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Harley commented on 3D Altered Beast is Ready to Kick Some Shins o...:

I'll probably pass on this one unless the price is considerably low. I already have the original Sega Genesis version, complete in the box. I enjoyed it thoroughly though, even if it is mindless button mashing. I wish it would've been the Arcade version that got the 3D Treatment, though. I've never played that version...but I can imagine that the effect of pixelated zombie guts hurtling toward the screen would be much better in that version. The effect in the Genesis version is so, idk, flat. Not that I'm counting out the Genesis conversion for a second. I just think the arcade version would look better in 3D.



Harley commented on Feature: The Nintendo Easter Egg Hunt:

Retro City Rampage is chock full of these. The letter that Buttnick leaves for you later on in the game after he kidnaps Doc Choc, for instance, is modeled EXACTLY like the one Bowser leaves you after clearing world 7 in Super Mario Bros. 3.



Harley commented on Developer Interview: Yacht Club Games On Shove...:

Can't wait for this one. Even though another "retro" inspired game is kind of like beating a dead horse, this one looks like it could be different. I'd prefer for something like this to be sort of linear, though. Metroidvanias are a dime a dozen now and the structure is starting to wear a little thin on me. It's definitely going to be on my to-get list either way.



Harley commented on Talking Point: The Download or Disc Dilemma:

For me, it really depends. I might be a younger gamer, but I still like that feeling of unwrapping a sealed game and popping open the case to find a minty fresh manual and an unscathed disc or cartridge. The only time I've ever downloaded a retail game thus far is Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon. Where I live, there was a massive snowstorm the night before the game I wouldn't know when I would be able to get out again (school was even cancelled). Plus, it was available at midnight on a saturday where I was entirely bored to death. In addition, there was no sales tax so that was a bit of a plus.



Harley commented on Ubisoft Is "Optimistic" About Wii U, But Would...:

Idc if I get hate for this, but I seriously agree with Ubisoft, even though I don't agree with some of their decisions. The system is WAY too pricey. It's as if gaming's become something that only the upper middle-class or the rich can afford. I don't know one person in my neighborhood that has a Wii U in all honesty. Until the system gets a significant price drop, I'll stick with my Wii. On another note, I wish Ubisoft would consider porting the game to the Wii with all the time they're taking out to "tweak" the game and port it on multiple platforms. If they want more copies to sell, a Wii release would be a safe bet. Because plenty of people IK still have one given it's been out for years.



Harley commented on Review: Retro City Rampage (WiiWare):

This is a great way to conclude the Wiiware's lineup of fantastic indie-developer titles. I wasn't too much of a fan of Gajin's other titles (Super Meat Boy was cool...the Bit Trip Games...not so much). This one DOESN'T feel like a cash-in on the retro-fad. It is, in fact, a brilliant imagining of what Grand Theft Auto would've looked like on an NES. While I'm only 17, I managed to get just about every reference in the game, down to the letter telling you that Doc Choc's been kidnapped being a parody of the letter found in Super Mario Bros. 3. It makes an already great experience all that much better. It's also, in true NES fashion, frustratingly difficult. Notably, the last set of missions that poke fun at Rad Racer. Either way, I'm loving it, and I'm finding plenty to do after beating the campaign.



Harley commented on Rumour: Rayman Creator To Part Company With Ub...:

I kind of saw this one coming. I'd do the same if I were in Ancel's shoes as a developer. At least I'd be able to NOT piss my fanbase off by delaying a game seven months after it's already been fully formed. What's the point? I mean...if I had the money for a Wii U (which I don't), Legends would be my killer app and reason to buy the system. But seeing as they're delaying ALL versions seven months, it's a moot point. I might as well buy a 360 and play Legends on that (I'd have more games to chose from aside from that as well). This is just like how Sonic creator Yuji Naka left SEGA (after they started sucking) and went on with his own creative path.



Harley commented on Nintendo - "Innovation is Important" for the 2...:

Nintendo never ceases to disappoint me. If they can't add anything new with each addition, why not just STOP making the games in the first place? Yes, they're good money-makers but they're also the reason why the industry might as well fail as it did in 1983. Super Mario Galaxy 2 could have been considered a rehash or an expansion pack, but at least it was chock full of novel ideas. I like the idea of incorporating the "lost" characters, however. But I don't think it's enough to compensate for the ridiculous prices Nintendo wants for their "fresh" paint on a battered old canvas.



Harley commented on Talking Point: Gamer Protests Can Earn Small W...:

I remember making a protest in Nintendo Power well before it was discontinued. It was on the subject of Rabbids Go Home. Specifically, how Ubisoft was deviating from its fan base to produce kiddy games featuring moronic characters. I did get a response in the letters section saying "While Micheal Ancel has no concrete plans for a new Rayman game, you can expect him back in action sometime soon". In a few years, Rayman Origins was on the shelf. Is it sad to think I had a feeling Micheal Ancel read that particular volume at some point and it might have contributed to the game being made?



Harley commented on Review: Antipole (DSiWare):

This would have been a good game if it weren't for the poor play control. It feels like a late generation SNES mascot platformer game with the gimmick of gravity reversal.



Harley commented on BIT.TRIP BEAT:

This game is incredibly overrated. It's really just a sadist version of Pong on Acid.



