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Rumour: Nintendo Stream Coming Sooner Than We Think

Posted by Corbie Dillard

Rumoured name and release details revealed

According to a report today on IGN, Nintendo is considering Stream as one of the names for their upcoming game console. An IGN source also claims that the console might possibly see a release as soon as late October 2011, although it would seem more likely for Nintendo to wait until early 2012 in an effort to avoid massive hardware shortages.

As far as hardware goes, the system is reported to make use of an updated version of AMD's R700 GPU, despite earlier reports that it would use their Fusion hardware. That would mean that it should be at least as powerful as Sony's Playstation 3 system in many respects, probably going even beyond it in terms of sheer graphical horsepower. It seems gamers clamoring for a Nintendo HD console are likely going to get their wish.

We'll keep you posted on any further developments. Hopefully Nintendo can shed some official light on the subject at their investors meeting on April 26th.


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Malkeor said:

Oh god please don't call it Nintendo Stream. There are so many jokes running around...let's just stick to Project Cafe!! begs



Corbs said:

I'm kinda hoping for Nintendo Stream now since I just registered that domain. LOL.



Acidfoxdyi831 said:

im on it!
if this is real im may change my mind about even buying a 360.... srry nintendo comes first for me



Cipher said:

I would have expected to see it at the end of 2012, so even if it launched in early 2012, that would surprise me. I honestly can't see it launching this year, though.



Wiiner1 said:

I agree with Emil987. I must say I quite like it, however it shouldn't be incorporated into game name e.g mario kart stream?



NintyMan said:

The name might be possible, but I simply don't see the console itself coming this very October. Something like that would be too fast for Nintendo to the point where it would be half baked, so it should be more like early 2012. Nintendo Stream sounds fine, better than Wii 2 anyway. The only problem would be that it would look funny on certain game titles like Mario Kart. The rumor mill sure has turned into a stream, though. I don't even remember the 3DS being this crazy when it was speculated.



OldBoy said:

Stream?!! WTF. Wii, Stream have they got some kinda toilet fetish over there? Need to start saving!!



R-L-A-George said:

That would be cool, looks like they may being creative with the touch screen tech they have had on DS. For the controllers, which would be cool. I guess there will still be some use of the Wii motion controllers.



antoniorsh said:

In fact, that name fits the rumored "Stream" of video to the controllers... it feels very.... Nintendish



BlackShyGuy said:

Maybe by Stream they mean flow, as in a good "stream" of first and third party games and launch date. lol



MasterGraveheart said:

The Wii followed by the Stream... * FACEPALM! *

...I'm gonna keep calling it... umm... I'll think of something to call it. ^^;

Oh well, Here's hoping we stream sooner rather then later.

EDIT - For the record, I understand the premise behind both system names. The Wii was made to be like WE as in together, suggesting the system was made to be played with many. Ironic considering the online functionality, but they at least corner the market on local multiplayer. And Stream is no doubt a play on the idea of STREAMING to the controller. This would suggest to me that there is a lot going for the controller rumors. Still, I do hope that we get a better name.

HYPER Nintendo Entertainment System, anyone?



SilentJ said:

After the Wii I really don't care what it's called. Just gimme my Nintendo gaming in HD and I'll be happy. Way to jump on that domain, Corbie!



Gamesake said:

The Nintendo Stream should make for a big splash at E3. It's already making waves on the Internet.



FlaccidSnake said:

Im hoping for anew direction in console names. Anyone up for something like the super megabollocks 5000 nintendoid nutsack entertainment system?



dangermouseuk78 said:

i will take alot of the info with a pinch of salt, but also think that there far to many rumours flying round for there not to be a new console anouncement at E3. Also i believe i read somewhere that Shigeru Miyamoto himself said something along the lines as theres no smoke without fire.



6ch6ris6 said:

seriously who cares about the name?
nintendo is the last creative company. not only with names.

they could call it "dumbster" and still everyone would buy it because at all it depends on what the system can do. and we all now that nintendo is the king in the business.



pixelman said:

I think either Nintendo planned these consecutive console names or IGN is trolling hardcore, lol.



