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Talking Point: Nintendo's 3DS Press Conference

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Is the 3DS back on track?

After a busy week of announcements, reactions to announcements, and Nintendo Life’s epic appearance on the eShop (we had to mention it), it seems like a good moment to sit back and take a deep breath. With so much news coming out of Nintendo’s Tokyo conference on 13th September, as well as localised press releases in Europe and North America, it can be difficult to keep track of it all. We thought we’d select a few of the biggest announcements and share some thoughts on their impact and what they mean for the 3DS and Nintendo. To get the bad news out of the way, let’s start with stock-market reaction.

Stocks tumble, again

It seems that whatever Nintendo does at the moment, stockholders and investors don’t like it. Despite Satoru Iwata unveiling an impressive range of game titles – more on that shortly – Nintendo’s stock value, according to Reuters, dropped 5% in trading after the press conference (Update - following a valuable observation from user 'zeeroid' and some additional research as a result, it seems that Nintendo stock stayed about the same after the conference, with Reuter's article apparently mis-reading the stock trends. As stocks didn't appear to show any growth and investors still voiced concerns after the conference, the rest of this section will remain unchanged as a reflection of perceived investor unease). Reasoning for the drop in share prices was linked to two factors, the first being that, once again, mobile phone gaming was taking over the market, weakening Nintendo’s position. Detailed analysis of that will be covered another day, but what we do know is that Iwata is not considering smartphone games, so investors can forget about that.

The second reason given, by Makoto Kikuchi, CEO of Myojo Asset Management, was that Nintendo didn’t show an emphasis on “Wii-type games for the whole family”. While there was no Wii Sports, that is probably because, if investors failed to notice, the 3DS is actually a handheld gaming console. On the one hand investors promote a switch to a smartphone gaming model, devices that boast mostly short-burst single player games, while also seeking Wii-style family gaming; this seems like a contradiction in terms.

The argument can be made, even if important figures working in the stock market don’t agree, that Nintendo brought more accessible titles to the fore. Mario Kart 7 will allow multiplayer fun and accessible gameplay, while titles such as Style Savvy, Animal Crossing and Mario Tennis will provide a variety of game styles to gamers of any experience. There’s also a pink 3DS on the way; not everyone’s favourite colour, but there is surely a market for that iteration of the console. The threat of smartphones remains, but Nintendo is backing its products to triumph; if the quality is sufficient, maybe its faith will be rewarded.

The Circle Pad Expansion

Whenever a news item related to the Circle Pad expansion is posted, it seems that it prompts a lot of debate. Without talking about the timing of the announcement or some of the possible implications — we’ve already done that — let’s just look at the announcements themselves.

The peripheral will be released in Japan on 10th December with a price of ¥1,500 (around £12), released in line with Monster Hunter 3 G. Perhaps more surprising was the number of major titles announced that will support the device, including Resident Evil Revelations and Metal Gear Solid Snake Eater 3D. The case of Metal Gear is particularly interesting, as its release in Europe and North America was pushed to 2012, while there is still a strong likelihood that the title will release this year in Japan. We’ll indulge in some mischievous speculation and say that this could be an example of a developer holding back for availability of the peripheral and the extra control options that it provides.

Interestingly, hands-on impressions of the expansion are making some positive noises, with talk of a comfortable, curved “feel” and a perfectly reasonable size. There appear to be issues for some with the left shoulder button and awkward access to the volume slider, but after the maelstrom of negativity that engulfed the leaked magazine scans, the tone seems to be shifting.

Issues around this device won’t go away, as the continued interest and debate around it continues. While arguments about the original 3DS design, the early arrival of the expansion and the much-predicted 3DS remodel continue to rage, there is a sense that this peripheral is starting to shift opinion. With the publisher of the Call of Duty behemoth coming out in support, it probably has a chance.


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Jamouse said:

Personally, i don't mind the circle pad thing. Sure, it's ugly, it uses battery, and it's bulky... But it is optional ! If you don't like it, don't get it! Any way it does what it says on the tin: adds a second circle pad, how bad can it be.

The only thing i don't like about it is that it makes the 3DS look uncertain. At the start the 3DS was a great console, it was simple yet a big enough improvement on the DS to make it worthwile. Sure they're weren't any standout games, but the hardware was good. but now it just looks like a poorly designed handheld. What a shame.