Harley commented on Wii U Software Sales Are "Struggling":

It's the price tag for me. When I was younger, I always came up with some way to get the latest Nintendo consoles at or a couple months after launch. Looking at the 300+ dollar price tag, this is the first time in a long time I'm probably going to completely pass a Nintendo console. 3DS games and DLC are expensive enough. Plus, a ten dollar jump in price for old games repackaged in new shells (New Super Mario Bros. U...good should only be 20 dollars given they didn't have to really do much but amp up the graphics and design new levels and maps) is just ridiculous. I only know of one person with a Wii U nowadays and it's the only system they have from what I can tell. Now, if it dropped to 200 or 250 (like the WIi was at launch), I might be able to scrounge up the money. But as it stands, I'm passing entirely.



Harley commented on Review: Angry Birds Trilogy (3DS):

Outrageously overpriced...but it's a safe bet as long as you don't happen to own anything that uses Apps (you can get them all for a couple bucks in that case). It did drop 10 bucks at Gamestop recent (19.99 now).



Harley commented on Feature: 10 Essential Games For Your New 3DS:

Hey, just going along with the onslaught of suggestions here (yeah, I actually read articles on the internet), I'd recommend Angry Birds Trilogy for those who have somehow managed to elude the franchise since its debut. Frankly, I never got around to playing it until this port (Ipod Touch's are so easy to break -_-) and I've had a great deal of fun with it. As long as you don't apps, I think it's a good choice. (Come on, everyone needs a diversion from Mario and Zelda and not all of us own Apple's overpriced handhelds)



Harley commented on Virtual Boy Title Bound High Goes Into Product...:

Looks great. The character on the boxart kind of reminds me of PulseMan for some reason. It's always fun to see unreleased games see the day of light. Now, if they would just do this for Gex 4 or Bioforce Ape...



Harley commented on Review: Kid Icarus: Of Myths and Monsters (3DS...:

I'm glad I downloaded this. Kid Icarus Of Myths and Monsters is definitely one of the few examples in which a sequel can best its predecessor, this one by a long shot. No more ridiculously long passwords, no more being killed over and over again early on into the game because of ridiculously low HP that encourages you to just make it through and not get killed (when you're supposed to be gaining a high score to level up your life bar) and no more leeching for hearts. My only gripe is that the bosses tend to take forever to kill (then again, you can't free centurions to help you out in taking the bosses down in this installment either). Other than that, it's a solid platformer and an excellent follow up to something I remember as an unfair game from the NES's glory days.



Harley commented on Review: New Super Mario Bros. 2 (3DS):

9/10 seems a bit too lenient for this game. I just watched a playthrough of the Japanese version over on Youtube...and I fail to see how this game offers any clever level design. As it's been said before, there really isn't anything "New" in New Super Mario Bros. 2. About the only fan service here is the Koopa Kids and the return of the Tanooki Leaf in its true form (I'm sorry but the way it was used in 3D Land just didn't cut it for me as a big Mario fan). Plus...only 6 main worlds. It's clear Nintendo is running out of ideas...and instead of cranking out new innovations, they're simply rehashing the same game from 2004 and selling it for the cost of new paint on an old canvas. Overpriced and over-rated...and it kills me to say that as a person who is a real fan of Mario (I sat through the god awful Live Action movie once as a kid...never again). Knock 20 or 30 bucks off the price though and I'd be sold.



Harley commented on Review: Kid Icarus: Of Myths and Monsters (3DS...:

I hope this comes to the Eshop in NA pretty soon. I had the patience to beat the original Icarus (albeit I got the worst possible ending...Pit turns into a pimp er Bug Catcher) and wouldn't mind going for a second bout of it.



Harley commented on Review: 3D Classics: TwinBee (3DSWare):

The only reason I prefer Gradius over this one is because of the recovery time. In Gradius, you can build up a hefty amount of powerups, screw up, and have the chance to gain them all back in a playthrough if you're skilled enough. That process is FAR more complicated in Twinbee, given that you have to shoot the bells a certain amount of times to get the powerup you're looking for. The gratification of being able to rack up millions of points with a powered up ship however, is pretty nice. Glad to have this on my 3DS.



Harley commented on White Raccoon Mario to The Rescue in New Super...:

I don't have a problem with Nintendo lending a helping hand to less seasoned gamers, but this is getting to be a bit ridiculous. Given that you're tasked with collecting MILLIONS of coins in'd be a shame if anyone even saw a Game Over screen. The whole purpose of challenge in a game was to overcome it, not allow the game to simply let you breeze through it with what's basically a gameshark code after dying X amount of times.



Harley commented on Mutant Mudds:

I grew up on the GBA, so I felt right at home with this one (though technically speaking, the mechanics could have easily been pulled off on even a Gameboy Color). Everything about it screams 16 bit (though technically it's a 12 bit game) don't see this type of game quite often today. Even if retro styled games are a dime a dozen. It's still a little overpriced for what it is...but that's to be expected these days.



Harley commented on VVVVVV:

This game is brutally hard...and that's coming out of someone who has played NES games all of his life. Anyone with a love for the Commodore 64 or ZX Spectrum Aesthetics or the difficulty of IWTBG should check it out.