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Tales of Graces Wii Will Not Be Released In the West

Posted by James Newton

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Japanese RPGs and Wii consoles are like Superman and Clark Kent at the moment: we're sure they're related, but they're rarely seen in the same place at the same time. While Operation Rainfall continues to campaign for Nintendo to bring its infamous three across the Atlantic, Namco has confirmed Tales of Graces won't be making it to the West either.

Producer Makoto Yoshizumi delivered the bad news at the Japan Expo, telling fansite Kingdom of Tales:

We wish to deliver the best and most complete experience for US and European fans, therefore we're localising Tales of Graces F. The game on the PS3 version is on a blu-ray disc. It would be next to impossible to condense all the game's data on a Wii disc, so unfortunately, there will be no Wii release.

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EarthboundBenjy said:

This is good news, we won't be stuck with the inferior version.

But... "We wish to deliver the best and most complete experience for US and European fans"
Ahem, ahem Tales of Vesperia.



Wheels2050 said:

So he's admitting that Japan got an inferior version?

(I honestly don't really know anything about this game)

EDIT: ninja'd!



Colors said:

Didn't they already condense all the games data on a Wii disc in Japan?



Stine said:

"Didn't they already condense all the games data on a Wii disc in Japan?" That's what I was thinking, too. :S



SennaKurosaki said:

They don't need to translate it into 5 languages. English would be sufficient for the whole West. I think, if Japanese fits on a Wii disc, then English will also fit. Just leave out all the other languages. Better something than nothing. (By the way, I'm Dutch, so don't start arguing with me my German, French, Spanish and Italian friends.)



CanisWolfred said:


They already released the Xbox 360 version in the West, and anybody else who really cares has already imported. Get over it.

Meanwhile, I'll be buying a PS3 just so I can play Tales of Graces F. I suggest anybody else who wants the game badly enough should do the same.



Megumi said:

...That doesn't make sense, if the data has already been condensed on a Wii disc in Japan. o_0



FonistofCruxis said:

I had already heard this but its still disappointing as it looks like a fantastic game. Couldn't they just use the engine for the wii version and add on the extra content in the ps3 version? It doesn't sound as big as Xenoblade chronicles so if that can fit on the wii then Tales of graces f should be able to. I even wouldn't mind it if they just ported over the original wii version. It would be better than nothing.



CanisWolfred said:

I think people fail to understand that the PS3 version has extras that the Wii version doesn't. I mean they added a 10+ hour epilogue to the story for crying out loud. I think Namco actually knows what they're talking about here.


You'd be surprised how many Tales fans know Japanese. Years of not getting games has forced many hands.



MDee14 said:

Let me get this straight...Japan gets it all and we get nothing. Do they think everyone over here has a PS Crap?



ueI said:

The inability to bring a PS3 game to the wii is very believable. It's too bad that westerners without a PS3 will be unable to play the game at all, whether "best and most complete" or "original and unimproved".



Objection said:

Apparently, the "PS Crap" is capable of having JRPGs and the Wii is not. If you were waiting for this Tales, now is prolly a good time at switching systems.



MakeMyBiscuit said:


I think it might be even simpler than that because they could have included multiple discs. This is what I think:

"We wish to deliver the best and most complete experience for US and European fans, therefore we're localizing Tales of Graces f. The game on the PS3 version is on a blu-ray disc. It would be next to impossible to condense all the game's data on a Wii disc, so unfortunately, there will be no Wii release."
"Sony gave us a boatload of money and Nintendo did not."



CanisWolfred said:

Well 50+ Million is a lot of people. It also helps that a lot of RPG fans left the for the PS3 a long time ago. (You know, the demographic Namco's trying to appeal to)


No, it means that Namco's only willing to invest in the version that's most likely to sell.



EarthboundBenjy said:

I've already played the Xbox Vesperia, I'm just pointing out that their statement of "We want US and European fans to have the full experience" doesn't seem so consistent with their previous history.
Especially since I've already had to import the American versions of the PS2 games Tales of the Abyss and Tales of Legendia.

I could very easily import a Japanese PS3 Vesperia, but I'm not going to, because playing through the game in Japanese isn't my idea of fun.
Maybe in a few years I'll know a bit more Japanese than I currently do, but I still want my enterainment localised in a way I which can understand it fully. And that means, for me, in English.



CanisWolfred said:

Meh, I'm just tired of hearing fans b**** and whine over the lack of a PS3 version. It gets old fast, trust me.


