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Wii U Software Sales Are "Struggling"

Posted by Andy Green

Analyst states Wii U launch games have failed to match Wii and GameCube equivalents

Last week NPD figures — which cover U.S. retail results — were published covering 25th November to 29th December, and Nintendo of America issued a few facts and figures of its own in response to them.

The figures showed that Wii U had performed pretty well since it launched by generating over $300 million in revenue during this period, beating the Wii which only managed to attain slightly more than $270 million. Of course eagle-eyed readers will note that Wii U has a much higher retail price than its predecessor, which may well explain how it’s made more money.

If you look at units sold, Wii U didn’t match up to Wii – in 41 days Wii U sold 890,000 units, but it took the Wii just eight days to shift 600,000. Software generally seemed to do okay, with New Super Mario Bros. U shifting 580,000 copies during this period, however some have been quick to point out game sales have been disappointing compared to previous console launches.

Doug Creutz, analyst at Cowen & Company, said recently in a research note that Wii U software sales were “struggling a bit” and “remained well behind launch levels for the original Wii and GameCube in December”. He went on to state:

Totals for the November-December period were -43% lower than software sales for the Wii and -50% lower than those for the GameCube.

Wii U games have been finding it difficult to make an impact on sales charts since the system's launch, especially in the UK where not one exclusive title has broken into the all-format top 40 during the last three weeks. Naturally Wii U has a lower user base right now than other consoles, but this will certainly concern Nintendo.

The price of the games themselves has been an issue for many gamers; with the console retailing at $300 for the Basic Set and $350 for Deluxe Set in the U.S., it's perhaps difficult for people to fork out more cash for games — especially when they are priced so high. In its first few weeks Wii U was selling 1.2 games per console, which is low compared to Wii which mustered 2 games per console sold.

What are your thoughts on these relatively low software sales? Do you think it’s down to the price of games or are they just not appealing to you? Let us know in the comments section below.


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Shanksta said:

Are these numbers including eshop downloads as well? I have a few friends with a WiiU and unlike me, they downloaded all of the games that they bought for it.

If downloads are included then my opinion would be yes, the games' price would probably be the biggest factor.

I've also heard from numerous people that "the WiiU has yet to receive a title that warrants purchase" since there aren't many games announced until later.(ie. Zelda, Metroid, Smash Bros) That's not how I feel but maybe others do?



Hyperstar96 said:

  • New Smash Bros. which is considered by many to be the best in the series
  • New 3D Zelda over which people literally wept at E3
  • New New Super Mario Bros. that, despite being a great game, didn't have a lot of "new"

Gee, I wonder which one will sell the worst at launch?



C-Olimar said:

Wii U is much more expensive than Wii or GC, especially in the current economic climate. Noone has money for games yet!



WingedSnagret said:

@Hyperstar96 You have to remember that it takes time to make such titles as Zelda and Smash. Not to mention it makes the latter games better if they are released a while after the hardware has been out for so the developers can make full use of it's capabilities. That and the NSMB is a good series for quick cash ins...



Spoony_Tech said:

@Shanksta That's what I was thinking. How about those download retail titles. I also know quite a few who went that route. Those will be a lot harder to track.




Its unfair to compare this launch to others in the past. Too many differences to make a fair comparison.



shinpichu said:

He was referring to the launch games of the Wii(w/ Twilight Princess) and Gamecube(Melee), NOT the upcoming SSB or possible upcoming Zelda.

Took me a few seconds to figure out too.



Obywan said:

What I want to know is, does this take into account eShop sales?

The Deluxe model is the most popular of the 2 by far, I see a lot of basic sets everywhere.

People could be taking advantage of the Digital promotion.

Edit: I also feel bad because I havent bought any retail games for mine yet. I only have Nintendo Land (and Trine 2), but there's a couple games I want to get and just don't have the money to right now.



phoenixology said:

Franky, games for the Wii U are a rip off. I was in GAME the other day and a game cost £54.99!!!



Jaz007 said:

Both the higher the price the more appealing the game has to be. I also haven't really noticed any more retail wii u games I really want to get since launch.



bofis said:

Maybe if their "launch window" games all came out at launch people would have bought more it is, we're still waiting on a number of a-list titles to even come out



Shiryu said:

Like MrWalkieTalkie said, it's to soon to really know anything that could predict the future.



cornishlee said:

One contributory factor will be the number of big name games at launch that were ports of games which had been out for a while on other systems. Those lucky enough to be able to afford more than one console would probably already have bought those games if they were interested in them (and still can if they wish, for less money even if the Wii U versions have added features).

