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Nintendo Power Magazine Will End With December Issue

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Nintendo issues confirmation

Yesterday we brought you the news that Nintendo Power magazine was set to be shut down, and today Nintendo has confirmed the reports. The short statement clarifies that the magazine will continue until a final issue currently planned for December.

We can confirm that the December issue of Nintendo Power magazine will be its last.

As suggested yesterday, it appears that Nintendo has no intention of taking over the running of the magazine itself, as it had done prior to the arrival of Future US in 2007. There have been reports in areas of the media that Future US hasn't given up on the idea of a digital-only Nintendo Power, but the tone of the statement from Nintendo doesn't leave much hope for that.

Are you planning to pick up any of the final issues?


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Xkhaoz said:

Well, its been fun Nintendo Power. From reading you with eager eyes the announcements of new games, to watching you give high praise to them a year or two later, I will always remember you well.



Shiryu said:

This along with Sony closing down Psygnosis (SCE Liverpool if you prefer). Not a easy day to be a gamer...



Whopper744 said:

Sad. Used to love getting this back in the 90s...... I will be getting the last issue or two for sure.



Ryno said:

That September '91 Super Mario World issue brings me back. Once I got that one I couldn't wait for the SNES!

Definitely an end of an era.



shingi_70 said:

Eh kind of sad but nintendo power failed to stay relevant by having a digital presences in magazine or website form. Videogames especially have this problem if you aren't a feature heavy publication like edge or game informer.

personally all the magazines I read are digital even the ones that would benefit more from print like GQ or details. Only get two magazines in print still and would grab the odd np issue when it had a cool cover story.

Would have been cool if nintendo would have took over the magazine and had made it similar to the touchpad pivot magazine.



NintyMan said:

Poor Nintendo Power writers; at least they won't be completely laid off. Reading the final issue will be a touching moment for sure.



JJtheTexan said:

Everyone is lamenting the death of NP, but how many actually subscribed? The magazine has fewer than 500,000 subscribers according to ArsTechnica, a completely unsustainable customer base. Like most of you, I subscribed for a long time many years ago, but the internet made Nintendo Power (and most print media) irrelevant ages ago.

NP could have lived on digitally, but Nintendo's bizarre, corporate culture-level aversion to nearly all things online prevented Future from having any kind of web content for the publication, which as I understand it was one of the major reasons the publisher decided to end its partnership with Nintendo.



cyrus_zuo said:

My subscription runs through Dec least it did.
I've enjoyed NP for years, will be sad to see it end. There are few places that give the kind of depth of coverage that NP did. The internet is nice, but it's mostly all about the headlines.
I found deeper coverage monthly in NP.
It will be missed.



JustAnotherUser said:

It's sad to see Nintendo Power go.
I'm not subscribed to Nintendo Power for obvious reasons (I live in the UK) but I am subscribed to ONM (Official Nintendo Magazine).
I would be devastated if ONM stopped printing so I can sympathise with people's loss.
Having news in printed media makes it feel special.

@Hyperstar96 If only we knew sooner...



hYdeks said:

I just got my year subscription 2 months ago, this next one is my 3rd on this yearly subscription so yup, I will be getting the last issue So Future will owe me back payment for 6 of the 12 issues they promise me. There goes my last favourite magazine out there



Doge said:

maybe nintendopower shuting down IS the apocolipse

my gaming magazine crae will have to be filled with gameinformer, which sucks

Nintendo, prepared to get tons of mail saying to bring it back



ultraraichu said:

That's sad to hear. I was subscribed to Nintendo Power from late 2006 to early 2011 loved it more before Future US took over publishing but that's another story.

I would blame the internet but then I'll start feeling guilty.



Azikira said:

I still have Nintendo Power mags from the 90's... This makes me very sad... Though it seemed inevitable when every store around here stopped carrying it almost 2 years ago...



SilentJ said:

I moved just last week and ended up finding an old stash of NP issues(along with other Nintendo goodies). I was so happy I felt like a kid again. It sucks to see the NP legacy is coming to an end.

I'm planning on picking up the very last issue.



Popyman said:

I will most certainly be buying the last issue. I don't have the nostalgia that most have for this magazine, when they actually did all the cool stuff I had no idea it existed. But I've picked up a few issues here and there and it is sad to see it go.



Torchwood said:

Sigh~ At least my subscription will be entirely used up, expires December 2012.
I'll miss NP...