Why?! Why would there ever concievably be a reason for them to port a Wii game to the WiiU?! Especially games that aren't million sellers like the PS3 collections!



KingMike said:

Not as much news as confirmation of something that suspected long ago.
(also, I hear the Japanese Wii version was seriously bugged so perhaps it was for the better?)



WaveGhoul said:

I could care less. Not a fan of RPG's, nor am I fan of most anime based videogames, leaves me feeling cold for the most part. But I'll always love my DBZ.



Chrno-x said:

@Mickeymax you know 86+ Million Wii users is even more people than 50+ Million , and like someone said, they just could insert new stuff from Graces F on second disc, why? because Tales of Graces was made officially only for Wii then was imported on PS3 so the engine is from Wii version not PS3 so i think it would be possible to transfer this stuff on Wii. But this is business, Sony paid up like Microsoft paid that Vesperia on 360 version was the only one version on the west, so Sony paid up for Graces F to coming only to U.S. and maybe Europe, it's all about $$$$$



siavm said:

Good thing. I want the superior version. And unlike the stuff last week we are getting the game you just have to have a ps3. And luckily I do.
Don't insult sony. Unlike nintendo this year they have the games.



Blaze said:

I just don't see why it's logical for Games Company's not to release these games in the west. I live in the UK, but, the US is the biggest market for Nintendo, so why do this?



motang said:

I was kinda mad when my friend sent a link about this story yesterday, but then after I cooled down I though this game was announced so long ago, and has been M.I.A. since then I really forgot about it, and didn't care much. Guess I will be getting the PS3 version now since the Wii won't be coming out in the US.

@Objection_Blaster I know right, I am sure glad I had been a dual fanboy (Nintendo/Sony) since the GameCube/PS2 era.



SilverBaretta said:

What, like we didn't figure this out already? Namco hates releasing Tales games out west, I found it incredibly surprising that they're even opting for Abyss 3D to be released over here.



justinr said:

I don't have a PS3, and don't want one, the return on investment just isn't there for PS3 games. As a result of the RPG drought on the Wii, I've supplanted the addiction with more book reading.

And like motang has said, this game has pretty much been MIA, so even though I WAS kinda looking forward to it, I don't care at this point, especially after NoA's recent announcement that they know what's best and the fans do not.



siavm said:

Most of the 86 mil now only buy dance games now. An RPG has a better chance selling on the gamecube than the wii.
It is coming to the west, but just on the ps3.



CanisWolfred said:


You're right it is all about money. However, I can assure you Sony wouldn't bother paying for a localization of Tales of Graces F. Why would they? The PS3 has plenty of JRPGs already in the West. This is nothing more than Namco giving in to intense fan demand, and a way for them to test the waters again to see if the Tales series can be profitable.

As you'll recall, they already tested the waters of the Western Wii market with Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of a New World, and it sold less than anticipated (of course, the fact that they're audience is well-educated and likely aware of the less than favorable reviews doesn't help).

Even if they did have plans to release a Wii version, making it and adding a second disc would also add unncessary costs that would hurt its profitability, not to mention it could cut into the sales of the PS3 version. (not that the Wii version would sell nearly as well)

The only thing I think we can agree on is that the reason Namco gave us, while still valid, is likely not the biggest reason for the lack of the Wii version - the biggest one is probably money, and the fact of the matter is that the Wii version wouldn't make nearly as much.



rjejr said:

Guess they can't put it on more than 1 disc b/c no games ever sold well on the Playstation on more than 1 disc (poor FFVII). Seriously, I currently still own more muilti-disc games on the PS than single disc games.



TwilightV said:

Haven't bought a single Namco Bandai game since Klonoa (Which while good, sold terribly). Still upset about the lack of One Piece games here.



Gameday said:

I dont even wanna see a game if its not for everyone what a lame decision as usual.



MeloMan said:

A game that started a Wii game, becomes a PS3 game, and... yeah, nothing for NA Wiis. If I heard right, the Wii ToG is buggy, ToGF fixes the bugs, increases the size of the game, and beautifies the game beyond the Wii's capability... understandable. I may not agree with the progression of the decisions, but I will say that this game was lost on the Wii console due to it's limitations and the devs' decision to add more to the game beyond the Wii's ability. Oh well, there's millions of Tales games I didn't get a chance to play, here's hoping Nintendo's WiiU will be more than powerful enough for originals, "fixed" versions, and all of the above so there's no more excuses.



