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Online Play Not Showing Up on the Radar of Star Fox 64 3D

Posted by Trevor Chan

The only thing not taking to the skies are Wi-Fi signals

Those of you hoping to blast it out with friends on Star Fox 64 3D, can, but you'll all have to be in the same room to do so.

During the retailer meetings in Japan this week, people in attendance were treated to playable 3DS titles such as the aforementioned Star Fox game, and an attendee from the Tsutaya retailer in Shibuya has shared some details on the upcoming remake.

The game has three modes: the 3DS mode allows gamers to use gyro sensor controls; an N64 mode, presumably a mode that utilises button-based controls; and the Battle mode will support up to four players in local download play. Unfortunately, the game will not feature online multiplayer.

Players will be able to take a picture of their face and have it pop up as an icon during combat. This should make it easier to distinguish who is who in the heat of the action.

The game is scheduled for launch on 17th July in Japan.


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Dodger said:

Local multiplayer does me no good. I only have one friend who has a 3DS and he lives 6 hours away and probably doesn't want Star Fox 64. Not sure if I want it either yet but online play would make me want this game a lot.



irken004 said:

It didn't work so well in StarFox Command, and it probably wouldn't work well here.



Hokori said:

good it seems lazy to just put online in certain games (2007 DS games)



Stine said:

I'm thinking of getting this, but since there's no online I think I'd rather go with the VC version.



Dodger said:

@3 You're probably right. I've played the demo on SSBB plenty of times and there are some games I can play with a bit of lag but I don't think Star Fox 64 would be one of them. I don't see how it would work with 3DS motion controls either, to be honest.

I don't feel bad at all anymore. I still don't know if I would get this with the 3DS version or the VC version. The VC version is cheaper but from what I've seen of star fox 64, updated graphics and 3D might actually help a lot.



LordJumpMad said:

"I can't let you have online StarFox64!"
"Nintendo has ordered us to take it down!"
"Fanboys screamed REAL good, when they heard about this."
"Nintendo' enemy is my enemy!"



Knux said:

What a shame, because online multiplayer would have been a blast. But I am buying this remake for the awesome single player mode, so it's no big deal.



Einherjar said:

Its a remake, not a new installment, so theyre also remaking the original MP part. THAT would be boring as hell online, so its better to just fokus on single player and wait for a new Star Fox (keeps fingers crossed) with a good MP part



Bass_X0 said:

I wished that the original SNES Star Fox was included in this and was given the same graphical make over.

Alas it was not to be.



Expa0 said:

Really, who cares about online in a Starfox game? The only kind of online I see this game benefit from is some kind of online score leaderboard, but even that's unnecessary. Too bad this game is already ruined because of the new voice acting and dialogue. I say, just play the N64 version, that's the only real one.



Kriedler said:

I'm still going to get it, but I'm bummed about the lack of online. And I don't know anybody nearby who even has a 3DS



Hardy83 said:

Well at least Nintendo is putting effort into ONE of their rereleases. lol

Poor Fox. Always getting the short end of the stick.



jayjay99 said:

mmmmmmm...ehh,,its ok?? i really tthink it probly should be single player anyways??



Azikira said:

Even though it doesnt have Wi-Fi, the Download play is very much a bonus! :3



komicturtle said:

I'll still get it. Even though it's a shame there's no online play- what made this game very special was the single player mode. Even when my friends were around, we always played single player and watch each other play while multiplayer was barely touched...

Of course, it's different for everybody.



motang said:

meh, that's ok. It would have been nice, but I still want this game as I haven't played it at all.



Doma said:

Wasted opportunity, just like OoT. How the hell are they expecting to justify its price when they're so unwilling to make such obvious improvements?



CJ_Vick said:

The story mode is what's important, not the multiplayer. Also, WHERE'S THE US RELEASE DATE!?!



SwerdMurd said:

I don't see why there would be guaranteed lag--much more advanced flight sim/aerial battle games are easily doable these days on PC/360/PS3(when PSN's up ) and the 3DS wireless card is leagues ahead of what was in the regular DS...



bonesy91 said:

Well OMP didn't even cross my mind.

and who knows, down the road we could possibly see a new Star Fox game with online capabilities.




TheGreenSpiny said:

Who cares? Nobody played the multiplayer back in the day anyway. Taking it online would just make it worse. I remember having only one friend who would play this with me, and thankfully he convinced me to buy it. I tried to get more people to play but they got bored and wanted to play GoldenEye or Mario Kart 64 instead.



sykotek said:

No online multiplayer for a 1st party Nintendo 3DS game? A sign of things to come perhaps?



SpicyDuck said:

On the N64 the versus mode really wasn't any good(half the time you were flying in circles just to get behind the opponent), so I'm expecting this one to be the same on the download play, I wasn't expecting online play anyways, by looking at this article, this game is starting to seem more like a straight up port (besides the gyro controls) and I'll save my $ for some other games in the future.



Malkeor said:

We really do need a game with potential for online play on our 3DS.
This woulda been pretty cool, but it probably wouldn't have any lasting value, because to be honest the multiplayer wasn't really all that super awesome on the N64.
Single play is where it's at for this game, and that's A-ok for me!



castor said:

It would be better with an online multiplayer mode (with no lag, of course). But this game is badass and to have it in a handheld is awesome. I guess everybody who's played it back in 1997 is looking forward to it regardless of the new modes. (of course I wish it was upgraded or wtv, but since it comes, I'm fine ^^)



jerryo said:

good ole ninty strikes back

Chunky it is perfectly fine if all you want is to play by yourself.
Just there are also many many people who prefer to play with others.
Some even in a competitive manner.

