Japan it goes to the highest bidder for each console. So when Suda makes a Wii U game it wont be Deep Silver who's publishing it. If you look at Grasshopper games their publishers outside of Japan are known for being extremely random and basically a coin flip. As an example it can range from Marvelous, Ubisoft, Deep Silver, WB, and Capcom.

So no, you don't really lose anything from Deepsilver. If Atlus or Grasshopper Manufacture decide to make a Wii U game Deep Silver simply wont be in the running to bid on the project obviously, which is a good thing. Because their translations are often shoddy or they just licsense the work from the American branch and call it a day. Which I'm sure both Atlus and GungHo, who're smart businesses, wont licsense their IPs to someone who wont sell on all the consoles. Especially Atlus.