SigourneyBeaver said:

For all we know, Ninty could have any number of awesome console ideas ready to go into production. Stream has been leaked, so they'll choose another of their awesome ideas that hasn't been leaked and go with that.



WaveGhoul said:

Stream sounds awful, even worse than Wii....Although Wii has definitly grown on me. I Still think there's no better choice than Dolphin



Henmii said:

Stream, huh? I like the name! Sounds more hardcore then wii. Maybe they are really aiming at the harcore crowd now (more then with the wii).

But on the other hand...Going against the stream, as Nintendo always does! We just wait and see!

No, don't release it this year! It hurts overall sales (people have to choose between 3DS and Stream). And it most definitely means Skyward sword will have it's own "Twilight princess" situation. Please no!



FluttershyGuy said:

I'm one of those that, much as I want it, don't want it this year. Not after shelling out the gil for the 3DS and future games this year. Personally don't see that anyway. Nintendo never launches systems that soon after announcing it. I think it'll be 2012.

Whatever happens, God, please don't have a repeat of Twilight Princess, releasing a version of Skyward Sword on Wii AND Stream. Either have it on Wii this year or Stream next year. One or the other.

Preferably the Wii and make another Zelda especially for Steam later on. I'd love to see a new Zelda game actually be developed AND released for the most powerful current console instead of a previous generation. Think how much greater Twilight Princess could've been if it'd been intended for Wii from day one and developed as such. Instead of starting it out for GameCube, then deciding "we'll make some more bucks by modifying it slightly and releasing it on the Wii too".



Kid_A said:

Nintendo likes setting themselves up for wiener jokes, don't they?



grumblebuzzz said:

I just feel like it's too soon to release another system so close to the launch of the 3DS. Pick one, guys, and give our wallets a break.



jerryo said:

it will be 2012. the others will either be forced to admit defeat and start their new cycle sooner than intended, or be taken for yet another ride

dear NL, it seems that your previous images might actually have been correct! at least in the sense that they actually were giving the right hints. (i.e. hardware that resembles 360) the controller might not be like that one but that is the gist of it. that it. sort of, goes back to the roots of classic controllers while maintaining a modern outlook, AND it would allow us to comfortably play our games on the couch, or ANYWHERE at home, only much better than ipad ever hoped it would!! a controller will be needed but not necessarily yourself being stuck in front of a TV. Stream would be the perfect name for it!



FluttershyGuy said:

Don't you mean Wiiner jokes?
I imagine a lot of others feel that way too and Nintendo knows it (or hopefully does). And thus Nintendo will let our wallets fatten (at least as much as they can being on the starvation diet that is our crappy, rotting economy) for the rest of 2011.



ThrowdownN64 said:

how about the nintendo evolution or the super nintendo wiicube 64 entertainment system squared



HandheldGuru97 said:

I can't see this coming this year, at earliest beginning of 2012. Also that can't be the real name or I will not by it, it just sounds weird (wait isn't this what every one did Nintendo said they going to call the Wii, Wii).



timp29 said:

@Corbs- well if nintendo doesnt use that name, you could always make twisted porn site

For me stream = too close to steam and too close to urination



super-nintendo said:

Hmmmm, i'll let you know how it sounds after a few days.

UPDATE: HAPPY EASTER!! I love the name now! Nintendo hot!



Jr-Joe said:

All they have to do is add to the name.
Example: Nintendo Gamestream, or NStream.



komicturtle said:

Then THIS showed up:


“Innovation reinvented"

Project Café is simply the most develop/
friendly SDK the industry has ever seen.
Deliver unparalleled next generation
performance at current generation cost/
It doesn’t get any easier than this.

easy portability from PC. Xbox 360°

anytime live update post release

integrated M-Live framework”

From the neogaf thread

Very interesting design- if it's even true. I'm guessing this was for the developers, not the general public. If it's even 'real', at least, this design. It's confirmed that it DOES exist straight from Miyamoto in a recent interview (go to to stay on top of this if you want).

I'm excited.



Corbs said:

Yeah that's supposedly the development kit. I like the design, so I hope it sticks.



LoopyLuigi said:

I like these names:
Either way, it looks pretty sweet, I'd definitely play that!