Yellowgerbil said:

Monster hunter 4? For 3DS? AWSOME!

You know the 3DS has come along way since the start and I think people are starting to consider it.

(I am getting that along with Mario Kart 7 and Super Mario 3D Land.)



19Robb92 said:

For me as a gamer, it is. Stock holders should shut up and stop trying to force Nintendo in to the app market. I do not want them wasting their time on making worthless 1 dollar minigames.

The future is looking really bright for the 3DS at the moment. Now I just want a new Elite Beat Agent, Mario & Luigi RPG 4 and a nice resigned 3DS Lite and I'm good.



Corbs said:

That Slide Pad add-on is the most ridiculous thing I've ever seen. There's nothing wrong with the 3DS just the way it is. Just get the damn games rolling out.



Mahe said:

The 3DS game selection looks a little better now but there are still a lot of problems. Witness Konami announcing their Suikoden Tierkreis sequel on PSP, not 3DS. The 3DS eShop is still completely barren of new, original 3DS games, and that's completely ridiculous. There were no new downloadable games announced for the 3DS either. Just what is Nintendo doing with the eShop?

The criticism about no new "Wii Sports" is valid too. There's nothing that really SURPRISES people like Wii Sports did.



siavm said:

This conference means little. It is for the japanese audience. Sure the marios are in there but most of the games are not leaving japan. And that is ok with us. But we need a 3ds conference for the rest of the world. Sure monster was announce but that does not outside of japan. They need a game that is made by a good western developer before they change their momentum in the rest of the world because I am still feel the same I felt last week. Nothing good is coming to the 3ds outside of nintendo.



BenAV said:

My biggest concern is how I'm meant to find the money to buy all the good games that are on the way.

From all the screenshots and videos that I've seen, there seem to be a lot of quality titles on the way and I'm super excited for a lot of them.

As for the circle pad add-on, I'm all for it. Even if it's not the best looking thing in the world, if it enhances gameplay for some titles and maybe even makes the system more comfortable to hold then it's always welcome in my bag.

I hope both the Monster Hunter games make it out of Japan. I really enjoyed Tri and I'd imagine that I'd probably pick up both of them first day.



BenAV said:

And I hope that Nintendo keep holding their ground and refuse to develop games for mobile phones, etc.
Phones aren't meant to be gaming devices. Sure, they can have some fun games, but just small games to waste a bit of time... Not titles that you can enjoy for hours and hours like on dedicated gaming devices like the 3DS.
Especially since most phones these days don't even have buttons these days, Nintendo must stay away.



belmont said:

Suikoden Tierkreis 2 on PSP? I want this game! Suikoden Tierkreis is one of my favourite DS games.
The circle pad thing is an epic fail IMO, 3DS should have a second analogue pad from the begining. PSP didn't have a second one but it came out on 2004 not 2010!
In the games area and since the conferance was in Japan I would want to see more j-rpg but, even though DS had a lot of then, it didn't happen. I am not very much hyped for another Mario or Mario Kart game.



daznsaz said:

sick of hearing about stock market stuff.its over analysis dont want red tape clogging up the gaming world.thought the extra slider expansion was daft to start with.but will be good to have extra stuff for 3ds.especially for the intense games it wont hurt hands as much i think



Expa0 said:

Only way Nintendo could possibly be back on track is by removing the region lock, or at least when there appears other means to disable it.



Yasume said:

Is the Tokyo Game Show over already? I haven't heard any game related news from other developers. Didn't Capcom and Konami also have a conference of some sort?




Nothing significant there for me in the conference other than the new screenshots and trailers of the upcoming games we already know about.



JimLad said:

I honestly thought the 3DS was going to be a runaway success, but now I think about it, I should have seen this coming.
Phone games are on the rise. Whether you like them or not they do hold a large audience of people wanting to play something quick on the go. Years ago people HAD to buy portable gaming devices if they wanted something to do, now they have other options. Sure the games are nowhere near as deep, but for a lot of people that's not an issue.

The DS got away with it because it was so new and different, and because it had already built up it's install base by the time the smart phone boom hit. The 3DS is doing ok, but I don't think it will ever reach the same kind of success as it's predecessor.