I'm not one of those lucky people who have multiple consoles though, I'm one of those at the other extreme of console owners: the simple fact is that I could not afford any Wii U games at launch and actually bought a couple of Wii games that have been out for a few years instead (for a combined total of half the price of one Wii U disc).

So - titles for some and price for others. It's easy to see how such a two-way pinch can result in fewer sales.



Farmboy74 said:

The cost of the games are expensive at the minute I've seen Alien Colonial Marines for pre order on Amazon for £50!!, Mass Effect 3 £45. Having said that a couple of the ports are starting come down in price. It was the same situation when PS3 launched in the Uk £50 a game, the prices will come down eventually, they will have to if publishers want people to buy their games.



citizenerased said:

I wonder when Nintendo will begin their all-out media campaign to capture the mainstream, since they stated they didn't want to market a console that would be sold out during the holidays. Are they going to wait until the next holidays? Seems like that would be a bit late. (Then again, I don't follow mainstream media; have they been showing ads, anyone know?)



real_gamer said:

Don't forget some of the Wii U launch titles are ports for example:Mass Effect, Batman, COD, Fifa, Madden, and NBA 2K13. These games was out for a good while before the Wii U came out and they sold a lot on the 360 and PS3 so its no figure some of the games are struggling.



hYdeks said:

give it alil bit of time, it's still only the first few months. I think the Wii U will get more exclusives and people will come around, just most these games right now are available on different platforms, and for way cheaper prices Give it a couple months, sales will probably go up.



real_gamer said:

@tealovertoma I seem ads in retail stores and on TV. Personally I think Nintendo needs to be more aggressive advertising the Wii U with factors such as why is it different from the Wii.



IPete2 said:

If you can get pre owned, do it.£50 plus is outrageous for any game, oh reminds me of the old SNES Cartridge days... Weren't discs supposed to be cheaper?

Yes in current economy, buying full priced games is too expensive, the world is changing though. Digital downloads will become the norm. Not yet, but soon.

In the meantime...
Pre owned ZombieU £25. Boom! And a much better game than press reviews I have seen. Played for a few hours now. Wii motes control no good on multiplayer, other than that, an excellent purchase.

Love Nintendoland and NSMB Wii U too. Disc bought with console.

Trine also beautiful! Digi download. Mix it up but Ninty needs to feed us if they want WiiU to succeed.



kkslider5552000 said:

Bad economy + Nintendo paying for their mistakes for the Wii + questionable at times marketing. Yeah, this is not surprising it isn't as successful as Wii. I mean I don't think it would even without all these circumstances anyway...



brandonbwii said:

I'm not sure if this will be an issue in the long run considering Nintendo's dual business model (eshop and retail).

I'm more interested in the upcoming indie stuff anyway so as long as games from companies like Wayforward, Renegade Kid, Nicalis, etc. sell well I'm pretty satisfied.



brandonbwii said:

Also, Mario U and ZombiU seem to be doing quite well and those are the ones that matter to me personally. Like many others have said the rest are fairly rough ports.



bezerker99 said:

I spend my money on going out and doing stuff rather than Nintendo products cuz I have more fun going out than playing anything currently on Wii U.



Tornado said:

Inflation calculator says $270,000,000 in 2006 = $308,000,000 in 2012 ( So, after adjusting for inflation, the Wii U made less money at launch than the Wii.

Add that to the fact that each Wii was sold at a profit whereas each Wii U is sold at a loss = "ouch" for Nintendo.



rjejr said:

OK - it may be a surprise to some people that a new home game console isn't selling out, but it can't surprise people that a new game console that isn't selling out has poor game sales, people need to buy the system before the games sell.

This is the 3rd bad news Wii U post in a row. Nintendo needs to get some good news out there pronto. spin spin spin

Oh, and at the risk of getting banned for life - has it ever occurred to anyone that maybe, just maybe, Nintendo doesn't have the best game makers in the world? I'm not talking design, Miyamoto is a legend obviously, but the actual programming. Maybe Insomniac and Naugthy Dog and Quantic Dream and other big name programmers hired them all? It would explain the lack of a mind-blowing launch title on Wii U.




