Where it all began

Update: The tweet quoted below, from Nintendo Power senior editor Chris Hoffman, has since been deleted, as have a number of others sharing a similar message. As always and as promised in the original article below, we will report any official updates from Nintendo and Future Publishing.

Original Article

In a surprising development, it's being reported by respected website arstechnica.com that Nintendo Power may be ceasing publication. A source has stated that Nintendo is currently uninterested in renewing its contract with publisher Future, and has given no indications that it will take over responsibility for the magazine itself, as it did until Future was contracted in 2007. It's reported that Nintendo Power staff were advised of the development last week and are being gradually moved into other Future publications.

It's currently unclear how many issues of the magazine are remaining, and we should stress that the decision hasn't been formally confirmed by either Nintendo or Future Publishing. That said, Nintendo Power senior editor Chris Hoffman posted the following tweet, and more in a similar vein, in a response to a reader saying the team had done a great job.

Thanks. We'll try to make the last issues memorable.

Should Nintendo Power cease publication, it'll be an iconic loss as a gaming magazine and also as a major part of Nintendo pop-culture. It's been in existence since the summer of 1988 and was a go-to source of Nintendo information for a generation of gamers, particularly in the pre-internet age.

Once Nintendo or Future clarifies or confirms this story we'll post an update.

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