Ren said:

kinda sad but as @tvnewsguy said it's the fault of Nintendo. NintendoLife really is what Nintendopower should have turned into years ago. I remember getting the first issue as a kid when the nes came out, when it was near essential for things like getting through the first zelda lost forest and seeing that all my Metroid map drawing was in vain. theres no such getting lost anymore in a game. it hasn't been a go-to Nintendo thing for a long time now, and it needed to be online and relevant to gamer interests years ago. Honestly I've been impressed with Game Informers writing lately, it's what "Electronic Gaming Monthly" once was. Now that we don't need maps and tips anymore, we certainly need good interviews and tech gossip to keep it fresh. NintendoPower ignored that too much. Game Informer is unfortunately but understandably NOT Nintendo focused. All we got now is you, N-life (in NA). keep it alive!



sc100 said:

I wouldn't be surprised if Nintendo Power gets resurrected eventually in some form, kind of like how EGM came back a year after it was initially shut down. You don't need magazines for news anymore but they still serve well as collectibles with nice pictures and content-rich features. Hyrule Historia is a good example. Looking at that stuff in book form is way cooler than viewing it on the Internet.



Yosher said:

I'd subscribe if the magazine actually showed up in Europe, but sadly it doesn't (not where I am, anyways). Too bad this mag has to go.



SMW said:

I'll probably get the last 1-2 issues just to have them. I've got a ton of old NP issues, so might as well add the last 2 issues to my collection. Add to my collection of NP, EGM2/Expert Gamer/GameNOW magazines. It'd be fun to read too. I haven't read an issue of NP since before they outsourced it.



MrHandsforth said:

it will truly be a end of a glorious era in video game history, if i happen to find the issue in a store i will buy it



Joelahughes said:

That makes me sad
Bye Bye Nintendo Power.
But there is still the Official Nintendo Magazine (ONM). but thats not in america. but is found in some librarys



Capt_N said:

I almost guarantee some of the first issues, most of 'em I mean, will definitely go @ online auction sites. Maybe some of the latter issues, through the years up until them end of it's run, too. But, mostly, I am pretty sure that most of the early issues will be the real money-makers.

Really sad to see them go. NP has a lot of Nintendo-specific history to it. Nintendo should turn the publication digital( @ a fair price), & still offer optional hard-copy prints of the issues for a separate fee.

The internet is a great way to get tips, & tricks, etc. However, it's difficult to find trustworthy sources, & reviews on the net. B/c everyone can do it, reviews, & news gets devalued. I know that since the publication was written by Nintendo themselves, for a while, it could be argued they were bias towards themselves.

Hard print is unchangeable, digital is not.

I will try to pick up some issues before it goes dark, possibly for good, including retro issues.

Edit: I still read hard-print magazines(Consumer Report, NP), including NP when I'm in the stores. I definitely wanna get the Mario issue from this past year.



Intrepid said:

Simply terrible. Nintendo Power is the only magazine I care about, and I enjoyed devouring the magazine immediately and then taking my time with it over the month. They also had exclusive information and interviews, and you really felt like you knew the editors personally.

If I have any left over subscription, I'll just write it off as lost instead of recieving one of these other magazines. All the other game magazines do is adore the PS3 and Xbox 360, and barely discuss Nintendo. That may have changed with the WiiU hype, but as a general rule it's like that.



Bobhobob said:

wow, this is really sad... but on the other hand my subscription actually ended with that issue, what are the odds...
so sad... im gonna go sit in my room and read all the issues i can find



SteveW said:

Great, my subscription expires in November and I rarely ever see copies at the store...



Banker-Style said:

Seems like Nintendo has ran out of Power.

I wish all the people good luck in their future employment.



MegaAdam said:

That's too bad, but not particularly surprising, what with the Internet and whatnot. Still, it's a shame.



Neram said:

Heck yes I'll be picking up the final issues. I only owe it to them for being around so long.



Punny said:

It's been a pleasure reading Nintendo Power. Too bad you didn't get to issue 300. Go out with a bang!



Der_Eisenkaiser said:

I will surely miss receiving my monthly subscription to the greatest video game magazine ever to grace the Earth. Long Live Nintendo Power.



blackknight77 said:

It was more fun getting new game new from magazines then the internet. Sometimes when times change its not for the better



Emaan said:

Thanks for the memories Nintendo Power, you were a lot of my childhood, and will be greatly missed. The first day of each month will never be the same again.



EvansLegends said:

As much as digital media has become more accessible and usable, physical media in a form such as this was still really fun (I think more fun than Internet articles). I'll accept this thought.



aesupreme1 said:

My subscription ends in a month, so I will definitely pick up the last couple of issues at my local news stand. Regardless of whether the magazine content was geared towards adults or a younger audience doesn't matter; it was a dedicated gaming magazine that will no longer be produced, and it's frustrating to see a part of gaming culture disappear.