It will be interesting to see if Nintendo reveals digital sales numbers when their fiscal year ends.



zool said:

Game reviews have not encouraged me to buy a Wii u. It looks like the controller is gimmicky.

I have just played the new Rayman demo and although the graphics are very good the bits of the game that you play on the controller demonstrates the that it's just distracts from the main screen.



Dogpigfish said:

Analyst is comparing retail sales. That doesn't work anymore, games have gone digital. More MS and Sony bias. They spin the data.



Lopezdm said:

If they are wondering why the software sales are down it's because they do not have games that the last gen consoles have. DMC,Far cary 3, and a list of other games that are not coming out on the wii u that SHOULD be just to be competitive are not going to come to the wiiu. Some games are just not going to be on the wii u because of lack of effort. It's just plain stupidity on Nintendo's part. For every one odd game choice they make, 3 3rd party games are knocked off a list of would be games. Case in point Fist of the North Star 2's release date was set today but who cares but the fans of the series. It's not a console seller by any means. the first game was kinds of crap and it has the same issue as Dragon ball z.. How many times are you going to buy the same game? Anyway they just have to better then they are for me to continue my support in this console by the time the new xbox/ps4 comes out or I will be unhappily jumping ship just to get a better gaming experience. It's sad..



Svengoolie said:

I just wish they would wait until some damn games come out before they do their little "analyzations." I don't like the game drought either but it is what it is. If Rayman Legends and Pikmin 3 underperform, THEN write these articles.



Neram said:

I think the game lineup is actually really good, probably one of the best since N64, but I do think the problem lies in the prices. If I remember correctly, Wii games retailed at $50 on average, or sometimes less. Wii U games are cranked up to $60 at a seemingly standard price point. There have been a few drops already with Just Dance 4 and Sonic & All-Stars Transformed only being $30-$40 respectively, but I did see Mass Effect 3 go as high as $80 at my local Wal-Mart, which is just insane for a game that has already been out for awhile on other platforms. Batman: Arkham City is $20 higher than on other platforms, even if it does have some exclusive content it's still hard to justify that extra cash for an "older" game. It will be interesting to see how long these high prices will last with all of these new platforms and services coming out offering them as such reasonably low prices.



Lopezdm said:

The original line up is not the problem because it was good for the first 2 months. Now Nintendo has to look toward the future stop acting like the wii u is the wii. The hardcore gamer has bought the system now and demands games. After the wii, it's time to pay us back with all the other games that the ps3 and xbox guys get. No one is falling for the gimmick of the pad so it's time to play the awesome software games.



SuperMinusWorld said:

@Hyperstar96 Let's not get a little ahead of ourselves, people didn't cry over the new Zelda. Very, very excited, but there was no crying.

Frankly, New Super Mario U on its own is a great game. It's the best of the NSMB series, but that's not saying much when you consider what's come before it (practically stagnant, bland sequels to the original SMB series). Miyamoto is stubborn. He claims artstyle is unimportant, but that is what the people see upfront. They see a game that looks just like the other three that have come before (and they hear a game that looks like the ones that have come before it on top of that), and they find it difficult to find a reason for it to warrant a purchase. This pertains mostly to the "casuals" or people tight on money: they see a game that they already have.

I think Super Mario U can make waves like Galaxy did. It looks as though New Super Mario Bros. U's time has passed, unfortunately.



Airola said:

I've got Mario U, ZombiU and Nintendo Land. I had Mass Effect 3 for a moment, but didn't like it at all so I took it to Gamestop and traded it to NintendoLand.

I think the prices are way too high. Most of the Wii U games in Finland seem to cost 70 or 60 euros (about $93/£58 and $80/£50). That's insane!

I'd like to buy some of the downloadable games, but those are a bit too expensive too. I sadly missed the sale for Chasing Aurora. There's no way I will pay 12-13 euros for it as I would need to put at least another 10 euros to the account. I've bought Nano Assault Neo which is a great game and its price is the highest possible to be tolerable (just under 10 euros). Give me more games with 2-10 euro prices in the eShop and I'll gladly pay for them.

And they really should lower the price of downloadable retail games too.

Oh well, even if the retail game swould be cheaper I don't think I would buy much as there are only two games that are even remotely interesting me; Scribblenauts and Tekken, and even those should be somewhat cheaper for me to want to buy them.

But then again, it could be so that no matter how cheap the games are, we will continue to want them to be cheaper. We might be spoiled like that.



