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Sat 1st Oct 2011

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ExtremeAzure98 commented on Wii U Software Sales Are "Struggling":

As already stated, a lot of launch Wii U titles are already available on other systems at a lower price tag, since they've been out for quite some time.

Speaking of price, the average $60 price tag of one Wii U game is a real wallet killer. And for a gamer like myself, who's subjected to whatever money his parents has in their wallets in order to buy games, that can be a real turn off to them.

I managed to get my father to purchase the Black Deluxe Bundle when we took our last vacation to the States. He spent roughly $380 dollars (tax prices). I wanted to purchase "SONIC & SEGA ALL STARS RACING TRANSFORMED", but the GameStop we were in didn't have any in stock. Even if they didn't, my father would have most likely declined purchasing it, as that would brought the total to most likely $430+ dollars.

So yeah, with a weak economy and high price tags of games, combined with the high price tag of the console and majority of games already being released in the past on other consoles with lower price tags, it's no wonder sales are a little slow on software.

It most likely will pick up in a few months, so just sit tight Ninty.