I definitely enjoy browsing news immediately on the internet, but I also enjoy getting my monthly fix in the mail. It may be old school, but I still enjoy reading gaming magazines.



Stuffgamer1 said:

Well, my family has been subscribed to NPower for as long as I can I expect we'll get ALL the remaining issues.



grumblegrumble said:

I remember receiving the very FIRST issue of Nintendo Power as a child because I was a previous free subscriber of Nintendo Fun Club News.. I remember there was a Zelda Adv of Link II issue shortly after with maps for that new NES game. It's so sad to see such a magazine go. After all, it's been around most if not all of my life!



pinta_vodki said:

This is sad indeed. I have actually never read Nintendo Power, since I live in Russia, but I read Russian gaming magazines, all of them are not doing so well today either. Definitely, the era of print magazines is ending. And sometimes it seems like it was only yesterday that you got a new issue of a mag and there was this super cool looking game on the cover, and you just couldn't wait to open the magazine and find out all the info about it. Sometimes when I had nothing to read I would just pick a random old issue and reread it over and over. Those were the times..



Zhanglot said:

I never subscribed, but I loved reading them at Shoppers Drug Mart! As a kid, they were the only magazine that I connected with. I'm sad to see it go. I will definitely buy the last few issues.



Tasuki said:

@hydeks: Usually when a magazine ends and you have a subscription the publishing company just transfers the remainder of your subscription to one of their other magazines. That happened to me once I was subscribed to a magazine (dont remember which one) and it ceased being publish and I still had a few months left on my sub so I started getting Sports Illustrated.

And yes I will be getting the final issue I still have the very first one along with issues 50 and 100. Sadly the rest of my NP collection fell apart after years of reading over and over.

What they should do is bring back Howard and Nester for one last hurrah.



Nanoline said:

I still have old magazines that I inherited from my older brothers from the 80s and very very early 90s. I'm sad to see this magazine go. It isn't what it once was, but it was still something to it's readers.



dustin_g said:

I wonder what will happen to the remainder of my subscription after the last dec. issue? any ideas?



Joygame51 said:


Not at all sure It will end up digital but It will be missed.



coolvw93 said:

well at least thats the month when my subscription runs out... still real bummed about this news............



arrmixer said:

that sucks man.... I love reading this mag when I was kid..but I'm just to blame for not supporting the magazine

Just like the other old schoolers I still prefer a monthly fix... I will definitely be getting the next couple of issues..

Maybe nintendo wll sell a reissue hard copy
Also I'm thinking the back catalog can be sold via the Wii U?



Megumi said:

If you think about it you should've seen this coming...gonna miss them and all that too. My first issue I think was when they were previewing Super Smash Bros.. (the original)



ToadFan said:

I suscribed it to a couple years ago for a year. But I will be buying the last few issues at the bookstore.



47drift said:

I'll still be subscribed through December. Heartbreaking to know it will be my last issue then.



Tasuki said:

@dustin_g: As I said before they will probably just transfer your remaining subscription to another one of their magazines.



Pichuka97 said:

I am OUTRAGED!! Nintendo is just killing their fanbase by doing this IMHO. I think I will subscribe again before it end publication.



Lunapplebloom said:

I'm not sure when my subscription is set to run out, but I think it was sometime into this next year. Such a sad thing to see go. I shall miss it showing up in the mail each month.



Snes_is_king said:

maybe they are just retiring the nintendo power brand. seems like a definite possibility. the last issue of np comes beginning of december, wii u launches late november. coincidence? I think they will rename and completely redo the magazine. maybe digital? what do you think



dustin_g said:

What other print nintendo magazines will be available, i need print copies, digital sucks, we need a petition to nintendo to keep it going!



scrubbyscum999 said:

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This seriously has made me depressed. I started getting Nintendo Power in the Holidays 2006 and has been such an amazing magazine. It really was the best of video game journalism. A lot of my generation with the DS and Wii is connected with Nintendo Power, and it signaled my initiation as a true Nintendo fan. Nintendo Power, I will truly miss you.



WolfRamHeart said:

Very sad news indeed. I grew up reading Nintendo Power magazine. I remember getting the very first issue in the mail. I was a subscriber for a good number of years. I even got that free copy of Dragon Warrior from them. I knew that this day would come eventually but it still doesn't make it any easier having to say goodbye. Thank you for everything that you have given us over the years. You will soon be gone but I will certainly not forget you. I will be picking up all the remaining issues until the end. I wish the entire Nintendo Power staff nothing but the best and hope that they will be prosperous in all their future endeavors.



SleepingNinjer said:

@WolfRamHeart yes..