ExtremeAzure98 said:

As already stated, a lot of launch Wii U titles are already available on other systems at a lower price tag, since they've been out for quite some time.

Speaking of price, the average $60 price tag of one Wii U game is a real wallet killer. And for a gamer like myself, who's subjected to whatever money his parents has in their wallets in order to buy games, that can be a real turn off to them.

I managed to get my father to purchase the Black Deluxe Bundle when we took our last vacation to the States. He spent roughly $380 dollars (tax prices). I wanted to purchase "SONIC & SEGA ALL STARS RACING TRANSFORMED", but the GameStop we were in didn't have any in stock. Even if they didn't, my father would have most likely declined purchasing it, as that would brought the total to most likely $430+ dollars.

So yeah, with a weak economy and high price tags of games, combined with the high price tag of the console and majority of games already being released in the past on other consoles with lower price tags, it's no wonder sales are a little slow on software.

It most likely will pick up in a few months, so just sit tight Ninty.




@WingedFish I think you accidentally that verb in the sentence.

Once Nintendo makes good games people will buy them. As of yet there are no good games on it.



Gigagator said:

My one complaint about game pricing for the Wii U goes to the eShop, daaaaamn those prices are high. If you shop around, certain online retailers sell the same games in physical form for £10 - £15 cheaper. That eShop needs to be cheaper than retail otherwise it just defeats the object.

I also think marketing has been poor in the UK. Nowhere near enough TV adverts, and the adverts that are there are, in my opinion, still too casual-oriented.

I told a guy at work (who avidly plays on his 360) that I had bought a Wii U and his response was 'What is it?' It doesn't help when online retailers and high street stores keep mixing the Wii and Wii U sections - it just confuses people, they don't understand what Wii U is without doing some research and not every consumer is going to do that.

On another point I currently have 6 games for Wii U (one from the eShop), another on order, another on pre-order and I'm also planning to get Zen Pinball once that releases, so don't blame me for not contributing to the sales figures!



SparkOfSpirit said:

People saying Nintendo launching with NSMB instead of Zelda or Smash was a bad move are crazy.

You might want to look in and see how NSMB DS and NSMBWii sold compared to the last Zelda and Smash games (or even Galaxy)- you'll probably have your world blown open.



Mahe said:

No wonder. The Wii U game selection is struggling. There's barely anything worthwhile in the horizon, either.



Splat said:

To be honest the only game that would make me feel like I'm missing out by not having a Wii U is Monster Hunter Tri Ultimate and it isn't out yet.

I'm not saying I'll never get one I'm just in no rush. I did the something with the Wii.



KAHN said:

if ninty wants sales, they should either make better advertisements. anyone else notice that their commercials began to suck? remember when their commercials were better? remember those two guys playing wii at peoples' houses?
(here's that commercial)
i want more commercials like this! i remember seeing this when it was new and immediately wanting a wii.



Dreamcaster-X said:

Well honestly I'm not too surprised. Lots of gamers already played or had access to about %80 of the Wii U's launch lineup. If you look at the Miiverse population numbers per title. You will see a trend. Original 1st party & 3rd party titles did the best. Nintendoland, Mario U, & Zombi U are the 3 top games in Miiverse, all 3 are exclusive to Wii U. Some 3rd party titles did okay like Sonic All-Stars & Call of Duty. Mass Effect, Darksiders 2 are low because they're older titles that most gamers played already. These numbers shouldn't be that shocking.




I think sales are doing just fine. On track to hit end of March goal of 5.5 million units. Tax time will help pick up sales.



idork99 said:

Many good points made. I love Nintendo and have purchased many of their systems from day one. Personally, my reason for not owning a Wii U yet is: a. The current state of my personal income (the economy), b. I've become a more patient & smarter consumer (most likely due to a.), and c. I am too much in love with another Nintendo system: the 3DS! (Seriously, out of all Nintendo systems I've owned, the 3DS has become my favorite system ever! Hence, I don't play anything else besides that system and therefore have no time or desire to invest in a new system that I'm sure is great.)



C-Olimar said:

@Tornado 1 game sale makes Wii U profitable. Wii U has averaged 1.2 sales/console, so not so much ouch for Nintendo, more like "hmmm... awww".



russellohh said:

Part of my problem has been the cost of the downloads. I really, really wanted to get Assassin's Creed 3 on Wii- but I got it for $15 on Steam. i really wanted Arkham City for Wii U- then Steam had it for $7. Crap. I really, really love Nintendo- I own maybe 40 Nintendo Games, and multiple DSs- but why spend $60 to download a game when i can get it elsewhere for $7?