Tethers said:

@ siavm & "Most of the 86 mil now only buy dance games now. An RPG has a better chance selling on the gamecube than the wii."

No. Because there aren't many core games coming to the Wii anymore, ToG would have very good chances to sell well. I mean look at ToS:DotNW. It sells over 138.000 units, and wasn't even a main-title...

Even ToV for the 360 "only" sold 145.000 copies...



CanisWolfred said:

"Because there aren't many core games coming to the Wii anymore, ToG would have very good chances to sell well."

And I see someone's gunning for second. And you do understand that those numbers are terrible, right, L_Brown?



TKOWL said:

It seems that the system selling the least gets all the coolest exclusives...



FonistofCruxis said:

Tales of Symphonia and even its sequel have sold more in the west than any of the Tales games on Sony consoles which makes it even more annoying that Namco won't bring Tales of Graces to the west on the wii. Here are two sources about these sales.



MasterGraveheart said:

GrrrrrAAAAHHHHHH!!!! >.<

I'm a core gamer. My system of choice is the Wii. My ONLY console this generation is the Wii. People like me exist. People like me will buy these games. I call it gaming economically. Add one more to the list of snubbed titles. And don't any of you dare tell me to "buy a PS3/360" or to import it. I shoudln't HAVE to import anything. I don't care if they make these games Club.Nintendo rewards that I have to earn so they'll keep costs down. Heck, you'd think stuff like that would be a GREAT strategy for them!.

You wanna know my hope for Wii U? Region free. Language detection. Language adaptation. This mess can't happen anymore.



FonistofCruxis said:

@MasterGraveheart I agree, I only own a wii and would love to play this game. I would import though, if the fan translation wasn't cancelled. They did this so that sales of the ps3 localisation won't be damaged as that could make Namco less willing to localise more Tales of games. The same team are doing a fan translation of the ps3 version of Tales of Vesperia as its a 2 or 3 years since the western version was released (2 for Europe and 3 for America) on 360 so theres a chance that they may revive the project in a few years time.



thanos316 said:

Nintendo ur not making any friends here. Im already leaning towards purchasing a pc that can play all games that come to market. but nintendo you are a business and you have to do what you think is best in the long run. well good luck to you not bringing out these rpgs to american shores this yr...



Malkeor said:

It's kind of sad because Tales of Symphonia was a best seller...
well at least a player's choice game.

If the JRPG could have the same quality and audience as in the past it would be wonderful.
And it still could if only these quality games (and I do mean quality) would be consistent and see a fair quantity of releases.

But anyway it's a good thing I have a PS3



belmont said:

It doesn't realy matter since I have a PS3 and the PS3 version of tog is far better (HD, more storyline etc).



bonesy91 said:

.................Another game not coming to the Wii's Library (I know it's out for the other consoles, but they both suck in my opinion).............. This region only thing needs to end come the Wii U



bonesy91 said:

.................Another game not coming to the Wii's Library (I know it's out for the other consoles, but they both suck in my opinion).............. This region only thing needs to end come the Wii U



JaxxRaxor said:

The fact that his game is on the PS3 (and that version is coming to the west) kinda lessens the blow. The issue is of Wii exclusive RPGs not coming to the west, not multiplatform releases.

Also this is a 3rd party too, not NoA. I hope Dragon Quest X comes out for the Wii and comes out NA because if not I'm going to scream..



Vinsanity said:

This isn't surprising in the least. 3rd party game seldom sell well on the Wii, and with Nintendo abandoning the platform en masse this year, why should Namco think differently?

The important thing is that it's coming to the PS3 here, so who cares? I have a PS3; if I wanna get my Tales on, I'll be able to.



Vinsanity said:

@JaxxRaxor: I really have to question Enix's decision to stick with the Wii for Dragon Quest X. I wouldn't be surprised at all to see that game end up on the 3DS or Wii U instead. Hopefully, it'll be the first Dragon Quest to get a multiplatform release.

But one thing's for sure, if it remains on Wii, we won't get it. Square doesn't localize them themselves; NOA does (Dragon Quest IX and Dragon Quest VI). And we all know how supportive NOA is of Wii-exclusive RPGs in 2011 and beyond...



