Those of you hoping to blast it out with friends on Star Fox 64 3D, can, but you'll all have to be in the same room to do so.

During the retailer meetings in Japan this week, people in attendance were treated to playable 3DS titles such as the aforementioned Star Fox game, and an attendee from the Tsutaya retailer in Shibuya has shared some details on the upcoming remake.

The game has three modes: the 3DS mode allows gamers to use gyro sensor controls; an N64 mode, presumably a mode that utilises button-based controls; and the Battle mode will support up to four players in local download play. Unfortunately, the game will not feature online multiplayer.

Players will be able to take a picture of their face and have it pop up as an icon during combat. This should make it easier to distinguish who is who in the heat of the action.

The game is scheduled for launch on 17th July in Japan.