Moshugan said:

The only way I could acquire 4 games close to launch in addition to the pack-in NintendoLand is that I got Batman and ZombiU tax-free (43,80€), Trine 2 was on sale and I got Mario as a present. Full price Wii U games 60-70€ wahew!



Phle said:

I don't feel bad, I bought the premium package so I have Nintendo Land and 3 additional games. Wii U games are expensive, most people can't afford to buy more than the console and at least one or two additional games in two months. If they didn't have a Wii, they also would want to buy a Wii remote and nunchuk.

Where I live a game is about 500 kr (90 USD) and the set with a Wii remote and nunchuk is 600 kr (110 USD) add that to 3200 kr (580 USD) for the premium console and it gives a nice total of 4300 kr (780 USD / 580 EUR or 485 GBP) if you get one game, a set with Wii controllers and the premium console. It should perhaps be mentioned that I live in a very expensive country, but still, it's easy to see why people aren't buying more games.



Sean_Aaron said:

If I had the dosh I'd have two more games right now. I'd probably have bought that Sonic kart racer if the motion controls weren't pants. So for me it's a combination of available currency for games and the software not being what I want right now.

I think they've done pretty well considering we're in the middle of the worst financial meltdown since the Great Depression, but for some reason this isn't perceived as a possible reason for the system "underperforming" - am I on the same planet as these people?



Mahe said:

@Spark_Of_Spirit Yeah... except the launch of Wii, the direct predecessor. Admittedly, the Wii U launch game selection is still better than something like the PS3.

@Sean_Aaron The games aren't up to snuff, and yeah, it's a little too expensive (both the system and the games). But if there was a system seller like Wii Sports, people would divert money from elsewhere.



Hokori said:

Tis just in: WiiU hasn't sold 100 million units like its big brother the wii, therefor it's a failure



Sean_Aaron said:

@Mahe: would they? Although I had a little windfall and felt no qualms about buying the Wii U, I did switch from the Deluxe to the Basic and a couple of weeks later was thinking maybe it wasn't a great idea. I have to think for a lot of people the choice could be: holiday versus new console; multiple gifts for the family versus new console; dinner out versus new console.

Finances aside, I just don't think it's reasonable to expect to catch lightning twice. I'd have been very surprised if Nintendo came up with something more compelling to the average joe in the street than Wii Sports.

If anything I think you could argue that playing on the Wii name has worked against the Wii U by making it look like less of a new system, but the fact is that breaking with the Wii completely would have been a far riskier proposition for Nintendo so I can't really fault them for their approach.



JebbyDeringer said:

The average gamer believes Nintendo mainly caters to children. This is true. They "mainly" do. The average gamer wants to play big name titles from EA, Ubisoft etc. FPS games, 3rd Person action/adventure games, possibly RPG's. Sony/Microsoft fanboy's would need a LOT of convincing to go with the Wii U, I thought Nintendo was supposed to be targeting these gamers. If Nintendo is on equal ground and offers the exact same blockbuster titles (no less) there is a "small" chance it could attract some of these "average" gamers.

For the past 3 generations Nintendo has paved their own path, purposefully? avoiding big third party support. This would be fine for some of us that love Nintendo's games but they don't make enough games on their own to fill out a system's library, they've never ever been able to do this.

Nintendo needs to focus on developers as much as possible. Close ties with companies such as RARE in the past, Factor 5, Retro Studios, and others has helped them in the past but they need more. Modern games take a long time to develop.



dizzy_boy said:

What doesn't help is that most shops are bundling the WiiU with the least desirable games.
If they made the better games available as part of the package deal, then they'd shift more copies.
TBH it's just plain obvious that people will go for the deals if they can get what they want at a fair price.
How hard is it to figure out that people are less likely to return games that they enjoy. The simple fact that they're bundling crap games with any console, just means at some ppint they're going to be stuck with a heap of second hand games that they just can't shift.



hamispink said:

Does anyone actually expect the Wii U to do extremely well? If it has a full 5 year life cycle, I'm guessing it could make it to 50 millions units, though I wouldn't hold my breath. I'm sure it'll turn out to be a good console with great games, but considering the type of machine that it is, and the time that it was released, I wouldn't expect much.

