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Angry Birds Trilogy to Cost $29.99

Posted by James Newton

Plucky dip

The recently announced Angry Birds Trilogy will retail at $29.99 in the U.S., Activision has announced.

The compilation of digital releases Angry Birds, Angry Birds Rio and Angry Birds Seasons will have exclusive 3DS features like StreetPass and stereoscopic 3D. It'll also have extra content over and above its iOS origins, but Activision and Rovio are both keeping quiet on what this content might entail. The press release says "the Nintendo 3DS game is the first truly new Angry Birds handheld experience," but doesn't say why.

What do you make of its $29.99 price tag?


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madgear said:

How the hell is it a trilogy. Sure, three games with no connecting storyline could be called a trilogy at a push, but there's four games. You can't just release three games out of four and call it a trilogy.



Aviator said:

Considering the HD versions are $6AU, I think the price is reasonable.

3D and new content. Considering picking this one up.



Koos said:

Lol awesome. I'd like to track whoever buys this crap. I have a bridge in Brooklyn to offer them.



Koos said:

The console version is 40 dollars so I guess this is practically a steal on second thought. Forget the bridge in Brooklyn. I have some blue sky to offer.



luminalace said:

I haven't played an angry birds game (gasp) but I would hzve preferred an eShop release for $10 for just one AB game.



Drawdler said:

Well, if it's going to be cheaper than other games I may eat my words and get it... But that means at least around $45 here and possibly even more considering it's being published by Activision... Descision may have been a little easier if it was getting a digital release as well like NSMB2 because having it playable any time definetly would have sold me. Hopefully Space comes as DLC too.



chewytapeworm said:

It should definitely be offered in eshop or at least as a retail download. Never played a huge amount of Angry Birds though, and yet what I have played it turns out to be a fun little timewaster, $30 is a price tag that many along with myself will baulk at.



Flowerlark said:

Ridiculous. I expect they're so quiet about the extra content because it's not enough to justify that inflated price.



fchinaski said:

Frankly, these games are 0,99 cents in the App Store for a reason. They are casual timewasters, there's nothing in these games that would justify this price tag. I don't hate Angry Birds like so many gamers do, I even enjoy it, but this is a joke.



sykotek said:

Even if I didn't already get some of them for free (thanks Amazon) and had to pay for them all on Android, it'd only cost me $4 and that's counting Angry Birds: Space!

Even if I were to spring for all four of the Android HD versions that'd still only cost me $12 total.

For $30 and for only the first 3 games, they should really say what extra content it includes to justify a 10x increase in cost over existing iOS and Android versions.



Uncle_Optimus said:

They are forgetting what angry birds really is and what made it great.
A simple, cheap easy to fire up and play game for your mobile device.

Making it digital and no more than $15 seems a better value to me. This seems to be a cash grab, trying to maximize angry birds revenue before the property loses its turn in the limelight.



SmashYoshi123 said:

Hmmm, Nice To See More News For The New Angry Birds 3DS Has Been Released, But NOW IT'S A RETAIL TITLE!!, For $30 Dollars!!, At Least It's Cheap Enough For Me To Buy It, I Always Support Angry Birds, So I'm Glad There's More News Announced!!



hYdeks said: Games like this are just...bad, it can stay on phones.......just eww -_-



47drift said:

Pffff, hahahaha. Hell no. I can get Devil May Cry HD collection or Zone of the Enders HD collection, two sets full of lengthy REAL games, for just $10 more. I pity those tricked into purchasing this.



RupeeClock said:

That's way too much for some cheap throwaway apps.I mean come on, you can play the damned game for free in your browser, right this second.
Are they somehow above putting these titles as downloads on the eShop or something? Just, sell the individual titles as downloads. Sell the retail as download even.



JJtheTexan said:

I'm sorry, but are they OUT OF THEIR FREAKING MINDS???!?!? This kind of garbage is why third-party developers don't like to support Nintendo; they come out with these big-name licenses / IPs that are overpriced and don't sell well, so they blame the user base and withhold future releases.



WingedSnagret said:

I've played Angry Birds before from time to time, and thought it was rather fun. And I do think it would be nice to be able to play it on my 3DS. But $30!? There are many simple eshop games with way more content for less then half that price!



Koos said:

Ironucally The free Chrome version of the game is actually the best version of the game because of the use if the mouse. While stylus is better than the imorecise capacitive touch obviously its still too much. If anything this should have been in the Wii for 500 points from the beginning and used the pointer.



WolfRamHeart said:

Retail release means that this will eventually hit the bargain bins so that is when I will likely pick this up. That is IF I decide to pick it up.



BenAV said:

What a rip.
It's going to sell plenty of copies, but it doesn't deserve to.
I'll do my part by not buying it and talking anyone I meet out of buying it too.




The devs are making a reasonable amount of money from their toys and radio angry bird merchandise I think they're risking the 3DS for that reason. Woulf it work as a retail cart purchase? I remember selling a lot of my older DS games quickly because they felt downloady - even though I enjoyed them.



CrispyGoomba said:

Angry Birds should have made an exclusive deal with that new console called Ouya (or something like that). Could have been a bigger hit.



Samholy said:

so....10$ per game when theyre... free on iphone ?
too bad i dont own an iphone.
i guess ill wait until i find one much cheaper used in a bargain bin.

i dont doubt ill have lots of fun with it, but it remains a ios game. Its fun when playing on the toilet or while waiting in a line or something. Or to play a bit when waiting for commercials to end when watching a show.



James said:

Not really a fair comparison to iPhone pricing: an iPhone costs, what, twice as much as a 3DS?



Savino said:

But people dont buy an Iphone only to play games like the 3ds.
It´s a little computer, a media device, social network gateway, videogame and even a phone!!!