Mandoble said:

So the owners of Nintendo (stock holders) decided that N must aim even more for casuals and even less for hard cores. That's to take into account for WiiU's future (if there is any of that project).



thanos316 said:

stock holders are just idiots that dont know much. ninty make ur own path, cause you know sony and microsoft will follow. keep pumping out them great games and learn from your mistakes. 3ds to me is coming along just fine. people should give it time to build up momentum like the original ds did.



Milkman-123 said:

one other reason the 3ds fails is because of the constant delays. if nintendo stopped delaying all their major titles, then they would most definately have more sales!



komicturtle said:

Blame Sakurai for the delay of Uprising. He's the type of developer who wants to make sure he's putting out a great game and likes taking his time on things as much as he wants it out the door.



Shokuboo said:

We don't need Circle pad Expansion, we need GAMEs. The first defect of the 3DS (after the price's cut) is the lack of good game. And this press conference is reassuring for that. Good.



TourianTourist said:

@Thomas Whitehead:
"free download of Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Anniversary Edition. [...]this isn’t a simple port of the GBA title, but rather an enhanced edition with additional levels, weapons and an all-new one player mode."

Errh, no new weapons. Singleplayer and new levels are true, but all the items and unlockable sword moves (which you get from the new levels) were already in the GBA version. The additional sword moves were originally unlocked in A Link to the Past. Now they are the reward for beating the new stages. I know that in the press release Nintendo made a big deal out of them, but they aren't new.



Swiket said:

After seeing the conference I thought "I think I still don't want a 3DS"



NintyMan said:

All the annoucements surprised and delighted me, so no need to worry about that. I was originally disappointed that Kid Icarus: Uprising was pushed back into 2012, but the revealing of new elements in the story (see avatar) convinced me to be patient, because more time to polish the game is always a good deal.

The new games are definitely exciting, at least to me anyway. Stock holders probably aren't, but if they even can't acknowledge the great line-up the 3DS has, then something's wrong with them. Either they've been having too much Wall Street stress these days or they don't play video games. You have Mario, Mario Kart, Monster Hunter, Luigi's Mansion, Kid Icarus, Mario Tennis, Kingdom Hearts, and Paper Mario coming up. Who wouldn't be excited for a line-up like that?

And, finally, the 3DS is going to be OK. Whether or not it reaches the stellar sales of the DS remains to be seen, but it's not going to flop. Nintendo has been belittled in the past, but they've gotten used to it and as a result will keep moving on to success. Smart Phone games are big these days, but if you're wanting something deep for your gaming, then try a handheld system.



Froggievilleus said:

I was hoping for a more substantial date for Animal Crossing. 2012 is pretty vague. I will wait because I know when it comes out it will be fantastic, but at least give us a proper website with some updates.

Mario Tennis, seriously?! Where the heck is a new Mario Golf?! I loved the GC and GBA versions and would gladly buy one for the 3DS. If they would have done one for the Wii I would have bought it.

The 3DS has great potential, but it needs games that people want to play. I think the new Mario title will help loads. What is trickling out now is meh at best, save for the Nintendo titles. Games help sell the system.

The add on pad is a whole lot of silly nonsense. And unless a game comes out that blows minds and requires people to get it, it will take up shelf space.



Mandoble said:

"Mario, Mario Kart, Monster Hunter, Luigi's Mansion, Kid Icarus, Mario Tennis, Kingdom Hearts, and Paper Mario"

For sure if you are a Mario fan you will be excited, quite the opposite if you arent.



Ygor323 said:

I personally think that the 3DS has a lot of potential, we haven't seen it yet. The range of titles that will be available in the next few months will help the sales 4 sure.. Let's just wait and hope.



photofool83 said:

I would love to see WarioLand 5, a sequel to Legendary Starfy, a sequel to Ghost Trick, and virtual console copies of the original Shantae and the gameboy Kid Icarus. It would also be great to see some really creative use of the AR function. This is more of a 3DS wish list but to get back on topic, I believe the 3DS is going to be just fine. It is a wonderful system and will find the support it needs this holiday season. One last game to add to the wish list, please, oh please release an updated version of Gyromite. I played the crap out of that game as a kid.



zeeroid said:

Hrm, perhaps you guys hadn't heard, but after Reuters posted that story, it was determined by some astute readers that they had it wrong. Closer inspection of the chart revealed that the 5% drop occurred before the press conference! It was chalked up to market fluctuation, and has apparently since recovered.