I'll still buy the game though!



SavageBlackWolf said:

Apparently, old habits die hard. (Even when they`re preaching about how they`ve changed) ! I`ll buy this when the price drops and going by the responces i`ve seen from several other sites, that shouldnt be a long wait.



brandonbwii said:

I hope it has download play. This is barely news worthy imo. Who actually expected it to have online play? This IS Nintendo we're talking about.



Chris720 said:

Meh... SP is where its at. If they incorporated an Arcade Mode with online leaderboards, that'd be pretty cool. Ah well, online isn't everything anyway, but it sure gives the game some extra length to it.



zionich said:

This is just one of those games I didn't expect to have online. Now , I would be surprised if Ace Combat doesn't have online.



Kid_A said:

For whatever reason, I just haven't been been swept in the online multiplayer craze. I don't have a problem with it, but I have a hard time getting excited about something so distant and impersonal. I'm not trying to justify Nintendo's decision here--it's definitely a baffling one--I'm just saying I don't personally care that much.



Azikira said:

@Zionich: Totally agreed with you there. I mean, Ace Combat is a decent series, but taking out (online) multiplayer would be a very poor move.



DrDaisy said:

That omission is unfortunate, but I can live with it since I wasn't planning on buying the game anyway.



Gamer83 said:

Looks like Nintendo still hasn't learned that there is a place for online gaming. Either that or they're just extremely lazy.



Junkface said:

Ugh... bad decision! Is this an ill omen of things to come? Could Mario Cart be next? Say it isn't so.



XCWarrior said:

A remake of my favorite game of all-time and with this news the chances me of buying it went from 95% to 0.00001%.

Bad form Nintendo. Bad form.



CerealKiller062 said:

I remember a time when you had to take a conroller to a freinds house just play super mario bros. on a small tube tv that made the game look like a fuzzy blanket. And now they get 3d, their own screen, and awsome graphics and they complain that they can't play random strangers online.



Capt_N said:

On the plus side, no online mode to be lacking from the game, when the 3DS can no longer go online in the future. If it's not there to begin with, it can't go missing later.



y2josh said:

The game is good, but it's short. It would be nice if they would add something to it.



PSICOffee said:

God damnit. First we hear the port of Oot will suck and now this? If there isn't a single option for left-handed controls in Kid Icacus then I am completely done with any consideration of buying a 3DS or possibly stream cafe or whatever. I'm sick of Nintendo taking advantages of us with these overpriced rehashes.



Nintendoftw said:

Online always makes the game better, NOT worse people. That's like saying putting online in Super Smash Bros 64 is a bad idea.



astarisborn94 said:

Why did people expect online play for this remake anyway? It's just that, a 3D remake that I could instead get the original off of the Virtual Console.

And for those saying that multi-player wasn't that important back in the day, that's a load of bull. Many games emphasize multi-player games, example being Duke Nukem 3D.



alLabouTandroiD said:

I haven't played any multiplayer in the original yet. But i think it could be too shallow to really convince many players taking it online. If so i can understand the choice of not taking it online against taking it online with a bad experience tied to it.



Neram said:

Didn't Star Fox Command on DS have online? Why doesn't this then!?



SavageBlackWolf said:

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah. Well back in MY DAY, We Had to take two Ping Pong Paddles and a TV out in a Field and smack it back and forth ! One of their selling points was better online options and having Nintendo actualy to use them in there games, would be greatly appreciated.



spzero15 said:

I'm Pissed, I'm in Ohio and was planning on playing with a friend from Michigan, this is total Bull Sh**! This was what i was looking Forward to more than anything else on 3ds. This is my favorite game.



Sinister said:

Oh come on guys. The MP part of Starfox 64 (or Lylat Wars 64 as it was called in Germany) was really boring. I doubt you would have more than 1 or 2 hours fun with it.
This game is a SP game. If you wanted to buy it for the MP you would have made a big mistake anyway.



TeeJay said:

@57 What? Where did you ever get the idea that Oot 3D will suck? We're only hearing more and more great news about it.



JFA2794 said:

That sure is the nail on the coffin for this game. Nintendo needs to realize that Wifi play online is dominating the market. I can easily start a 3g game of doodle jump or fruit ninja on my iphone in seconds. Unless there's gonna be a starfox online for Project Cafe, then it sucks to hear about this.



moomoo said:

You guys realize that no online also means that there are NO LEADERBOARDS, right? That's a dealbreaker for me. When the only advantages of a remake are portability and better graphics, a game would have to be one of the greatest ever made to justify a price tag of $40. Ocarina gets away with it since it is, well, one of the greatest games ever made. Starfox 64 isn't though, and I already have it on VC.



MeloMan said:

SF64 was the first installment to have MP, but it also was pretty abysmal as well, so this doesn't bother me. Now, if I find that the MP has been significantly improved and is actually "very good", then I'll be bothered. Overall, a MP SF is not mandatory, at least until they can get the balance right.

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