But that´s not the case, since you can play it on a 50$ android phone without problem.
This game should be download-only and cost the same that you pay at appstore! (buy the way, ABSeasons is free this week)



C7_ said:

So when a series of meaningless distractions that pretend to be full fledged games come out on a phone that essentially everyone will eventually own it's less than $10, but when they come out on a real gaming console, they're $30? And that's not even all of them?
What gaming company would soil their reputation with such a rip-of-

Oh. Activision.

Seems Legit.



Spoony_Tech said:

Isn't a game like this ment to be with you at all times?! I would've bought this on the eshop at around 10$ but no way would I purchase this at retail for 30$. The over estimate how good their franchise is! 3d or not the other features better be able to print money and give you back a twenty at launch!



James said:

@C-Olimar Overall numerical difference strongly in favour of this retail release, though.

Let's face it, even if they all came out in the eShop at $3.99 we'd all moan



Banker-Style said:

When I buy my games I like to get a lot of value for my money.
This is why I'm buying this game.



Hejiru said:

Wait, what?? I thought this was an eShop game! I'm not paying 30 bucks for a cartridge of Angry Birds.



kyuubikid213 said:

@James Yeah, I can see what you're getting at. I suppose I'll pick this up one day. It looks fun. However, I will either wait until it hits the bargain bin or they make it a digital download.



Chunky_Droid said:

Consider me one of the moaners, I got the games free when i first got my phone, I know millions love it, but it doesn't do enough to make me want to play through the whole thing, letalone three of them.



pastasauce said:

30 dollars? Not surprised at all, kids will still buy it. Also why do so many people care about Angry Birds? Why can't we get actual great ios games like Storm in a Teacup or Jetpack Joyride.



Odnetnin said:

@James That, and you'd need a plan. If you didn't have another compatible device such as an iPod Touch (the newest of which is more expensive than any 3DS) or a Kindle Fire (the same price as the 3DS XL), then I can see how Angry Birds Trilogy might be your best option, but I still feel that Rovio is taking advantage of those people by not providing them as $2 downloads on the eShop.



Bobhobob said:

I really don't care how much this will cost, i will just get it for Christmas.
I know 30 bucks seems outrageous, but it's got 3D, NEW CONTENT, the addictive gameplay that everyone knows.
Also, they didn't include AB: Space because this has been in development since beginning to middle of LAST YEAR and Space came out in like December.



Morpheel said:

I don't have the patience required to play the game as is, the idea of more content makes me shiver.
I guess that If it came packed with some of the merch they announce so much on the version I got yesterday, it would be a nice buy.



FonistofCruxis said:

This is such a rip-off considering how cheap it is elsewhere. Its even more of a rip-off than Skylanders!



Sam_Loser2 said:

Better be above and beyond to justify such a price compared to the $3 for the three games separately.



C-Olimar said:

@James of course I would moan! I'm English! I honestly don't like Angry Birds though, so I wouldn't even buy it at 69p anyway.



idork99 said:

Completely Agree!

I would've considered a purchase if it was $10 or less and on the eShop as opposed to a physical copy at $30 ( a huge mistake). Plus, I always carry MK7 in the cartridge slot so there's no way I would remove that game to play something that I can easily access through my smartphone.



Kirk said:

Such a rip-off when you can get all 3 games on the iPhone for a few pounds.

In my opinion this should have been on the eShop and it should have cost maybe £5.



rayword45 said:

What the flying crap? This is 10 times the price of buying all 3 iPhone games, or infinite the price of buying all Android games.

If my prediction is right (this'll sell better then Crush and Bit Trip combined) I will cry for humanity's take on pricing.



Henmii said:

"Should be $3 at the most"

I agree! On fake-book those games seem to be free!!

On a side-note: How long does Rovio think they can ride on the Angry birds wave? One day people get bored and they really have to come up with something else! But on the other hand: They are already soooo filthy rich, that by that time they can close up shop and just lay on the beach with a nice cocktail!!



JohnPhilipSousa said:

Don't get too angry yet. You don't have to buy it, and it might end up having WAY more content. You never know until it happens.



Token_Girl said:

This must be for little kids with Angry Birds plushes but no idevice/cell phone yet and parents who don't understand what the internet is.

What I want to know is when we'll see the inevitable Saturday morning cartoon. It's no worse a premise than any other 80's half-hour long animated toy ad.



dimi said:

@James 3ds cost exactly the same money as ipod touch where you can play these games for 0,99 cents.



Gridatttack said:

30$? Looks like a scam...
On android, all the angry birds games are free, so this is a waste of money...



komicturtle said:

I have to wonder if they're changing it to first person mode (like Boomblox style).

That's make better use of the 3D, I say. Not really interested in the dirty birds. Good for those who are.



rjejr said:

What @hole decided to announce this "trilogy" just AFTER the 4th and best game Space comes out, which isn't even included? I won't even get into the pricing issue, how could this not have come out months ago BEFORE the new game released?



Barbiegurl777 said:

I'm buying angry bird's on the 3ds in cartridge form regardless for 1 I usually pay usually between 20 to 40 dollar's for my 3ds games anyway's so this isn't something new as far as the price goes & 2 I don't/ever owned a iphone/smartphone only a regular cell phone. So the only way how I can play angry bird's is by playing on the computer. So it'll be nice to have this in 3ds cartridge & play the whole series/trilogy & finally see what the game is really about. I can say after playing it on the computer I'm defently excited for this to hit the 3ds whether by e-shop or cartridge doesn't matter to me.

Happy Gaming! (^_^)



Mariru said:

To me Angry Birds is a cheap 2D Boom Blox, I would never pay to play it. And it's free on Chrome... 30$ Is really expensive for a casual game like this :S



Chuie said:

um i have all 3 for my ipad so no thanks and i got it all cheaper

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