Moco_Loco said:

Is there any possibility that someone out there is just playing a really good joke on the entire Internet? I vote for the Nintendo Leak myself, at least if these rumors prove true.



Tylr said:

I'm probably the only one who thinks the name is decent, despite everything else. or IGN is just honking their horn again. Actually, i keep hearing WiiStream instead of Stream inside my head. Though i'm not fully believing these strange rumors til Nintendo confirms them.



WiiLovePeace said:

Nintendo Stream? As if! Nintendo Wii (what's that sound like? Pee of course), Nintendo Stream (what's that remind you of? Pee of course) - so they are much too similar, with the same sorta jokes put on both consoles...

Oh & I'll laugh so hard if this becomes just like the 'Nintendo Megaton' announcement & Nintendo reveal nothing at this year's E3



Sir_Deadly said:

Dnt forget, on it said that the system will be a modernized version of the SNES!!! Now the way alot of people set-up fake pics usually look like its a perfect picture. However, this looks like someone took a picture off their camera phone. But then again when your very good with technology you can make fakes the way u want it to look like. But either way i actually like the look of this.



Malkeor said:

What's totally hilarious is that Miyamoto himself said that R&D is ALWAYS
Always guys...always building new stuff. We don't even see some of it.
This just might be one of those things.

He's either telling everyone not to give their hopes up, or a cover up.
The former...just maybe.

Still it's fun to keep the rumor mill spinning.



Glade said:

This should be released mid to late 2012 because It'll take the sales away form the 3DS.... plus the Wii has at least two years left to too in some serious dough. Anyway Nintendo knows what's right.



komicturtle said:

I would think this is real because Nintendo has not come up and said "Don't believe anything." as they usually would.



danschemen said:

couple of things
1. The name actually sounds cool to me
2. The controllers that are shown so far look very awesome
3. I think people will buy this and actually keep playing it if they got the "hardcore" games that are on the ps3 and 360. because as far as i'm concerned a lot of people that do buy wiis that i know of, end up selling it or it ends up collecting dust.
4. it has to be somewhat cheep otherwise your going to get the same problem sony had when the ps3 first launched.



warioswoods said:


...and maaaaaybe Pac-Man VS.

I loved the GBA-GC connectivity era, so I'm all over the private screens.



Malkeor said:

@69: Actually Miyamoto said, I believe in an interview with Edge, " Don't believe everything you see, or hear on the internet" Which is obvious of course.

This this is real sure, it has too be. So many sources they won't tell us about right?
It' could be a prototype, it could be something we'll never see that some employee or "friend" put started putting stuff out, and it grew wings and flew away. Hit the fans of the rumor mill and spew garbage everywhere in a big gory mess.

But basically what i'm speculating is this thing is's just not the final product or just "another one of those systems" we'll never see from R&D.



nothankyou said:

That should shut up those people who diss Nintendo for the graphics.
At least, if it's true.
Fingers crossed.



pixelman said:

The pic looks legit to me. Same font Nintendo uses, and the lighting and quality look right. I'd say we'll see something at E3. :3



WaveGhoul said:

If it's not called the Nintendo Dolphin or Nintendo Shroom Station I'm going to be mighty upset. lol



motang said:

Stream huh...interesting, I wonder if it has do with the fact you can stream games to the controller.



FluttershyGuy said:

I'll say this: With all these rumors and all this build up, if all of it proves to be fake/bad information, and nothing is announced at E3 or in the near future... There'll be a few million Nintendo fans and gamers who'll be deflated like a Macy's parade balloon after Thanksgiving.



thaantman said:

I don't mind the name being Nintendo stream, but assuming of the style of the controller it doesn't seem this system will use any sort of motion control. If that's the case I hope the wii won't die soon after the release of stream, because I still feel like it's alot of untapped potential for the wii, and I can see it being like ps2 as far as life goes. I hope the wii at least get alot of stream ports



jaffa said:

this contradicts the other piece of news on frontpage
so I don't think it'll happen taps paper



SilverBaretta said:

But can it stream gameplay to Ustream or That would get me on board faster then these vague details.

Also, more pee jokes? Really? Those are way too easy. And lame. And other negative adjectives. When I think Stream, I seem to think of a waterfall. But that's just me.



