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News: Tales of Graces Wii Will Not Be Released In the West

Tales of Graces Wii Will Not Be Released In the West

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Japanese RPGs and Wii consoles are like Superman and Clark Kent at the moment: we're sure they're related, but they're rarely seen in the same place at the same time. While Operation Rainfall continues to campaign for Nintendo to bring its infamous three across the Atlantic, Namco has confirmed Tales of Graces won't be making it to the West either. Producer Makoto Yoshizumi delivered..

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Noire said:

Looking good, Tales of Graces! The new battle system has me really intrigued, and the fact that it's not in the Phantasia-Symphonia line means Tales will feel fresh again. Hoping to see this announced for the West sometime soon, Namco!

@malnin: Tales of Graces is the latest in Namco's Tales of RPG series, which features their real-time battle system (known as Linear Motion Battle System, LMBS for short) that plays somewhat similarly to Super Smash Bros. I highly recommended it to anyone looking for an RPG, especially if you think turn-based battles are boring.



CanisWolfred said:

I've only seen one dude in these screenshots so far. Have the Tales developers finally learned their lessons and ditched the crummy AI-controlled party system? I can only hope so!

If not, then this'll be yet another entry in the series I'll pass up.



Neko_Ichigofan said:

wow this game looks a good deal better then Dawn of the New World........I sure do hope it gets a NA release.



abINC4L said:

I can't wait. I last played Tales of Versperia on the 360 and wasted 2 weeks of my life on it (haha). Now I'm willing to waste a few more weeks on this.



Chrno-x said:

@tmann070707 dude never, officially western launch should've been in Fall 2010, but Nintendo and Namco Bandai abandoned the whole western Wii owners. But do not worry! Tales of Graces F on PS3 is coming to States and Europe, only what you need is to buy PS3 and Tales of Graces F! because the original version will share the same fate as many others Japanese "core" games on Wii...sad but true.



vang96 said:

I don't care about the Tales of Graces "f". I just want the "Tales of graces" part of the title. in other words, i mean i'm fine with the wii version. i played the gamecube version of tales of symphonia. i don't really mind. the ps2 version go better stuff, but i was still fine with gamecube. so why not give us the wii version?



maC_N_Cheezer said:

Well yet another awesome JRPG I am going to have to play... Tired of playing these things in Japanese...



Chuie said:

sad that its only in japan and its comeing to us for ps3 and i dont got one T_T i have wii and 360

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