Sh00kst3r said:

If Activision makes a Call of Duty game for the 3DS that focuses on multiplayer, I would never see Nintendo the same way again.



Nin-freak said:

I have a feeling the 3DS will be a HUGE hit this holiday season. Imagine all those kids who have been going to Wal-mart and playing those 3DS demo's pods for as long as there parents let them:P When Christmas comes, what do you think they'll want? And when the parents see that price that's the same as the DSi XL, they will buy it for them right away. And all the great titles coming out before then will sure to boost sales as well. And once the 3DS sells a lot, more games will be made. So if it's a success this December, it will succeed as a gaming console.



RandomMan85 said:

@ JimLad, that is the most sensible comment I've read on the whole page, that, along with the fact that the 3ds had has no decent "new" games so far to draw people in. Sure we've had Ocarina of time and StarFox, which are great titles but they are still old games that we've seen before in some form or other. The success of the 3ds so far is a result of poor marketing and lack of any decent titles other than remakes. Also, that second analog stick should have been there from the start. Nintendo should have realised that before they released the device. I will buy the peripheral when it releases but begrudgingly so, as we all know they will re-design the machine eventually, with the second stick intergrated into it. I bet you won't get much for a trade in either when that time comes and it will cost a bomb to trade for the next device.



TKOWL said:

The 3DS is gonna be fine, even though that Circle Pad expansion looks unnecessary. The games makes a console, not its add-ons.



RYBlast said:

I hate it when people say that all the 3DS has is Mario games.
Mario Kart- Racing game.
Mario 3D Land- Platformer
Paper Mario- RPG
Luigi's Mansion 2- (I have no idea what genre it belongs to but it's different, ok?)

They're all so DIFFERENT!



ThomasBW84 said:

@TourianTourist - I didn't realise that. In any case, it is still an enhanced edition rather than a simple port

@zeeroid - Thanks and no, I hadn't heard that. The stock drop was reported in plenty of outlets, and with the quotes from investors (one of which is included), it seemed credible. Reuters would be expected to be right, frankly, in terms of the stock trends, as finance and stock markets are part of their primary focus. After a bit of digging around I found some posts and comments supporting what you're saying.

From what I can gather, the stock returned to its pre-drop levels, but no more than that. This suggests that investors didn't run away, but stock-market value didn't improve either. Due to comments, one of which is quoted here, coming from investors on the issue, I've made an update to the article, but kept the argument in place.



chiefeagle02 said:

Being a university student with bills to pay, the free stuff is always welcome (especially Zelda).



grumblebuzzz said:

I feel like all of Nintendo's "bad fortunes" are spun by the media at this point. The device has sold over 5 million units worldwide in a span of just over 6 months, far from the "flop" that many outlets have tried to make it out to be. I think it all stems from the fact that many of these reporters are adult casual gamers who have iPads, iPhones and other Apple devices and they want fluffy little Angry Birds-type Mario games on those devices. Also, yes, the 3DS is no iPad in terms of what it can do and how many units its sold, but who the hell is in this day and age? Keep in mind that until later on this year, the 3DS has sold those 5 million units on the strength of ports, remakes and barely-enhanced sequels alone. Once those big titles start pouring in this holiday season, those numbers are only gonna increase.



shingi_70 said:

The price cut ands and seeing the new software im going out to buy a 3DS.

Wish the confrence would have had some wii u focus.



Tigus said:

Sadly alot of people dont even know how to use Wi-Fi so they miss out on alot of what they can do with the DSi and 3DS so most of the time someone (me) has to explain how to use the online, and the 3DS will be a OK since the range of games is only geting larger and larger. ALL HAIL THE 3DS!!!



zeeroid said:

@ThomasBW84: Oh, yeah, I wouldn't blame you for the error. I was fooled just as well as every major gaming media outlet that reported on the story, and Reuters is absolutely the one at fault here. I too agree with your point about investors showing general disinterest in the press conference.



WertyYertrew said:

The conference, for me, doesn't change anything. I don't feel any less interested in the flood of games coming this holiday season and beyond. I don't feel any more interested in Monster Hunter or the bulky new peripheral. My long wait for any sign of the GBA Ambassador games has not been ceased by this conference. My irritation at investors for demanding cell phone games has not gone away.