That's my two cents.



Bassman_Q said:

Games sell consoles. Right now, as several people have mentioned, the only Wii U exclusive games that are "killer apps" are Mario Bros U and NintendoLand. The majority of the rest are ports that many people probably already have. I myself feel that the Wii U is lacking quite a bit in terms of retail software available. I tend to buy single-player games only, and seeing that Mario Bros U and NintendoLand are made primarily with multiplayer in mind, right now I am not obliged to purchase a Wii U. If they had released Pikmin 3 at launch, it would be a different story. Its the reason why I havenever really ever purchased a new-gen system at launch. Its the same reason why Ive waited nearly 2 years to finally purchase a 3DS; there are finally titles exclusively on the system that I really want to play.



ultraraichu said:

Speaking as someone who don't own a ps3 or xbox360, I think the launch lineup is pretty good. A nice mix of genres and quanity to choose from if your new to gaming or been stuck with one console.

As for games being to expensive, I see different retail stores having weekly sales on them every 1-2 weeks. Just last week I saw Target having ZombiU for $45. I guess most people buy at market price instead of deals

Got to wait till March for final ruling.



Zombie_Barioth said:

I'm not too surprised, money is tight and new hardware and games aren't exactly cheap. Wii U costs $300 by itself and obviously you need games for it, and $60 a pop adds up quick. By the time you buy a console and two games thats $420-$470, thats a lot for what your getting.

Don't know about you guys but I can think of at least a dozen other uses for that kind of money. It doesn't help that most console games can be found cheaper elsewhere. Scribblenauts Unlimited for example is $60 on Wii U but $30 on PC, the cheaper prices even off- set the costs of the other consoles.

Having similar games for other platfoms makes it worse, why buy a Wii U for NSMBU if I have NSMB 2? Is NSMBU worth $300? Even if I can get $360 hours worth is it worth the money?



WhiteTrashGuy said:

Used my new no interest for 12 months credit card to buy my Wii U and games. Picked up Deluxe Bundle, NSMBU, MASS EFFECT 3, and ZOMBIU. The most I have ever spent at a launch. Now I will wait for used games and the prices to drop a bit. Especially since COLONIAL MARINES and WONDERFUL 101 are the only other games I am interested in and ALIENS had not been getting good previews.



luminalace said:

I have bought 6 Wii U games in addition to Nintendoland and of the 4 friends I have that bought a Wii U, all of them have bought 2 games or more. However I'd imagine many parents just bought the Deluxe pack and no games.



XCWarrior said:

I have 3 games - Nintendo Land (pack in), NSMBU and Scribblenauts. So it's not my fault.




I got my system on launch day and have already purchased 7 retail games and 1 eShop game. They're getting my money for sure. However, there's nothing else that I want on Wii U right now so I'll be playing my XL more until Rayman Legends hits.



Xcape_DuCkMAN_X said:

Two words........Virtual Console. How about Nintendo? Wanna really get cracking at that now, its not like you have a flood of new games coming at us anytime soon.....



Shanksta said:

@FiveDigitLP Thanks for the link. That just shows that publicizing that there are major problems with software sales is kind of misleading. Granted that does show that there ARE problems with game sales, just more towards people buying them at retail stores for their games.

Who can blame them either? How many times do you hear "Would you like to buy our 1 year in-store warranty for 5 bucks?" It's just extra expense on top of games that themselves are not all too cheap.



TenEighty said:

Plain and simple, the price is too high for Nintendo users. Also, I don't care for the new tablet gamepad myself.



TenEighty said:

It would also help if Nintendo didn't make it so hard for programmers like myself to be able to make games for the Wii / Wii U. Not everyone can afford to have a separate building as a business in order to meet there qualifications. They're missing out on some talent that indy gamers could bring. The reviewing or accepting of WiiWare / Wii U Ware games need a different process of acceptance. Because there was a bunch of crap that made it on WiiWare somehow and those were from people who had actual buildings for a business. But that doesn't mean they made better games.



SKTTR said:

It's all down to price. I'm just glad I could afford the system at launch.
The Wii U console is 100 $€ more than the Wii and Gamecube consoles when they were released.
All the Wii U games are 10$€ bucks more than the generations before.
There's plenty I want, but I rarely spend more than 49€$ for a retail game, and so far everything I'm interested in is 59$€ or 69$€.