Link79 said:

They should just call it the Nintendo Domination. Once this baby hits stores Sony is in big trouble. I'm actually starting to believe these rumours now. Maybe this will be the era of Nintendo finally being on top once again. Just like the good old nes days.



Morpheel said:

Stream, huh?

That must mean that the name of the new console final name will begin with P then.



TanookiSteven said:

Wii? Stream? My my...The jokes people could make with this. Welp. It's confirmed. It's Nintendoish xD



Horoka said:

Am I the only one who doesn't see this as 'cutting-edge' ? Like.. a huge step backward from the motion idea. Going back to controllers? No please. Going hologram? Yes pl0x.



zezhyrule said:

Really, what kinda name is 'Stream' Nintendo? At least be unique like the name 'Wii' was.



WaveGhoul said:

IGN's article(going by the rumered graphics chip) said that the Wii Successor was more powerful than the PS3, not on par with it. And that it would also have 3D shutter technology as an option, even though Reggie himself stated that 3D wouldn't be happening, guess we'll just have to wait and see.

Hopefully these traditional controller rumors since it's a huge step backwards and goes against what Nintendo has been doing with the Wii are false...... and the name Stream is just awful.

There's got to be some crazy innovation....Weather it's Headtracking, Smell-o-vision(ya right, in my ect ect. A traditional controller with a 6 inch screen isn't what i'd call exciting...



StarDust4Ever said:

Nice. First, they name a console the "Wii", which sounds a lot like pee. Now they're next console will be named "Stream"? Sounds awfully similar to something that you make when you "wii"



JimLad said:

HAHA oh dear
Well I like the name infinately more than Wii, it's just a shame about the timing.



PALgamer said:

Horrible rumour. The console looks way too bulky (can't judge scale), easy compatibility from x360 (WTF?), and for the controller... why not use the whole DS family (3/DS/Lite/i)? Imagine having a DS that could be use to stream content from the console, would show the company foresight on things. Selling the add-on as a software cartridge for the DS's and in the online shop for the rest. Now that is something I would enjoy more rather than spending more money on additional controllers. You could even use the 3DS as a way to push a cheap stereoscopic console.



rwq said:

I love it! It's like a golden shower for us all!

I hope the name means that I can buy full games online and stream them to the console. I am a bit worried about the controller, they are not giving up on the genius design of the wiimote?



Rapadash6 said:

All these rumors... something just doesn't add up. I mean, why would Nintendo, a historically conservative company, all of a sudden be trying to appease western game developers and core gamers when they really don't have to? The Wii was a huge success, and from what I can tell, the all in, big budget games industry is not a safe one to be in right now. There has to be something else with this system we're not hearing about that Nintendo knows will make the cost of it's developement worth it. We'll see I guess, hopefully sooner than later.

As for the topic at hand, I wouldn't mind the name stream and as for that moch up, I hope the actually design is as clean as that. I really like it.



Malkeor said:

What is it with you and Smell-O-Vison???
There are just some things a person just does not want to smell while playing in certain game worlds, behind certain game characters. xD



1080ike said:

Interesting name. ...I predict many jokes similar to the ones when the Wii was announced as its name.
I don't think it'll come in October, though. Hardware shortages for xmas and all. I think that, if it comes out next year, between January and March. People will have gift cards from xmas, and they'll be wanting to spend them.



GameLord08 said:

@WaveBoy - Oooh, Shroom Station. Could come with some kinda live Nintendo News radio.

@SilverBlacktail - It actually took me a while to make the connection, regardless of my brainless joke. It was the chat people that made me realise it. xD



Rob_mc_1 said:

@3 I'm sure Nintendo would have registered the name before it were ever to be leaked out. I'm also sure they would also register all the other names there are thinking about as well.

Nintendo of America Inc. currently has 2,953 domains. I wish I had the money to look at what they registered.[]=Nintendo+of+America+Inc.&none[]=

In your story about the domain names they have bought, including, it was register over a year before the article was published.



MeloMan said:

Wii + Stream = NOT the new name and confirms the name is a rumor... but not the system. I give this a hmmmmmm.....



Kaydn said:

What games do you think will come out on the "stream". I don't know about you guys but I'm really hoping for a pikmin 3.

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