I've had a subscription since 1999... I remember because i asked for it for christmas, and with the Y2K madness going on i was afraid that it would somehow erase our payment and i wouldn't get it... haha... it came.

There has always been something about this magazine... the quality and thickness and weight to the pages, "break in comment, Jimmy Fallon just said 'Nintendo Powers going out of business, when actually, they're just hitting pause until after their parents go to bed...." the smell of the ink, the fact that they would include as many pictures as possible so my younger self would stay interested in between articles... I don't know.

Just so many good memories waiting in the car for my mom to get out of the store, getting motion sickness on the bus to school, obsessing late at night with a marker highlighting all of the upcoming games i was hoping to get...

I'll miss it, but even more so i'm sad that the upcoming generations of kids won't get to experience any of it... this is just a reflection of the state of our society as a whole. Out with substance, in with convenience...



Kage_88 said:

Man, that sucks. I've never read Nintendo Power, but I've had plenty of other magazines I loved go out of print here in Aus - so I know the pain.

Unfortunately, that's just the state of print these days. At least the publisher can be proud for making NP Last so long.



scotty30717 said:

Because I live in the United Kingdom, Nintendo Power was never sold over here,only The Official Nintendo Magazine (ONM). But I feel sorry to all the American fans out there. I hope this doesn't lead to them shutting down ONM.



WaveBoy said:

Sad news indeed. Even though 'modern' Nintendo Power doesn't quite hold a candle to their Golden Age NES & SNES issues, it's still a very good mag. I was going to get another yearly subscription but it looks like that won't be happenning. Instead, i'll pick up whatever recent issues i missed and the ones hitting from now up until December. With that out of the way, i'm going to be scooping up some older NP Retro magazines before the prices start sky rocketing online. I just lucked out, and picked up Vol 7 (Unveiling Mega Man 2, plus including a Super Mario Bros Tricks & tips booklet)for a killer price.



WarioPower said:

Very sad but I'm not suprised when you can get all your gaming info off the internet these days



Araknie said:

We'll see. If Wii U games are hardcore and plenty of secret stuff will be involved of having maps and stuff that are not in the game, maybe they will be useful.
I know the internet has it all but till know Nintendo Power was strong because you had the things to know right there in your face in a easy to find way.
I don't know, it really depends on the Wii U and how Nintendo Power will explain them.



Samholy said:

im more surprised that nintendo power or just about any printed gaming magazine are still alive.
Internet is king, no matter what you say.
with sites likes nintendo life and gamefaqs, there is just no mean or usefulness to a mag.

i had great times in the 90s with it. news were fresh and couldnt be found anywhere else. i was a subscribber in the nes era, then the snes era, then the n64 era and then i stopped once the internet was filled with free faqs,guides or whatever.



Marioman64 said:

but how will i find out about the amazingly amazing games they told me about and no one else?
Solatorobo, Unchained Blades, Prism Light the Way (it's a funner puzzler than you'd think), Picross DS, Picross 3D, Solatorobo, etc.
you guys at nintendolife better step in and tell us all the might-be-under-appreciated games that are going to come out too, you're going to be my only source of info now...



Shirma_Akayaku said:

This makes me want to cry!!!
I still have all the magazines. All the way from the first to the current.

Also reminds my of one time when my mom wanted to throw all of them away. I said "NO!!!" and she let me keep them.



XCWarrior said:

I have almost everything from Issue 78 on, when I found out about Nintendo Power. Can't believe it will be gone at the end of the year. Would love to have it continue, even if in digital form. Start a website up or something. Got published in an issue, so that was cool.

Really mad at Nintendo about this, another poor decision on their part. Probably because I am a journalist, but seeing print die really hurts.



LuigiTheGreenFire said:

Well my subscription doesn't expire until 2013, sooo. Eitherway, I salute Nintendo Power and I hope to collect all the issues I don't own (which are about 200).



GOM1 said:

This really sucks. I have a lot of great memories of this magazine. At least I will get the last few issues through my subscription.



lex0plex said:

Maybe there is something you guys can do at NintendoLife? Like hire some of the writers for Nintendo Power and make this website even more amazing!



Prof_Clayton said:

This is sad to see it go. Go out with a bang! Sadly, I'm curious what the last page will say because there's no next issue.



HawkeyeWii said:

I feel terrible Ironically right when I got on nintendolife this morning I flopped down on my couch with my laptop and August issue of Nintendo power and I was very crushed to see this....



Gioku said:

I've been reading them for a while, but I just check them out from the library.



BulbasaurusRex said:

I'm a current subscriber, and I'm really going to miss it. While there's no longer any need for maps nor tips, and there are plenty of better places for reviews, NP has excellent preview articles and plenty of fun special features.

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