That said, the introduction of a new Fire Emblem is pretty cool even if it'll never see the light of day in N.A., and the upcoming Bravely Default I will admit has captured my attention.



Pokefanmum82 said:

the 3DS will be's only been out for 6 months....the DS had a horrible first year and look how that turned out. There's no need for people to be calling doom and gloom. As for the circle pad expansion, it will make the people who wanted a second circle pad happy and those who aren't happy with it, don't have to buy it. I'm getting my 3DS on October 5th because I finally have the money for it. As for games, it has something for everyone so far and there are tons of games coming out before the holidays are done. Some first party games but lots of third party games.



SuperSonic said:

With this attachment, the 3DS now has more input controls than Vita. So guess what Sony'll do about it! That's right! They're gonna make an addon, too! Oh, copycat Sony! Just wait, Just wait...



Supremeist said:

@SuperSonic Okay. All of you need to quit ranting about Sony. They can do whatever they want; who really cares. They aren't the worst company in the world, either. The Ps3 is a nice system (I own one) and from what I've seen the PS Vita looks pretty awesome as well.

Now seriously. Does it really matter if Sony makes an add-on too? It's not going to affect the 3DS or Nintendo or anything.

From the topic, I think the 3DS is getting back on track but not yet. We still have alot of titles that need to be released soon and hopefully the holiday season will burn up the sales.



Doma said:

No mention of Fire Emblem?.. i am disappoint. That was the only new announcement worth caring about for me (MH4 seems way too far off).

As for the circle pad add-on, it looks terrible. I see it as a temporary fix for current owners to buy begrudgingly. The extra slide pad will obviously be integrated within the next 3DS model, which could be imminent as soon as the new year rolls in, for all we know.



Bass_X0 said:

We don't need Circle pad Expansion, we need GAMEs.

Hmm hm. And can you imagine the difference in development time between the two? Games take much longer to develop than some little add-on.



DarkKirby said:

I think the 3DS is on the right track. I still don't understand how the attachment actually attaches to the 3DS, and not only does it not increase the battery, it prevents the use of battery extensions and requires an AAA battery, is a bit bulky and not the most visually appealing, but this will eventually be resolved in the 3DS redesign. I think it's very big of Nintendo to admit the original design was flawed and is willing to try to improve upon it even if the solution isn't aesthetically appealing. I only wonder if the solution is on time to stop the Vita from stealing the spotlight, as the soonest a 3DS redesign will be announced is E3 2012, and sales start in Japan in the fall, and everywhere else probably early 2013, unless Nintendo really hustles. I can only hope Nintendo learned region locking didn't help their system at all, and if anything blocked the possibility of knowing what people want localized, reducing sales opportunities. I don't think they learned that big of a lesson though.



J-Forest-Esq said:

@42 When it was selling badly.
@50 That's true, but it doesn't mean the original poster's point is any less valid.

I think the 3DS is recovering slightly, and by Christmas everything should be relatively hunky-dory, but I doubt it will ever be as successful as the DS. Also, is Iwata wearing a waistcoat? Cool stuff.



Sam_Loser2 said:

I can live with the circle pad if two things stay true:
1. It is optional on all (or at least most) games that support it.
2. It doesn't spark a 3DS redesign.
Others can have it, as long as I don't have to. The bulkiness and ESPECIALLY the battery are big turn offs.



Sonic260 said:

Once the anticipated games are released, the sales for the 3DS should go up quite a bit. That other circle pad is of no use to me now that I have Power Pak+ for my 3DS console.



Scissors said:

TGS went very well for me, but it did make me loathe having region lock. I really really want to play Hatsune Miku: Project Mirai, but that game will never make it out of Japan. It wouldn't be so bad if I could just import it like I did for Project Diva for the PSP.

One of my all time favorite games gets a 3DS spin off, and I won't be able to play it unless I buy a Japanese system.



kdognumba1 said:

So much negativity surrounding the system from the press but tbh, as a multi console owner, I still found the stuff shown for the 3DS the most interesting and appealing. Then again, I'm also a Monster Hunter and RPG fan.



LordTendoboy said:

The 3DS is selling slightly less than the original DS. The only way it will fail is if it sells as bad as the, Atari Lynx, Sega Nomad, Game Gear, etc.

And to all the analysts who say smartphones will kill off the 3DS:

Why can't handhelds and smartphones coexist? No one said one has to reign supreme over the other. PC gaming is still around even though consoles are much more popular.