SKTTR said:

Is Tales of Graces a dual layer disc?
I think they could add the PS3 bonus stuff, fix the glitches from the Japanese version, and use the English screentext from the PS3 version with a dual layer and bring it over to the west. But yeah, whatever they think to not release the Wii version. Rushed and failed. I think it looks much better than the Symphonia series. This Tales game is promising. Anyone with the PS3 version here?



tanookisuit said:

I added this to a similar post in the forums, but in the big picture of the Tales of...franchise (Gundam, and various others.) The company name to me has this meaning;

When it comes to Tales of games...
No American Merchandise Coming Out-But Always Notifying Desperate Americans Indifferently
(Yes I made that up.)

I have a Wii and I have a PS3...I'm still aggravated over that insult with Vesperia, Symphonia 2 on the wii was a bastard offspring that was outright terrible and the only one enjoyable on PSP I had I imported from the UK and it was a PS1 remaster. They just disappoint time and again to where it's better just not to care, and if it shows up, and rates well, then I'll bother. Getting hot over it is just dumb, much like their marketing department.



Fuzzy said:

Getting this on the PS3 anyway, but I guess it sucks for those with only a Wii.



komicturtle said:

If Capcom can condense a game on 3DS... Then I don't understand why these people can't on Wii.




Hokori said:

@66 Agreed, also it was released in Japan soooo why not here, even if It was in Japanese I wouldnt Mind



alLabouTandroiD said:

The reasoning sounded strange until i read about the added extras. (Thanks for clearing that up, Mickeymac.)
But it would still be cool if it was either released in its original Wii version, on a double layer disc, multiple discs or on the WiiU.

Edit: The Superman comparison is amazing, James.



madgear said:

@MasterGraveheart @mariofanatic128 - yeah same here too. I only own a Wii but I'd definately class myself as a hardcore gamer. It's simply not practical for some people to own multiple consoles - if you have a partner, even if they're a gamer, they'll frown at you for spending money on systems you don't really need.

As for this not coming to the West, I can't say I really knew much about it to be disappointed. However I don't understand why they're saying it can't fit on a Wii disc when they've already done it for the Japanese release (and I hope they don't mean the text as even a game full of it in multiple languages takes up the tiniest amount of data).



dizzy_boy said:

wiy should people resort to importing, not everone is capable of reading kenji.
as for getting another console besides the wii, WTF. are you kiding me? just for one gane, are you serious. FU.
no wonder these idiot dev`s cry when their games don`t sell. they won`t bring the games to the people in terrotories who actual want them.
another thing. with less exposure to jrpg`s in the west, how are dev`s expecting people to be interested in them. bringing these games over to the west regularly will bring in sales, and will eventualy become profitable. it`s just dev`s are too afraid of losing out at the initial stage.



keatonprincess said:

Namco Bandai is so tight in releasing their games outside of Japan. We don't want Naruto/pacman, we want good hardcore RPGs.
The majority of Tales of hasn't been seen out side of the JP, such a shame. Along with .hack//Link on the psp never got translated. Ughh Namco Bandai fustrates me.



Incognito_D said:

so the PS3 version is already translated, but the Wii version won't be.
That makes no sense.

Just as well I have no interest in this game otherwise I'd be mad.



JGMR said:

It's merely a confirmation. Nevertheless a very disappointing one. This was one of the few games i was really looking forward to...

Why not make it a Two Disc effort with Tales of Symphonia on Disc 2???



Gamesake said:

You can tease me with Last Story and Xenoblade but you can't trick me into thinking I'd be missing out on anything here. I've played enough Tales of games to know by now there isn't a shoddier bunch of RPGs in existence.



Pod said:

To me, this series hasn't been ANY good since Symphonia, and even that game I couldn't only barely stomach.

I know people care for this, so it saddens me on their behalf, though.




Why is there no love for the West all of sudden, out of North America, Europe and Japan games usually sale the most on right here in North America so all this no love for the West is BS!

What ever there's alot other great games on Wii that me and alot of people missed the 1st time around and sould go back and play anyway. So this isn't a huge loss to me personaly since there are plenty of gems on Wii I can always get for really cheap.



kdognumba1 said:

My question is if the game is already on the system, how much more space would it take to translate it? Doesn't seem that hard to me unless they want to put voices in 7 different languages.

Seriously though, most people world wide are fine with subtitles and Japanese voices, not sure what the deal is with companies not wanting to do that. Most RPG fans play unvoiced and oldschool RPG's as it is.



vang96 said:

I don't mind if Namco doesn't give the US Wii "Tales of Graces f." I'll be just fine with the regular Tales of Graces. I just want to play the the storyline of a new Tales game! The voices don't even have to be changed. Just a translation is enough for me.

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