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Fri 17th Oct 2008

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dangermouseuk78 commented on Need For Speed Rivals Not Screeching Onto Wii U:

I think these games are huge losses for nintendo, More so fifa 14 it has a huge player base. You can see why they are mainly doing it the used game market. However Ea games are not the only ones skipping the Wii U. Its only going to get worse with the release of the new consoles.

I been Nintendo fan since the Nes days owned all the consoles however im glad i have held off buying a Wii U, The Game website has only a couple of pages of games and over half have'nt been released or even have a date. Im not sure even the first party games alone can save the Wii U.

I feel Nintendo need to pull something very special come E3.



dangermouseuk78 commented on The Wii U Nintendo Network Will Connect to EA'...:

I dont hate origin it seems to work fine for me at least, as i already have an account i hope i can use that. The T&C's are no worse than that of steams and its good to have choice you always shop around for the best deals on the high street or online.

Its scary that people will only use steam it stifles competition and gives one company to much control of the market. Origin isnt perfect neither was steam when it first started but it adds choice which is something people complain about not having with Ea games as most new ones are not available with steam.

But i think doing that is there only way to get a foothold in to the online space, Origin isnt evil its another option to steam and i welcome it.



dangermouseuk78 commented on Bayonetta 2 Will Be Exclusive to Wii U:

Sadly its another Resi 4 in as much is only Exclusive in how well it does, Sega still retain the licence to Bayonette and i Image if it does well they will Publish it for other consoles. CVG website says Platinum games Developing with Sega retaining the licence and Nintendo Publishing.



dangermouseuk78 commented on Talking Point: Why Wii U's Image Must Grab Att...:

Quite Frankly i want a great launch line up of games thats what will ultimately sell the console. The colour of the console is the least of my worries and something that doesnt even cross my mind when i purchase one.

Has to have great line up of games from launch not look to out dated and be well supported, those are the only Priorities i think nintendo should be concentrating on.



dangermouseuk78 commented on Wii U Won't Support Blu-ray or DVD Playback:

Cant please all the people all the time and quite frankly it astounds me people even thought that it would play movies. Nintendo make games consoles there not a multimedia device maker like Sony is, also Sony own the Blu-ray logo and also Sony along with a long line of developers get royalties for Blu-ray so wouldnt be cheap id imagine.

Im on the side of the fence that i just want a gaming console pure and simple but id assume video will come digitally at some point.



dangermouseuk78 commented on Dead or Alive: Dimensions Pulled from Sale in ...:

@7 yeah you can do it via the game but dont games show viewable character models via bio screens or unlockables well i remember something along those lines.

Question is are all future DOA games doomed to get banned and why wasnt previous versions banned.



dangermouseuk78 commented on E3 2011: Corbie on the Show Floor - Day 3:

i think i have a grasp of what E3's all about and as i said i think the Wii U was shown before it was ready to and in a confusing way. Even Nintendo themselves seem not to know what there trying to do with it at the moment im not the first to say that either.

As for the 3DS mixed bag imo some nice new games with some games we already know about that may not be out till the end of the year and some of those games were shown when the 3DS was shown off for the first time.

I Agree plenty of first party games but maybe some should have been out already.

@20 i agree with you on TGS i think and hope that would be a better showing there may get a clearer picture on the Wii U altho i maybe mistaken arent Nintendo notorious for not showing much at TGS.



dangermouseuk78 commented on E3 2011: Corbie on the Show Floor - Day 3:

i think Nintendo was done after its conference. I think they showed off the Wii U to early before they had anything worth while to show. Then again maybe they rushed it all thru for E3 as they would have had pretty much nothing to show.



dangermouseuk78 commented on Forget About Cards, Have an Augmented Reality ...:

some mad comments here its no more of a waste of money than having a normal tattoo. i would never spend money on getting one normally. however it his body he can do what he likes.

He has an added bonus over most you could say normal tattoos are obsolete interactive tattoos are the future lol.



dangermouseuk78 commented on Rumour: Nintendo Stream Coming Sooner Than We ...:

i will take alot of the info with a pinch of salt, but also think that there far to many rumours flying round for there not to be a new console anouncement at E3. Also i believe i read somewhere that Shigeru Miyamoto himself said something along the lines as theres no smoke without fire.



dangermouseuk78 commented on Super Mario All-Stars 25th Anniversary is 50Hz...:

I have the Snes Mario Allstars couldnt of cared less if it was 50 or 60hz back then and couldnt careless now its just a game. also i can understand why games companies have always be against imports if it wasnt for the odd people for some reason couldnt wait for a game or console to be release in this country, we may never even known of an issue till the Youtube era.



dangermouseuk78 commented on This is the Greatest Mario Collection We've Ev...:

I guess its alrite if you have the money to do that sorta thing and at 11 wonder if he even understands what hes got there other than its got something to do with mario on it.

Im sure lots would love to have a collection like that altho i prefer to have stuff i can use and not collect dust lol.

Must of cost a fortune that tho im sure theres already been the assumption of spoilt much and very doubt a 11yr could afford that on his own, as i dunno what pocket money kids are getting these days i was lucky to get a fiver lol wouldnt of gotten that much .



dangermouseuk78 commented on Nintendo Download: 25 December 2009 (EU):

uk wiiware releases aare gettin a bit of a joke now whats bettin that NA get another long list of downloads for wii again. guess its great if your a DSI owner tho which im not. who are the people who decides what gets released and when.



dangermouseuk78 commented on Pixmania: Wiimote Tech Is "Endangered":

I dunno bout Natal myself and as most of the people who play on the other consoles always moan about wagglin and making gestures in games. So if they hold true to there beliefs an not all hypocrits Natal should be a dead duck really.



dangermouseuk78 commented on Nintendo Download: Final Fantasy, Even More Ar...:

wow how long before we get a dsiware only release day, 1 release for the wii its good if you own a dsi which i dont why cant they just do seperate days for wii and the dsi am starting to think of not bothing with wiiware and vc as we are getting nothin..



dangermouseuk78 commented on Prepare To Gnash Those Teeth: Perfect Dark May...:

@bass x0

I see what you say about not loyal to one company but i would by a console to play a game i like street fighter but its not worth gettin a new console..

As for Rare i cant see why people make a big deal their the same company as when they were with Nintendo shame they sold them but as i remember clearly and its the same now they only release a new game once in a blue moon. Only way they can up their output is rereleasin older games its a shame they done some classic but they have been few are far between it takes them forever to do a game.



dangermouseuk78 commented on EU WiiWare Update: Alien Crush Returns, Brain ...:

I downloaded space invaders i think its quite cool and quite funny u can abduct a cow to get extra time and bit of good fun and the star fox esque voice chatter u get from the the people shootin at u, it more of a rack up as many points as u can game to get high on the leader board it is a good fun shooter and has good bright colourful look only downside i see really is the DLC 500 for few more levels and the total space it takes up somethin like 600 blocks.. So to me i think wont see to much more in the way of DLC as u wouldnt have much room for anythin else



dangermouseuk78 commented on Review: Helix (WiiWare):

i think this is a great game well done to ghostfire for makin and entertaining game. R:E O-Watt's comment the game also locked up on me once or twice on the tutorial that was the first play of game not done since. also it did lock up on tryin exit the game once as well but has done that again since either so other than that its is a good game.