And what about all the doom & gloom for the Vita? No one says anything bad about that.



8bitforever said:

I think Nintendo has great games coming out this year and next year. This is only the beginning. I don't know if anyone noticed that the Vita has very few good games either. Most of which are already out on the PS3 or XBOX. Most people won't buy a second copy of these games just to play them on the go. And I really wish the investors would give up on the mobile phone market. Those games suck and so do the devices. Touch screen controls on those games stink. I know from experience. I traded my DS for an IPOD touch....wrong move. I am now getting a 3DS and I won't make that mistake again.



King_Boo said:

as a point of comparison I re watched e3, and they mentioned by the end of the year there would be both demo and trailers on the 3d, but they made no mention of demos in japan.



Blue_Yoshi said:

Why does everyone believe non of the Monster Hunter games will be released in the US? Clearly if there AAA titles there gonna release here why wouldnt they?



Hokori said:

Ouendan, Ouendan 2, Tingle RPG2, XenoBlade, The Last Story, Mother 3, Daigasso Band Brothers DX, Fortune Street DS, ect there are a lot of games that are AAA and dont come to US, but yes I see at least MH4 coming, as for MH3G IDK yet



masterLEON said:

Stockholders don't know jack about games and gamers. All they care about is the numbers that the companies they're investing in are making and how it will make themselves richer. That's why they can't see the forest for the trees and start making illogical demands like making Mario available for mobile or make the 3DS more family friendly like the Wii. If Mario was available for mobile, would it be iOS, Android, or both? Would the game experience be universally equal across all platforms? All resolutions? How much extra effort and money would it take to maintain Nintendo's quality? Even porting the original SMB can be seen as a weak cash-grab move (I mean, they're doing stuff like that already with the 3DS VC, but Nintendo's own emulation is spot on). You'll get the initial buzz from folks who simply have to have it, which will then taper off as months and years go by and the game starts collecting virtual dust. We can't expect much less from a Mario game than what's already out there. No throwaway cash-grab tie-ins would do the Mario property justice at this point. The devices, themselves, are moving targets that may change at any point, locking out obsolete models within the span of months. That's the advantage of maintaining a dedicated hardware device like the GB(C), Advance or (3)DS. It's all about sustaining the hardware. Sure, you could be buying new versions of devices every 2-3 years or so. But, the baseline gaming device will still have games coming out for at least 7 years or more. Think of the GBA, Nintendo's shortest supported handheld clocking in at about 7 years, had official support with backwards compatibility, until the discontinuation of the original DS Lite. You buy a Nintendo system (or handheld), rest assured you can be in it for the long haul. And the 3DS? It'll be more of the same. Everything 3D aside, it'll eventually succeed the standard DSi due to it's higher processing and graphics power, larger game memory (up to 2GB) and it's built in backwards compatibility. All the game companies need to do is to stop worrying about how to "throw some 3D in there" and embrace the fact that you're developing for a more powerful handheld system than before! Make some better games, dangit!

Lastly, I don't think its 100% necessary to get the slidepad add-on, nor should we get it fused together on the next 3DS revision. It's only necessary for specific game types, like FPS's or Flight Sims (and seriously, is ANY console an ideal platform for FPS's and Flight Sims, let alone a handheld? Not without a keyboard/mouse or flight yoke/throttle/pedals, respectively, IMHO). Adventure games are a grey area since you can design a game to either let the player control the camera, and possibly make the player more frustrated, or do a better job at implementing the automatic camera view. Most other game types don't require that many buttons or controls. Nintendo knows how to put in the right amount of controls on their systems (their configurations, eh...well, that's another matter). Design the games properly with the controls that take advantage of the system, and you'll find that you don't really need more. Otherwise, you might be trying to do more than you should with that system. Take that game back to the consoles. Hmph, Wii Sports on the 3DS...they just turn into mediocre games when you root them in standard controls.



sandalphon3301 said:

ok. Let me get this straight.. Monster hunter 3G is coming out in december..then monster hunter 4!? Is this another MH game or is it the same as 3G?
Itll be awesome if it is another. Been waiting for MH to come out for DS. Release it in the US!!!!



Kage_88 said:

@sandalphon3301 - Monster Hunter 3G and Monster Hunter 4 are two separate titles; which means 3DS has already won, seriously.