I downloaded five Wii U eShop games though and I'm quite happy with all of them, and I found Project Zero 2 - Wii Edition for 19,99€ so there goes the money spent well that otherwise would have been just New Super Mario Bros U or another 59€$ game.



Mahe said:

@Sean_Aaron The PlayStation and PS2, Gameboy and Gameboy Color (and GBA), NES and Super NES, DS and DSi (maybe even 3DS)... lightning often does strike twice.



Schprocket said:

Read the Penny Arcade Report linked in post #16.

The whole games industry is in a slump, not specifically Nintendo - whom , I may stress again only make game consoles and games, not tablets, phones, operating systems, tvs, movies, music, cameras, etc, etc.....

@NPD /ignore



SKYW4LK3R said:

DLC? For NSMBU? When???? Also I'm really enjoying the web browser and apps like miiverse and the general user interface so I just bought one game considering Metroid,Zelda,Smash Bros etc. are all day one purchase so I need to make clever choices in order to have the money in due time...



AmishThunder said:

People have less spendable income. Games are more expensive. It really is that simple I think.



Araknie said:

Really? NSMBU is sold 1.31m already and there is no bundle with that game.



Banker-Style said:

Didn't we already said more-or-less the same thing about the 3DS?

But I do know why the games aren't selling well.

A.The price,many games are priced between £45-£60,which is far too expensive.

B.As much as the console is brilliant,it's still a tiny bit expensive,drop each bundle £50,and the sales will pick up.

C.Most of the Wii U games are ports of other game on the PS3/360,and while that isn't a bad thing for Nintendo gamers,it isn't going to get PS3/360 fans interested in buying a Wii U.

D.As of now there's only 3 Wii U exclusive games that are only worth buying at the moment(Nintendo Land,NSMBU,Zombi U),just bring some more big exclusives on Wii U (or maybe Mario games,cause they do print money after all)and sales again will rise.

But I should think buy this time next year all the troubles with the Wii U sales will be over,it's a new console after all.



swordx said:

I only have Trine 2 and Nintendo Land (I got a deluxe Wii U). It's not that I don't want more games, I just don't have the money. If I did, I'd have a shiny new Mario in my Wii U at this very moment.



AceTrainerAndy said:

Most of the games suck. I bought two games not counting Nintendoland. I have blo2 and new super mario u. Money is tight too. If they released skyrim or farcry3 would buy it too.



AceTrainerAndy said:

Most of the games suck. I bought two games not counting Nintendoland. I have blo2 and new super mario u. Money is tight too. If they released skyrim or farcry3 would buy it too.



Rapadash6 said:

All this bad news concerning Wii U, and Nintendo does nothing. Nintendo can't wait till E3 to build more excitement for this system. GIVE US A REASON TO WANT THIS SYSTEM NINTENDO!!



armoredghor said:

I'll be buying probably in a month or so and using the deluxe set along with pikmin 3. nice to see a miyamoto title that isn't mario or zelda. nothing against those titles, but I like variety



UnseatingKDawg said:

I'll agree with some comments above - the US economy is in a pretty bad state. Not to sound like a jerk, but I personally see these software sales as a somewhat good thing - maybe they'll be more inclined to lower the prices of software and possibly hardware.



Lopezdm said:

i have blo2,smbU,zombiU,little inferno,trine 2, and i think thats it.. i paid my fair share to support the wiiU.



Sean_Aaron said:

Five games in two months and you're complaining there aren't more? I really find it difficult to take your complaints seriously Mr Lopez.



duskao said:

seems so odd to me this story brings up price when the 360 and ps3 debut at twice the price. think the issue is that there seems to be less of a wow factor over the mentioned consoles. time will tell. im ultra happy with my wii u.



Harley said:

It's the price tag for me. When I was younger, I always came up with some way to get the latest Nintendo consoles at or a couple months after launch. Looking at the 300+ dollar price tag, this is the first time in a long time I'm probably going to completely pass a Nintendo console. 3DS games and DLC are expensive enough. Plus, a ten dollar jump in price for old games repackaged in new shells (New Super Mario Bros. U...good should only be 20 dollars given they didn't have to really do much but amp up the graphics and design new levels and maps) is just ridiculous. I only know of one person with a Wii U nowadays and it's the only system they have from what I can tell. Now, if it dropped to 200 or 250 (like the WIi was at launch), I might be able to scrounge up the money. But as it stands, I'm passing entirely.

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