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Sun 28th Aug 2011

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vang96 commented on Tales of Graces:

I don't care about the Tales of Graces "f". I just want the "Tales of graces" part of the title. in other words, i mean i'm fine with the wii version. i played the gamecube version of tales of symphonia. i don't really mind. the ps2 version go better stuff, but i was still fine with gamecube. so why not give us the wii version?



vang96 commented on Tales of Graces Wii Will Not Be Released In th...:

I don't mind if Namco doesn't give the US Wii "Tales of Graces f." I'll be just fine with the regular Tales of Graces. I just want to play the the storyline of a new Tales game! The voices don't even have to be changed. Just a translation is enough for me.