Overall, I thought it was a good (if unspectacular) conference by Nintendo. Actually, the most interesting thing to me was the revelation that Skyward Sword is Nintendo's biggest ever game to be developed. Also, the new trailers to Super Mario 3D Land and Mario Kart 7 just makes me want those games even more.

The biggest kick to the guts was the culling of London Life from Layton 4, which has me seriously considering importing it from the US. Also, I would like to see some more on Go Vacation on Wii (which looks really great).

Oh, and investors are twits.



moosa said:

Honestly, announcing two consecutive games in a series for the same console at the same time is really dumb. LoL.



StarDust4Ever said:

Circle Pad extension = suk suk suk
Mobile Apps = Meh
Luigi's Mansion = Kewl
Mario 3D Land and Mario Kart 7 = awesome!
3D video = awesome!

Stocks = Up and down like a Yo-Yo

Nintendo always recovers. Even if they go back to being an underdog, I will still support them.



Malkeor said:

You know I certainly hope this will be a good start. We need high quality AAA software for the system. THAT'S what it needs.

The Vita is proving to be promising in areas Nintendo wasn't when it first launched and that's why it might have the upper hand.
I still think we need more software and titles from the Eshop from Nintendo.

And for those who said they love their RPGs so they have the 3DS....have you been reading about the games in development for Vita?
Seems more promising in the RPG department especially when we might actually see more JRPGs stateside on Sony's new portable.

Time will tell though.



RYBlast said:

One second, didn't Nintendo's stock rise 9% when they announced their conference?



RYBlast said:

Also, Vita? Really? I was planning on buying one, and was highly anticipating it, but I lost my interest after TGS. Most of the good games it has are also coming to the PS3, which I already have.



nano43 said:

I can't wait for all this awesome stuff to come out! Nintendo is the best! Because they don't copy other companys. (sony however....)



Ren said:

I think it'll do very well come holiday time, but the online stuff just hasn't made the splash it should have because the thing just wasn't ready enough. They can give us a million freebies of old games and neat apps and stuff but until there are bunch of great new 3D games; retail and downloadable, and some with actual online play. IN 3D. 3D! remember? the thing that was supposed to sell it? Then the promise of even more online stuff? then all the online stuff was late and none of the retail games have online multiplayer?
Don't get me wrong, I love everything that's there and I'm blown away by it overall but I'm a Nintendo nerd over 30 and I have a job. The masses that they want to sell to need NEW stuff in 3D with ONLINE at a good price for it to truly dominate they way they were hoping, and they've gotten so complacent. Make it happen. Set it apart, make them really want it. Right now it's just a mini-Wii and thats cool but not cool enough for most picky consumers with an iphone or ps3. I have faith but I'm nervous, and I won't believe in a win until after the holiday sales go really well.
Basically what Corbs said, then. I can't even speak about that clip on piece of junk, it's embarrasing.



IronMan28 said:

I think will do quite well considering it's basically going to go uncontested into the holiday season and the two large releases from Nintendo will bolster sales a lot. Don't be surprised if there are over 20 million 3DS's or so sold (worldwide or just regionally, I'm not quite sure) by the end of this year.



FJOJR said:

Big Nintendo supporter here. As I've gotten older the money really matters to me more and more and spending an extra $20 for an extra circle pad that I didn't mind not being there in the first place after the system's massive price lowering doesn't speak well to me. The Nintendo 64 and DS got by without a 2 analog sticks. I won't be getting it because it defeats the purpose of a portable system. The R&D's time should have been better spent developing the Wii U and games for both systems. I hope it ends up being an underutilized peripheral so they can scrap it and focus on developing killer games and online interface because that's the only way to beat Sony, Microsoft, and Smartphones/Tablets.



misterpale said:

It's just weird that they compare the 3DS with smartphones. Eventhough smartphones plays games, there is still the fact that the 3DS is a gaming console and smartphones are indeed, yes, a phone, where the games are merely just add-ons. There is still that big difference of gadget's specialization. I hope that the 3DS can still rise from all of this for it is a great console from the past handheld consoles Nintendo has made. Common sense is just not common anymore, how sad



SkywardLink98 said:

I don't know if the 3DS will work. Nintendo tried this before and failed within six months I believe. So, I'm gonna wait and see before rushing out to buy one.

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